April 29, 2011 Friday Afternoon on the Beach, Emerald Isle

(sound of wind and surf; frequent pauses for loud military jets passing overhead)

Barbara: Today is a beautiful day, 70s, sunny. Clear blue sky after a wild storm last night, a very calm beautiful day.

Aaron: Good afternoon. My blessings and love to you all. I am Aaron...

Q: You look good in pink!

Aaron: Thank you! It is your cultural conditioning that men do not wear pink; not true in many cultures. I've lived in some cultures where a woman would never wear pink. A strong color like that was meant for men, and women wore very soft muted colors.

I think most of you can feel from my energy that I am not Barbara, that there's something different here. Most of you, I think, could feel the Entity's energy yesterday, and that that was a different energy field than mine. How did it feel different?

Q: The voice was different.

Q: Earthier, more earthy...

Q: At first, it seemed almost stern, but the countenance was kind.

Aaron: That Entity does sometimes exude an outer sternness, but he has a heart of gold.

Q: Does he have a name?

Aaron: Simply, Brother of Light. At the Casa if you met the expression of that Entity that incorporates in Medium Joao, he would have a specific name.

Q: When I looked into the Entity's eyes I saw myself...

Aaron: Good. And at one point, a different entity incorporated, there was a shift. Could you feel the energetic shift, those of you who were not at the front?

Q: Softer.

Aaron: A softer countenance. Truly a larger, much bigger vibration.

Q: Very benevolent.

Aaron: Yes.

Q: (inaudible)

Aaron: In the background. The Brother of Light that first came in does not speak English, so I was interpreting for him, literally. He was passing his thoughts to me and I was providing him with the English vocabulary. The second entity that came in knows English. The other was still there in the background.

Q: Did the second entity stay until you returned?

Aaron: The second entity stayed present but did not stay fully in the body.

Q: There seemed to be some other...

Aaron: It was the presence... who was he speaking to when the second entity came in? (Q: M) I'm just looking through to see... He did not speak directly after M but he was a very strong presence, holding the space. His vibration is very high, so that Barbara could not hold his energy for a full 2 hours.

Q: Are you saying there was a third presence?

Aaron: No, the second presence stayed there but more in the background, not fully incorporated in Barbara's body because she could not hold that high vibration for a long time. She was able to hold part of his energy through the rest of the session.

Q: He told us that Barbara might be more disoriented.

Aaron: Yes. She is used to holding my energy for a long period of time. Two hours was a longer period for her to hold this Brother of Light's energy, especially with the higher vibration of the guest.

So, your questions? It is such a magnificent day, a beautiful, beautiful day.

Q: How do the akashic records relate to the akasha?

Aaron: The akashic records are called the akashic records because they are stored in the akasha. We have this primordial mass of everything. The records hold that everything together into a kind of intactness. It's like a filing cabinet within the akashic field. If one looks there, all of each of your past lives, past karma, the various karmic streams, can be read there.

This is the nature of the akasha, it holds everything. I was trying to think of some better metaphors. If you had a vast soup pot and tossed everything, old shoes, dirty tissues, all the books you've ever read, all the shells you've ever collected, all the shells that all of you have ever collected, ten years' worth of old newspapers, the great works of Shakespeare or Plato, you tossed all of it into this pot, far beyond what I've just mentioned; I would be talking for 5 hours to even give a hint of what could be collected in there.

You would wade in there looking forever if you did not have a strong intention. If that which you sought was in some way magnetized to your intention, you draw it to you. Out of all of that, you draw to you what you're seeking. However, most of you have mixed intentions so you draw the newspaper article you need, and also 5 years' worth of worthless newspapers.

Many years ago, Barbara and a friend were making a 10-12 hour car trip. The friend had, they called it a TripTik, an unfolding map. They stopped at a rest stop. The friend left the TripTik on the counter. They got in the car and drove perhaps 15 minutes. She asked Barbara, “What's the next stop?” and Barbara said, “I don't know, you have the TripTik.” And she said, “Oh my God, I left it on the counter!” So they turned around, went back.

The man had cleared everything off the counter into the trash and emptied the trash. There was a big dumpster beyond the service station, 15-20 feet long and 4 feet deep. He gave them a broom handle. He said it was not in a plastic bag, it was just dumped out of the trash can. They started pushing and moving things. By this time it was almost dark, and hard to see.

After observing them looking for about 20 minutes, frantically, through this primordial ooze of old trash, I said to Barbara, “You are not looking in the right way.” And Barbara said to her friend, “Aaron wants to suggest that we stop pushing things around in this way, perhaps just burying it deeper, and we simply stand here and hold the intention, hold what it looks like and invite it to us.”

Barbara was standing, arms on the dumpster edge. It was now dark. She had the flashlight on. She was looking at her friend's face so they could talk. She rested her arms on the top of the dumpster. They both meditated for 2 or 3 minutes. Her arm moved a bit. Suddenly, her friend grabbed her arm and said, “Don't move!” The flashlight beam was hitting directly on the TripTik!

Intention is a very strong power.

Q: Is this how you retrieve my akashic records?

Aaron: Yes, I simply look in the akasha with your image and energy, with intention for the highest good to find what is needed. And of course, your akashic records, each of you, are vast, if you think of all of the minor events of this lifetime and multiply that by so many lifetimes. So I don't just look under your name or I'd be looking for hours. I look under your name with specific intention, holding a certain kind of energy or habit pattern. What relates to this? This is why one lifetime will some times come to the surface and other times another lifetime will. I ask, what is predominant in this moment? And what is predominant in this moment will be different than what is predominant tomorrow.

Q: I just wanted to talk about the intention. As I sat yesterday, thinking of what I would ask, everything I thought of as my intention, I kind of knew what the answer was going to be. Every intention I came up with, I knew what the response would be. This was last night, when I went to the Entity. For example, I thought of my dad, and I had already heard he would have to want to be healed. So I really sat, I wanted to hear what the Entity would say to me. And it was so appropriate. The Entity asked me if I was ready to come into the light, was I ready for the light. I said yes.

So last night I thought about it and I thought about it, how am I going to get into the light? Wait a minute! This was told to me without direction. So I woke up this morning and as I walked on the beach, which I was totally mesmerized by some dolphins who were flying in the air, it was incredible, and right at that point, I just felt like that spirit was there again. And it became so clear to me, really, the question was, are you ready to give up the negativity? Are you really ready to give it up?

And that was just really big to me, especially with my father dying, who, since I've been here he's now been moved into the nursing home. My sister's trying to figure out how to speed up his death. I realized how much of my karmic pattern has come from him. And without too much effort, I have been trying to really release that karmic pattern. And I'm just wondering if it will be easier when he's gone. Just wondering.

Aaron: I would not say easier, but different. Right now, as you heal your own karma, you also heal his. The work you are doing for yourself is also for him. Once he is no longer in the body, the work will still be for him because his karma doesn't disappear, but you will relate to the work differently. Right now there's still a part of you that feels you have to save him, fix him, in some way be responsible for him beyond what is accurate. And I think once he's gone, you will not hold that belief. But you can release that belief now. That doesn't mean you do not attend to it, but it's different.

Let me say something to Q, first. Of course the Entity was with you and helping you, and your own guides were with you and helping you. When you ask for help in a sincere way, the help is always there.

People who have been to the Casa will share stories with you of not even voicing an intention but holding it in their mind and being guided toward the resolution of that intention.

Barbara tells a story of, in that (wave) incident here on the beach, a shell penetrated into an artery (in the lip). The shell was out but the artery didn't heal, and blood pulsated out 2 or 3 times a week for hours, on occasion even taking her to the ER. Her doctor said the only way to heal it was to incise the lip, sew up the artery, then sew up the lip, leaving a big scar. So he kept saying, “Let's wait and see if it heals on its own. There's no more shell in there. I don't know why it's open except that each time you move your mouth, it opens the scab.”

So she came up to see the Entity. She was holding a bloody tissue to her lip. She asked the Entity about her ears, and he said, “Be patient. You will hear, be patient. But that I can fix now (pointing to the bloody handkerchief) . Go sit in my current.” This had been bleeding intermittently for 9 months. She sat there, right near the Entity. Within 2 or 3 minutes the bleeding stopped. By afternoon there was a scab over it. In 2 or 3 days the scab fell off and that was it.

She did not voice the intention, the Entity out of his compassion simply saw, “This is not the way it should be and is causing harm, and it's something so easily attended. And it will help her have faith in my statement, ‘You will hear.' If I can stop the bleeding, then yes, I can also heal the ears, given time.”

There are several layers of intention. You might say, “My intention is to be as openhearted, loving, and connected as possible, but I also want to know that I am safe. I don't want to lose my armor.” Which are you going to draw to you? Where is spirit going to support you? Spirit cannot support you to become fully open and then traumatized. Spirit instead will help you to look at the whole belief that you must have armor, and to develop the ability gradually to let go of that armor. And that's why not all healing is instant.

Once the armor is more fully released...

(A military jet passes overhead, someone puts a hand on the shoulder to let Aaron know to pause. Aaron says, “You put your hand on my shoulder just as that seagull flew overhead. I thought, ‘That fellow can't be making that much noise!'”)

Once you have understood the reason for the armor and are ready to release it, then spirit, your own guides, your higher self, everything together, can more fully promote that openness and connectedness you seek. You always have free will, and as long as there is this small thrust of will to be armored, to stay safe, it will be a violation of your free will to tear that off and make you vulnerable.


Q: I want to say thank you for your talk last night about karma. I realized I was seeing the karma associated with my foot as being something either bad or something I had to get rid of. Now I see it as a pattern, neither bad nor good, something I have an option to change in this lifetime. So I appreciated being able to see that with your help.

Aaron: Sometimes when Barbara brings the tree lights out of the attic, a strand is very tangled and there is the impulse to just throw it on the tree that way. She tries to pull the pieces out. She can be very impatient; she wants to get the tree decorated. It would not be bad to throw it on the tree that way, but when she has the patience to unsnarl it, the tree comes out with a more even d├ęcor. Karma is very similar. When you find these karmic knots and take the time and patience, with a loving intention, to simply unsnarl them, then they lie more smoothly.

I want to speak briefly about the entities asking you to stride with your foot. Barbara used to train horses. Occasionally there would be a horse who always balked at a jump, either stopped or ran out. Perhaps it had developed that pattern with its owner who allowed such behavior, did not know how to direct the horse properly, to anticipate that run out.

So now the horse has a thoroughly ingrained pattern, every time he comes to a jump he's going to run around it. Barbara did not force him to go over the jumps; rather, she lowered the bar so it was flat on the ground and repeatedly simply had him first walk, and then trot, and then canter over the bar. Then she raised it an inch. Basically she ingrained a new pattern so that the horse had the ability to release the old and unwholesome karmic energy, the old habit, and develop a new habit.

In striding with you on the foot, the Entity was in a sense putting in place a new habit for the body to follow on a cellular level. It's not that you must now always stride, it's that your body has the feeling that there is a choice.

(another jet passes overhead) Barbara's body truly is hearing these planes. I am hearing them in her body, but if she were here she would be hearing them. The body is hearing them; whichever consciousness is in the body is aware of the body's contact and hearing consciousness.

Q: I was wondering about that because they are SO loud!

Aaron: Yes. The body is hearing them clearly, at least the loudest ones.

Q: Is the akashic field used in the different densities?

Aaron: I can't answer the question in the way it is phrased. (inaudible without mic; John passes the group)

John, have you gotten an answer about your test, yet? (John has been sick several days with a high fever and sore throat and had a strep test done)

J: It's not back from the lab yet, so I don't know.

Aaron: It surprises me that it would take more than 2 days.

John: They have to grow the culture... (chit chat)

Aaron: John, I am Aaron. My blessings and love to you... (chit chat)

John: I didn't mean to disturb your meeting, I just was going to walk on the beach...

Aaron: Do you still have a high fever?

John: I don't have a fever.

Aaron: Okay, enjoy your walk...

John: You all look very happy! (chit chat)

Aaron: We will go on with our questions. Is the akashic field within each density? The akashic field is not within a density. There is 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and so forth, density consciousness. It's the same akashic field.

First density consciousness actually is very connected to the akashic field, but there's not consciousness of that akashic field. It's that old question, can the fish discern the water in which it swims? Second density begins to be self-aware and loses touch with the akashic field. Third density regains the ability to be conscious of the akashic field. Fourth density and up are deeply aware of the akashic field. But it's the same akashic field. Do you have further question?

Q: So when you, Aaron, are operating at your native density, you are playing within the akashic field?

Aaron: For all of you, your native density is 6th density. Your higher self is 6th density. When you release self-identification with the 3rd density human and simply see it as the aggregates expressing, then you rest in 6th density. (pausing for jet, remarking inaudibly about something exuding such peaceful, loving energy). So when you release self-identification with the aggregates and open into the 6th density aspect of self, then you know yourself to be within the akashic field. But being human, you don't stay in that space, the self-identification with the aggregates returns, and you lose touch with the akashic field.

The more mindful you become of it and of the power of resting in awareness, the more connected you stay to the akashic field. Here we have that little teddy bear up to his waist in the akashic field and his arms waving around in relative reality.

I don't know where they go, such little creatures. I don't know where their home is...

So for me, I never lose touch with the akashic field. I am constantly inviting manifestation into the physical realm from the akashic field with my highest intentions. But I cannot do that for you if your highest intentions are still caught up in old unwholesome karma, pulling on that lifejacket, (shielding) the self.

Q: When a human is resting in 6th density, when they have let go of their identification temporarily, does that have any effect on the human's karma, just the resting?

Aaron: Yes. This is why we practice both vipassana and pure awareness meditation, learning not to lose rigpa, to stay connected to rigpa, to know your innate connection to that 6th density aspect of yourself and to who you truly are.

The more you practice that, the more easily the truth of who you are comes forth. When there's a push, the human says, “Oh, no!” and starts to push back, and the well-practiced, deeper part of you just says, “It's okay.” You can step back if you don't want to be pushed, but the ego doesn't give rise to that “Oh, no!” and then the need for armoring dissolves, when it's practiced enough.

If you're being pushed, you can step back. Not only can, but it is much more compassionate to step back. It's not kind to let somebody push you, that's not good karma for them.

Q: If what is pushing is a thought or feeling (rather than the physical body), what is the difference?

Aaron: There's no difference.

Q: What is the difference between pushing something away and stepping back?

Aaron: Pushing something away is always a contracted energy. Stepping back can be a contracted energy, but it also can be a deeply uncontracted energy; that Pushing Arms exercise. Just letting it go.

(Discussion whether to continue on or stop.)

Q: I just want to say that I am completely blown away that we are 6th density beings when we're resting in the akashic field.

Q: I am, too. This is good news to me, too. (The group agrees.)

Aaron: And you so quickly feel naked and grab your personality self again.

Q: (an inaudible question about 4th density)

Aaron: Briefly, 4th density is a group energy density. Some of you will evolve directly from 3rd to 6th density. Read my chapter, “Trainings,” in Cosmic Healing. Read also in Presence, Kindness, and Freedom, “The Universe According to Aaron.”

As you find complete equanimity with emotional and physical arising, sensations, thoughts, feelings, and there's no longer-- (points out a small creature climbing up on someone; a ladybug.) I am not concerned he will harm you, I don't want you inadvertently to harm him by brushing him in a harsh way through being surprised by him.

If in this lifetime you reach the point of non-returner, of deep equanimity with physical sensation, emotions, thoughts, non-reactivity to these, able to hold spaciousness around them and respond appropriately, you will have no need of 4th or 5th density, you will simply move into 6th density. But 6th density is a vast density. There will still be lessons to be learned.

More often, if you graduate from 3rd density and deepest compassion has not yet been learned, you will move into 4th density because there you are able to feel others' feelings, to hold compassion for others' experiences. So even though you may have had deep liberation experience, there may still be some areas of contraction, some areas where shame still arises. You may be able fully to release that shame, to hold space around it, but it still arises.

In the 4th density group experience, because you are telepathic and others are, nothing is private anymore, so you experience what I call the, “what if somebody found out?” areas, expressing it out of yourself and in others, and the response from this group, you're like a 4th density energy group. The response is compassion. When somebody says, “I feel angry,” you don't judge them, you feel compassion.

By 5th density there is no longer any self-identity with the physical or emotional body, but there still may be some self-identity with the mental body. Fifth density is the time to further release self-identification with thought. You are still a 6th density entity at one level, but in 5th density you're practicing specifically with that self-identification with the mental body, and find that it releases. And as it releases, deepening wisdom, there is essentially the shift from non-returner to arahant. Let me rephrase that, that's not quite arahant, the shift from somebody to nobody.

The young 6th density being still experiences some subtle energetic ripples with the mental body. Gradually those decline. Sixth density is perhaps the broadest density, from the new 6th density being to the very high ones like Jeshua. The only reason they remain in 6th density is to be of service, to keep themselves energetically available. So it's a vast span.

Q: Like you, to keep yourself available for us?

Aaron: Yes, to keep myself available, but I am not yet as high a vibration as Jeshua. I could move to 7th density, I am evolved enough, but he is further evolved.

Q: Is what you are teaching now consistent with the spiritism literature, such as Nosso Lar?

Aaron: There is overlap. I find the concepts in Nosso Lar to come from a clear space but to be poorly expressed. So I find a lot of distortion in that book. He is saying, in essence, “This is THE experience,” rather than, “This is one tiny slice of the pie.” So, a being of a certain vibration, still 3rd density, moving temporarily out of 3rd density into the astral plane might experience something similar. Not will, might. But many highly negative third density entities will experience something different, and highly positive ones also. Those in this group would probably find yourselves in a very different and more light-filled space.

The basic teachings of spiritism and what I am teaching are relatively consistent, but spiritism, like any doctrine, has picked up some set formula, and, I would have to use the term, fundamentalist, concepts. “This is the way it is,” not open to all the possibilities. I'm sure the teachers who developed spiritism saw broadly, clearly, deeply, but as with any doctrine, those who follow are teaching more from the doctrine than experience.

Have others read Nosso Lar? Did you find distortion in it? There's a lot of fear, control and lack of personal freedom. Just, for example, between lifetimes, when you leave, you have free will, nobody stops you from going where you want to go. But your guides will talk to you about it and ask you to make a more informed decision, help you to understand the consequences, if you feel, “I have to go back,” help you to understand maybe you're not ready to go back and look on that scene yet. But you have free will. Nosso Lar makes it out as if there was no free will, you are under command from above.

Q: How do the bardo states relate to all of this?

Aaron: Very directly. Whatever highest levels of consciousness you have stably opened to while in the 3rd density experience, that's where you will find yourself. If you're still very reactive to those pushes, that's where you'll find yourself.

If you've learned deep equanimity and to deeply understand the nature of the arising as simply coming out of that akashic field, how you are truly creating that experience, you develop the ability almost immediately, as you move through the transition, to see the different kinds of forms and appearances and let them go, and move through them. You keep moving toward the light. So you move through those heavier bardos relatively quickly and into a much more open space.

Q: Can he say just a few more words about working with hungry ghosts in this lifetime?

Aaron: Working with the hungry ghosts in this lifetime: simply, awareness. Watch grasping. Watch the part of the self that feels unworthy to be nurtured, to be satisfied, or that it could never be satisfied. Each time that contraction comes, noting grasping, either with the thought, “unworthy,” with “lack,” or “I need; this emptiness can never be filled,” just use that little, “Is that so?” practice, with kindness. It's a simultaneity, holding this being with compassion who is experiencing this as tenderly as you'd hold a crying 3 year old, and knowing, “This is just illusion arising. It's what I have continuously drawn to me from the akashic field from my karma. I really don't want all this old litter that's sticking to me. I release it. What I choose is the wholesome.”

When this happens in the bardo state, in the transition from 3rd density, if one finds oneself seeing horrible appearances and fear comes up, and one has trained so that one notes, “fear, fear,” and finds the compassion right there with the fear, and then sees that the horrible appearances are not really horrible, they are simply illusory images called forth from the primordial ground to bring up the feeling of fear, and to bring up barricading, armoring.

In that moment that you release that, there can be literally awakening experience, the release of karma to the point that there is no longer a need to come back into incarnation. This is one reason why your vipassana training is so important, because at that moment of death, you will use whatever you have learned to deal with whatever your mind invites forth in the transition, and to deal with it in a wholesome way so you are not pulled into a new lifetime, or you'll continue.

As a very simplistic example, if you have invited a lot of abuse and violence in this lifetime, within those around you and in yourself, as you move through the bardo state, you might become fascinated by a seemingly violent situation, and instead of seeing it clearly as simply arising out of that akashic field called forth by your own karma and mental processes, and, using the dzogchen practice, just poof!, letting it go, if instead you are pulled into it, you will literally in that moment be pulled into a new body.

I don't know what each of you do if you're on the highway and you see, not a just-happening collision, but a collision that happened 5 minutes before, and the police and ambulances are there, and the car is turned over. Some of you will simply hold love in your heart and pray for the person, and some of you will look. There's a certain fascination. I'm not saying the fascination is bad, but when you're able to note that fascination and hold light around the self that is contracting into this, or maybe not fascination, even, but “Should I stop? Maybe I could help,” that's another karmic stream. Just hold space and light around it. Then the karma is resolved, is balanced.

In the same way, going through transition, if you see something frightening and you either turn toward it with fascination or you say, “Maybe I should stop and try to fix this,” you're just digging into your old karma. There's nothing solid there, it's just illusory thought bubbles popping.

It's 4 o'clock. I think it's time to stop...

Thank you so much for your presence, all of you, and for your hard work, the deeply loving work you are doing, each of you, to mature and grow and bring more love to the world. It is such a great gift. Please remember that all of you have guides who are with you. You are loved. You are cherished. Know that divine essence of your being and cherish it yourselves. That is all.

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