April 24, 2011 Easter Sunday Morning, Emerald Isle

April 24, 2011 Easter Sunday Morning, Emerald Isle

Easter: crucifixion, resurrection, ascension

Aaron: Good morning. My blessings and love to you. I am Aaron.

This is the day the Christians of the world celebrate as the day of the resurrection of the Christ. I'd like to look a bit at the background as I experienced it and then move on to the meaning of these words-- crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension-- as related to your dharma practice.

Jesus, or Jeshua, as I call Him, was a highly evolved Master, even at the time of His birth, but He still took birth in a human form and had to learn how to deal with human experiences, body pain, and emotions. He certainly did experience emotion. He had to learn how not to get caught up in the stories of emotions. Even though He was a master at this from the past, with each birth we still must review it again, and practice it again.

At the time of His coming, many were called together to support His work. No one human can do it by himself or herself. The one I was, was a man named Aaron. That's where my present name comes from. I was a wise and loving teacher. I was at that time over 500 years old.

You may think that's impossible, but there were practices passed down from Lemurian culture, and from other cultures, that understood how to bring the body into a place of complete stillness and renew the body. I was one of those who practice this renewal when it was useful, when it was needed. So I maintained the body of, one would say at an age of about 60, a young 60, vigorous. I'm telling you this simply to point out that these practices were used, known, passed down, before that coming of the one you know as Jesus.

The one who was to be my father in the lifetime when Jesus walked the earth called to me on the inner planes and asked me if I would leave the incarnation as Aaron and come into a new birth as his son, to support the coming of this holy one, Jeshua, to support His work. And I said yes.

I didn't simply turn off the life force, but within a period of a decade I gradually allowed that lifetime to end, did not bring about a renewal of the body. I left the body and came into being about 5 years before Jeshua's birth. Most of you have heard my various stories of knowing Him, or read the Christmas Stories books.

That's not where I want to go today; I simply want to say that I was part of a large community that worked to support His work. Among the essential elements of this work were, not just Jeshua but many of us learning how to almost suspend the body functions, and in a state so that the body would appear really to be deceased. We learned how to rejuvenate the body, our own and others; how to support that rejuvenation for others, both with herbs and other natural products, with toning, with prayer. By toning, I simply mean the continuous expression of a certain tone, and then perhaps shifting to a different tone, whatever the body needs. This toning speaks to the cell tissue of the body and supports healing.

Most of you have hear Barbara's story of her broken big toe. There was a break right across the bone. The doctor taped it, said, in 6 to 8 weeks it will heal. She was in a lot of pain. She was angry. "My whole summer gone!"

I said, "Do you believe it will take 6 to 8 weeks?"

She said, "That's what the doctor said."

I said, "Since when do you believe everything your doctor tells you?"

She had nothing else to do. She was lying on the bed with the foot elevated and ice on it. I said, "Why don't you sing to it?" She had been working with the tuning forks that you know she has used (Aaron tones OM) and the various tones, one octave of tuning forks. So I said, "Sing whatever the toe wants to hear." She spent 3 or 4 hours every day singing to it.

She couldn't sleep at night, it was too painful, but the third night she slept soundly and awakened the fourth morning feeling there was no pain. She gingerly got out of bed to stand up, and I said, "It is healed." The x-ray not only showed a healed toe but showed no sign of the original break. This is how powerful toning can be. The doctor looked at the x-rays and said, "It's impossible." But here it was, broken toe, healed toe.

During the crucifixion, Jeshua's body suffered grievous damage. He had an understanding of how to heal that damage but He could not have done it alone. We had a triangulated system. First, taking Him from the cross and putting Him in the cave where He was placed, where we had the different kinds of herbs and fluids we needed to treat the outer injuries of the body.

He held himself in a state of unconscious awareness1, not consciousness in terms of awake in this moment, but deeply aware. There was a triangulation with people toning here and here, and there, surrounding Him. I don't mean directly but a mile distant, but the strong toning of each group, connected into the place where He was, all of us supporting healing.

On the physical level, this was no less a miracle just because it was scientifically credible. In those days the average person suffering what Jeshua suffered would simply have died. The resurrection was a statement, then, that one doesn't need to die simply because it would seem one would die, that one has the power to sustain life if that is one's belief and knowing and will.

The ascension, perhaps, is the miracle, but no less the miracle than that each of you has the potential to become fully awakened beings, and that really is the same as the ascension. I'm going to speak more about that shortly. I just wanted to provide some background.

This was my experience, this is what happened. I was not one of those in the caves. I was not one who was directly involved except in understanding the general plan and helping to get people where they needed to be to bring forth that plan.

This beloved Man, this Human, permitted the experience of the crucifixion. That He was enlightened did not diminish the pain of that crucifixion in any way. You know His words from the Bible, asking if there is any other way, "Take this from me," but if there wasn't any other way, then, "Thy will be done." He was afraid, at some level. He didn't know if He could do it. He didn't know if others could carry through. He was not afraid of death, He was afraid of failure, of failure to demonstrate what He came to demonstrate, which is that, though the body may die, in the long run nothing dies.

The crucifixion has two stages. First is the carrying of the cross. Each of you carry your own cross; you've heard that said in different ways before. You each have your own physical, emotional and spiritual burdens. And the crucifixion itself, that period of time when you are figuratively hung on the cross in excruciating agony and not knowing what will come next.

In your meditation you experience this to some degree when you work with dissolution of the body and ego; there may be terror, "I will annihilate myself. What will become of me if I move into what seems to be a void?" This is not the crucifixion but a crucifixion, one that applies to your dharma practice.

But there are also the various smaller and ongoing crucifixions, the carrying of those immense burdens that each human carries, and the question, "How do I learn to carry this with love as He did? How do I learn then to be literally nailed to the cross and carry that with love?"

"Forgive them, they know not what they do." Can you say that about those that have abused and harmed you? Practice that today as your gift to Him for what He demonstrated. Practice it this week, true forgiveness.

So the body functions seemed to cease. He was removed from the cross and carried to a safe place that had been prepared. He was seemingly sealed in to that place. Some who knew the landscape well, knew the inner routes into the cave where He was sealed.

His most grievous wounds were bathed. The toning was done. Other methods were used, no less miraculous than a human toe healing in 3 days. He was healed.

But what revived, what emerged from that tomb was something other than the human that He had been. What is it that emerges, when in your meditation practice, you as the human sit there for hours and days through body pain, through sadness, through fear, through confusion and anger, watching these arise and pass away, deepening in non-identification with what arises until the ego dissolves, the body seems to dissolve, and there is a profound awakening experience into your true nature? The one who gets off the cushion is not the one who sat down on the cushion.

Nor was He the one who carried that cross just days before. Yes, He was already fully awakened before He came into the incarnation. Yes, He had to remember that awakening. But this was a deeper awakening. He came to demonstrate that you are not the body or the mind, or all the stories that come up about the body or mind, not the ego. He came to teach us not to hate that ego but also not to identify with it. Who are you when you're not the ego? What remains? This is the resurrected self, this is the true self. And yet this still is not the end.

Think of a beautiful garden, many different kinds and colors of flowers, of different sizes, different textures, a vast array of beauty. Then deep frost comes and all the plants die away. Snow covers them. What emerges in the spring? It is in some ways a resurrection of the garden. It's not the same flowers and yet it's not different flowers. But the new flowers emerge from the old.

And just the same way, what you call the risen Christ emerged from the human, just as you, each of you, have that Christ self within you, that emerges from this human ego and personality. The human ego and personality are useful to the incarnation. We're not trying to get rid of them, only to know, "This is not who I am." But there is a kind of crucifixion involved in release of self-identification with that ego, body, and personality, a freezing away of the old, as the frost destroys the flowers, so the new can emerge.

What emerges then is what we might call the Christ Consciousness or Buddha Nature. Deep awareness, "This is what I am." But there's still that "This is what I am," some kind of self-identification with it.

The final step is the ascension, which is the move from Christ Consciousness into non-dual consciousness. (Opens copy of Barbara's new book, Cosmic Healing). I just want to show you a chart in the chapter on consciousness. If you will look at that chart, it very clearly delineates this progression through the states and stages of consciousness.

On page 261 of the book, there's a chart. The whole chapter is on consciousness. We start with gross consciousness, the etheric and low astral body. This is the human who eventually carries the cross and hangs from that cross. The move into subtle consciousness could be described as the whole experience of the crucifixion ending with the dark night of the soul. Actually the whole experience is the progression through the dark night of the soul, until you awaken into Christ or Buddha consciousness, causal consciousness. That's the resurrection. And then beyond the causal is non-dual awareness. This is the ascension.

We'll pass the book around; people can look at the chart.

So yes, you hope to awaken. You are here this week with the aspiration of awakening. And remember that awakening is progressive. It's not just an on/off light switch but a dimmer switch, steadily growing brighter, so you're hoping this week to become increasingly awake, and most of you will. To what degree, we'll see. You are all capable of awakening to the degree of truly knowing this Christ or Buddha consciousness, and knowing, "This is who I am."

But my dear ones, don't stop there, because the next step is even more valuable and beautiful, the step of total non-dual awareness, the ascension into complete oneness. And you're not going to cease to exist if you experience that ascension. The body is still going to walk the earth, as His body walked the earth. The body is still going to enjoy Terry's wonderful food, and enjoy wading through the shallows or swimming through the waves, or sitting in the sun. Joy and sorrow will still come.

Non-dual consciousness does not eradicate these human experiences, you will still be fully human, but you will be blessedly human because you will have ceased to carry the negative stories. Those negative stories are like poison poured over that beautiful garden, which distorts the flowers. These flowers that you are will bloom abundantly and radiantly.

This is a wonderful week for a retreat. I hope His demonstration of the crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension, can inspire you. Yes, He was enlightened when He came to the earth. But that doesn't matter; you all have that potential. Don't believe that He could do it because He was already enlightened, and you can't. Each of you can. This is the beauty of the human potential. You are each the Buddha, the Christ; now express it. Learn the fullness of it. Do it for Him as a way of saying thank you for what He did, and do it for the Buddha as a way of saying thank you for what he did.

That is all. May you have a blessed Easter. If I have tread on any toes suggesting something different than the traditional Christian path, please remember I am simply expressing my own experience. I'm not claiming it to be any ultimate truth; this is simply what I experienced with His crucifixion and resurrection. That is all.


Q: It seems I remember Barbara saying that she was channeling Jesus and He said that when He was on the cross, He left his body so that He did not actually feel the pain, that it wasn't necessary for him to feel that pain.

Aaron: Let me correct that. Barbara was not channeling Jesus, Barbara's friend Judi Coates channels Jeshua. Jeshua was incorporated in Judi, just as I am now incorporated in Barbara. Barbara asked Jeshua, how did you deal with the pain on the cross? And Jeshua replied, speaking through Judi's body – it's in Cosmic Healing, somewhere, that conversation – he said, "I removed myself from the body because I had experienced pain in the body many times. I knew how to separate myself skillfully from the body pain so I did not become overwhelmed by it. I had no need to experience this degree of pain so I removed consciousness from the body at the point where the pain threatened to become overwhelming." These are not his exact words but I believe they are in the book.

I don't know what your question was, I'm just clarifying your comment.

Q: I thought you said that He had suffered on the cross and it didn't seem quite right from what I had heard before.

Aaron: Initially, He suffered. He suffered carrying the cross. He felt pain when they put the nails in and hung him there. As I understand it, then it was time for Him to remove consciousness from the body because the pain became too fierce, and He did not want to move into a contracted state, which is what the mammal will do. It's just a mammalian reflex. The body will contract. Consciousness will contract if pain becomes too severe. So it's skillful if one does not wish to contract, to move consciousness out of the body. Okay? Please ask Him for further clarification.

Q: What happened to the body after the resurrection?

Aaron: No different than Barbara's toe. It was healed. His vibration was so high that it was no longer fully an earth body. And yet it was., basically, the highest possible vibration that can exist on this heavier density planet. I danced at His wedding! He married, He bore children. He moved to a different continent. I had very little opportunity to see Him after that.

He was fully awake, fully present, of such a high energy that most people could not stay with Him long. Deeply loving. Still a teacher but in a much quieter way. That's about all I can tell you. He did not die, as most mortals die. He did not die of old age, He simply reached a point where it was time to release His energy from the body. So it was a conscious releasing into what you call death, allowing the body at that point to die.

The ascension, I would think that His ascension took place during those years. The ascension was not immediate, but there was the resurrection proving to the world, stating to the world we cannot be killed. That which is awakened consciousness lives on.

As I experienced it, and I never had the chance to speak with Him about this, and I only saw Him a few times in this number of years, but each time I saw Him His vibration was higher. I think the ascension process was going on through that time until finally His children were grown, His work was done, and it was time for Him simply to release the body and move on. I've talked about the move from 6th to 7th density. He did not move into 7th density. He's still in 6th density, and holds himself there solely to be of service. His move was from any sense of the separated self into knowing the non-duality with everything and merging with everything. And this is why He is everywhere.

Q: I was just thinking about, in passages describing the crucifixion, there is a very specific point at which they say that they think that all 3 of the crucified are dead, but when they come to Jesus, He's not so they don't break his legs.

Q: The ones who were alive, they broke those legs. Jesus seemed to be dead so they did not.

Aaron: His consciousness was simply withdrawn... it's why earlier I described my living 500 years. The process, which I would not say was widely known but well-known and understood among those who were initiates, the body was wrapped in similar to an embalming fluid, something that would preserve the body. There was just enough space at the nostrils for air to come, and the faintest of breath. Some of your yogis can take one breath every 5 to 10 minutes, the shallowest of breath. They seem to be dead but they are able to sit in a meditation posture and maintain life. There was just the shallowest of breath and heartbeat.

There are various practices that were known to us within the Essene community and had been practiced for hundreds of years; that I had practiced. I was one of those who taught these practices remembered from my 500-year-ago lifetime. I was one of those who taught them to this present community. The knowledge was passed on.

So yes, He seemed to be dead. No, He was not dead. He was as close to dead as one can be and still be alive. To every outer sense He seemed to be dead. He understood that He had to come to that threshold before he could be revived, and that just the smallest shift would remove the life completely. He was very well-practiced at taking it up so far and then a little further, and then a little further, and then a little further, as were some others.

It was not without risk. The point here is not that He was dead and resurrected, the point here is that the ego self really had to release completely to allow one to come to and rest in that place of first, terrible body pain, and then releasing consciousness from the body, stepping away from that pain but still watching the body be thusly tortured.

Eternal life does not mean that this present body can live forever, although technically, if you knew the skills, it could. But would you want to? You are not the body, not the ego. What remains when you are no longer thusly identified with the body and ego? This is what he was demonstrating, that there is spirit, not the body or the ego, but spirit. Call it what you will--Buddha consciousness, Christ consciousness, awakened nature, soul, whatever you wish to call it. This remains. This is what you truly are.

Q: In the chart on page 261, could you describe what vision logic means and what the end of vision logic, where it says, "Vision Logic and End of Vision Logic." Low astral and astral planes.

Aaron: First, this is all described distinctly in the chapter. But briefly, there is rational consciousness, very logical. It's unable to perceive of anything beyond the logical.

Then mind begins to see wider possibilities, to trust imagination and visualization, to envision, so that the logical or rational consciousness becomes imbued with visionary expansion and one moves into the stage we might call vision logic consciousness. The person caught in rational consciousness cannot see possibilities. "This is how it is, how it has always been, thus, this is how it will always be." There's a tinge of fear to that.

When you begin to envision the possibilities, you sometimes have to step out of what's logical. Without being able to let go of the logical, Barbara would have said, "Why should I sing to my toe? That's ridiculous. I'm lying here in pain. Why should I waste energy singing to my toe?"

But the vision aspect of her was able to say, "I understand that toning can affect cellular tissue," which in reality is a very logical step, but you have to transcend present logic and jump into possibilities in order to bring forth those possibilities so they become part of the rational universe. Each move takes it a step further. So this is vision logic consciousness.

Vision logic consciousness gives way to, let's call it movement into subtle consciousness, into a different state of consciousness whereby one is connected to all the possibilities because one is connected energetically to everything and understands that energetic connection. One simply keeps transcending previous limits and belief in previous limits, and moving one step further out, and one step further out, and one step further out. Each one becomes the new rational.

At the Casa, those of you who have been there have seen the Entity make an incision without using any antiseptic, no sterilization, no anesthetic. The person is standing there. Barbara speaks of a surgery she saw where the man's arm was in a sling. He could not move his arm. The Entity opened a large cut. He put his fingers in. The man was simply standing there. The Entity did some maneuvering within the body; no gloves, no sterilization. Then he asked the man to move his arm, "How is that? A little bit more..." Finally he had it right. The man could move his arm. The Entity said, "Okay, enough. We've got it, we've done what's needed," and then he put in a few stitches. There was almost no blood.

Now how is this possible? And yet all of you who have been at the Casa have witnessed such, maybe not specifically shoulder surgery but similar surgeries. As I explain in the book, it's simply science, but a science not yet understood. He's not cutting into cells. It's as if you had a large cluster of balloons and instead of slicing through them with a machete and breaking the balloons, you just gently push them aside. There's no trauma to the cells. Energetically he's simply pushing the molecules aside, using energy to repair, inviting the cells to come back together again. There is a minimum of bleeding, aminimum of trauma. It heals fast. This is scientific.

So in order to get to this new logic, we've got to first be willing to open to new possibilities. If you say, "No, that's impossible," you must use anesthetic and you must use sterilization. There's no other way but to take this physical knife and traumatize the cells by cutting. That's where you are.

I'm not sure if that answers your question.

Q: ...Sort of-- I'll read the book.

Aaron: I'd be happy to speak further about it another time. Simply, consciousness keeps growing. There is no end to it. When you've reached that "final" level of non-dual consciousness, that's not the end of it, that's only the end of the chart.

Q: So what is the end?

Aaron: What is the end? That is the end for individuated human consciousness. The end, I would say, is 8th density. We talk about the drop of water that's dropped into the sea. It doesn't cease to exist but there's no way you can extract that drop of water out of the sea, it's fully merged with the sea. The end is the moving into that vast radiant and divine consciousness which is everything, which is everywhere, limitless.

But the human, once it moves from 6th into 7th density, ceases to have any self-awareness, though there is still Awareness. If it's a very high vibration, it adds its vibration to that sea, so to speak. It doesn't cease to exist, it simply ceases to exist as an individual. Out of that, the energy that emerges from that "sea" grounds everything. It's there; it's existent. But there is no individuated awareness within it. It has love and intelligence within it.

There is a group will-- when I say group will, I don't mean everybody gets a vote and the winners' will is the will that's put forth. There is no individuated awareness. But everything within that "sea" has such a high intention to service to all beings, to love, such a deep commitment to the expression of that love and that it be done with a divine intelligence and understanding. And that now-ascended awareness becomes part of that group energy. If there were not so many ascended masters, that group energy would be much weaker. As it is, it's vast. So each drop added to it helps.

This is why the whole notion of bodhisattva carries some confusion because there's the belief that one must refuse to move into that final arahant state but be willing to return to serve on the Earth, and that's in some way better. It's not better or worse. Each one serves a purpose. One comes back again and again, willing to serve on the earth plane, or one moves into the ground that supports the energy of ones who are serving on the earth plane. Neither is better.

Q: What is the basic difference between Christ and Buddha consciousness and non-dual consciousness?

Aaron: First, Christ and Buddha consciousness are simply two different names for the same consciousness. The basic difference between those and non-dual consciousness is that Christ and Buddha consciousness still carry the most subtle vestige of a self-awareness that believes it can direct and is directing.

Non-dual consciousness is a gradual progression; it's not suddenly, "you're there." The progression into non-dual consciousness is what happens in the non-returner experience, the shift from non-returner to arahant. The non-returner is deep in Buddha consciousness yet still subtly aware of its own will and intentions, aware of itself subtly as self after it moves out of the immediate experience. With the arahant, that self-noting falls away. Then there must still be intention for the arahant who still walks on the earth, but it's as if that being was immersed up to its chin in the sea and drawing its full energy from the sea rather than from any self will. There's such deep connection into non-dual consciousness that that informs everything, rather than any personal awareness or aspiration.

Q: Can you speak about the role of Mary Magdalene and the partners of the disciples, the women partners, in this?

Aaron: Mary Magdelene had very much the same training as He did. It's hard to say in a specific way what her role was. She helped to love Him, to support Him, to ground Him. She gave Him courage, much as any loving partner will do. She was simply there and present. She fully trusted, not from a place of blind faith, but because she fully understood, was perhaps the only other human who did fully understand what He was doing. So it was very supportive for Him to be able to share His feelings and experience with her, because she did fully understand.

The partners of the disciples: it is varied. There were many highly enlightened women. However not all of the partners of the disciples were thusly enlightened.

Q: In the book, Anna, Grandmother of Jesus, they speak about Mary Magdalene holding the Divine Mother energy and working in partnership with Jesus, when he taught and did healing. Is there something for us as women in this life to learn from her, in terms of how we serve?

Aaron: Yes and no. What she says in the book is accurate, but regardless of masculine or feminine, you are all in part the Divine Mother. That Divine Mother is in men as well as in women, just as the Divine Masculine is in all. Your work, regardless of gender, is to manifest the Divine as best you can.

I think the important thing for all humans is to know, this is your inheritance. This is the base of what you are. Don't believe in limited self. Know that you are the Divine Mother, the Divine Father, that this is within you, and that increasingly you aspire to express this fully and clearly in the world.

Q: Do we know of Jesus' teachings after the resurrection?

Aaron: Very little has been revealed. I think it will be revealed. My conjecture is that it will be revealed in the coming century. Much of what He was teaching then is resonant with the deepest dzogchen teachings that are presently being revealed, not just the basic dzogchen practice but the, are you familiar with the term, terma? These termas or hidden tecahings that are being uncovered, are the teachings that have been put away until the world is ready for them, until you are master enough of your small ego selves to hold that power.

So much of what He was teaching then was only to a small group who were ready for that power and who made sure that the teachings were placed in a secure way so they will not be revealed until the world is ready for them.

Q: Similar to the dzogchen teachings?

Aaron: The basic dzogchen teachings are coming out into the world. The trekchod practices are learned, but the togyal teachings, the light practices, are more of what Jesus was teaching in those days after his resurrection. He understood the togyal light practices, and these are still very restricted teachings within the Tibetan tradition.

All of these teachings come from Lemurian times. They took different routes through Tibet, through Jeshua, through some of the other high spiritual traditions. You're not ready for them yet; there are still too many people who would destroy the world if they had these skills. When, as a human race, you are more ready for them, they will emerge. There are many beings like myself here to help you prepare to be ready for these teachings. That's really what I'm doing, what many of us are doing.

Perhaps now is a good time to stop. We'll have more time for questions; we have a full week together...I'll release the body to Barbara.

Thank you all for spending your time with me here. Let us all go back into deep silence and reflect on some of what I have said; reflect on your own true nature, and your intention to know that true nature and express it for the highest good of all beings and with love. May you all awaken to a greater depth this week. May your hearts open. Thank you.

(session ends)

1 Barbara: I sent this transcript to Judith Coates. She shared it with Jeshua, and replied: "Jeshua says to tell him that he did completely decease the body, something that his master teachers did not usually do, but came close to doing as Aaron explained, but that he, Jeshua, allowed the body to completely decease to prove that the divine energy that is always present and brings forth the body in the first place, can always be reactivated even after a period of time, such as when he called forth the body of Lazarus. It was remembered from Lemurian times."

I just want to clarify because of course, Jeshua's version will be the correct one of his own experience.