June 2, 2003 Hiroshima, Japan

June 2, 2003 Hiroshima, Japan - Grand Intelligent Hotel

Aaron: I am Aaron. My blessings and love to you all. It's been a treat to speak to you two times in one day. I want to make sure A understands what I say. If you need Barbara to pause, please place a hand on her arm while M explains.

You all experienced the power of Hiroshima today, in one way or another, both the pain and the powerful loving energy of it. Historically, long before World War II, Hiroshima had been a place of both great violence and great love. There are strong energy spots, sacred spaces, where the elemental earth energy comes through. When many beings of positively polarized energy gather together, it draws much positive spirit. When beings of negative energy draw together, it draws negative polarized spirit.

In Hiroshima, for many centuries, there was this cross-cut of positive and negative. Beings are often karmically redrawn to a place, either though positive or negative karma. Many beings here at the time the bomb was dropped had been here before. Some were deeply positive, some very negative, some neutral.

The trauma of this bomb to humans, to animals, insects, vegetables, and all of the elements drew forth an immense anguish from the earth. Beings, whether living or no longer living, responded as was their habit. This means some clung to hatred and blame. Amongst those, there are still many earth-bound spirits even now, more than 50 years later. They brought a deep unrest, but such unrest will draw forth the most positive energy in response to it. Where people were neutral, slightly tilted to positive, the unrest brought out all their positive characteristics, much as a loving parent who feels fear can genuinely put this fear aside to comfort a frightened child.

More positive entities came forth in support from around the world. What some of you felt walking around the memorial area and indeed, in all of the city, was not only sadness for what had happened, but this energy of unrest, fear, beings trapped in their own horror. And yet from each of you, the energy elicited your own deepest love and compassion and commitment to peace.

I think that is the magic of Hiroshima—that the unrest draws forth such deep compassion and commitment to peace. That loving energy, in turn, goes to those souls that still suffer, as a light in the darkness. And those souls, in an odd way, will support the teaching of peace for the world, for in some way they are willing to continue as the catalyst.

Most of you know the story we have often told of Gurdjieff and the unpleasant man in his community whom Gurdjieff invited to stay there as yeast for the bread. When I look at these spirits who are still earthbound, I see in many of them the ability to free themselves, and yet an awareness that they serve a purpose by being that catalyst for compassion. So today, for most of them, they are less blindly trapped than repaying a karmic debt.

Such spirits are in a place where they are no longer blind and deaf to the love and prayers that surround them. They are able to be supported by that love. As their own love grows, they stay not in entrapment but of their own choice, repaying their karmic debt for past negativity by being willing to continue a subtle level of unrest, to keep the world aware that this mass murder must not happen again.

It is interesting to me that those who died in the concentration camps are very much at the same stage, coming out of the hatred and horror of this experience, learning love. But Hiroshima is different because the death happened so much all at once, and no one could turn their back on it and pretend that it didn't happen.

There is much more I could say. I would be happy to answer your questions. But this is the main message I wish to give you, to remind you to pray for all who suffered here, but also to thank them for their ongoing part in drawing light into the world. I pause.

I am Aaron. I would like to add here. Of cours,e I would not have to be here to come together with Shigeuji, but it was there and I was there so we talked. This is an aspect of Sarisvatthi (the goddess of compassion; Chen Rezig is another part of this energy).

Shigeuji is not the whole of the god/goddess of compassion, just a strand of it, but a deeply positively polarized being, intent on teaching compassion and non-duality. Part of the magic of Hiroshima is that it has drawn many such loving beings, many bodhisattvas, to bring light into the pain, the horror, of this occurrence. I pause.

Do you recognize the importance to you of having come to this meeting with the Shinto priest? It is not coincidence.

Q: I appreciated the experience for many different reasons but I don't clearly recognize what the significance was for me. I mean it was like a resting place after the tremendous emotion and energy I felt earlier.

Q: I can't say much but I feel uncovered and I don't need to hold the cover on any more. I'm a little trembling, and that's all I want to say now. Later more.

Barbara: It is late. I am paraphrasing. He says he feels that the main reason for this morning and afternoon is to see that for every horror there's the opportunity for healing. That does not condone the horror. The horror happens because we are the way we are and have not yet grown up. We need to not be afraid that we have not yet grown up because there is all this loving energy to support us through our birth pangs into mature being.

Q: I have been with Shigeuji since I was seven years old but today the meeting with Barbara, Aaron, and Masada-sensei and talking there in the depth was the first time for me. At first I was afraid of asking this kind of question, but after looking at communication between Masada and Barbara, I was kind of relieved to be there, and I was happy being there with the energy or spirit and you, too, at the same time. So I'm sure that I can live out my life as it was, I can believe in spirits, maybe Aaron or Shigeuji. I want to be with them and be a part of the energy or spirit. So I am very relieved and happy today. Thank you.