April 21, 2011 Thursday, Being Spirit (Spiritual Inquiry) Class

April 21, 2011 Thursday, Being Spirit (Spiritual Inquiry) Class

(BB: as I review, the date is in question. I have no record of a class on April 21; based on the intro, I think this is April 20, open Aaron)

-higher density positive and negative polarity/ transition/ evolution of consciousness through the densities

Barbara: I think you all know how I met Aaron. People were asking individually to talk to him. I had never heard of channeling but suddenly I found myself channeling.

People were asking the same questions so in the fall of 1989 we decided to get together on a Wednesday night and simply let a small group ask him questions. Maybe we had a half dozen people. The questions kept coming and coming, so people agreed they wanted to come back the next Wednesday and do it again. And suddenly we were offering evenings with Aaron every Wednesday.

We did not publicize it much; there was not Deep Spring Center yet, but after a few weeks somebody hung up a flyer at the bookstore. By December we had a dozen or 15 people. It started to be a very steady group, people coming every week.

Meanwhile he was also teaching me meditation and we had started a meditation class on another night. I had been doing this meditation, vipassana practice, for many years, but with his articulation of the practice, he was encouraging me to explain it to others.

A lot of the same people were coming, coming on Wednesday night for this evening with Aaron and coming some other night for meditation. In the very beginning, Aaron said, “I want to keep them separate because I don't want people who are uncomfortable with the idea of channeling to be stopped from learning vipassana because they have to take channeling along with it, and I don't want people who are interested in channeling to feel they are forced to meditate.”

So we created Deep Spring Center for Meditation and Spiritual Inquiry, allowing people to choose where to participate, and it seemed that first year people came in one doorway or the other. By the second semester, spring of 1990, most people were coming to both.

So there we were, about 20 people each evening, sitting in my living room, fire burning beside me. People on zafus and sofa and just gathered, squeezed in, it's not that big a living room, but we were comfortable. I would say it was 90% the same group on two different nights, people coming twice week-- every week, not alternate weeks. People were very passionate about this.

The focus on one night was deepening meditation and Buddha dharma, understanding dharma. Aaron doesn't let us get stuck in conventional dharma but is always expanding the borders, inviting us to look at the bigger picture. He never abandoned the dharma on the spiritual inquiry nights but simply expanded it.

The second year there were many new people who wanted to come, and we tried to figure out how to do it. We finally decided on a twice-a-month experienced class, people who had come before, and a twice-a-month new class. After people had been in the new class for awhile ,they could come to the experienced class, so that we weren't getting constant repetition of the same things. And so it went.

Is there anyone here who has never heard Aaron? You've all had some experience with him, most of you a lot of experience. Let me say how glad I am that this class is happening and thanks to all of those who have pulled it together. It's a blessing.

I was looking at the results of the questionnaires that people just filled out. There was one question about Aaron, and people said, “We love Aaron, we can't get enough of him,” but some people said, “I don't understand Aaron. I don't know anything about him. All I want is dharma.” So it seemed to be a mistaken idea that Aaron is about something other than dharma, and he's not, it's just a broader dharma than the conventional. It never really leaves the Four Noble Truths, at a basic level.

Now I'm just going to be quiet here and let Aaron come in and talk to you, answer questions. He's not going to give a talk, he's just going to answer questions. Aaron has a very high vibration. My vibration has become much higher as part of learning to channel him, tuning to his vibration, but still it's a big energy that comes into my, it's not a small body, but still, he's vast. My body shakes sometimes when he comes in. I don't experience any discomfort with that shaking. He says it's like putting on a tight girdle, moving his energy into a smaller body.

When I channel Aaron I always start by challenging him. No matter how well I know his energy, something of negative polarity that's of an equally high vibration on the negative scale could pose as Aaron. So I state my own deepest truth and I say, “Do you come fully resonant with these truths, for the highest good of all beings, with love for all beings, in service to all beings,” and for me, a very high connection is with Jeshua, Jesus, so, “in resonance with the Christ energy?” And I get a firm yes with each of those.

If I feel any hesitancy at all, I do not invite this entity to incorporate in my body. I stop, I center myself again, spend a few minutes really stating my own deepest truths. Make the statement, “You may sit and listen but you may not incorporate in my body unless you hold these truths.” If I feel any hesitancy at all, I ask Jeshua and the archangels and different guardians to hold the space, to protect the space.

Then I say, “This body is consecrated to the light.” It's not just a rote statement, I really let myself feel how deeply I consecrate this self to service to the light. And as I say that, usually I'm just out and Aaron comes into the body. He fully incorporates in the body. I do not remember what's said but the training gradually has been for me to be subtly present so that he can call on my mind and my vocabulary, because he says I have a better English vocabulary than he does. So sometimes out of this quiet peacefulness I hear him say, “What's the word for...?” and I supply the word and then I'm back to quiet again and he goes on. He doesn't fully pull me out of that trance state, just enough to get the word he needs.

(Aaron incorporates)

Aaron: My blessings and love to you all. I am Aaron... How may I be of service to you tonight? Before I ask that I want to second Barbara's statement of gratitude that this class exists, and that many of you are getting grounded in these basic teachings. They are, as Barbara said, not in any way separate from dharma but an expansion of the dharma, coming more deeply to know who you are.

I am open to your questions.

Q: I will start us off. We have been speaking about polarity, in particular negative polarity, and how can beings be in 4th and 5th density and still have negative polarity. Would you elaborate on that?

Aaron: Beings can even be in 6th density and have negative polarity. A highly negatively polarized 6th density will draw to a dead end at the high end of 6th density.

First, perhaps it's possible to research this in some of the archives. I remember Barbara and Carla and Qu'o and I speaking about this in depth. It may be in the new book that will be out in winter, The Aaron/Qu'o Dialogues. If it's not in that book, it's in the private talks from many years ago, because they had subtly different takes on this question, and gently Qu'o and I tried to help them understand it. So those private papers may help.

Each of you has a mix of positive and negative polarity, like a battery. It's got two ends. You lean toward one end or the other end, toward service to others or service to self. Of course, service to others is also service to self because you are part of those others, and service to self can also be helpful to others. So they're not distinctly different, but you follow one path or the other as predominant.

The service to self path is more fear-based. There's a lot of contraction, holding things to the self. So if somebody asks you to help them in a situation and your first thought is, “That doesn't suit me, my needs won't be met,” you can feel that contraction. If the mind continues in that vein, it moves you deeper and deeper into negative polarity.

When there is a mindfulness of the contraction, and the willingness to hold space around the contraction and not judge the contraction, the fear resolves itself. The judgment around the fear resolves itself. There is more spaciousness and ease, and the whole attitude in the self of intention to be of service to beings can come forth. Thus, either negative or positive polarity will become the predominant pattern, often depending on mindfulness of the arising of fear and mindfulness of the intention.

Toward the end of 3rd density, a being can have so deeply conditioned itself to serving itself, closing off the world, moving into an attitude of separation so that it sees itself separate from everything else, that there is no heavy emotional karma built on that emotion that comes forth to keep one in 3rd density. There's real clarity, “What's good for me, that's what I choose.” There's a basic contraction that holds that notion in place, but there's no struggle with that emotion. It's very clear, “I want what's good for me. Forget everybody else.”

Qu'o and I differ on this next point. Qu'o and Ra say it must be 95% negative to move into a negatively polarized liberation. I would say perhaps 85%. However much it is, is not important. What's important here is one must be so deeply intent on service to self that there's no moral dilemma. “I'll take care of myself. Forget everybody else.” So one moves into 4th density negative polarity.

The 4th density negatively polarized being moves into a group experience, just as the 4th density positively polarized being, but it stays only very briefly in that 4th density group experience because it cannot survive in a group. They would kill each other! They're already dead, in terms of human life, but they would destroy each other. So there's very quickly a realization, “4th density does not suit me,” and thrusting oneself into 5th density.

As I describe 5th density, it's a place where heavy emotions are completely resolved. For 5th density negative polarity, there is no fear or anger or greed in the ways that you think of that. These emotions still exist but they're collected around “whatever is good for me.” Power, and so forth, and the being just keeps moving through 5th density and eventually into 6th density. It becomes more and more turned inward.

The reason it cannot go beyond 6th density is that 7th density is the density of, we talk about the drop of water falling into the ocean, and merging with the ocean. But this is a drop of water that believes that it IS the ocean and that there is nothing beside itself. Nothing else, nothing else matters, it's just about me. It cannot comprehend 7th density. Seventh density would destroy its whole fa├žade. So at that point it hits a dead end and it does have to come back into 3rd density, move through 3rd density gradually making the shift to positive polarity, probably through many lifetimes, to resolve that habitual pattern, the karma of this negative polarity.

Does that answer your question? (Yes)

I want to point out here that meditation practice is what keeps you centered and in positive polarity. Seeing contraction arise, fear, anger, and coming back again and again to the strong intention to do no harm, to serve all beings with love. Seeing the impulse energy.

I want to give you a very simple example, here. Barbara was just in Seattle. Someone who is coming to the retreat next week at the ocean from Seattle asked Barbara, she said, “I want to take a carry-on bag. Could you carry some things home to Ann Arbor for me and bring them to the retreat for me?” The part of Barbara that's loving and generous and wants to take care of others thought, “Of course!” And the part of her that knew that she wanted to try to travel with just one bag, not a carry-on, but still, a lot that she had to try to get into her luggage, thought, “I can't do that.” And then she felt shame at that, “I can't do that.” “I should do what others need.”

She told her friend, “I will need to see. Let me think about it and tell you tomorrow.” So as she meditated, she saw that service to others is important but she also has to take care of herself, and that this is not negative polarity as long as it's not bounded by, “I don't care what you need,” but deeply comprehends the needs of the others and the self, and respects the needs of the self so as to be able to say no. That saying no is not negative polarity unless it comes from a place of fear and putting self-interest above others.

So it's not always an easy issue when we talk about service to self and service to others. Service to self and service to others are part of the same thing. Would it serve the retreat if Barbara could not bring what she needed because she was carrying things that another person needed?

So I think the basis of this is your constant soul searching. What is my highest priority, here? What is guiding my decision, is it love or is it fear? Can there be mutual respect for the self and all beings, and an uncontracted place from which the decision springs, rather than a decision that springs from “I should” or “I must”? Even though that is posing as service to others, it's still negative polarity, it's still fear-based.

Other questions?

Q: I think the Buddha scriptures say at the exact moment of death, when we unbind from our human physical bodies, there's a great opportunity to...expand, evolve, as a being. And then, what should we do at the moment of death, to do this?

Aaron: First, you cannot suddenly do something new at the moment of death. Hopefully you've been practicing for years, that when negative emotion arises, to note that emotion as an object. There's contact with the object and consciousness of it. It may be seeing, a physical sensation, eyes seeing something that seems fearsome. Contact and consciousness. Aware, “unpleasant”. Then there may be aversion to the unpleasant object, blocking it off, contracting, pulling away from it. Trying to fix or control it. These are the various mental formations that arise.

As one watches this, mindfulness settles in. Do you know the Four Foundations of Mindfulness? (Yes and no) Mindfulness of the body, feelings or sensations (vedana in Pali) , consciousness, and mindfulness of the dharma. So we see deeply into the arising of certain habitual patterning in ourselves. So much of your practice is constantly to attend to that patterning. Not to fix it, nothing is broken, but to watch the unwholesome patterns that have become so karmically stuck in you. Gradually you are able to attend with kindness so that you're no longer caught up in those patterns.

At the moment of death, and in the first part of the transition, often there are fearsome kind of objects. If you're used to noting such, “seeing, unpleasant,” right there with that seeing and unpleasant is vast spaciousness and light; am I going to get hooked into this fearsome presentation or am I going to stay connected to the light?

As the practice has deepened in that way within the human experience, it will come naturally at the moment of death. So it's not what you should do, except simply to continue to follow your practice. If the practice has been stable and wholesome, then indeed liberation can be found at that moment of death. Because instead of being seduced by the different objects and pulled into a new lifetime, instead one just keeps going into the light.

Q: So the work is done here, in our sitting practice.

Aaron: The work is your deep practice here. The deeper the practice, the easier it is. There's more to it. I'm oversimplifying. If you have worked in a skillful way to release some of the obscurations in the human experience, the negative tendencies, not just noting fear but holding a strong intention not to enact fear, or greed, or anger, for example, then at the time of transition and as you pass through this passage of transition, there's not going to be such a negative attack. You've learned in your lifetime to say no to negativity. Negativity has learned it can't seduce you so easily. So the transition itself is going to be much easier and light-filled.

Whereas, if your life has been filled with hatred and power struggles, trying to control, then many negative entities are going to be trying to seduce you off into negative polarity as you come through the transition.

I think here of the Buddha at the time of his enlightenment, putting his hand on the earth. “The earth is my witness.” Your lives and practice and love are your witness. When negative entities come and tap you on the shoulder, state as Barbara says when she opens to me, “This being is consecrated to the light.” It becomes so deep for you that when negativity is flying around, saying, “Oh, come and look at this! Come and look at this! You could be so powerful! You could have all the money, sex, whatever it is you want! Just come on, come on!” well, “That's not where I'm headed.” And it's very clear, you know what your intentions are.

So you hold the light in that way. It can be helpful to have a stronger connection with someone like the Buddha, or Jeshua, Kwan Yin, Mother Mary, someone whose hand you can take when the going gets rough and say, “I need help.” This is one you know is a deeply positively polarized entity. “I am walking side by side with this entity. This is my direction.”

Q: Another question from an earlier class. Talking about how beings begin, a spark of light. If a being, spirit, is entering into 1st density as a rock, for example, is it that the spirit energy manifests as the rock, or does a part of the spirit energy drop into the rock and later leave when it has experienced...?

Aaron: Yes. The whole spirit energy, the whole consciousness does not drop into the rock or into the human. This is why you are always simultaneously 6th density and 3rd density, as humans. Your higher self is the aspect of you that's the 6th density part of you. The human is the 3rd density expression of that 6th density being.

A rock is different than a sentient being like a human or a dog because in those life forms, the consciousness and spirit stay within the entity until its demise. With a rock, it does not necessarily need to stay there until the rock erodes away to sand, it may simply withdraw its energy when it feels that it has concluded the work it needs to do as a rock.

Q: As a sentient being, where then does the physical manifestation arise and the blending with spirit?

Aaron: With the very first creation of the fetus, in the first cellular division, there is an entity that is not yet awakened to its consciousness. You all have made plans before the lifetime for possible parentage. If this fetus looks like it will be appropriate for the lifetime, in other words, if it has the physical attributes that are needed, for example, is either healthy or perhaps unhealthy (maybe that was the choice), if the parents feel like they're in the position you want them to be and which does not necessarily mean a very safe and loving situation-- it may; what was the intention for this lifetime? Perhaps for this lifetime there was an intention to experience abuse in order to learn deeper compassion for oneself and for others. Perhaps in this lifetime there was an intention to experience some kind of physical deformity, for whatever reasons.

So we're not talking here about the perfect fetus, the idealized fetus, we're talking about the perfect fetus for the needs. Then the soul may enter the body at any time between conception and birth. One may watch for awhile. Perhaps the parent is not sure whether they will carry this fetus to term or whether it will be aborted. If one has the intention to only experience briefly in the fetal state, one might enter the fetus knowing the fetus is going to be terminated. If one has the intention to come into a full lifetime, one will bypass this fetus and wait for an opportunity to come into a fetus that will be continued.

I want to step back one step. When I talk about that spark of God, on the soul level, if I can call it that, or the deep ultimate consciousness level, there is awareness only of unity, not of separation. At that moment of coming into the fetus, one takes the broad awareness and is willing in a sense to drop it and come into the idea of separation. So instead of being the whole, you suddenly start to know yourself just as the spark.

First density is rock, mineral, gas, whatever, and there's no sense of separation. But as soon as you enter 2nd density, you begin to move into the whole idea of separation, which must be experienced as part of the maturation process. How can you truly know your unity with all beings unless you've first experienced the concept of separation?

When you are on the astral plane between 3rd density lifetimes, you understand that separation is a concept even if sometimes the emotion of separation still arises on the astral plane. But at a deeper level, you know it's a concept. You know that as soon as you come back into the body you're going to move back into that concept and lose the ultimate reality, until there is a deep awakening experience and you finally know and  release the relative reality and rest in the ultimate reality.

That spark, then, just keeps moving into one form or another. These are hard concepts to articulate. It moves some aspect of consciousness into that form. All that the human knows, for the most part, is that aspect of its consciousness. But when you meditate, you begin to find the aspects of consciousness that you did not bring at first into the incarnation, but it's all integrated through your meditation. And then you know all the levels of the self, all the levels of consciousness.

Q: I think we have time for one more question.

Q: I would like some clarity on what I've read about animals having group souls. Some of what Aaron has said about our pets, some of our pets being 3rd density, which I assume means individual souls. I have some confusion about what animals have.

Aaron: Second density covers a vast territory from small microorganisms to Sulu. Sulu is Barbara's dog, who is a very self-aware being, aware of self and of others, very highly positively polarized.

Second density form begins as a group experience, clusters of microorganisms, and then evolving into hives of bees or ants, insects. The insect is a group soul. So, within hive there may be one oversoul who is animating many aspects of itself to have different kinds of experience. This is why you see in a hive the selflessness of, I think of bees willing to die for the queen. They don't think in terms of self at all.

Gradually, as they mature, they move into a more individualized experience. There is still no sense of service to self or service to other, in the turtle or the fish, but there is an individuated soul. Again, as maturation progresses, the animal chooses to incarnate into an increasingly sophisticated system where it begins to learn service to self versus service to other. The power of chosen polarity is in free will. When there is no awareness of self and other, no choice is being made.

In the mammalian form, all mammal parents take care of their young, to some degree. Most mammal parents are willing to die for their young, if necessary. We might think of it as instinct but there's also some part of service to others.

Again, more maturation. We find animals, especially dogs but also other animals, who are able to create a direct loving connection with a being that is not their progeny, to truly love and care for another. We see this especially in dogs; to some degree in cats, horses, dolphins, and other “higher” mammals.

The end-2nd density dog, it's an individual soul, a maturing soul, that has been practicing service to self or service to other. If it's a very loving animal that has received loving treatment and learned to love, it moves into 3rd density positive polarity. If it's a dog that has achieved that 95% service to self, negative polarity, it will move into a 3rd density negatively polarized experience.

So the group soul in an animal is only among those insects and to some degree we see it with schools of fish, beings that do not see themselves with any self awareness but only as a part of a cluster.

I see it's 9 o'clock. Thank you for this opportunity to speak with you... I invite you all to come with your questions to these Open Aaron nights... We meet again in May. Come and bring your questions. Thank you. My love to each of you.