February 17, 2010 Wednesday Night

Aaron: Good evening. My blessings and love to all of you. I am Aaron...I am frequently asked,  “What's going to happen in and after 2012?” When I've been asked this in the past I've said, after 2012 comes 2013 and so forth. Just do your work.

Today, as life moves faster, it's time to give a bit more complete answer. All time is simultaneous; time is an illusion. So when I say,  “Time is speeding up,” I'm speaking about the illusion. Time cannot really speed up but it seems to be more compressed. You are experiencing a larger chunk of that simultaneity in this Now.  Results of your actions seem to come faster.

You are coming to a period of vast transition that has been in the making for many hundreds of centuries. People ask me, “Will there be change?” Well, of course there will be change; there's always change. “Will it be painful?” That's up to you. “What will happen after the changes?” That's up to you. You are being given the opportunity to practice letting go of the eons of belief - of how things should be, how you should be, how the world should be, how the universe should be  -  and to open more fully to things just as they are in this moment, and the unlimited possibilities of this moment, both wholesome and unwholesome.

Change in itself is not painful. Grasping, wanting to hold things as they are, is painful. Resistance is painful. Imagine yourself deep in a tunnel, uncertain of your direction, but with the belief you should always turn left. . You come to a cross-path and sign that points, to the right and labeled “To Light and happiness,” and to the left labeled, “To darkness and sorrow.” “But I am always to go left,” you reflect, so you turn left. The path narrows and becomes rough. After a while you are forced to crawl. The walls are scraping against your skin, rubbing raw sores. But the mind holds to the idea, “I am to take the left turn; that' what I was told.”  Eventually you become stuck between these closing walls; how far will you push before you will consider, “Perhaps I understood it wrongly?” You are asked only to consider the possibility of another option.

You mistake grasping and resistance for “holding to your truth” but sometimes your truth involves only your own will, and not co-creation. You cannot succeed in the long run, if your truth and that of others conflicts. What is the higher truth that melds the two? If I believe I am the best and always deserve the larger share, and you carry the same belief, we will both experience pain and increased conflict until we find a way to hear each other and reconcile our differing beliefs.

All resistance involves friction and pain, and leads you to explore the source of the pain. Eventually you will let go; it's up to you how long the process takes. Imagine the tug-of-war game. The rope is being pulled through your hands and burning the palms. If you believe, “I must not let go,” you will have severe rope burns that are painful. If you let go, the burning will stop. Sometimes it seems like you must hold on, as one does in battle, fighting an enemy who is seen as evil. Perhaps he sees you as evil!

Here you ask repeatedly, “What is the highest good?” When your beliefs come from the deepest space of truth, they will never be in conflict with another's beliefs that are grounded in that same space. When your beliefs are grounded in the small self, the “I want,” they will smash into another's “I want” and there will be pain. Your intention is growth of wisdom and compassion. The more you let go, the faster and easier is the learning process, and yet you must also continue to honor your deepest truths. It is also a learning of flexibility and courage. None of these are incompatible with the others.

There were 2 people who owned houses on the shore on Nantucket. Every summer Barbara and Hal and their family vacationed just 400 yards in from these coastal houses. Through the years we watched them at first 50 yards from the sea, then 20 yards, then 10 yards. This is the nature of the sea coast; it erodes and changes.

One family let go gently and moved their house inland a half mile. The other family kept barricading the coast, putting in rocks and other obstacles, which of course served as no obstacle at all to the ocean. On the one hand one could say they were persistent: they had a clear image of what they wanted. But you must acknowledge that you co-create, you do not create by yourself. If the ocean and the tides have a different idea, they will state it clearly.

The first family was very happy with their old home on a new site. I'm sure they missed looking out their window at the ocean; now they had to walk 10 minutes to the beach, but they also no longer had to worry about storms. And it was only 10 minutes walk. The second family suffered. They so desperately wanted their ocean front site, they actually picked their house up and moved it, but only 50 yards inland. So they built a whole new foundation, moved the home 50 yards inland. They were constantly out there working to create more ocean barriers. They couldn't enjoy or love the ocean; the ocean was viewed as an enemy that was going to come steal their home, and eventually did.

Your bodies obey a kind of tide. They age. You certainly no longer have the bodies you had when you were 10 years old and not even when you were 25. Change is part of the process of life. You are not incarnate to avoid change but to understand how to manifest in harmony with the universe for the highest good of all beings. With that in mind we note the person who wants to picnic every day all summer and says, “I want no rain all summer,” is at variance with the farmer who says, “We need regular rain for the crops to flourish.” When we say “for the highest good,” it has to include all beings, and the earth itself.

So it's easy to decide what YOU think you want for yourself but then you must step back and ask, “How does this fit in with the highest good for the whole world?” Then you seek to co-create that which feels wholesome. You can't just sit back and say, “Somebody will drop it on me if I wish for it hard enough;” you have to work. You have to co-create. But you cannot create it on your own; you participate in this co-creation.

All of you want a world that is at peace; a world in which no beings are starving or thirsty. A world in which beings have the freedom to live their lives resonant with their own values; a world in which no being need fear harm from another or from natural disasters, as you call them - natural movements of the earth like earthquakes, volcanoes, and floods. You do have the ability to create or co-create that world. It comes from a basis of love. And you have the ability to further enhance the fear in the world and move the world of 2012 into a place of great contraction, violence, and fear.

There will be inevitable changes, not just in 2012 but in 2013 and 2014 and 2312; changes will happen. These changes will be the result of what has come before. In other words, if people have built homes on tidal plains, there are going to be floods and drowning. People will lose their homes and some will die. If people have built their homes on volcanic slopes, they're going to die in volcanic eruptions.

They have a choice. Nobody told them they had to build a home there; that is their choice. What if they then rant against the earth and nature and say, “This shouldn't be. We need to build bigger dikes. We need to find ways to channel volcanic eruptions so they only flow down that one channel away from population areas?” You can spend multi-billions of dollars doing that and in the end it's not going to make any difference-- if the top blows off the volcano, lava is not going to obey the direction you want it to go. It doesn't pay heed to red lights.

The building on the tidal plains and the volcanic slopes is based on greed or the beliefs and grasping of the small self. “I want it here, just like this; not there, here. I want it this way.” As long as the majority is engaged in that kind of thinking, and as time compresses itself and some of these events seem to speed up in your linear time, there are going to be increasing disasters. Think of that tunnel. If you are crawling, and your skin scrapes raw on the enclosing walls, you can back out, but if you are catapulting though the narrowing tunnel at high speed, you will experience agony. For some of you, that agony enhances the grasping and belief, “I am right; it must be this way.” The speed in which you experience the ripening of karma seems to be faster, so you need to pay closer attention.


There's that beautiful song, Blowin' in the Wind, with the words, “How many deaths will it take till he knows that too many people have died?” How many disasters will it take until you know that you need to make different choices? How many wars before you acknowledge that maybe others also have a view that must be heard? How much famine?

What is happening on earth now with this shift is that more and more people are seeing that they are co-responsible for the results they see around them. Certainly not everybody sees that; far from it. But far more people are willing to take personal responsibility not only for their own lives, but also for the earth, than they would 50 years ago. The change is happening fast.

Those of you who understand positive polarity are called upon to be models of positive polarity in every way possible. It's not only how you respond when a driver cuts you off or somebody says something rude. Certainly your response is important then. But it's also how you respond when you're alone outdoors shoveling snow, your back hurts a little, and your fingers are freezing. At that point do you start cursing at the snow or just take a deep breath and pause, saying, “Maybe it's time to go in and get a cup of hot tea, look outside and see the real beauty of this snow, rest for a bit, make sure my energy field is uncontracted before I come back out and shovel, so I am not fighting with the snow but co-creating a clear path, and  asking the snow to participate with me in moving aside.”

The little things matter. It doesn't matter whether anybody's watching you. Gradually you learn to hold your energy in an uncontracted manner, in a way that is truly openhearted and loving. I will not say fearless; there may be fear, but without reaction to the fear. Simply know fear as the object, as fear, and if contraction comes, know that simply as contraction, with no self-identity with it.

As this transition moves you, you are called upon increasingly to be uncontracted in the world. Many of you are experiencing lessons about contraction. This is what's important to your personal growth right now, but it's also exactly where the world is taking most positively polarized beings. No matter how uncontracted you already are, there's already more to learn.

Witness what Barbara has shared. (Before Aaron began to speak, Barbara shared some of her trip to the Casa of John of God in Brazil. Despite the many blessings she had received on this trip, she continued to grasp at hearing, and ask, “What am I doing wrong?”  She pointed out the ongoing lesson she received, “release; open; let go and Love, trust the path.”) You know that Barbara is, on the whole, a very uncontracted and loving person, but it was very clearly pointed out to her where she was contracted with fear, and she was told, “Love. Remember love.”

There are going to be trials in the coming years, just as there have been trials in the past. They will be of both personal and impersonal nature. In other words, happenings in the weather, and the earth's structure, earthquakes, things of that sort. There will be wars on the other side of the globe, and also the flooded basement and disagreement with the neighbor, with the boss, with your spouse, with yourself.

The only thing you really need to remember is to breathe in spaciousness and release tension. If I could give one instruction for the coming years, it would be just that. I don't mean this as a way of fixing yourself but to find the vast spaciousness that's already present, out there and within. As you breathe in spaciousness, you're not fixing or denying tension but remembering the spaciousness that's already there with the contraction. As you breathe out tension you're not fixing tension but rather you're attending to the tension that is present, but without fear of it. The tension is just tension.

You've done this a thousand times with me, I think, but let's do it again. Hold the hand up just in front of your face. Look at the fingers and wiggle the fingers. Here is the back that hurts (pointing to one finger). Here is the busy planning mind (pointing to another finger). Here is sadness or anger. Here is confusion. Body, mind, emotions, are all right there in front of you. Now look through the fingers. Keep them wiggling, but see the vast space beyond them. The space was there before you looked but you forgot about it. The back doesn't have to stop hurting; the mind doesn't have to become still; the emotions don't have to calm themselves, for you to know that space and learn to choose that space rather than becoming so caught up in “Let's fix the painful back. Let's fix the busy mind. Let's fix the emotions.” It's all there. Just relax and make peace with it, with joy.

Then you attend lovingly to the back. You see the busy mind and the quiet mind that's right there with the busy mind, and you stop giving energy to the busy mind. You see the emotions and you know right there with sadness and fear are joy and love. You don't have to get rid of sadness and fear to experience joy and love, but as long as you are focused on fixing sadness or fear, it's very hard to see anything but the sadness or the fear. You misplace the joy and love.

This is really nothing different than what we've been practicing here for over 20 years, being present with what is predominant in the experience with spaciousness and kindness. Why did I start emphasizing this 20 years ago? Because we were 20 years from where we are now, coming closer to this transition in consciousness. What if I just started teaching you this now and said, “Well, you've got a year to learn it.” Could you?

So now there are a lot of you who have been learning this way of living for 15 or 20 years and who are teaching others. You have a practice community where people come together to support each other's spiritual work, to practice working with the difficult challenges life brings, with love.

This is all that is asked of you. Each being that does this, and the more Light Centers like Deep Spring and the Casa there are in the world, the more they will anchor this higher vibration and provide a ground in which the higher vibration can take root. It's like growing a lawn using some sod patches. You place a block here, a block there, on fertile soil. You put the blocks of sod down, and because the soil is rich and because you keep the weeds out of those bare patches, the grass spreads. The Light spreads. You are spreaders of Light and high vibration.

Nobody can tell you what's going to happen in 2012 or 2013 or even 2010. Many people make guesses; people make predictions, and the predictions enhance fear. Let go of predictions. Instead, hold in your mind and heart with every new day, what you wish to co-create in the world on that day, such as lovingkindness,  happiness and well-being for all. Then work through the day to help co-create that intention, doing it with love.

Spread yourselves like grass seeds. Move out. Don't be afraid of potentially negative situations, and - let's move away from grass and talk about flowers, perennial flowers that seed themselves - see each potentially negative situation as a place to grow more flowers, to cast your inner seeds out on this now fertile soil. For as this time of transition draws nearer, the soil is increasingly fertile. So many are feeling lost, paying closer attention, and asking the way. And it is fertile soil, even if there is negativity presently growing on it. If it wasn't fertile soil, the negativity couldn't grow. That soil that can grow what comes to it. Let it be seeds of Light.

Watch in yourselves the fear of change and any belief in personal limitations. Now I don't mean that you should climb up onto the roof of a 6 story building and say, “Aaron says I have no limits so I'll fly.” You've got to be realistic. Maybe in 2 years you'll be ready to fly but this year you aren't ready. Practice levitating first!

But look deeply at the places of fear. I want to, some of you already have heard this directly from Barbara, but when she was at the Casa--this is the healing center in Brazil where she was in January and part of February--she received so many rich gifts. The shoulders that were so painful were healed, her book found a publisher, her heart was feeling very open, her vision was improving, and she looked around her at all the other people who seemed to be healing and she said, “Well, my ears have not changed this year. I must be doing something wrong. Or they're angry at me; they don't love me.” Just old stories, old conditioning.

So she was given so many gifts, so much blessing, but the mind was still creating those stories. She knew better than to get locked into those stories. She was able to say, “It's not reality; it's just that my grasping mind wants this.” But she still couldn't shake herself completely free of such belief.

The first time she said something related to this concern to the Entity, “How do I heal the ears,” he said, “Love will heal.” So she reflected on that for 2 weeks. He actually put a flower in her hand and said, “Here is my love.” He wanted her to feel that tangible love. But the worrisome mind still said, “Well nothing's happening with my ears. I must be doing something wrong. Or they're angry at me.”

She came through the line on the very last day. The Entity simply took her hand and said, “I love you very much” and put 2 roses in her hand. This was a very clear way of saying, let go of all those old beliefs in your unworthiness. Let it go. Fully embrace love, not just to give love but to receive love.

And this is something that all of you need to learn. Many of you are much better at giving love than receiving love. What would it mean that there be no limits in the amount of love you can give and receive? Can you think of the ways that would change the world? What if there were just 100,000 people all over the earth who were deeply capable of giving and receiving love in all situations, and who no longer carried the beliefs of limitation and unworthiness? Can you imagine how transformative that would be?

Count yourself as one of those 100,000 people. You can do it. Begin to investigate: “What limiting beliefs do I hold, and what would help to release those limiting beliefs?” Go even beyond that, to see the limiting beliefs simply as objects and to look through. Because as long as you say, “I have to fix the limiting beliefs and then I will believe in my unlimitedness,” you're giving energy to the limiting beliefs, with the extended belief, “There is something that must be fixed.” But as soon as you say, “It's nothing, it's just dust, illusion,” and break through it, you begin to see it's just a shadow.

Have you ever seen a log burn very, very completely in a fire in the fireplace but the whole outline of the log is still there supporting itself? If you touch it, it crumbles, there's nothing there, nothing solid, but if you looked at it, you would say, “Well of course there's a log there.” But it's just ash. These old beliefs are like that. If you think they are capable of still burning, you keep them burning. When you recognize there's nothing there, and just let the apparent forms crumble, you stop giving energy to old beliefs and you find the spaciousness and love beyond them.

You all say you want that spaciousness and love but I think you're also afraid of it. What would it mean to be free to love fully? So much of your self-identity is caught up in dualistic beliefs; the one that must do everything right, the one who did things wrong; the one who is farsighted or nearsighted; the one who has good artistic sense or not so good artistic sense; the one who is musically inclined or not musically inclined; the one who is bright or dumb; the one who is kind or unkind. I'm using very mundane examples. You label yourselves thusly. You strive to be good as if that striving can overcome the negative. In so doing, you perpetuate these negative self-beliefs.

When Barbara was in grade school, perhaps in 2nd or 3rd grade, the music teacher walked around the class listened to each child sing and said to Barbara, “I never want you to sing again in this class, just mouth the words, because you can not carry a tune.” Up until that point, Barbara was not quite aware that she could not carry a tune but when she went home and asked her parents, “Do I sing off-key?” they said “Yes, but that's okay.” “My music teacher said I shouldn't sing in class.” Well I don't know what transpired between her mother and the music teacher. Barbara was again permitted to sing in class, but the damage was done. She spent the next 60 years believing, “I cannot carry a tune.”  That was true to some degree, but it ignored the side of her that was capable of hearing the tune and repeating it. Her belief locked out that possibility.

Then of course she was deaf so she couldn't even hear the tune she was trying to carry. Then the Casa Entity told her to buy tuning forks, listen to them and sing the notes. Now she can sing the scale on tune.

Let go of limiting beliefs. It's not about singing in tune; that's just a mundane example. It's about knowing that you can manifest anything that you choose to manifest. You can manifest kindness in your life, friendship, abundance, joy, and intimacy. What is it you're seeking and what old beliefs block you? Why do you hold on to non-abundance, to lack of intimacy, and so forth? Can you “look through” to the truth beyond?

So this is your work. Look deeply at the ability to co-create; envision the world future you want to co-create. Watch contraction and release contraction; come back into spaciousness without fixing the contraction. Look at old beliefs that are limiting and move through them, beyond them. There is nothing to fix. If you were never unworthy in the first place, how can you fix unworthiness? You simply rest in that which lies beyond the belief, and which knows there is no such thing as worthy or unworthy, but that there is only love. Worthy and unworthy collapse; good one and bad one collapse; capable and incapable one collapse. Let it all collapse.

Simply work to nurture the loving heart. In this way you will support the shifts the earth will inevitably come through and help support the highest possible good for the earth and all sentient beings. That's all you can do. That's all that is asked.

There's a great deal more I could say here. Perhaps this is enough as a base. Now let me speak to your questions.

Q: There is a recent movie, 2012, that people have been talking about. It seems to generate a lot of fear, probably in people who were not even aware of the supposed prediction. So then more light and love needs to be sent so that things are more in balance? That's my question.

Aaron: Perhaps some of you are interested in creating a film 2013 or 2014 that shows the great love that is possible on the Earth! I've not seen the movie 2012. Barbara has seen some brief coming attraction, which looked grotesque, with wild seas, firestorms and whatever. It generates fear. It also gives those who see the movie or just the coming attraction, the opportunity to deeply regard their own mixed feelings, because of course when there is an unknown approaching there is going to be some fear.

This is part of the human experience. The work is not to stop fear but to not be reactive to fear, to know fear as fear and right there with fear, to find that which is capable of love. You hold the high vibration of love, right there in the face of fear. So instead of thinking that the movie is something demonic that is bringing in fear and causing harm, one can begin to see the movie as a gift reminding people, “I have another year and a half before 2012 and I have work to do.”

Please remember 2012 is a metaphor. Anywhere in the next two decades many of these changes will be happening and many of them have happened in the past 10 years and more already. They are happening; they will happen. But regard the movie as a reminder to love, not a prediction that must cause fear.

Barbara was putting some things away in the basement today and she saw a place where a mouse had chewed a bag on the pantry shelf. It came as a reminder, not “Oh no! There are mice in the house again!”, just, “I need to get out good plastic containers and make sure all perishable food is safely stored so I'm not offering an invitation to these creatures.” It is a reminder to take loving action.

So the movie is just a reminder to do the loving work that's needed. It's very easy to cast blame, to say negative polarity is trying to provoke fear. Well, that may be true but it doesn't matter as long as you don't let them do it. And for all of those who do become afraid and who become more reactive because they're afraid, this is part of their learning. It will perhaps spur them to do their learning a bit faster rather than waiting until there is that cataclysmic event. Now they have a chance to reflect on how they would handle the kinds of things they see in the movie, and they see that handling them with fear and hatred doesn't really work. And for those who believe that's what's needed, they will experience the repercussions of it.

Are there further questions?

Q: Can you talk about Haiti? How we co-created that situation and what we are learning from it?

Aaron: There are many tiers of learning-- for the people involved, and for the onlookers. A lot of the learning is similar to what was learned in New Orleans. When greed and carelessness build there will be “hell” to pay. So many of the structures that collapsed were built in such an unsound fashion, false savings. I think it's important for everybody living away from Haiti to recognize that it's not something that happened to them but happened to all of us. That everybody who has ever bought a cheaply manufactured item made by poorly paid labor, made by people who cannot afford a home that's safe, has contributed to all those deaths.

So each human needs to ask himself or herself, in what way do I support a reasonable livelihood for every being in the world, and what am I personally willing to give up to ensure that every being has a safe home, adequate and nutritious food, , medical care, and so forth. People say, “Oh, that's impossible,” but of course it's not impossible. It's possible if people are willing to let go of some of the overabundance they have.

A second area of karma is about Haiti itself, where there has been much war, violence and hatred. Let us put it in this way, Haiti has a very low vibration, had a very low vibration before this event. I'm not saying there were no loving people there but the overall climate was one of very low vibration, filled with hatred and greed, suspicion, and fear.

I have read several articles from first-hand witnesses, people who are down there, not people who lived there but people who have gone to do first-aid work and so forth. A number of them speak about the deep attitude of compassion that is growing, how when they would come with first-aid equipment to a camp to see who needs to be taken to a hospital, and see people who looked badly injured, those people would all say, “No, there's somebody 2 tents down who is worse than I am; take them.”

So people are learning not to grasp for themselves, but to take care of others. It may seem like a brutal kind of learning. Remember that the people who lived there co-created that learning, and the whole world co-created that learning. I suspect that some of these survivors are going to become very strong beings of light. That there's going to be a major shift in this country and a trend toward kindness and generosity, which could not have happened without this kind of major shake-up.

So then is something like this necessary for that shift to the light? Learning does not require pain. All that is required for learning is to pay attention but pain certainly gets your attention. If you don't pay attention, you're not going to learn. So here was a group of people with some group karma together who took incarnation at this time with the intention to teach their neighbors, to learn for themselves if they survived, to teach the world more about the need for lack of selfishness and for compassion.

It's much the kind of lesson that all of those who died in the Holocaust in WWII experienced. They came together, took incarnation at that time and within certain faiths that would be persecuted, with an intention. That intention was not to die in a concentration camp; the intention was to wake the world up to the horrors of hatred, greed, and self-centeredness; to teach people that it's possible to go beyond those emotions.

We look at the personal human damage and it seems devastating, so many thousands dying. I don't mean to seem nonchalant here; every lifetime is precious. And yet you have an abundance of lifetimes. They haven't really gone anywhere, they'll be back, and hopefully both learned something for themselves and taught others something.

I think of a story that Barbara read some years ago about a concentration camp in which some of the prisoners were sent out to dig a mass grave. One of the soldiers, I don't know if he was feeling lazy or what he was feeling, but he handed his gun to the prisoner next to him and said, “Shoot those people.” The prisoner looked at him and said, “No.” He said, “If you don't shoot them I'll shoot you.” “You'll have to shoot me.” So he shot him and then he handed the gun to somebody else. And the next person said no. Now one might thing it's a little easier to say no in a concentration camp for one knows one is probably going to die in the next few weeks anyway, but still one clings to life. But these people had the courage to say no.

It turned out that hundreds said no. They shot a great many people and then the soldiers finally gave up and walked away. And many of those who were not shot - these people were outside the barbed wire enclosure of the camp - were able to flee. So because many had the courage to say no, others were able to escape and live, and to spread the story.

Q: I have just completed reading a book, Walking Through Walls about a psychic named Lou(is) Smith. He died about 30 years ago. I am interested in your understandings of his approach to healing and that of the Entities at the Casa, and elaborate if you can.

Aaron: I've not read his book, I do not know anything about him. What was his approach to healing?

Q: He worked with many spirit guides of various dimensions bringing in very high vibration to help literally in nearly instant healing. The book chronicles a number of these healing events. It is similar in results we have witnessed at the Casa, miraculous type of healings. Yet I sense there is a difference in the approach Lou Smith took and what the Entities take in their approach.

Q: ...he was faster than they are...

Q: ...very, very fast in obtaining results.

Aaron: The difference here is that the Casa Entities' concern is more spiritual than physical. So they work to bring forth physical change but they understand that if they bring forth a physical change immediately and the person loses the catalyst for practice, they may not heal the karma and they will simply re-create the disease. It's not hard to heal the physical disease; it's hard to shift the karma.

Q: One of the interesting aspects of his practice was asking the question, is this for the person's highest good, including checking out karmic obligation. If either of the answers was no, he would not help.

Aaron: It may be then that those who sought him out were people who had already done more resolution of the karma for themselves, so in that case he was able to bring forth faster physical results. Whereas at the Casa many of the people have not done any of the spiritual work yet, and they come there and experience it as a spiritual hospital out of which they hope they will eventually find physical healing. So it may simply involve different people. I can't say, I have not read the book and I know nothing about the man. I can look in the Akashic records but I would not choose to do that research now as we sit here.

Simply remember, everything is possible. Time is simultaneous so there's no reason for anything to take any length of time. A few years ago Barbara had deep insight into this fact and understood at one level the ears are already healed and she can hear. Then why should it take any time?

She was counseled by me, by Jeshua, by some of the Casa Entities in her meditation, but directly by me and by Jeshua: you have offered this experience of deafness as teacher to others as well, it's not just about releasing or balancing karma. It's about balancing karma in part but it's also about the intention to service. And if there is still some ways in which this is of service to others, and if you state that you are willing to bear with it if it's of service, then for right now you are asked to bear with it. Is the healing of the deafness possible right now, today? Yes. Is it for the highest good? No.

So Barbara has had to work hard with that part of her heart that says “For the highest good,” and says that sincerely, and that part of her heart that says, “Yes, but I so much want to hear.” She had to learn to release that grasping. Now, she has the leisure to do that because deafness is not life-threatening. Those who have cancer or some life-threatening illness, generally the Entities heal those beings faster because they know the person doesn't have the leisure to just sit back and wait and work with the karma. If they don't heal it completely, they heal it to the point where it is no longer life-threatening.

This is not always the case, of course; it's the case for those who come there and stay there and are persistent in their work, not somebody who simply comes for 2 weeks and says, “Heal me” and goes home after 2 weeks and says, “Well they didn't heal me. Now I'll try somewhere else” But for those who stay there and are persistent and are willing to learn, their healing rate is very high.

I don't know if that answers your question.

Remember that at the deepest level there is nothing to heal. The ever-perfect is always there. We move through the distortion, uncover the ever-perfect, uncover the light body template for the ever-perfect and shine it into the body, asking the etheric and physical bodies to pick up that image, and to replicate it. All the healer is doing is holding the mirror.

So if the one who is seeking healing is ready to pick up the image from that mirror, there will be faster healing. If they're not ready for whatever reasons, there will be slower healing. Let me phrase that differently. There will be slower physical healing. There's very deep healing but it's of something else. So it's healing of the old myth that needs to be dropped aside before the physical healing could manifest.

Q: Thank you.

Aaron: You're welcome. Other questions?

Q: You were talking about us being co-creators and being able to manifest. Could you refresh our memories on how do we tell the difference between co-creating and grasping?

Aaron: With co-creation the energy field is wide open, deeply interconnected. Come give me your hand, push. Can you feel the push? And you contract with the push. Now relax as I push. Just moving it. You've done this with me, this pushing arms exercise. We're co-creating spaciousness together. You push me...

When I am grasping, I tense up, I try to control. It's coming from the ego. When I am openhearted, fully connected to everything, the guiding voice is not the ego but is love, coming from a much deeper place of awareness. The whole sense of a separate self falls away.

Selfishness might still be an issue but, there is catalyst for growth. For example, if you were in a group of people who had just been rescued, everybody was thirsty and hungry, and they had one pitcher of water; when it comes to you, you want to chug the whole thing down. The ego says, “Me!”  You look around at the others; they're all you. First there is an ego level that says, “Mine.” Then there is the ego level that says, “I will share with others,” but eventually the whole ego idea collapses and one moves into that place of deepest interconnection that doesn't have to think “I will share” because there's no possibility of not sharing. They're all you. You're simply giving the water to other aspects of yourself. It's coming from a place of love and non-contraction.

So I think this is the key: simply look literally for physical body contraction, for tension, and ask yourself, is there a lot of fear here? Is there an ego trying to control?” You don't have to get rid of the ego trying to control. Just say, “Shh!”  and set it down, pat it on the head, and confirm love is going to be running this, not fear.

Breathing in I am aware of the tension. Breathing out I smile to the tension. Feeling that expansion and from that place of expansion, moving deeper and deeper into the pure awareness mind, releasing everyday consciousness and moving to that spacious awareness that is totally interconnected with everything and cannot help but act and speak from a loving place. Fear will remain. Fear is just held in spaciousness.

I have time for one more question.

Q: I want to be free.

Aaron: Tell me what you mean when you say you want to be free.

Q: I grew up in a Mafia family. I am not their daughter. I was sexually used by all of them.

Aaron: And yet you were there for a reason. Nothing happens by accident. I don't know you, I don't know your background, but my assumption here is that you needed to grow up in an atmosphere of more negativity, self-interest and violence in order to deeply turn away from those. Let me put this in a simpler way.

If you had grown up in a family of people that were moderately loving, caring for others, and always attempting not to harm others, and yet there were those little bits of harm that always sneak through, you might have grown up much more blasé. This really brought negativity into focus and brought your own commitment to positive polarity into focus. Nothing happens by accident so at some level this was something that was useful for you. I can't say why, exactly. I could if we had a long time together to talk, but right now without looking into the Akashic records I cannot say why. Only that it's helpful for you, if you say, “I want to be free,” to recognize that freedom has nothing to do with your family of origin. Rather it has to do with what you carry in this moment in your heart. Can you forgive those who hurt you? Can you at least wish them well? Can you begin to find compassion for them? People are the heirs of their conditioning, so those adults around you as a child had to deal with their own childhood conditioning and backgrounds.

There's a beautiful poem by Thich Nhat Hanh, Please Call Me By My True Names. In the poem he talks about a young girl, 12 years old, who is raped by a sea pirate. She was on a boat and a sea pirate took her off and raped her, and then she threw herself into the ocean and drowned. He didn't throw her in, she threw herself in and drowned.

It's easy to blame the sea pirate, he says. How could he do that? How could he rape a 12 year old girl? But then, he says, I tried to put myself in his shoes. If I was raised in his village by other sea pirates and treated with brutality, never learned to share or to ask for what I wanted, or to ask others what they needed but instead was taught just take what I wanted, then I might be a sea pirate. And it's harder to condemn myself.

You want to be free. Right now, nobody is holding you from freedom except yourself. All of these things happened to you, and it's sad that they happened. I'm not asking you to forgive at this point, only to look with more lovingkindness at those people who abused you and others, and to ask yourself, can I wish them well? Whether they're alive or no longer living, can I simply say to them from my heart, “May you have well being. May your heart open. May you find peace.”

If you can begin to offer these kinds of loving wishes, then you create your own freedom because you begin to break down the wall of fear and hatred that was created for you as a child, and to say no to it. You can't say no to it by saying, “I hate hatred.” That's just more hate. You can only say no by practicing kindness. Please consider this.

Many people have very hard stories, terrible things that happen to them. Freedom lies in moving past all of that. It's not a psychological issue; it's from the heart. And I know you have the strength in your heart to do this. Remember it's a gradual process, not just a sudden shift from anger and hatred to love, but gradual, just trying kindness on for size. Don't try to work with the worst person in your childhood but somebody who's not so bad. Look at them and the way they suffered and say to them, “May you be free of suffering. May you be happy and have peace.” When your heart finally is more open to that person then take it to another person. Be gradual, never using any force.

Do you meditate? Yes. Have you been here before? (Q: Once, briefly.)  You'll find that there are meditation classes here, especially those classes that are based less in formal insight meditation practice and more in lovingkindness, people and classes that can be supportive of your work. Sometimes it helps to do this with others who are sharing a similar kind of burden. I wish you well, daughter.

Q: Thank you.

Aaron: You're welcome. All right, it's 9 o'clock so let us end here. My blessings and love to all of you. Good night.

(session ends)