December 16, 2009 Wednesday Night, Aaron's Christmas Stories for NL

Keywords: Hanukah, Aaron's Christmas Stories, Essene trainings, Jesus/Jeshua, light conception, resurrection training, higher guidance, angels

We are sitting at Deep Spring Center, with numerous children of varied ages here with the adults.

Aaron: Two thousand years ago we would have been sitting around the campfire. Tonight is the 6th night of the Jewish celebration of Hanukah, the festival of lights. This is not a major Jewish holiday but it has profound meaning. The story is simple. There was a war. The oil for the holy lamp over the ark in the Temple was running short and there was no fast way to replenish it. There was a deep symbolic commitment to keep this everlasting light burning. It represents the Light of truth, the Light of love. The commitment is to bring light into the world and to maintain that light in the world.

There was enough oil just for one more day but somehow the oil maintained itself for 8 days until new oil could be obtained. Each night of Hanukah, a candle is lit to commemorate this miracle of lights. It is very much about faith, that if you maintain the inner light in yourself and nurture it, it can shine forth in the world. Even if you think you don't have enough resource in yourself to spread Light all the way out there, if you trust in that inner light and its connection to Source, it will burst forth with radiance, and it will never be extinguished.

Tonight we're going to recite the Hanukah blessings and light these candles. I've printed this English prayer out because ironically, while I know it in Hebrew, I don't know it in English but would stumble to translate it.

We light the shamas candle, and with that candle we light each of the others. Each night a candle is added, and since it's the 6th night, we have 6 candles here along with the center one.

recites blessing in Hebrew

Blessed art Thou, O Lord our God, King of the universe, who has sanctified us with Thy commandments and bidden us to kindle the Hanukah lights.

recites in Hebrew

Blessed art Thou, O Lord our God, King of the universe, who performed miracles for our ancestors in days of old at this season.

Would you like to light one? Thank you... (inviting some of the children present; six of them each light a candle)

There was much darkness in the earth in those days. The basic rule by which people lived was an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. There was little thought of compassion or caring about others beyond one's own immediate family or clan. There was much avarice, hatred, prejudice, and fear. Yet it was the time of dawning of light, the time when He who you have come to know as Jesus, or Jeshua, would be born with the intention to remind us of the Light in ourselves and our ability to bring that forth into the world, and really, our responsibility to do so.

He was called forth not knowing exactly how his life would play itself out, but willing to serve, willing to come forth from the Mother/Father/Divine and express himself as incarnate human. As a human he knew he would bruise and bleed; he would feel sadness and other emotions. Can you imagine the love it takes to come forth, especially into a world as dark as that world was, as a beacon of light?

Many prepared for his coming. The being I had been was Aaron. At that time pre-Jeshua's birth, Aaron was over 500 years old. Some people did have the ability to live that long in those days. Simply technology, if I could put it in that way.

The one who would be my father in my lifetime as Jeshua's friend Nathaniel, came to me in meditation and asked me, Aaron, would I be ready to leave that incarnation and come forth as his son to help support the coming of the one to be known as Jeshua, to help prepare the world for His work?

My father-to-be made it clear that the life would not be easy. He was a shepherd and I also would be a shepherd. Much of our life would be spent in the hills. He felt that many shepherds had more ability than those who lived in the towns to understand these teachings of love. The shepherds who cared for the sheep, the shepherds who lived with simplicity and without a lot of material goods, often had deeper values. There was not so much materialism or greed or even hatred, but more ability to explore the deep mysteries.

So I agreed and the time passed for me to transition as Aaron and move into this new incarnation as Nathaniel. My father in that lifetime was not just a shepherd but was a teacher in the Essene school at Mt. Carmel. When I say teacher, many were teachers – teachers, learners, all together. Everybody learned and everybody taught, just as all of you are teachers and learners.

Part of our year was spent there with the Essene community and part of it was spent out in the hills with our sheep. The Essene community that supported Jeshua's birth was not just the community in Mt. Carmel but the wider Essene community and other brothers and sisters of light throughout the world, such as the Druids; these beings had carried on the teachings of light literally since the times of Lemuria. All of the mysteries and powers of those early times were not fully known but much was remembered, and there was a deep intention that these trainings not be lost.

Many of these are trainings that we practice here and now. At Deep Spring we work with non-dual practices. For example, I often say to you, "That which is aware of anger is not angry." There's no denial of the anger but there's a recognition of that which is radiant and beautiful and not contracted within the self, right there with the anger. Only by knowing that which is not angry can you let it shine forth even while the anger still burns in you. Hold space for the anger and invite that which is uncontracted, radiant and beautiful.

This is a part of the essence of these teachings. Of course they went deeper and there were very real trainings and initiations – such as to rekindle the body energy as one aged; to move back into a more youthful body as I had as Aaron; to touch that which is fully energized in the body and allow it to restore the body to its fullest potential so that the body does not age.

There was the training and initiation called "light conception" in which not only the ones you know of as Mary and Joseph, but others also, understood how to bring energy into the seed, to energize the seed without the male/female coitus, to energize the seed and invite the fullest energy of the being into birth so that what you consider divine conception, and I call "light conception," was possible.

Most of you don't realize that Jeshua as not the only one thusly conceived at that time, but others were also. His cousin John the Baptist was thusly conceived and others. It is a conception that holds the highest image and potential of light and invites the deepest force of that being, the fullest life force and radiance to come and be nurtured in the womb and take a normal human birth.

There were also the what we might call the resurrection trainings and initiations, in which the body literally comes to a place of stopping all vital functions, not just briefly but for quite awhile. In that lifetime as Aaron, I was thusly trained and this is how I came to be 500 years old. There would be times when I would invite all the body functions to still through meditation until it looked as if the body had ceased to function. I would then be laid in a container and wrapped with cloth saturated with certain kinds of fluids that maintained the health of the body. In deep meditation and surrounded by beings who employed energy and harmonics, the body would be restored, often over a span of many months.

At some level there would be an awareness of when one was ready to emerge from that state. So somebody didn't come and wake you up, saying, "Your alarm just rang," but rather, there was an inner knowing that initiated the process. The watchers would watch for the small flutter of breath on the soft gauze-like cloth that covered the face, and then they would begin the awakening process and unwrap the being. That being was much like a newborn baby, muscles weak, new to the world. Stepped back in age again, not to a baby but from looking like an 80 year old, one would then appear as a 30 year old or a 50 year old. Whatever parts of the body that had not functioned well, such as the heart or other organs, would have been restored. Much of this was done with harmonics.

I just want you to understand that Jeshua was born into this community and surrounded by this knowledge, and that many beings came together to support his journey. He brought these teachings to fruition. He understood so much and he manifested it. Because he was such a clear being with such completely clear intention and no ego, what he did shone forth with radiance and literally transformed the world. I do not diminish him by saying that he was a product of his culture and community. Only he could have done this in just the way he did. I thank him and love him for his courage and willingness thusly to serve.

So having set the scene, we come to the night of his birth. Here I would like to do something a bit different and read to you just for a few minutes, because we now have a lovely new book. A dear friend, Bill Altork, always loved these Christmas stories and asked for them to be made more accessible, not in that spiral bound format with the long transcripts but more edited, just picking out the heart of the stories.

So he's created a book with my editing and watching over his shoulder, Forty Seven Stories of Jesus You've Probably Never Heard1. These are basically those same Christmas stories in the spiral bound format but edited down to remove the redundancy. Rather than repeat something I've told before, I want to read you these 2 pages. This was from the night of our first Christmas stories, in 1989.

At the time of the birth of Jesus I was a young boy, six or seven years old. I was a shepherd near the town of Bethlehem, dwelling in the hills with my father and older brother. I was old enough to accompany them for this evening outdoors. The scene was very peaceful that night. I was wrapped in a blanket by the fire. My father and the other men told stories. Later the night grew very still. And suddenly there was a very brilliant star. We all saw it. Below us in the valley some distance away was Bethlehem.

Never had I seen a star like that before, nor, I would assume, had the elders, because they all grew quiet. Some felt afraid, but most felt a deep sense of peace and wonder. You have seen how a full moon shines on a snowy place, and the way everything seems lit up. That star did the same thing. The whole scene seemed luminous in the distance. There was such a sense of deep peace; such a brilliance to the light. Music seemed to fill the air, not heard with our ears, but with our heart.

Through all the lives I lived, and time spent in between lives, it has been enough just to remember the love of that moment, and the wonder of it. It seemed that a doorway between heaven and earth had been briefly opened and some of the essence of heaven was pouring through.

We were drawn as if by a magnet to descend the hills and approach the town. My father was hesitant to go too far from our sheep so we did not go all the way, but stood on a hill perhaps a mile away. It was a night unlike I had ever known before or since. The air was filled with angelic presences, which in itself is not unusual; the air is often filled with loving spirits. What was unusual was the strength of the Love that was coming through to earth. Even those who would have been skeptical of the existence of a Divine visitation could sense the strength of energy that was present; and the love.

As an aside here, of course my father understood what was happening as did others from the Essene community, but most of the shepherds did not.

The strongest memory is that of deep peace and a profound joy that something had happened far beyond the understanding of this young boy that I was; something that would profoundly change the world.

Many went all the way to town. Others of us stayed closer to our flocks on the hillside. But no matter where you were, the light permeated everything. I cannot say it came from just that star. It seemed almost as if the earth itself glowed. We were in awe. Many of the adults began to pray.

We sat there for many hours. Some of those who had gone all the way to town returned. I was dozing by this time but I still heard the faint words of elders near me in the still of the early morning hours: "A child is born. They call him the Prince of Peace. They say that his teachings will change the world." And then I remember my father's strong arms lifted me up and carried me back up the hill to our fire. I slept with a sense of joy and peace as I have never known before and rarely since; a sense that somehow much that had been wrong with the world was going to be righted, that new hope was offered to the world.

Although they did not see each other very often, my father and Joseph and Mary were friends. The next day I had the opportunity to walk with my father to see the baby Jesus. We brought him an orphaned lamb as a gift. This visit was a great blessing to me. I was given the opportunity to hold the blessed infant and there was deep joy in that closeness. I could feel from him a sense of love and profound peace. He did not cry in the way many newborns cry. I'm sure that when he was hungry or uncomfortable he gave voice to his needs. But mostly he simply radiated peace, and he met my eyes with a deep loving focus.

And then – you know his history - his family took him away for reasons of safety and I did not see him again for a number of years. (end of reading)

When they left, that lamb was given to me to care for. I always knew which one it was amidst the larger flock, cherished him and looked forward to the day when I could return him to this beloved child.

That day came perhaps 4 or 5 years later when they returned to Mt. Carmel, when it was deemed safe for them to return. I was about 6 years older than was Jeshua. He had been told his friend Nathaniel had given him a lamb and that he, now a 5 year old, would have the lamb for himself when he came home. What a joy it was to give it to him.

He was very curious about what I did so through the years he was permitted to come up into the hills with me, often just for a few hours but sometimes for a few days, especially as I was a bit older and more trusted to care for a younger child. I call him a younger child but when we were 7 and 12 there was really no age difference between us; if anything he was the elder in both heart and skill.

We had both been studying, Jeshua more listening in on the older boys' classes about manifestation. One does not light a fire; one invites the already-present fire to express itself. It's already there. We were in the hills together for several days; the weather turned cold and rainy. I began to rub sticks together to get a fire started. It was cold, the wind was blowing, and I could not find enough dry tinder to get the fire started. I'd get a spark and then it would go out. Finally young Jeshua looked at me and said, "Nathaniel, just light the fire!" I paused in my efforts. So Jeshua put his hand on my arms, said, "Stop all this nonsense!" He simply looked at the damp wood, and there was fire. I understood how to do this conceptually but confess I had never successfully done it. So here was this younger child showing me.

Throughout our lives he constantly showed me, he taught me, he led me. He understood so deeply. He taught me faith, love, and courage. He taught me wisdom. I've told you so many stories through the years, it's hard not to repeat myself.

More than anything he understood the Light in all its meanings. He understood that he had come as a bearer of Light, and that even if he lived his life with skill, there was no guarantee that he could do what he came to do, but if he had the love and courage to walk his path, that it could literally change the world.

You look around you now at a world in which there is so much darkness, so much fear, hatred, bigotry and greed, and you wonder, did he really change the world? My dear ones, if he had not come to remind you of the light, you would not be sitting here asking if it's possible to bring forth this light, you would be lost in the same darkness as your ancestors, caught in greed, fear, and hatred. All of you here in this room are old souls. You have all incarnated in this lifetime with the intention to be bearers of light. No, you will not be asked to have the courage he had, you will not asked to hang on a physical cross and to experience such torment of the body. That is not your plan.

Your plan is to seek the highest consciousness within you and the whole world and to invite that consciousness to manifest, literally to speak love and truth to fear and hatred. Each time you do this even in the smallest way, it does change the world. As you practice in this way, you do experience your own crucifixion of sorts, through the pains of the body and the heart. Each time you rise above negativity and darkness, you further learn to support Light. It is not so different now as then. There is always the choice, to serve Light or darkness.

While many of the shepherds were kinder, more loving and less materialistic, not all who roamed the hills were kind. Jeshua was with me once when boys who were about my age came forth and began throwing stones at us. It seemed their intention was to steal one of my sheep and take it away, and also just to humiliate Jeshua and me; to show their power and to feel big, as some boys wish to feel.

I was small of stature and these boys, while perhaps not older than me, were bigger. I was a bit frightened of them. I was not about to give up the sheep to them without a fight, and if Jeshua had not been with me, I would have simply protected my sheep even if they beat me up. But Jeshua was 6 years younger and I had a responsibility to protect him.

So I was about to hand over a sheep, a lamb is what they wanted. They were calling me names--coward, baby, and those kinds of names that boys sometimes call each other. They hardly noticed Jeshua. I asked them which lamb they wanted. I steeled myself to their name-calling and not to react.

And then Jeshua stepped in front of me. I don't know how to put this; it seemed that he grew 3 feet. This was a 6 or 7 year old child but suddenly he was big and powerful. His energy field blossomed out enormous, and these 3 boys fell back.

He said, "Why would you steal my brother's lamb?" He simply looked each one in the eye. They were about to run away and he said, "Stop! Do not run. You did not answer my question: why would you steal my brother's lamb?" One of them shuffled his feet awkwardly and said, "Because we are hungry." So Jeshua turned to me and he said, "Can they come back to our fire? Can we feed them? Can we go to your father and see if he has spare food for them?"

So he did not shame them; he heard them deeply and respected their need. He was not afraid to use his power to stop negativity, even at that tender age. But he also was not enamored of his power and he did not misuse it.

We had just come up into the hills and taken over the flock. My father had left us there for several days with an abundance of food. I was afraid to invite these boys back but Jeshua said, "Come."

So we went to my fire and we ate. They asked him, "Who are you?" And he said, "Jeshua.' Just that. Not, "I am God, or I am divine," just "Jeshua." "But who are you?" "I am a son of God as you are sons of God." Remember this is coming from a small boy. "I choose to live my divinity, and you can too." Now he had their attention. "How do we do that?"

He said to them, "You were attracted by the size of my energy field, and the power you felt from me. It is not my power but issues through me from our Father, from the Source. You also have that power. But you cannot tap into that power if you use it for mischief. You can only tap into that power if you use it for good. Do you want that power?" "Yes." "What is there good that you can do?"

As we finished eating, they were talking about those in their community who had need. I heard about these boys some months afterward, that they had gone home and in their village there was a widow with some young children. They had taken it unto themselves to supply food, firewood and other things for her. They had grown so much in stature and in the respect of their community that instead of being treated like they were 12 year old, often naughty boys, they were treated like they were loving men. They were coming to know their own divine power.

He could so easily have overwhelmed them and humiliated them but he did not choose to do that. He chose instead to use this as a teaching opportunity. He didn't change in that, whether he was 6, or years later as an adult. I never saw him humiliate anyone or use his power in any way that harmed anyone. But I also never saw him afraid to express his power in ways that could do good in the world.

At a time when he was moving into his ministry and had begun to understand where his journey was taking him, he understood that he had the power to change the course of things. He understood the responsibility that came with that power, that his life was not his own, as none of your lives are your own, and that he must simply follow the way that opened before him.

Before the crucifixion, he questioned, "Am I to die in that way? Would it not be better for me to live?" He was not asking me, he was simply raising the question in himself and I was blessed to be sitting there and hear it. And then he answered it himself, "No, I am the servant. And I simply follow the way that is laid out for me. I am the Light. And only as I live that Light can I remind others that they are also the Light."

It is not easy to be a light-bearer. One must learn how to find space for one's negativity, for the light-bearer is also a human and does feel fear, anger, greed, and other such emotions. The most important thing is never to forget what you are. I call you angels in earthsuits. You are the angel; you are divine and radiant; you are a light-bearer.

He never asked of others what he would not do himself. There was a night in which we sheltered in an old barn. The roof leaked. The man whose farm it was had been ill, and though he had thatching material, he had not been able to climb up on the roof and mend his roof. It was a cold and rainy night. Animals were huddled in the barn in a dry corner and a few of us humans huddled there also, seeking what shelter we could find between the holes in the roof.

The rain let up just a little and some of us looked at the thatching materials and said, "Let us climb up on the roof and mend it." Now this is an arduous task even on a sunny, clear day, but on a cold night when there was ice in the air and the thatch material was wet, one's hands cracked and became raw. Remember, we didn't have fancy gloves like you have today.

So several of us climbed up on the roof and began to work. Jeshua accompanied us. No one would have thought less of him if he had stayed inside, in the shelter and by the fire at the doorway. But he accompanied us and for several hours we worked in this freezing rain and repaired the roof. When we came in, our hands were raw and bloody, and his hands were also raw and bloody. I know now that he could have protected himself but he chose not to do that; he chose rather to exhibit his humanness and be there with us in every way, to experience the pain and fragility of the human body.

When we came in, he turned to each of us as we entered the door and took our hands. I also know at that moment he could have healed our hands instantly, but he chose not to do that. He did not want to be seen as the instrument of our healing, he wanted us to be empowered and to know that we had the ability to heal ourselves.

So he took each of our hands, and as he held my hands I felt warmth course through me, and almost immediately the pain lessened in my hands. The bleeding stopped within a few minutes. There was warm food prepared and we ate. We slept by the fire. When I awakened, my hands were healed. His hands were healed. All of our hands were healed. I asked him, "Did you do this?" He said simply, "Love healed your hands."

In these ways he taught us to know our own light and our ability to move beyond the small human self with its fears and body fragility, and to know the immensity of our power, of the human form and the power of love.

Another time, walking in the mountains, we heard a sheep crying out. When we climbed up to find it, it had fallen into a kind of ravine where it was wedged in a certain way,. The lamb must have been near a rock, the rock rolled, the lamb and this rock together had fallen into this crevice. The lamb was not injured so much as trapped in the crevice, but there was no way to get it out without lifting the rock. And the rock was a boulder, not something easily lifted.

Now I remember some months ago you children were here and I asked you, "Together, how much could you lift?" You lifted J (a large man) in his chair, the group of you together. Do you remember that? What if it was a boulder 3 times J's size, do you think you could lift it? (children's heads shaking 'no') Maybe. If you believed enough that you could, maybe you could.

The several of us walking with him looked at it and said, "We cannot lift that." And at this point in his ministry we knew he could do miracles and we said, "Can you not lift it out?" And he said, "No, you must do it." And we said, "But we can't. It's an immense boulder." He said, "How do you know you can't? You haven't tried."

I will never know how much of it he bore and how much we bore, but we lifted it out and the lamb was pulled out and was safe. The safety of the lamb was of great importance to us, but even of equal importance was the fact that we learned never to say, "I can't." To know the enormity of the self, the enormity of the will when it is intended for the highest good, and the immensity of power you have as expression of the divine.

I'd like to read you one more story, this one to honor our friend Bill who put the book together, because he says it's his favorite story. It is Chapter 29 in the book.

On another occasion there were only three of us traveling with Jesus. We were walking in an arid area. We had water and a small bit of food with us. We also had some cloth that we could use as a shelter from the hot mid day sun. In that area at that time of year, too much exposure to the sun could kill a man. There were also no dwellings nearby in which to take shelter.

Suddenly, we were attacked by bandits. They did not know who Jesus was. They took our shelter cloth, our cloaks, our food and all but one small jug of water. To leave us completely waterless would be akin to murder. We walked on after they left but it became clear that we had to shelter ourselves from the sun. We literally burrowed under the sand as best we could. We actually managed to sleep a little.

When we awoke it was late afternoon. We were so thirsty that we could barely talk. We knew that we might need to walk through the night to reach a dwelling for some food and water. It would be an arduous walk. We passed what little water we had around and we each took a sip, then we began to walk.

In an hour or so, of all surprises in this harsh terrain, we found a she-goat who had just given birth by a small cluster of shrubs. She must have wandered from a flock and then became lost. Her infant was nudged up close to her and nursing. Miraculously the mother did have milk, but she herself must have suffered terribly from thirst.

Most men in our situation would have killed the goat, drank the blood and eaten its meat, or killed the baby and taken the mother's milk. Jesus looked at the goat and he looked at us. He did not ask us to give the goat our remaining water. He simply looked at the jug and said, "I wish to give it my share of the water." We knew him well enough to know that he was not pushing us to follow; that he would not think less of us if we did not also give. And we also knew him well enough to know that he was not promising that we would survive the night without water. Yes, he could have miraculously brought us more water. But the question was not to survive; it was to learn and to have faith. If we could offer this selfless gift, we would express the abundance of the universe. Whether we lived or died was quite secondary. It was clear that what was necessary was to support this life, and there was simply no question in his mind that his is what had to be done.

So we gave the goat all of our water. It revived a bit. One of us carried the kid and another helped the goat to stand. Alternately it walked and we carried it. It was this conviction in Jesus that was so powerful for me; to offer himself freely in whatever way he could to wherever there was suffering; to hold nothing back and trust God. It was his absolute love and faith that spoke so deeply to my own fear. No words he could have said, no lecture he could have offered would have taught me as did his living example. I had to go through the experience to see how it felt to let go of fear.

I knew at some level that if water did not appear, he was not going to save us. That may sound cruel; but the lesson was that it is safe to give everything regardless of the consequences.

As an aside, as we manifest, we understand that there will be consequences to our acts, but we also understand increasingly that we have the power to affect those consequences, and that if we choose to live, it's not somebody else that saves us, it's our own free will choice. This is whole different talk, one on manifestation, and perhaps we'll talk about it in February.

We were in a situation that asked truly unconditional giving and directly challenged us to reveal our deepest fear. We knew that we would probably come to a village by morning, but we would be hard-pressed to make it. I don't think Jesus would have asked us to give the water if it had meant certain death for ourselves. But he did not say that. He did not even ask it of us. He just gave us his example and in our hearts we were led to follow.

And as an aside, we came to water, not a village actually but a small spring that we had not expected to find.

I can not sufficiently express my gratitude to the Creator for the opportunity I was given in that life time to occasionally walk by the side of Jesus and to learn so much from him.

True giving is from the heart; not the mind. Investigate yourself as you offer a gift to anyone for any reason. Is it given with true joy and a sense of love for the recipient? Or is it given with some sense of fear, and wondering what you will get back? Always offer yourself love in the presence of any fear that you may have. Work with loving kindness. Acknowledge the desire to be safe within yourself and then you can acknowledge that same desire in others.

There is great joy in me to have known this beloved brother and master, to have had the opportunity to walk at times by his side and learn from him. He still teaches me, as he teaches you.

The work you do here at Deep Spring Center gives me much joy because all of you are endeavoring to nurture that light within yourselves, to light the fire and to keep it burning. There is real darkness in the world; you are never assured that the darkness will not prevail, at least for some time. There have been many centuries where the darkness has seemed to prevail. What happens in this coming century depends on you and millions more like you throughout the world who see that they have the potential to bring light where there is darkness, who have the potential to speak love to fear and negative-based power. And even though there is fear, not to be ruled by that fear but to let that fear guide you ever deeper into the place of light and love within, and into your strong commitment to following his footsteps; to give of yourselves in whatever way is asked to bring ever more light and love into the world; to heal the places of pain and darkness.

I'm very grateful for all of you for your very deep commitment to your spiritual work, that each of you is going deep to look into yourselves, to release negativity and to nurture the light. Those beautiful words of the Buddha: Abandon the unwholesome. If it were not possible, I would not ask you to do it. Cultivate the wholesome. If it were not possible, I would not ask you to do it. That's what we're doing.

Be bearers of light and the whole world will shift into the light. If I did not believe that were possible I would not be here teaching you, I would go someplace else where my work would have more value, because I would say it's hopeless here. But it's not hopeless here, far from it, and that's why I'm here.

End NL part here but add very last paragraph. I can do some tweaking.

A few minutes for your questions and then I will send you off for your cookies and whatever other treats are in the next room. Is there a question?

Q: I have a question about the angels. You said there are always angels. It wasn't something special... tell us a little more about that.

Aaron: How many beings do you think are in this room tonight? (laughter)

Q: I know you're going to say there are thousands or something...

Aaron: Not really thousands, but for each of you humans here there are anywhere from 3 to a dozen angelic beings. Yes... D, when your children were young, did you leave them alone?

Q: Not a lot.

Aaron: Not when they were young; you were always there to support them. And even as they grew up, did you abandon them? (Q: No, no.) You were always there to support them. Now there's only one of you, one mother to your children. But suppose you could multiply yourself. If you had a dozen aspects to yourself, would you bring all dozen aspects in to care for your children? (yes) You are our children; we love you. We are with you.

I don't want you to think of it as children with parents because our intention is to empower you. You are children and yet you are not children. Sometimes between lifetimes, you are the guide. A third density, astral plane being may serve as a guide to a physical being. I've explained this, that you. Without the veil, you have much more access to your deeper wisdom, and can offer more guidance.

So all of the angelic presences here are not higher density beings; some are high density and some are more like you, third density beings between lifetimes. Don't think of us as your parents and you as children, but think of us as if you had night blindness, and we are those who have better vision in the dark. If you can't quite see where you're going, you ask for guidance. The one who can see in the dark can say, "Well, there's a ravine ahead; bear right a bit." When you come into the incarnation with the heavy veil, you can't see as well. Your guides are there to support you.

But your guides will not come forth to support you in something that runs against your intention. So if you say, "My highest intention is to get everything I can for myself," your guides will just sit back and say, "Well, when you're ready... when you're ready to come out of that place of fear, we're here." And then wait while you bash your head against the wall for awhile trying to accumulate material goods, get everything you can for yourself. When you finally see that's not the path you want to follow then the guides will say, "Okay, now we're ready to get going."

Perhaps one more question...

Q: Do the same angelic guides make a commitment of sorts to be with you through your entire lifetime, or do they come and go as you may need them?

Aaron: It varies. Every being has a guide, at least one, usually 2 or 3 at least, but at least 1 that is fully committed to be with a being the entire lifetime and not move into incarnation while this being is in the body.

There is not only this guide but a successive chain of guides. I've used the example of the university system where we have the teaching assistant and the assistant professor and the associate professor and the tenured professor. The TA may understand things more from your viewpoint but not have the depth of knowledge of the professor. When you get to a question that the TA cannot answer, he turns to the professor. Then you may meet with a professor to hear more about the question.

In just the same way, each of you is part of a spiritual family. You each have a primary guide who may simply be another third density being between lifetimes. This is often one for whom you have been a guide throughout that being's lifetime.

As you have deeper need, beings that are more advanced in that family, in your spiritual family, will come forth and support you. These are part of your ongoing chain of guidance that are committed to be available to you through the lifetime.

Then there are teachers, teachers different from guides. When you need a teacher for a specific area of learning, the teacher comes. Some of them will be with you through much of your lifetime; some may just be with you for a very short time. Something is learned and the teacher moves on and the student moves on, in different directions again. Then what we call angels may come, to support a specific need, much like teachers, and then they move on. So all of these different range of beings are available and helping you.

Q: So all you need to do is ask?

Aaron: Of course. All you need to do is ask. Most of you forget to ask. You say all you need to do is ask, but this is the hard thing, not so much to ask as to remember, "I can ask." Some of you have pride that prevents you from asking, some of you simply have memory lapses.

Q: When you talk about teachers, are you talking about human teachers or spirit teachers?

Aaron: All.

Q: When the student is ready, the teacher appears.

Aaron: L shares a story of his neighbor as a teacher. V's cat, Eleanor, has been quite a teacher. There are many different kinds of teachers.

For some of you, I may be a guide. There may be a pre-life agreement that you would come into contact with Barbara, with me through Barbara, and work with me. For others of you, I am teacher, simply passing through, and you may work with me for decades or you may simply come for one meeting and move on.

Q: So that evening in Bethlehem when Jesus was getting born, the air was filled with angelic beings coming as guides or....?

Aaron: An angelic presence need not be guide or teacher; it may just be present to be with you, to rejoice, or to hold space. Mostly at that time these angels were just friends coming and rejoicing. Rejoicing. There had been a hope to bring forth, to support, the coming into human expression of this high vibrational energy for so many centuries, and it took a lot of different work to pull it all together. There was great rejoicing because of the hope that it brought.

Some of you saw images of the time when the Berlin wall was torn down. The wall certainly was a barricade and yet there were certainly ways to get around it. When the wall came down it was such a strong symbol of hope. It did not come down overnight. You understand that it took many years of various kinds of preparation before that moment when it finally could be torn down.

In the same way it took many, not even centuries but millennia for the earth's readiness for the high vibration that Jesus brought with him. If a very high vibration comes into a place of low vibration before it is ready, it can destroy that low vibration. It can overwhelm it. So there had to be enough support to raise the whole vibration of earth to a readiness that this very high energy could come into it and do good rather than destruction. There was great rejoicing.

Q: And the shepherds heard the angels, or saw them, or felt them...

Aaron: I think some of each. Some saw them, some felt them, some heard them. It was such a strong positive outpouring. There was so much light and such a sense of music in the air that one did not have to be a highly evolved being to experience it. People were shifted into a higher vibration just by experiencing it.

Imagine how you would feel if you thought tidal waves were a myth, that there could not be such a thing as a tidal wave. And then from a great distance, high up on a cliff, you saw a tidal wave wash into shore. You would be forever changed. You would know, "This is real."

We think of a tidal wave as something negative but it's really just an expression of a shift in the earth. This was a shift in vibration and it was in a sense a tidal wave of high vibration that changed everything.

Q: (from one of the younger children) When you say the angelic beings or spirits are with you, do they come through other humans or are they in spirit always?

Aaron: They can come in many ways. They will come in whatever way you can best hear them. You have a pet that you love. There is a higher vibrational being that is part of the expression of that pet, so that the pet is in part simply an animal and it's in part a high vibrational spirit. It teaches you love.

So these angelic presences will speak to you in whatever way they can to get your attention.

It's 9 o'clock so let us end here and allow you time to celebrate community and rejoice in each other.

Thank you for inviting me to be with you tonight. Thank you for sharing yourselves with me. I love all of you. So many December Wednesday nights we have gathered together around our fire and shared stories.

Q: Thank you for the Hanukah lights.

Aaron: You're very welcome.

My blessings and love to you all. As you celebrate His birth, let yourself be an instrument of his Light and know that it is your Light also, that you are claiming your birthright and expressing your divinity, Light, and Love into the world. This is the true exchange of gifts, the giving of Light. My blessings.

(session ends)