Evening with Aaron
March 25, 2009
Wednesday Night

Keywords: evolution of consciousness, emotions (heavy, work with), suffering (animal and human), beliefs, co-creation, life purpose, working with illness in others, “Learning through challenge”, Essene purification and healing techniques, guided meditation

Aaron: Good evening. I don’t come with a pre-arranged speech, but I try to listen in a bit on your needs and thoughts as you introduce yourselves, so that what I say is meaningful to those who have gathered. I am telepathic. I will not invade your privacy. Each of you has an area that you hold private and I respect that, but I receive that which you give out.

I want to talk tonight about consciousness and the evolution of consciousness. I don’t mean this to be a dry, intellectual talk but to explore how it relates to each of your experience. You can see much about the evolution of consciousness by watching the baby mature into an older child. You observe the early mythical and magical consciousness of the baby. For example, he dislikes his mother’s vase. The dog’s tail knocks it over. Mythical consciousness may blame an unreal being. Magical consciousness attributes the breakage to him self. He may have seen the tail strike the vase, but somehow, he feels that he did it. He believes at some level that his thoughts have such power to create the damage, which indeed they could if he were a skilled master. So at age 3 he thinks, “I don’t like that vase,” then the dog comes running into the room, knocks it over, and the child thinks, “Oh! I did that!” At its most painful, magical consciousness takes the blame on the self when someone at whom one is angry is injured. The child believes, “This was my fault.”

Consciousness matures into a more rational level where the child knows what happened, step by step. With growth into rational consciousness, he understands the vase fell on the floor because the dog ran into the room. The father let the dog into the room, not the boy, and the mother put the vase on the table. So he understands what he is responsible for and what he is not responsible for, but it’s a very rational, logical, kind of consciousness that sees separation: “I am responsible for this; he is responsible for that; she is responsible for that.”

Most of the earth has been living in this phase of rational consciousness, a very logical level of experiencing. This evolves into what we might call vision logic consciousness. Here one is not quite so stuck in rationality but begins to be able to envision, to imagine, and to create what one imagines. There’s more spaciousness.

For example, the one completely locked into rational consciousness only sees things as they are. He cannot envision things as they might be, but simply says to himself, “That’s not how it is.” He does not think to move the vase before the dog comes in. There’s no room for creativity, for expansiveness.

Slowly, vision logic consciousness is becoming the new norm and many of you who are ahead of the norm are moving into what I would call non-dual consciousness. Non-dual consciousness doesn’t mean that the self disappears and there’s no notion of separate beings, it means that one understands that both are true. You are interconnected with everything and therefore co-creating the world with everything and everyone, and you are unique–yes, you are real, you exist. But you are interwoven with everything else.

By way of example, let’s look at the wooden cabinet over there. What is it? If we take the legs off so it sits flat on the ground and take the top off, is it still a cabinet? It can be a cabinet with or without doors, but without top, side, legs, there’s no cabinet. So what is the cabinet? Is it the top? Is it the legs? Is it the sides? Is there anything you can point to and say, “That is the cabinet”?

The same is true of you. Are you your physical bodies? Are you your thoughts? Are you your emotions? You’re a composite of all of these things and yet what you are goes far beyond any of these things. Coming back to the cabinet, the cabinet at its basic level is a piece of wood. What is that? Is it a tree? What is the tree? It is a seed that grew because there was fertile soil, sunlight, rain. Can you see the clouds in the cabinet? Can you see the sunshine? It is interwoven with everything.

Can you see the elements that you think of as other in yourself? Your parents are in yourself. Your children are in yourself. Your friends are in yourself. Your teachers and the man who cut you off in traffic are there. The people you consider enemies in a country across the world, terrorists who you think might want to kill you, they’re a part of yourself.

We start to let go of the sense of me against that and, rather, begin to relate to the composite, the interweaving, and to understand that you have responsibility for everything that is created in the world. You’re a part of it.

Look, for example, at the environment. It’s not their problem, it’s everyone’s problem. How many things that you could have recycled today did you not recycle? How many, let’s use the idea of the plastic bag, how much food did you store in plastic bags rather than in reusable containers? Did you find some use for that newspaper or at least put it in the recycling bin, but why not use it? Give it to your neighbor to train the puppy.

I heard an interesting quote last week: “Mother Nature doesn’t do bailouts.” You all need to be responsible for your world.

In some ways it’s easier to be responsible for the world in this external way than to be responsible for what happens inside the self. You all have the potential for seeing the world and yourselves from this non-dual perspective that recognizes the divinity and beauty in the self.

Within the self often there are heavy emotions, anger, fear, greed, impatience, and so forth. It’s important not to act out these emotions, and many of you strive to do that, and yet you do not give equal time to the beautiful emotions that are present in you.

If the windows on the front of the room here were very dirty, would I break them out and install new windows? Of course not. I’d wash them. Their nature is clear and radiant and perfect. So often you relate to yourselves as if there was something broken about the self that needed to be fixed.

Many of you, especially those who are on a conscious spiritual path, strongly yearn toward what we might call purification of these heavy emotions. But my dear ones, there’s nothing broken, there’s nothing bad. You are human; of course emotions will arise. The problem is not the emotions, the problem is the whole idea, “No, this should not be here, I must fix it,” almost breaking out the window because it’s dirty. Can you see in yourselves the way you sometimes attack the self when anger arises, or fear or greed, instead of simply stopping and noting, “Here is anger. Here is fear. That which is aware of anger is not angry.” You all have the capacity to touch that deep awareness, to rest in that deep awareness and learn to relate to the world with it. This is the coming into higher consciousness.

The earth is going through enormous changes right now and you will want to change with it or literally be left behind. Just as there is not much place in your world now for the person who threw his trash out of the car window–everybody turns around and says, “What are you doing?” Because people have evolved into a more conscious sense of responsibility toward the earth––in the same way, those of you who threw your inner trash at other people or at yourselves are now in a position where you need to look at these habits and ask yourself, “Where is kindness here? How can I more clearly see and live my interconnection of all beings? How can I live with more love, more kindness, with more awareness?”

You live with a sense of limitation, many of you. You have sets of beliefs, “This is how the world is,” and as long as you hold to that belief and don’t consider the possibility of something beyond it, you simply keep recreating the world as you know it. If you want a world that’s peaceful, yes, you do have to acknowledge that there are people on the earth who are very angry and afraid, and who would do harm. We’re not talking about hiding the head in the sand, there is a reality. There are angry people who would do harm. But if you then walk around constantly with weapons and shields, locking everybody out, the heart never has a chance really to connect.

How do we connect to another? How do we open our hearts to others? It takes trust, and sometimes that trust is violated, so one closes up again and says, “See, I knew it wouldn’t work.” You do not want to extend trust to someone who you know not to be trustworthy, but don’t let that stop you from extending trust to those who might prove to be trustworthy. If you never open your heart, you’ll never connect with others. You’ll never learn truly to love and to see the world through this united vision of all beings.

The world you are coming into is changing so quickly; the world you are coming into is going to ask a lot of you. It’s going to ask you to step beyond your prior sense of limits, your belief in who you are and what you think you can do. It’s going to ask you to look at old beliefs and leave them aside.

I want to offer a very simple illustration, here, a very mundane illustration. Barbara’s been going for many years to Brazil to the healing center of John of God. She described to you that she lost her hearing and the nerves from ear to the brain are dead. They were starved of oxygen during childbirth and simply are dead. Your medical doctors have no way to restore nerve function. She learned to accept that; she found peace with it. Then she needed to ask herself, “In what way am I limiting myself in believing I have no choice but to be deaf?” So she went off to Brazil simply to explore.

At this center run by John of God, they said to her, “We don’t know if we can help you, just stay here and let us look.” They invited her to come back for another year. It’s an easy place to go, they do not charge you there. You pay for your hotel but it’s inexpensive and it’s a lovely town. So they were not making money from her, they simply said, “Come back, we’ll see.” And the second year they said, “Probably we can help you.” And the third year they said, “You will hear.”

Now it is 6 years and she’s beginning to hear. Not yet hearing words but hearing sounds that she has not heard for almost 40 years. Hearing music, hearing thunder, hearing car doors close, vacuum cleaners. And they say, “Yes, you’ll hear more.”

If she had held on to this belief, “I cannot hear,” she never would have gone on to explore. How can you open yourselves, look at the place where you believe, “I cannot do that.” It might be the belief, “I cannot forgive this or that person.” Or, “I cannot deal with this or that issue.” Or, “My body cannot move beyond this or that physical ailment.”

You don’t move ahead with grasping, that’s just more suffering. You are not saying, using Barbara as example, “I will hear. I can hear.” That’s a duality, I can’t hear/I can hear. In a sense you are saying, “I already do hear, I’m just not yet aware of it.” “I already have forgiven, now I have to open my heart to that place of forgiveness.” “I already have moved past the idea that I can’t fly in an airplane, or drive a car over a bridge in heavy traffic, or stand up on a stage and talk before many people.” “I already can do that, I just have to let my heart open to the reality that I can do it.”

Can you feel the difference? If you say, “I could not do it but I will do it now,” you’re still in some sense giving some energy to “I could not,” trying to prove, “I can, I can.” But when you come to that place that knows it’s already done, then you find you can do it.

For many years Barbara walked with 2 walking sticks. The nerves in the middle ear, the semi-circular canal, are dead, as part of this hearing loss so she had a visual balance. In a room like this, balance was not a problem. But walking in the dark or on rough soil she needed walking sticks.

Two years ago in Brazil, the entity said, “Put the walking sticks aside. You don’t need them.” And she said, “I’ll fall.” He said, “You only think you’ll fall.”

So she put them aside and she didn’t fall. She found she could walk around without them. The next week he said, “Now get a bicycle.” She thought, “I can’t ride a bicycle.”

It was a man’s bike. The first time she threw her leg over the seat. she fell just trying to mount it. She lay on the ground saying, “See, I can’t do it.” I said, “If you believe that, then you can’t.” I think I made her angry. She got up, she mounted the bicycle and off she went. Right there with “no balance” is balance. She found that she could balance, she only believed she couldn’t. So she didn’t go through a long period of saying, “Let’s try training wheels. Let’s see if I can learn balance.” Just, “Okay, I have this idea I am not balanced, but balance is right here. I can balance.”

Coming back to you, again, what places of limitation are you holding, hold old beliefs? The prevalent old belief for so many of you humans is that you are not good enough. You aspire to perfection of some sort. So many of you on a spiritual path are intense perfectionists.

How long are you going to keep washing the window once the mud is all off? Does every speck need to be removed before you finally acknowledge there is a clear, radiant piece of glass? I’m not suggesting you turn your back on these character traits that cause pain for you and others, but can it be done with kindness, with attendance to such character traits rather than trying to break them away, rather than trying to force and fix?

How many times were you impatient today? You don’t have to answer that, just think about it. Is there anybody in the room who did not feel impatience some time today? Now let me ask you this: it was easy for you to remember the moment of impatience, wasn’t it? Right up front. How many times were you patient today? You don’t even remember!

Impatient once, patient 20 times, but what sticks out is that moment of impatience and the feeling, “I shouldn’t have been impatient.” It would be wonderful if you did not act out the impatience in ways that did harm to yourself and others, but if certain conditions are present, impatience will arise. Again, that which is aware of impatience is not impatient.

Begin to observe yourself more clearly and see all these moments of openheartedness, of kindness, of patience, of generosity. Give yourself some credit here. Continue to attend to the negative impulses, not to act them out, to hold space around them until the negative impulse dies away. But attend to them by recognizing the radiance and beauty of the self.

In this way you begin to invite the higher consciousness of which I speak. Instead of being so wrapped up in the self with the idea of “Fix this, fix that,” taking the scouring pad and trying to scrub off the stains, you begin to open up to the beauty in the self. When you do that you become far less judgmental of others. You begin to open up to the beauty of others, to appreciate others, and from that place, to be much more able to co-create with others, because as long as there is oppositionality there cannot be co-creation.

The world of the next few decades is going to ask everything of you. It’s no longer going to be sufficient to plod along putting band-aids over these wounds of anger, of fear, of greed, and so forth. The coming world is going to ask you to move past all of that and to begin to truly know who you are. This is the only salvation I see for your world.

I don’t believe you’re in a downhill spin, I believe you’re in a transition. It’s a very powerful transition. You have the opportunity now and in the coming decades to truly create the Eden that you can imagine, if enough of you are willing to step beyond the prior limits that you’ve set, the prior beliefs that say, “It only can be this way and not that way.” It’s going to take a lot of courage.

So much of what was envisioned 20 years ago with technology, ways of communication, and also things like alternate forms of energy, for example, cleaning up the pollution, so much of this is coming to pass. What you envision now is going to be the future 20 years from now. What do you want it to be?

How do we really open our hearts to each other and stop seeing the whole world in a sense of self and other?

There’s much more that I could say about these things, giving some specific directions, how one might work with heavy emotion of one sort or another, working with meditation practice, with mindfulness, and so forth. Some of you have heard me talk about this many times before, and some of you may want to simply read it in some of my books and books by other people.

Let me share just one idea with you. Hold up your fingers here in front of your face. Wiggle the fingers and look at them. Focus strongly on the fingers. Think of the fingers as being the physical body, the thoughts, the emotions, the world around you, everyday objects. This is all you can see.

Now keep the fingers wiggling and allow the gaze to shift so it moves through the fingers, across the room. Keep the fingers wiggling. You don’t lose touch with the fingers; they’re still there, but suddenly there’s a vast space out there. Can you see it?

Shift back. Focus on the fingers again. That becomes the world. Now shift again. Open, spacious.

I would like to invite you this week to be aware when the gaze focuses in to the fingers. This problem that needs to be fixed, this part of the body that hurts, this person at whom I’m angry, this anger at myself for being angry, this problem I’m reading about in the world. Stop, take a deep breath and look through. See with spacious eyes. There’s no denial here. When you look through, these fingers still exist. They still needed to be attended, but from the place of spaciousness, the anger, the physical pain, the world or a local painful situation, these are so much more easily attended and with love rather than fear.

This is the key to it, attending with love. When you fix, you attend with fear, me against that. When you love, you open your heart and connect and co-create the solution. There are no problems, only things that need your loving attention. When you give loving attention to it, it ceases to become a problem. It may be a challenge but the solution is right there. Co-create! Look deeply.

If you have a predicament in your life ––your health is failing, or your car’s transmission is failing, whatever it might be–– instead of saying, “How am I going to fix this?” or “I can’t fix it,” stop, look through with spacious eyes and an open heart and begin to consider the many possibilities.

I want to take this one step further. You are not here just to attend to these things that appear to be broken. That’s only one level of your experience. The deeper level of your experience is that as you attend to these so-called problems, deepening loving attention in a wholesome, openhearted way, you develop this opened consciousness, this non-dual consciousness. You start to learn how to co-create, so the very things you think of as problems are truly your teachers and come to you to offer you the opportunity to learn this spaciousness and to learn your power. You learn how to be responsible for that power.

When one knows it is not my power but the power, our power, then one co-creates with a sense of responsibility for the highest good of all beings and for the earth. This is your potential. Rejoice that you are incarnate at this time with the opportunity to learn these wonderful things, and truly to transform this earth into the place of love that it can be; to transform your own lives and make them more loving and joyful.

I’m going to pause here, give you an opportunity to stretch. We’ll come back in 10 minutes and I’ll be happy to hear your questions…


Aaron: I have several questions that were emailed to Barbara. I want to start with one of them.

“Aaron, do you have any insight into the question of animal suffering? I do a lot of volunteer work with domestic animals and see so much cruelty, suffering, and loneliness that is borne by innocent creatures. When I finish a volunteer stint at a local shelter, I give all the animals a silent blessing, asking God to please take care of them, to not forget them. I hope this helps the animals. It helps me. I have my moments when I sink into despair but I’m able to pull myself out because I want to keep doing the work I do, even if it doesn’t seem to be making a big difference in terms of the total quantity of suffering and need. I wonder if you have any wisdom or insight on this topic to share.”

There is enormous suffering in your world and truly it brings sadness whether it’s animal suffering, human suffering, or the crying out of the earth itself. I chose to respond to this question because it relates to the talk I just gave. When you look at this kind of suffering as a problem and ask, “How can I fix it?” you don’t often move beyond the place of cause of suffering and envision a world where such suffering is transcended.

Prayers are helpful. Prayers are always helpful when you see suffering and it helps to open your heart. Then that suffering has redeemed itself in a way, serving a purpose, inviting your heart to open in response to it. And yet we certainly would not choose to perpetuate suffering in the world just so that people’s hearts would have a catalyst on which to open.

Rather, let the suffering in the world, human and animal, be a call to awakening, that you might ask yourself every night when you are ready to retire, first, “In what ways did I create suffering in the world today?” and “What is my intention? How am I going to work so as not to create such suffering tomorrow?”

And second, to ask yourself, “In what ways did I alleviate suffering in the world today? Am I giving myself credit that I did this?” Not prideful credit but rather simply acknowledging, “I do have the power to support change in the world so there is less suffering. It is my choice.”

I wonder if there are any questions related to this topic.

Q: Can I ask a question that doesn’t relate to the topic?

Aaron: Hold off for just a moment and we will come to it. Are there any questions related to the topic?

The kind of despair the reader spoke of is very common when you see situations like that where there is great poverty, great pain, or innocent animals are abused, or people live in poverty and are abused. There can be feelings of despair.

Find right there with despair the ability to co-create solutions. There’s a lovely story of a boy who is walking on a beach at low tide and throwing starfish back into the ocean that waves have tossed onto the sand,. There are hundreds of them lying on the beach. A man comes along and says, “What are you doing?” The boy says, “The starfish are dying here on the beach, I’m throwing them back into the sea.” And the man says, “But there are thousands of them, how can you make a difference?” He throws it into the sea and says, “I made a difference to that starfish.”

Just keep working. Open the loving heart. I know that you are making a difference.

Your question?

Q: I have a brother, he’s 17, he had a stroke when he was 11 and now he’s experiencing depression, and kind of hearing spiritual voices, maybe. I was wondering if I can help him.

Aaron: May I ask a few questions. Does he have severe physical results from the stroke? (Q: No.) Mental? (Q: Yes.) In what form?

Q: Anxiety.

Aaron: Has that been there since the time of the stroke?

Q: Not sure, but more apparent now.

Aaron: What were the immediate symptoms after the stroke?

Q: Left side weakness.

Aaron: Left side weakness, but that has become stronger now. You are saying he is very depressed; has he been depressed for all these years since the stroke? (Q: No.) Is he on medication for depression? (Q: Yes) And does that help? (Q: I don’t think so.)

I cannot answer this without meeting your brother or son (the mother is also present). I would not violate his privacy without his permission, without being here to look into the Akashic records and to look more precisely at his situation. If he would wish to come and talk to me, I would be happy to talk to him and to see if I can better evaluate his situation.

Speaking generally, then, I see several different possibilities. One is that it is simply as it appears to be, that he’s severely depressed, that he has some emotional issues caused by the stroke and the medical challenges he’s been through, feeling different from other people, whatever. And that the antidepressant is both not helping but even more than that is keeping him out of touch with some of his emotions, not giving him the opportunity to deal in a more skillful way with what’s happening for him.

You say he seems to be hearing spiritual voices and that leads me to a second possibility. This is going to sound strange to you. I don’t know what your thoughts are about the possibility of reincarnation and that one may have lived many lives. Please remember that your brother, your son--what is his name? (Q: R)–that R is a soul here in a human body and he’s here for a reason. He took incarnation to heal certain things, to grow in certain ways.

One possibility is that he in some way accepted this experience of stroke to teach others, to help you, his family, learn compassion, non-judgment, to be more open-minded, to heal certain things in yourselves. So it’s possible he’s a very old soul who came into this not knowing, “I will have a stroke,” but knowing he would experience something that would create a challenge, a catalyst, for his family.

A related possibility–I’m tossing out a number of possibilities here and I can’t tell you without meeting R whether any of these are accurate. So these are simply conjectures. There are what we see as misguided or lost spirits who sometimes can walk in to a body in which there has been severe illness, at a time when the body is very weak. Your common term of spiritual possession touches on it but it doesn’t really cover it. Nobody can be full “possessed” against their will. But a being could be trying to use or control him in some way. Let me backtrack.

Depression is a contracted, negative state. R’s own fear and negativity can support the continued presence of this being who is–possession, as I said, is not the correct word, but who is influencing him, who has moved into his system, in a sense, and set up camp there. There are ways of working with this to release such energy to the benefit of both R and the other entity.

Another possibility is that there is a very loving, positive energy, R’s guide and teacher, who is trying to come in and help him, but that R’s fear and tension and depression are preventing him from hearing this positive entity. Again, I cannot tell this without meeting R.

These are only a few of the possibilities I can think of. I think that R needs to be evaluated by someone, not necessarily me, but someone who is more familiar with the spiritual world and who can better suggest possibilities, can better feel whether there is a negative entity present and help R learn how to say no to it, if that is the case. Or to tell if there is positive energy present and help R learn how to open his heart more to the situation and connect with this positive guidance that may be trying to speak through.

Or if his experience is simply the result of the medication plus negativity and fear, to learn how to work with that, and to see that his mind is simply, perhaps in that situation, creating the illusion of a spirit being. I would be happy to speak directly with R and with your family, if that would be of help to you.

There’s an interesting book written, I can’t remember the name… about a women who was a neurologist, and had a stroke. (My Stroke of Insight) Have you read it? I haven’t read the book; people have spoken of it to me. Just to understand the changes that occur in a stroke.

What I would ask you to remember is that R is not a victim, here. This earth is your school room. R participated in the creation of this stroke for a reason. We don’t yet understand the reason. And he can be guided more skillfully the more the reason is understood. But it’s important not to think about it as fixing R so much as how to best support the learning that R is going through so he can do the work the soul came to do and perhaps bring the world something that he came to bring to the world as a real contribution.

Other questions?

Q: I have one. How do we know what our purpose is on this earth?

Aaron: Meditate! Meditate. When you come into the incarnation, you agree to a veil of forgetting. You forget who you are and why you came. It’s like looking at a vast landscape from 100 feet up–you can see all the details spread out as far as the eye can see, and then, (plop!) you’re dropped undersea and you’re 20 feet underwater. You can’t see anything anymore. You know the layout but suddenly you can’t see it anymore.

Another illustration. If you walked into a very busy room with a lot of different objects, furniture, pictures and so forth, and you got 10 seconds of taking it all in and then a blindfold put on, it’s hard to function.

The underwater illustration is helpful because there’s a heaviness to it. On the astral plane everything is light filled, spacious and easy. Suddenly you’re submerged in this heavy fluid, so to speak, the heavy density of the earth plane. Lower vibration, heavy energy.

The forgetting of who you are is essential for a period of time, or what you would gain from the earth plane would simply be the ability to grit your teeth and persevere. But that’s not what the earth experience is about. The earth experience is about learning love, faith, and opening the heart. You are here to learn compassion.

So the forgetting becomes a valuable tool to a certain degree and even as you remember through your spiritual practice, you’re still underwater a bit, there’s never certainty. Thus there is still a need for faith.

When you awaken from this journey you call life, you’ll be up there 100 feet again, everything clear and spelled out. For now you may not fully know your life purpose but when you meditate and begin to lessen the self identity with the body and with the thoughts and the emotions, to not be so invested in “Who I Am” but rather to know yourself more fully as a divine spirit, you begin to have insights about why you are here.

At first you will not trust those insights but as you work with it, you’ll start to understand. Most of you are here for a very simply reason, to learn how to love. It really is as simple as that. For most of you there’s no one path to learning that love. You start where you are. If you have a brother or son who is challenged, how fully can you love him and yourselves in the situation? If you see as our questioner did these abused animals, how deeply can your heart open? How much compassion can there be not only for the animals but for those who abused the animals? To have compassion for those who abused the animals does not mean to promote such abuse; one says no to the abuse without judging or hating the abuser. This is your human challenge.

So start where you are and meditate regularly. Come to that quiet space where there’s not so much self-identity with the everyday thoughts and the physical body. The meditation practice will take you into a deeper place of connection where you begin to know more of the nuances of your purpose.

I have 2 questions here we’ll get to briefly, I think.

“Aaron, you said that in your lifetime as Aaron you lived to be over 500 years old. How did you do this? What health and longevity tips can you give me?”

I’ll read the second question, as it connects.

“You’ve said both Jesus and the Essenes taught purification techniques. What were these?”

There are many practices that you knew once and have forgotten. All of you were once beings of a much higher vibration. But from the place of that high vibration, you were not sufficiently challenged to the learning of compassion for which you came to the earth plane. You agreed to move into a lower vibration through which you would experience heavy emotions because you needed the heavy emotions as the catalyst for learning compassion. If there was nothing to arouse heavy emotion, nothing to cause pain, there would be no grounds for compassion.

So here you were in a seeming Eden but you were immature in that Eden because you as yet had no experience of suffering. Thus, it was thought necessary to move into the experience of suffering in order to give catalyst for learning compassion. And now it’s time to move out of the suffering. You’ve finished with it. You don’t have to keep it going forever.

There were practices of those times, of knowing how to use energy to restore the body, literally. The body is simply an energy field. When I understand the energy workings of the body and the body is at a high enough vibration, I can purify and heal the body. Let me give you a simply example here.This goes back to what I said earlier about beliefs, as well.

Last summer, Barbara had a bad fall and broke her big toe, right here. It was quite swollen and painful. The doctor said 6 to 8 weeks to heal, just keep it taped, stay off of it. In meditation, she felt the heavy vibration of the toe. The entities from John of God’s center in Brazil––she can hear some of them quite clearly––said to her, “There are only molecules there that have been disrupted. There’s nothing really broken. How can there be anything broken? The molecules have simply disassembled themselves a bit.”

They asked her to envision that. I ask you to envision it. What is a broken bone, after all, but the disruption of molecules? So they suggested to her to sing to it, whatever tones she felt most called to sing. Whatever notes, just using the sacred syllable OM in different tones. Sing to it some of the spiritual chants that she enjoyed. Soak it with some of the high vibrational water that they have down there.

She had some bottles of the water so she soaked the toe and for 3 days she sang to it. It was very painful at night, hard to sleep, but the third night she slept soundly and she woke up on the fourth morning realizing there was no more pain. It was still quite swollen, she couldn’t move it, but there was no more pain.

They said to her, “The bone is healed. Be a bit gentle with it but take off the tape. You can walk on it now.” From that fourth morning on there has been no more pain. The x-ray did not even show the break. When the doctor looked at the x-ray there was no sign of where the break had been.

This is an example of the healing abilities you have, the ways that you can use vibration, for one example, to heal and restore the body. So, in that lifetime where I lived to be over 500 years old, I used this and many kinds of techniques to restore the body.

The word “purification”–the purification techniques of the Essenes–the Essenes perpetuated the techniques that most people had forgotten and that came from the times of Lemuria. They knew and understood and continued these techniques and guarded them because many people would not understand them, and might use them inappropriately for selfish gain.

To purify means simply to release the stain while holding to the Ever-Perfect. When we purify, we do so while noting the already perfect nature of the essence. We don’t break out the window, we just wash the glass. We find that which we regard as an impurity, such as the habitual tendency to impatience, and we find right there with the impatience that which is patient. We do not purify by scrubbing off the impatience, we purify by supporting patience, and bringing it forth. And when impatience arises, pause and hold space for it until it dissolves, recognizing the patience that is right there with the impatience. And the same with any other tendency that you might wish to purify.

These techniques are coming back to you today, being taught today. They’ve been supported and fostered in many parts of the world. The Tibetan dzogchen tradition is one of the places where such techniques have been remembered, taught and continued. The dzogchen teachings––non-dual teachings––for many years were hidden teachings, not shared in the world. But recently, in the past 20 years, the great Masters in Tibet are coming forth with these so-called purification teachings because they understand that the world is ready for these teachings. They’re not so esoteric, they’re very accessible.

Let me turn it back to you now. We have time for one or two more questions…

No question coming forth so let us spend a few minutes in a closing meditation.

I’d like you to hold your hands out. Feel energy coming in through the crown chakra down into your body. If the person sitting next to you is in easy touch, join hands on one or both sides, but don’t strain yourself… So everybody is at least holding one hand.

I ask you to envision radiant light coming into your body. Breathe it in. Hold it in the heart for a breath and then release it out through the hands. And again, breathing in, radiant light and love. If you can’t feel it, simply imagine it. You will know how it feels to be hugged by somebody you love. Feel yourself embraced by love.

Reach your energy upward and as you inhale, draw that energy down into the heart. Hold it in the heart for a breath or two, and then envision the release of it out through the hands so it can be shared. Breathing in light and love. Hold it in the heart. Then send it out and share it.

Hold the deep intention in the heart, “Through this light for which I am a channel, may all beings be blessed. May this light touch all beings with healing and love.” Breathing in light, bring it into the heart. Feel it in your heart, opening the heart, lighting the heart. And then the intention to send it out, “May this light bless the world.” Releasing it.

One of you is wondering, “How can I go so far past this room?” If it simply lights up this room it will work its way out into the world. Don’t worry about the details. Don’t ‘do’ so much as ‘be.’

Breathing in light and love. Feel it filling the heart. Then the intention to release. Literally feel it moving out through the hands, through the one whose hands you hold and through those hands, out into the world. “May all beings have the blessings of this light and love.”

A few of you are experiencing the image of loving beings, spirit beings, and they indeed are here. Thank them for their presence. Loving spirit is always with you.

Breathing in light. Bring it into the heart. Release it with the intention, “May this light bless and touch the world.”

Each of you is an instrument of light, and with this light you transform the world.

As we bring light into the world, may it alleviate the sufferings of all beings everywhere.

May each of us know our capacity to co-create transformation.

May all beings everywhere be happy and find peace.

You may release the hands and open the eyes. Thank you.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to share myself with you tonight. May you all have the blessings of the light that you bring forth. May you all have joy and peace.

I will release the body to Barbara. They take a hand so that Barbara is not simply coming back into what would seem an empty shell. I must vacate the body before Barbara comes back to the body, so with the hands held, there’s some energy into which she can home in, so to speak. It’s much more comfortable, much less disorienting to come back with something to ground her. Thank you. Good night.

(recording ends)

Copyright © 2009 by Barbara Brodsky