Wednesday Evening with Aaron
September 24, 2008

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Keywords: Stages of consciousness, emotions, karma, Earth history, learning through challenge, old/new souls, prayer, co-creation, release from belief in limitations.

Aaron: A question was e-mailed to me that relates to what I had intended to speak about tonight. I’m going to read you the question.

“I am really interested in how the wealthy and powerful, who want the wealth and power to be held only by a few, continue to be voted into political office through deception and trickery. Apparently there are many people who are young souls and so don’t see what is absolutely obvious to many of us, the incredible hypocrisy. Yet we also have to live with the consequences. How are the greedy money- and power-hungry able to stay in power energetically when their intention is so fear-based? Why doesn’t the more love-based, enlightened candidate, who wants to take care of each other and the world, to spread out the wealth, why don’t they win?”

Well, first of all, they may win. Who knows? You have a presidential election coming up in what, just six weeks? I’m not going to take a stance, promoting one candidate above the other, just to share some thoughts. Some of you read the talk that was printed in the DSC fall newsletter, a talk given last year about the candidates. Tonight’s talk relates to that older one. I want to look at this question in terms of why you are all here in incarnation, of not just national but world karma and what you are here to learn.

There is a subtly different major learning for older souls than for younger souls. The older soul is here to learn love and to practice greeting negative emotion with love. The younger soul is here for the same reason but far less likely to understand the practice. In the same way that you do not expect a first-grader to do algebra, you don’t expect the new soul to grasp the finer nuances of bringing love to fear.

So for the newer soul, the giving of love may focus on giving love to immediate family and friends and to the self, whereas for the older soul the offering of love needs to be more unconditional and offered outward to everyone and everywhere. It’s very easy to love your beloved. It’s very difficult to love the person who speaks and acts abusively.

Laying that aside for a moment, the whole world is in movement, changing consciousness levels. Throughout the history of the world, there have been a series of different levels of consciousness. Long ago, the mythical and magical consciousness prevailed. This is the consciousness that you see in the young child, and we can see that in the cultures that believe that if they just offer the right sacrifices to the carved deity then their prayers will be answered, if they just follow the right rituals and routines, they will profit.

Mythical consciousness evolved into a more rational consciousness in which everything had to be logical and so faith, and anything that could not be rationally proven, was pushed aside. That rational consciousness was followed by what we call vision logic consciousness. It’s still logical but there’s a broader vision on which it’s based, one that includes possibilities and not just provable facts.

Vision logic consciousness has been the base consciousness for your present culture–I don’t mean the whole world, I mean this American culture–for a long time. Well, a long time is not a clear statement. For the last 50 or 60 years and going back 100 years; 200 years ago, consciousness was more rational-based, and then the shift. Please do not misunderstand me. Remember when there’s a shift like this there are a small few who are the leaders, others who are perhaps ready to consider the shift, and there are those who dig their heels in and say, “Oh no, I’m not going there.” There are still those in your country, even, or especially political leaders or would-be leaders, who are deep in rational or even mythical consciousness. Only the oldest souls are open to vision-logic consciousness. Now those older souls are moving into what we call non-dual consciousness.

Non-dual consciousness asks you to move beyond the separation of self and other, to begin to see that everything is an expression of the divine, everything and everyone, and to begin deeply to respect the needs of each being and of the aspiration for happiness and safety in each being. If we look at those who want to maintain the old status quo, want power, to remain in power, want those who are poorer, weak, those who have lacked power, not to gain power out of fear that the others’ gain is his loss, we can see that this is certainly not non-dual consciousness.

It is in a sense the last vestige of magical consciousness. “I am the power. I shape things. I make the decisions. I own the money. I own the corporations.” It really flies in the face of logic. Perhaps we could call it a reaction to rational consciousness because it’s not even rational.

If your country and your world were composed only of old souls, you’d have a very different form of government, and a very different kind of financial system, but that’s not where you are. The world is made up of a variety of people–of old souls and new souls, people strongly grounded in fear as well as those strongly grounded in love.

There are three different parts to this question and I’d like to take them each independently. One part requires some understanding of karma, that karma is both personal and universal or at least is worldwide or countrywide. You have a family karma, you have a cultural karma, you have a national karma, and the whole world shares a karma. I like to look at karma as the planting of a seed; you reap what you sow. If you want sweet fruit you must plant a sweet seed. If you plant a sour apple tree seed, you’re not going to get sweet apples no matter how much you wish it.

Magical consciousness denies that fact and believes that if it wants sweet fruit it doesn’t matter what it plants. As long as it pushes hard enough, it will reap sweet fruit. And personally it may reap sweet fruit if it’s able to turn its back on the world. Therefore, it convinces itself this works. If I hold power and control and turn my back on suffering, I can be powerful and happy. It’s a powerful myth for those who are neither very new souls nor very old souls but somewhere in the middle and searching for a way to find that their needs are met and that they are happy.

There is an old story that’s told about William Penn, who was the founder of the state of Pennsylvania. He became a Quaker. Penn was a military soldier at that point. He wore a sword and was accustomed to thinking he would use the sword if he needed to. Quakers do not believe in violence. So he said to his teacher, “When must I take off my sword?” The teacher said, “When you can’t carry it anymore.” When must you let go of this belief that you can create happiness through power, lies, manipulation, and greed? When you can’t carry it anymore.

Your country is often mapped with red and blue states depicting the Republican and Democrat candidates. If instead of mapping the whole state as one color, if instead it was mapped with an individual speck for each being–blue perchance for the very old soul deeply committed to non-dual practice in their lives, to the deepest respect for every being, and to non-violation of any being, and red as the opposite extreme, for the being most deeply grounded in fear and greed and absorbed in the personal self, the purple specks for those in the middle–this would be a more truthful mapping because you are not voting, especially in this election, as a several million or billion–what is your population? however many it is–as that many Republicans or Democrats. You are really voting as those who are either souls attempting to support this shift in consciousness and create a government that supports love for all beings, or those who are determined to hold the old status quo. Now I am not naming one candidate or party as being of old or new soul persuasion. If you feel that’s so, that’s fine, but I’m not going to say that (laughter). I do not want to influence the election by my own personal views.

But be aware of this division: those candidates that most deeply support non-dual consciousness, the deepest care for all beings, non-harm to all beings, versus the candidates that are very wrapped up in the self, promoting the self-belief, holding onto their own power and money, and their friends’ power and money. This is not just about the presidential race; it’s about all candidates for office.

The questioner asks how long we have to continue in this pattern where greed and manipulation win. As with William Penn’s sword, until you’re ready to put it down and you can’t carry it anymore. This “you” is each of you who are in this room, old souls making the transition into non-dual consciousness and yet still relating to the world at times from a place of fear.

I said there were three different aspects that we will look at. One is the karma involved. And the fact that there are those who are still putting those sour apple seeds in the ground and saying, “This has so much power and money that it will be sweet. And if you don’t experience it as sweet, something is wrong with you.”

Another part of karma is the aspect of those of you who are souls moving into non-dual consciousness but have not fully open your heart with compassion to yourselves and your own occasional negativity, much less to the negativity that is the predicament of those new souls who are still pushing sour apple seeds into the earth.

Election time in this country brings up more oppositional judgment than any other period of time. It’s almost frightening. There is really very little communication, just people throwing slogans at each other, throwing views at each other, but very little hearing, each of the other.

When the old soul simply sees the opposition as wrong and closes the heart to that opposition, it indirectly strengthens the opposition because instead of bringing compassion and deeper awareness into the situation, it simply gives the opposition something more into which to continue to bash itself, which action strengthens it.

When somebody tells you, as some of your candidates have–I’m trying to speak in a way that will stay neutral to the candidates! It’s difficult for me because I am quite biased in my personal choice, here! Let’s use a hypothetical example of when a candidate says, “We must send more soldiers overseas. We must commit ourselves even further. We must kill the enemy.” And you simply say, “No! I’ll kill you if you kill people,”–hypothetical example–it’s just more violence. When you can hear that person’s fear, you are able to speak rationally to it; not to that candidate, perhaps, and not to those who are thoroughly committed to that candidate, but to many of those who are in the middle. And it is this middle ground that will settle the election.

In most places I support passion, or what might be called deep dedication, but when passion simply is the repetition of one’s view and the negation of the other’s view, it’s not very helpful. It is then not truly passion but strong and repetitive blind attachment.

The election will not be decided in these six weeks, the election has been decided in this perhaps past 10 years. I’m not saying it can’t be pushed slightly in either direction, but the question right now to me is, are there enough of you in this country who are ready to look deeply at their own ego needs, greed, fear, hostility, prejudices and so forth, not to deny them, not to act them out, and also not to condemn them, but to understand that these prejudices, fears and hostility have arisen out of conditions and are results. You change things by attending to the conditions, not by trying to change the results. Once that sour apple tree has grown, all you can do is cut it down. Or just let it flourish and know you’ll have to add a lot of sugar to your pie. But you can start to plant the sweet apple trees.

This is the spiritual work for every old soul in this country, to begin increasingly to watch with kindness, any kind of negative thought that arises, with the strong intention not to enact that negative thought, but also with awareness that one need not condemn that negative thought. It’s just a thought. As you are increasingly able to be careful that it is not enacted, that you don’t give it power, you are able to treat the opposition’s negative thinking also as a negative thought, with a strong intention to treat it with kindness.

As I said, those who are in the middle, those who are not the youngest nor the oldest souls, they will watch. They will start to see the power of loving kindness, the power of truth, the power of fearlessness. Each of you can begin to model that behavior, not through denial of your own fears, prejudices, or other negativity, but with compassion for those when they arise, and with commitment not to enact negativity. When enough of you are thusly ready, your country will choose candidates, not just the president but many candidates at different levels, who are ready to lead you in the direction in which you wish to go.

The present president has led you in a direction of war that many of you say that you do not wish to go. And yet that is where you have gone. Why? There’s a tragedy here in that so many have had to suffer. But I think it has been necessary for people to discover that this road of violence is not what they want. There is the line of the song by Bob Dylan, Blowing in the Wind. “How many times must the cannonballs fly before they are forever banned?” If you’ve never experienced a cannonball, you won’t have any impulse to ban them, will you? Once you experience them, if you’re on the side that thinks, “Ah, these are protecting me,” you won’t want to ban them. But those who have died in Iraq are not just the sons and daughters of poor people, but also the children of rich people. And those who have suffered economic loss, especially in this last six months, are not just the poor people, although the poor people may feel the impact of it more.

But many people are suffering much loss. How many times must one experience the results of greed before one is ready to say no to the acting out of greed? And then, this is the crucial point: one learns that one is not trying to destroy the feeling of greed, only to note this is a human experience. We can have loving kindness toward the human that experiences greed. We can acknowledge with honesty, “Right now, greed is present within this mind and body, my own or that of another, and I will hold space for it and not enact it or allow it to be enacted.” When enough of you are ready to do that, the situation will change.

So there are both the personal karma and the universal karma. The universal speaks of how this country is seen in the eyes of the world. It relates to the whole world and to this shifting consciousness which is not the United States’ shift in consciousness but a worldwide shift in consciousness.

Picture yourselves very tired and hungry from a long walk and then ahead of you, you see a beautiful grove of fruit trees. Lush ripe fruit is hanging from the branches. You can also read the sign with your binoculars, that says, “Free Fruit. Help Yourselves.” Right there. There it is. But ahead of you are 50 yards of thick marsh; deep muck. So you see the fruit, “Ohh!” And you take a step in and you sink up to your ankles. You try to shake it off, take another step, and sink up to your knees. With a third step, you’re up to your hips. The fourth step, you’re up to your waist. What are you going to do? Are you willing to just keep trying to push through the marsh? Are you going to back out, lie on the shore covered with mud and die of starvation? Or are you going to use your divine intelligence and love to find a solution?

We have now the world of those who grit their teeth and pushed through, some of them drowning along the way, and the world of those who retreat back to the rear bank and lie there in despair saying, “It’s not fair,” while watching the people on the other side eating the fruit, “It’s not fair!” And we have those few courageous and wise souls who are busy building a bridge. There is always a way. What you seek is there, and the obstacles are there. They are not meant to starve you but to more deeply invite you to find new solutions.

If you hold the world in which you wish to live, in your heart and at the forefront of your consciousness–a world where all beings’ needs are met, in which every being is treated with love and respect–then that is the world you will create. If you hold the world as the real world is, with many, many people who are very negative and would do great harm in this world, and you decide, “I’m going to hide myself away until they’re gone,” well, they’ll never be gone unless somebody teaches them. With such teaching, they won’t be gone; they will simply be transformed. You are the teachers. This is your work and the teaching starts with yourself.

Those of you who have chosen a candidate and support that candidate, wonderful. Do what you can to support the candidate of your choice. But I entreat you to listen deeply to the speeches of the opposition. Don’t just tense up and say, “I think he’s a liar!” Really listen. Try to understand, where is he or she coming from? What mistaken beliefs are coming forth here? What level of consciousness is this being in, and how is he or she stuck in this level of consciousness? If this were my child, what would I say to this soul, helping them to grow? To understand more deeply, to move out from a self-center into a non-dual center, caring for all beings and not just the self?

You will not have the chance to speak that to a specific opposition candidate–perhaps at a local level, but not at a national level–but you will have the opportunity to speak to those who are followers of that candidate, where you’re truly talking, not about the outer issues as much as the inner fear, and how people react to inner fear. “My needs won’t be met. I’m just going to take all the apples.” Or, “I’m going to kill everyone who might steal my apples.” How do you speak to somebody who is taking all the apples off the tree or throwing rocks at the hungry people who watch? When there are hundreds of people standing around hungry, what can you do? If you knock out the hoarders or tie them up, that’s just more violence. Maybe you let them eat as many apples as they want until they’re so full that they can’t even think of another apple. But this won’t really work because no matter how full they are, as soon as they see you reaching for the apple, they say, “No, it’s mine.” You can wait until they’re stuffed with apples but they still won’t let somebody else take an apple. You can do violence to them but that just adds violence. What are you going to do?

In effect, this is what your world has been doing. That is, letting those who are hoarding the apples continue to hoard until everybody else is so starved that nobody has any energy to support what the apple-eaters want. People are simply running out of food, of inner nourishment. Those who would exhort the starved ones to attack the apple-eaters/hoarders, that’s just more violence. Those who would tell them, “Just sit back on that bank, lie there and starve,” we can’t do that. What are you going to do?

This situation is not only about those with the greatest with wealth and power in this country. This is about each person. It’s about your neighbor who, when his apples fall over the fence onto your yard, climbs over the fence to gather up his apples saying , “They are mine!”. What are you going to say to him? “Gee, you’ve got hundreds over there and there is just this one branch hanging over on my yard, can I have some?” “No, they’re mine.” What are you going to say to him? What are you going to say to the person who butts in front of you in line in the supermarket or the highway? How do you speak to fear?

You must start with yourself because as soon as you approach that fearful one from a stance of anger, it’s simply more violence. When you can see that kind of fear in yourself, “My needs may not be met,” and feel the grasping, then you can recognize, “Ah, this is how it feels.” Only then can there be true compassion for this human who feels fear; and only then you can have compassion for the greedy one out there.

Compassion is strong. Compassion knows how to say no. I’m not going to rehearse with you in that scenario, but each of you as you find compassion for your own fear and negativity will intuitively understand how to bring that compassion out in the world so as to say no to those who hoard, those who manipulate, those who turn their backs on others’ suffering; but to say no with love. And then you’ll be ready to elect leaders at every level who can support that which most people want. I want to make it clear it’s not just those who are wealthy who feel greed and fear and enact it, but some of those who are the most poor also feel and enact greed and fear. It has nothing to do with how much wealth you have or how much power you have. It has to do with the level of consciousness.

I see a potential in this presidential election for a vast change in this country and worldwide if enough of you are able to hear that middle ground of souls and talk to them love, not just pushing slogans. Not with oppositionality but truly hearing. Then there’s the potential that some of those in the middle ground will also come forth in a higher consciousness and be ready to choose a candidate who can lead them on a path of higher consciousness and lovingkindness.

I feel passionate about this issue. I think that’s enough for right now. Unless you need to stretch right now I’d like to just sit here and hear questions.

I would add here that I think it’s a very hopeful sign that you as a country have been able to elect at least one candidate who is very advanced in consciousness.

Q.: Could you say more about your understanding of old souls and new souls?

Aaron: They are literally just that. The old soul has been incarnating over and over through many lifetimes but the name “Old soul” is not just about how many lifetimes, it’s the depth of learning. One can be very old in terms of linear time and not be paying attention. So somebody who has not had that many incarnations but has paid close attention can develop the maturity of what I call an old soul. An old soul is a term that designates a maturity rather than age.

The new soul steps on somebody, looks around and says, “Well everybody does it,” and just keeps climbing over them. He or she will need to be thusly climbed over and feel the pain of it. Then he or she will probably go through a period of stepping harder on others, trying to keep himself on the top. And finally one will mature to the point of understanding: as long as one is on the top, somebody else is on the bottom, or many more are on the bottom. If I wish not to be on the bottom I have to not try to put myself on the top but to treat all with respect.

At first this is not a mature understanding, it’s simply practical. So there’s no intention to non-harm there at first, only to protecting the self. But gradually one finds that when one does not tread on others, one will experience the results of that; that others don’t tread on oneself. One starts to develop more kindness, respect, and awareness of others. Slowly the consciousness shifts into a more non-dual consciousness, truly seeing the divine in everything. And there begins to be a moral framework for the intention to do no harm, not just that it’s practical. At this point, the being is becoming what I call an old soul, developing that depth of moral awareness that knows we are all one.

The old soul often has a deep desire to go home. They see that home as radiant light, a place of great purity and beauty. The younger soul might have character traits of prejudice, anger, greed and grasping, and so forth, and they don’t think anything of it. Then there’s a period where one struggles, trying to transcend those negative modes of being. One becomes more and more clear. Eventually there is the holding of this vision of the light, and one looks at oneself and sees the shadow in oneself and is very intolerant of the shadow. One erroneously believes that one must scrub off the shadow, take scouring pads and scrub it. All that does is make you bleed. There’s no healing that way.

Gradually the maturing soul learns that any strong judgment and hostility toward others or toward the self is simply more shadow. The point at which I call a being an old soul is this point of realization. Until that, they are a maturing soul but not yet an old soul. The old soul has realized, to put it in the Buddhist terms, “hatred will never diminish hatred; only love will diminish hatred,” and that this must apply to oneself as well as to all beings.

At this point, this old soul still doesn’t know what to do with its negativity and anger but it knows it cannot enact it, even through judgment and condemnation of the self. Then it begins to explore the patterns of being, how to hold space for this arising negativity without building a self-identity with it. This ability is the hallmark of the true old soul, to practice it and to teach it to others.

Q.: Is there a way that you can energetically or through prayer, what I am trying to say is… to help the people in the middle understand?

Aaron: Yes, your prayers are very powerful provided they are not prayers that separate and say, “Me, this enlightened being that I am, I pray for those poor people in the middle.” But rather, to hold the confusion, pain, and struggle of all sentient beings in your heart and to hold literally the intention to be of service to the light, to purify that negativity, this is helpful.

One might wish, if one can do this with honesty, to make the statement every morning upon arising in every night when you retire, “I consecrate this body and all its voices to the light.” That means the emotional body, physical, mental, the spirit body, “I consecrate these bodies and all their voices to the light. I offer these bodies in service to the light.” One does this with acknowledgment that a self is not directing that service. I am simply the passenger on the bus, so to speak. And that way will be shown me. The constant restatement of that commitment as literally consecration to the light is very powerful. There are so many loving, positive spirits in the world who are your guides and are helping you and will help to provide avenues of service.

Let me share a brief story. A friend of ours whose car had broken down on the highway, was not shabbily dressed but neither was he dressed in his new suit, just the normal pants and shirt. He stood beside his car for a while hoping somebody would stop to help him, somebody with a cell phone, even, who could offer help, or somebody to transport him to the next service plaza where he could come back with a tow truck.

He waited a long time; it was raining and nobody came. Many cars passed but nobody stopped. So he began to walk. After he had walked perhaps a mile, he came to a woman with two small children beside her disabled car. She was trying to change the tire. He had been in a hurry; he was trying to get to a meeting. But he stopped. He changed the tire for her. He didn’t ask who she was or where she was going. He said, “You take care of your children and I’ll change the tire.” So he changed the tire. Then, of course,–not of course, she could simply have driven on–but it turns out she drove him back to the service plaza. Helped him get someone to repair his car and then went back with him and the repair person; the tow truck towed his car, but then she drove him on down to his meeting.

He told me afterward that as he stood there in the rain, he really could see himself at a fork in the road, in despair, with anger, “Why me? Why is this happening to me?” And he started walking down the road feeling a great grudge against all of these drivers who would not stop for him. And then he went over the crest of the hill and here was this woman that needed his help, and suddenly he knew, this has been the gift that that I’m given today. It’s perfect, I didn’t need to get to the meeting on time, because what I needed to do today was to help this woman.

When you align yourself with the light and don’t question why is this happening to me, but simply trust,–“I am aligned with the light and therefore whatever is happening to me is perfect,” unpleasant, perhaps, but it’s just what I need and I will understand it eventually,–then you’re given a way to proceed. The people that you need to speak with will come. The situations you need as a catalyst for your own growth will come. It’s all perfect. But it begins with aligning and committing yourself to the light.

Then you are able to communicate with others and to better support others through your prayers and actions

Other questions?

Q.: I’m currently looking for a new job and I feel torn between doing what I can to create a new world or doing something less exciting with people–with more people, maybe with higher consciousness. Is what you do, or who you do with it, more important?

Aaron: My sister, why do you limit yourself to these two choices? If you wanted to work in an exciting job co-creating a new world, and with people with higher consciousness, then manifest that. Why settle for less? You may say, “There is no job with people with higher consciousness that will be a stimulating job for me; therefore I have to make this choice.” And then you resign yourself and you make the choice, and that’s what you invite; one or the other. If you say, “My intention is to have a job that’s stimulating and provides me growth and interest, and with good people who I enjoy,” then that’s what you’ll manifest. Don’t tell me there are not lots of jobs like that; you only need one!

Hold in your mind what you want and envision it. Literally envision the kind of workplace, I don’t mean what color the carpeting will be, but the energy that will be in the place and the kind of work you would like to be doing. And simply sent out that energetic message. Invite it.

When you hold limits for yourself–… let me speak of this question in a simpler example of somebody who has an illness, a physical body illness, muscular dystrophy. The doctors had told the person that there is no cure for it. This is a true story. I’m speaking here of a specific person that I know who spent 15 years sick, and was at the point where she was in a wheelchair and could not move herself well at all. The doctors had simply said, “It will keep getting worse.”

She began to see how she had bound herself into that sense of its limits, how she was constantly trying to fix the muscular dystrophy to keep it from progressing one stage further. She was not holding any idea of her own wholeness, only of her brokenness. She kept giving energy to that brokenness because that’s all she could imagine. And the fear, “Don’t let it progress further! Don’t let it progress further!”

Then one day she woke up to the way she was handling this, that she had lost all sense of her own wholeness, and she made a shift in her thinking. “I am whole and this body is suffering from this disease. Now I’m going to focus on my wholeness, not in denial of the disease but focus on the wholeness.”

As soon as she created this intention for herself, she saw a story on television about John of God and said, “Ah, I need to go to Brazil!” So she got herself, with her wheelchair, onto an airplane and went to Brazil. Traveling alone, she got herself there. Holding on to her sense of wholeness, but with compassion for the realistic limitation of the present human.

Now, three years later she is completely cured of her disease. Not even a limp. She walks perfectly. Yes, she had energetic help from these compassionate entities, but the important starting place was that she ceased to be stuck in a sense of limitation and began to envision the best possibilities and so she invited them. I’m not suggesting that physical healing can come in every case. A being with an amputated leg might envision their wholeness and still not be able to grow new leg. Nevertheless, they stop thinking of the situation as a problem.

Stop thinking of yourself in terms of, “Do I choose this or that?” Go for what you want. Don’t ask if it’s this or that. Simply do what you desire and with love. When fear is guiding you, “I don’t want this. I push this aside,” then fear is leading you to keep reconnecting with that which is pushed away. But when love is guiding you, not trying to get away from “this” but reaching out to “that” because the heart says yes to “that,” and when this is done with no denial of the “this,” but simply refusal to become identified with it, then you’ll find that the way opens and develops for you. This is true of relationships; it’s true of your work, your health, of every aspect of your life. Let love choose, not fear.

Q.: In our conversations, we are looking at kind of a human-centric Earth.

Aaron: Can you explain your term, human-centric Earth?

Q.: Well, we’re talking about our incarnations as humans and the flow of our karma. I’m hoping you could discuss some about the other beings of this world and how we should be relating to them, and what they’re karmic story is.

Aaron: You ask how we can relate to other beings. Do you mean other nonhuman sentient beings? It makes no difference whether it’s a tree or a dog or an ant or a bird or flower, it’s still a sentient being and needs to be related to with kindness. You co-create the world with these beings, not control the world because you are human.

The nature of the human experience is that you have certain responsibilities. You have a different level of consciousness than a fish or an ant. You have the ability to hold a bigger picture, to think ahead and remember in ways that some sentient beings are not capable of doing. That does not give you as humans the right to order other beings about. You still ask. You do have the right as human to set certain parameters.

By way of example, there were 100 acres of woods and fields behind Barbara’s house 10 or 15 years ago. And then there was the intention to build a housing development there. The land was rolling and there were many trees including some very beautiful young evergreens. At the point where the project was decreed to happen, and it was stated that they were going to come in with bulldozers and mow down everything, Barbara went out into the field with a wheelbarrow and began to dig up 3 and 4 and 5 foot evergreens, to invite them to the property line and into her yard.

She spent much of the spring and summer on the project, starting just after the earth had thawed in the spring when it was a good time to transplant. She decided where she wanted the trees, carried them into the yard, planted them, and found that within two weeks that some had died. Then it occurred to her that she needed to ask them where they wanted to be. She began to wheel them into her yard and ask them, “Where would you like to be?” She started to get answers that would have put them within the area she wanted as an open grassy area, so she said to me, “Aaron, do I have to let them go anywhere?” I said to her, no, you are co-creating. It’s a mutually agreed on choice. Decide on the various areas of the yard where you like an evergreen. When you go out to dig them up, envision those areas, and ask, “Which of you would like to come back and be in one of these areas?” If they don’t volunteer, don’t take them. If they do volunteer, when you get back to your yard ask, “Now, do you want to be in this grouping up here by the house or back here by the orchard? Where would you like to be, in which part of the yard? But no, the green meadow is not an option.”

Co-creating. You have mutual respect, respect for yourself and respect for the other sentient beings. And together you co-create the world. Does that answer your question?

Q.: It helps, thank you.

Aaron: Those trees are now, I have no sense of how high, maybe 40 feet tall. They are big, big healthy trees, very happy where they’ve been invited and welcomed.

Q.: How about our working with beings that are not on planet Earth? Higher-level beings.

Aaron: When you say that, do you mean non-material beings like myself, or material beings on other planets, or both?

Q: Both!

Aaron: We have two different categories of beings with whom you work and subcategories within those categories. Let us take them separately, beginning with those of positive polarity. You each have guides. They will not take incarnation on the earth, at least not now, although some of them may be third density beings who will eventually take incarnation. But right now they are spirit plane beings without the physical body. Your relationship with them will be as it would be with any sentient being, one of mutual respect and co-creation. No positively polarized entity would disregard your free will. If some entity, physical or nonphysical, tries to order you around, say no. Say it with love, but say no.

Beyond your personal guidance and those entities that are committed to the development of the earth plane and supporters of sentient beings on the earth plane, there are many, many planes of evolution, material and nonmaterial. Within the founding of the earth is the agreement of non-intervention on the earth. Non-intervention means that any being such as myself who chooses to come, must incarnate. Some might say, “Well, you’re intervening, Aaron.” But I’m not because I am not taking material form on the earth, I’m not wearing a Support My Candidate button, and I support your free will. And I fully trust that if the candidate I would hope win does not win, this is the result of your present karma and it simply points out the work that needs to be done. So I teach, but do now force in any way.

I may not intervene by taking incarnation unless I am willing to fully commit myself to the Earth’s karmic field, to come in as human and again to live as human.

There are non-material beings that I would call mischievous spirits. They are not strongly negative, because Earth has such a powerful force field of love and light around it that very strong negativity can only come in by incarnation. There is certainly strong negativity on the earth but strong negativity is very discomforted. For example, beings from some other planet will be repelled by this strong force field of love. But there are many what I call mischievous spirits who want to intervene.

There was, a long time ago–there are stories even in your Bible–beings who came in what seemed to be spaceships. They wanted power. They wanted to see if this was a place where they could control things a bit. They set themselves up as gods, and people, the humans of the day, thought that they were gods. They were leading people into subservience and fear. Other beings, very loving beings, these latest from the Pleiades, came to the Brother/Sisterhood of Light with a plan. These beings from the Pleiades were what we call shape changers. They had the ability to emulate any life form in such a convincing way that nobody would know that they were not of that life form. And they said, “Let us come to the earth and emulate these so-called gods from outer space but give a positive rather than a negative message, one that empowers humans.”

There is free will. The Brother/Sisterhood of Light do not rule on such requests but rather are simply a listening body, a place to discuss it. It was up to them to make the decision. I was not there. I am presently a part of this Brother/Sisterhood of Light but I was not there at this time long, long ago. My teacher, Ariel, was one of the grounding beings of the earth, the founders of the earth, was there. This is what I learned from Ariel. The recommendation was to just leave it alone, trust the human to deal with this. If he gets caught for a while in the power and in idolizing these beings, he will grow past it. Trust the human. But others said, “No, we need to come to their aid.” Ultimately it was up to the Pleiadeans to decide.

They came. They did model positive polarity. They did help to empower the humans that were thusly caught. But they also created the idea, “Maybe we need to be saved by others. Maybe we can’t do it on our own.” And almost all of them became caught in the Earth’s karmic field. They needed then to take incarnation as humans and to go through, for some of them, many lifetimes as human.

There is no right or wrong way here. The question for me is simply, is the basis of this decision one of love or is it one of fear? Sometimes there’s both. If you have an illness, let’s say cancer, and the doctor says, “Well, we should do surgery and then radiation or chemotherapy,” what decides? That part of you that wants to live and that trusts medical science of today, which is knowledgeable, knows such treatment could be a loving thing to do. Then there might also be the response that says, “I’m terrified of that cancer. Just get rid of it! Do anything! Get it out of me!” That’s fear.

That there is fear does not invalidate the loving response. You might still choose to go with the surgery and other treatment. And it could be a very loving choice. But you have to know there is fear and attend to the fear. Or you might discover, “This is not what I need to do; this is just fear speaking. I have other ways to handle this disease.” It’s not what you do, whether it comes more from a place of love than from a place of fear.

It doesn’t matter what the entity is, whether it’s human, some plant or animal life on Earth, a spirit, a material being on another plane, it doesn’t matter what it is. Understand it. Strive to co-create with it, to co-create a universe of love. That’s all. State your firm intention as a force of love and invite whatever other forces of love, that wish to work with you to help further love in the universe.

Watch this in yourselves in the coming weeks. Keep asking yourself, “Can I see both the love-based and the fear-based part of this movement within me? Can I hold space for the fear-based so the love-based intention can be strengthened?”

Something I teach frequently: that which is aware of fear is not afraid; that which is aware of anger is not angry. It doesn’t mean there is no fear or anger. You do not have to get rid of the fear or anger to find that spacious awareness that is not afraid, not angry, not filled with greed or doubt or confusion. It’s right there. If the window is dirty, we don’t break it out and install a new piece of glass. The primary characteristic of the window glass is clarity, and it may also be dirty. When it is dirty, we’ll wash it.

We are not afraid of the dirt on the window and we don’t get caught up in thinking, “These windows are just so dirty they’ll never have light again.” We know the innate clarity of the window and we invite it back. When contraction comes as fear, as anger, as confusion, as greed, right with that contraction is that which is not contracted. Right there with fear is love.

In simplest terms, if you have a toothache and your mind is focused on, “Oh, it hurts, it hurts. Why me? It’s not fair, and it’s Sunday morning and I can’t see the dentist until tomorrow. Not fair!” take a deep breath and ask yourself, do my feet hurt? Does my back hurt? “Ah, these wonderful feet. They don’t hurt. I appreciate them so much and my back feels good and my shoulders feel good. Yes, I have a toothache. It would be good to take some aspirin…” or rinse it or whatever it is you do for first aid for a toothache, but don’t get so caught up in it that you can’t see anything else. Gratitude is a wonderful practice to bring you back into that innate clarity and radiance of being.

As you practice gratitude, loving kindness and spacious awareness for yourselves, you teach it to others. And as you teach it to others, and enough of you teach it to others, hopefully you will have a country in which you can choose the candidate who is most grounded in love and non-dual awareness.

If there are no further questions we will end here. It has been good to speak to you tonight. Please do go out and work for the candidate of your choice and also listen carefully to the other candidate and try to understand the basis of fear or confusion from which the statements seem to be coming. Do so in order that you don’t just condemn from a place of opposition but truly try to understand, because you will then have compassion for this opposition view rather than just condemnation for it. From the strength of that compassion you are much better able to say no than from the place of condemnation and oppositionality.

My blessings and wish for a good night, a good month, and a good election.

(recording ends)

Copyright © 2008 by Barbara Brodsky