Wednesday Evening with Aaron
November 19, 2008

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Keywords: Earth(power places/ley lines), evolution/stages of consciousness/densities, heart opening (gratitude), Earth history (Lemuria, Atlantis), (money, personal power, crystals), karma, (push-hands, bodhisattva, 7-Branch Prayer, money, parenting children)

Aaron: My blessings and love to you all. I am Aaron. Contrary to your assumptions, I can give a very short opening talk! I want to speak to the power places question that you were just discussing.

You also are each power places. (Before Aaron began, the group was discussing power places) Just as the earth has special places where the power is stronger, and comes forth more to the surface, each of you, as you stand on the earth and open yourselves, becomes a power place if you will permit it. In other words, you plug into the earth and become a place where the earth can send its energy forth through you. Of course, it's not just the earth's energy; it's a mixture of the earth's energy and your own energy. But you all have that capacity to serve as a transmitter of power.

How does one transmit in this way? You know I'm going to sneak something about gratitude in here, don't you, since this is our Thanksgiving gathering. When you're experiencing gratitude, the heart is very open. There is joy. There is lack of contraction. When you're experiencing gratitude and thusly open, then the power that's within the earth can better move through you and radiate out.

You've all met people from whom you feel a strong sense of power. It's not a power that tries to control or manipulate in any way; usually it's far from that. So it's not a power that intimidates you but one that empowers you. Such people have simply learned how to put their roots into the earth and draw the energy from the earth up through themselves, and to draw the energy down into the crown chakra, and open the heart. They know their oneness with All That Is.

These earth power places really serve the same function, to empower. They are places where people have come together through many different cultures and time periods because the power was close to the earth's surface there; because these ley lines are there. And these spiritual gatherings of people have heightened the power of the places.

Even when these power places on the earth are close to the ley lines, they need to be revealed and invited to open; they are thusly invited by the human presence there that invites their further opening. There are some power places on the earth that are infrequently visited; there is much potential power there. It has not expressed itself and multiplied itself.

Barbara was speaking, for example, of the hollow behind her cabin, which several people of different traditions have found. Several years ago there was a South American shaman who gave a presentation at Michigan Friends Center and was at the lake for the weekend. Barbara had seen him although not spoken to him; he does not speak English. She was sitting and meditating on the dock in the morning when he came down to the beach.

So in the afternoon, I suppose during a break, he went for a walk and Barbara saw him out the window and recognized him, having met him at the lake in the morning. He was just sitting down there in that hollow. She walked out, curious. Communication was difficult, he spoke limited English and she is deaf. But she just came down and stood like this (extending hands outward) and he nodded. She pointed to herself and the cabin and he smiled. So in some way they were communicating about the power of this place. He had been sitting there for 15 or 20 minutes when she came out, so it was long enough that it was clear he was absorbed by the power of the place and moved by it. I give that just as one example. Several people not close to Barbara or people with whom she has not previously spoken, have felt that as a power place.

So next spring or summer, go out and sit there. Let the earth speak to you. I'm suggesting that because it's one of the closest, although as Barbara said there is a place in Bird Hills Park that also has power, although I don't think as strong as the hollow behind the cabin.

Just sit there and meditate. As you feel the energy coming up from the earth, express gratitude for it and then ask, "How can I be a medium for this power and help to bring it forth in the world in ways that serve the highest good, and with love?" Listen carefully. Even if you don't really believe that you hear your guides, at some level you'll hear something. You may simply see a bird flying off and feel moved to follow it. Something will speak to you. Just listen. And express your appreciation of this place.

Gratitude is a heart of it. Gratitude invites the energy field to open. Once the energy field is open, you can connect into the earth and into these power spots. And in some way they will communicate their need to you, of what you can do to support the good that they may bring forth into the world.

Gratitude always opens your energy field and chakras. When there is fear, sadness or anger, gratitude is a potent antidote. There is always something for which to be grateful, some place to begin. Gratitude allows you to connect with the power of divinity, within and in the world.

That's all on gratitude. Let me hear your questions.

Q: The question has to do with, as you just spoke about gratitude and how it affects power and opening of heart, could you maybe talk about how does trust and fear, how do they either support or detract from power and from our power.

Aaron: How do trust and fear impact power. Trust, like gratitude, is a heart-opening, non-contracting emotion. There's a deep sense of joy and connection. I think what these have in common–gratitude, trust, appreciation, faith–they are uncontracted energies and they lead you into your interconnection with all that is. It's hard to feel gratitude without feeling connected to that for which you feel gratitude, and likewise with trust. There's a strong sense of connection.

When you experience that non-duality, the energy field is open. You become an antenna of sorts. Power comes from above into the crown chakra; power comes from the earth; you vibrate with it and it broadcasts out. It doesn't broadcast out as power so much as love. You simply become a beacon of openheartedness, non-duality, and love. People feel that energy coming from you. I could not say it's not your energy, but it's also the earth's energy, divine energy. It's all coming together right there in you.

Fear and any contracting emotion close off this channel. So you could be standing on the greatest power spot on earth but nothing comes through. You are like a black hole absorbing all that energy spinning into nothingness instead of spinning it out where it is accessible.

(Q hands written question)

"Aaron, I did as you suggested. I chose a crystal (Q offers crystal to Aaron) . I attuned myself to it. I talked to it and asked the question that you gave me: how do I more deeply attune myself to the inner meridians and the earth meridians? I received the following: 'By intention, Keys of Enoch, 2:16.'

I looked up 2:16 in the Keys of Enoch. It does speak of activating 12 crystalline fields within the earth's logos so that man can communicate with distant galaxies. I really do not understand much of what it is saying. Am I on the right track? Help! Love and light, S."

Aaron: The crystal you chose has 12 points. Did you notice that? Keys of Enoch...(looking up in book that Q has offered)

"These crystal tongues..." I am reading here from 2:16 in the book Keys of Enoch. This is copyright 1977, J.J. Hurtak. "A teaching given on the 7 levels to be read and visualized in preparation for the Brotherhood of Light to be delivered for the quickening of the people of light."

Did you have this book? (Q: Yes) Your question was, how do I more deeply attune myself to the inner meridians and the earth meridians? Reading: "Key number 16 is speaking of the greater unity we will share with the many universes when we begin to use crystal tongues of living fire to achieve even greater knowledge beyond that which can be achieved by contemporary radio physics, radio astronomy and communications. These crystal of living fire are activated crystals which are used to carry on communication with star regions of intelligences operating within or beyond our electromagnetic system."

I am reading just here and there... "Crystals are to be used as devices to amplify and filter communication signals."

"Fundamental building blocks to set up a measurable grid on a larger harmonic system which allows for different combinations of light structures to unite and form myriads of gravitational wave combinations, which in turn react with one another to transmit thought forms to physical planetary realities."

"These 12 crystalline"...let me back up, "The higher evolution will also activate 12 crystalline fields of communication within the earth's planetary logos so that man can communicate with distant galaxies. These crystalline fields are to be found throughout the world in 12 subterranean channels where crystalline energy has been previously used <to add to> the scientific technology."

"This will allow us to unlock the grid mappings and understand why these crystalline centers are used as coordination points for many fields of communication, to overlap with the living light. These 12 crystalline grids intersecting the earth act as focal points for the transmission of faster-than-light particles. These grids are a combination of momentum space angles, controlling faster-than-light particle movement and crystal polarization lights."

"<Other> condition faster-than-light particles being used in extra-terrestrial communication, the crystalline focal points can be used to cause the wave amplitudes to collapse and set up a wave helix. These opened crystalline fields in the earth will allow for the biocommunication to take place beyond the present electromagnetic spectrum."

"Crystal communication is capable of going beyond our electromagnetic spectrum by being activated by the proper side grids, aligned with 12 crystalline chambers built into the grid structure of the earth."

Okay. Did you have this crystal or did you purchase it? You had it. It's a very powerful crystal. May I ask how it came to you?

Q: I do not remember. (Group members talk about features of the crystal, 2 little mountains? shadows)

Aaron: Let me give some background here. The earth of course does not exist in a vacuum. You are a part of a <grid> complexity of life forms. And evolving into readiness to be a more mature part of this Brother/Sisterhood of Light. You as humans have a great deal of power, but until the more recent human past your readiness to be a more core part of the Brother/Sisterhood of Light has been blocked by your reactivity to your emotions. You have the heavy emotional and physical body and there's strong reactivity that led you to kill,<to destroy>.

Although it is not what the one known as Jesus was known for, he was raised as part of an Essene brotherhood, and that was his background, Brother/Sisterhood, that was his background. The Essenes of that time were the ones who held some of the ancient teachings as presented here.

There's so much history here it's hard to capsulize it. Those of Lemuria were connected directly into this Brother/Sisterhood of Light. They had the physical structure of the body although it was an androgynous body, not male or female. It was light-oriented in the sense that there were really not strong emotions.

When something is connected, the male and the female connected in this way, it's balanced. When you pull it apart then it moves into some degree of imbalance, seeking how to come back into balance while still maintaining the uniqueness of the male or female energy.

Lemuria we might say degraded into Atlantis. People became, we have here the whole Garden of Eden myth, more curious about how they existed, what they were as separate from the Divine rather than knowing themselves as fully non-dual with the Divine. So they began to experiment in different ways, and one of them (was) the separation of male and female energy. Discordance arose, many different kinds of discordance. I've spoken on Atlantis before and I won't go into depth on it. You can find it in our Aaron archives, but eventually Atlantis decayed because of the discord.

If you can think about what happens in an infant, the newborn infant does not experience itself as dual in any way and then it starts to understand its separation from its mother, that at some level it's separated. And then it goes through a phase of demanding, "I want that, not this!" It moves through a strong emotional phase. It's part of its growth, it's necessary. And in the same way for you as humans, that infancy was part of it. The terrible 2's were part of it. The teenage rebellious years were part of it. And now you are adults, and you are slowly beginning how to put aside those forces that have pulled you in so many directions and led to destruction, and how to live harmoniously and co-creatively with your world.

First you must master it in yourselves and in the world before you connect out there into the universe. Just like you don't give a 5-year-old a welding torch with 2000 degrees of heat. First he's got to learn how to light a candle. You don't give a 10-year-old a car that's capable of going 80 miles an hour; first he needs to ride his bike safely.

The Essenes, the Druids, and some other groups through your history, carried and maintained the knowledge of Lemuria. The one you know as Jesus or Jeshua helped to sharpen the focus of those teachings. So in one sense you could say he was teaching love and forgiveness. He didn't talk about the need to learn these things in order to take your place as mature citizens of the universe but he knew it, and that's where his teaching was coming from. It was not useful to talk about it in those larger terms, only to remind you, no matter what the catalyst you are capable of a loving response. And to give anything else does not serve you or the world. So he put it in as simple terms as possible.

Children of the Essene community in those times in which Jeshua grew up were raised as babies to recognize a strong emotion like anger, to be mindful with it and not to act it out in the world, and also not to feel ashamed of it. To simply note, "This emotion has arisen in me. I will take care of it until it passes away." So these were the tools with which to work with the negative fear, anger, and so forth, and to stay uncontracted.

The skill, how to do that, was essential to the next steps that were taught to the higher adepts in the Essene community such as light-regeneration. You know your Bible talks about people who were 500, 600 years old. How did they do that? The knew how to open their energy fields completely, bring in light, regenerate the heavy-density body. Resurrect themselves, in a sense. I don't speak of this with any disrespect but His resurrection was simply his mastery of this process, which others were also taught.

So he was teaching this process and this process was understood, that you are light, and how to work with that light and develop the self as light. The world was not quite ready, for Jeshua, for the Essene teachings, for what had been lost in Lemuria. You went through perhaps 1900 years of wars and needing to act out your fear and hatred until you were finally convinced, this doesn't work. We're just going to keep killing each other. It's time for something else.

Finally in this last century, enough of you had become older and wiser souls and were ready to bring forth a different consciousness on Earth. It's been a progressive evolution of consciousness. If we think of the child developing, that infant consciousness and childhood consciousness, the baby has what we might call mythical consciousness, magical consciousness. It feels its anger. It thinks if it's angry, it will destroy with its anger. It knows its power at some level, but it doesn't know how to use or handle its power. I'm capsulizing here but it grows through into rational consciousness and the whole age of rational man, or what we might call vision logic consciousness, which is the next step, where we step beyond the purely rational and begin to envision, but it's still within the realm of what is rational.

And finally the shift into non-dual consciousness where you begin to know your connection with everything. You are now emerging into this non-dual consciousness, and that's why many of you are here incarnate. The whole earth is shifting into this higher consciousness and will become a ground for higher consciousness. The Earth and the sentient beings upon it are ready to take their place truly as adult part of this Brother/Sisterhood of Light, and as you move into that, you move into readiness to connect out there, to communicate.

There are a number of people, some that I know of personally, who are involved in just such a kind of communication. Both people who are mediums like this instrument but channeling extraterrestrial sources. Some of you may know of Barbara's friend Carla in Kentucky who channeled many large volumes of material called the Ra material. This is a direct statement from an extraterrestrial source. Very strongly grounded in positive polarity. So beings outside of the earth plane are gathering to support this shift of the earth plane into higher density, into a 4th density non-dual higher consciousness planet.

All that is background for your question, "How do I more deeply attune myself to the inner meridians and to the earth meridians? By intention, Keys of Enoch 2:16." By intention, to state the deepest intention of the self. To be of loving service. You may want to start each day with the statement phrased in your own words, "I consecrate this body and mind and energy to the Light, to the service of all beings." This is the statement of intention. And then you simply ask, "How can I best serve? What do I need to know?" So you ask to be directed.

Your crystal is speaking to you, your attunement is clear, you heard the message, you found the chapter.

Q: I don't understand any of it!

Aaron: Don't worry about that. (Q: Okay, good!) Just read it and give it time to sink in. Reflect on what I've said here, on the whole pathway. Then take, your crystal is a very powerful one for this work, take your crystals and ask it, "I do not understand. I need explanation." Not your crystal itself, but your guides will begin to talk to you and support your understanding. Okay?

Q: Thank you.

Q: I have a question about what you just said. Could you talk a little bit more about this higher level of consciousness that you see is emerging and how the issue of non-duality, where is that going to lead to, and how you envision that.

Aaron: I love these Wednesday night sessions where we don't have to stay with direct meditation and dharma but can range off into the esoteric!

Most of you have heard me talk about the different, what I call densities. First density is gas and mineral. Second is vegetable and non-self-aware animal, moving into the self-aware animal. And then third density is human. But this is only the first 3 of 8 densities.

Earth has been until now a third density planet. Earth is evolving, transitioning into a fourth density planet. Fourth density beings do not have any karmic pull that pulls them back into a heavy body, but they're still not fully evolved sentient beings. By the end of third density, there are still emotions that arise but there's no reactivity to those emotions. So when anger arises, one is able to note, "Here is anger." One does not need to suppress or act out the anger, one simply holds space for it. One understands it has arisen out of conditions, it will dissolve, so there's no fear of the anger. One does not further the conditions of the anger by getting caught up in the stories, who's to blame, how do I fix it, and that kind of thing. One just holds loving space until the anger dissolves.

And then of course if there was something strongly distorted that served as a base for the anger, one may wish to attend to that distortion. For example, if there was anger, seeing Person A abusing Person B, you don't have to go in and scream with your anger at Person A, or punch Person A, you hold space. You cannot act out of your anger or you'll just do more harm. Right there, "that which is aware of anger is not angry," it comes faster and faster. People sometimes say to me, "Aaron, does that mean I have to wait 3 or 4 days before I can say anything to Person A who's still beating up Person B?" No. It comes faster and faster. You gain the capacity to move and speak from this place of clarity and love. Right there with the anger, but it's not the anger speaking, so that kindness steps up and say, "Now wait a minute, you can't keep hitting him." Love is willing to speak up. But there's no contraction, there's no fear, there's no grasping.

The presence of held distorted bodily contraction is often the key clue. When there's anger and you're acting from a place of anger, there's often contracted energy. The contraction may come with the anger, but as soon as you come back into that open place of non-anger, the contraction dissolves. It comes but it's that kind of contraction. It just comes and it goes. There's no self-identity with it.

So at this point, the being who has reached this point is no longer creating unwholesome karma that will pull them back into a new incarnation on this heavier density sphere. They are ready to graduate into fourth density.

Fourth density has not been a material density. It will become so. This is what this whole transition of the Earth is about, the Earth is becoming a fourth density planet where more and more of you are able to act in mature ways, knowing that you are non-dual with the other and with the Earth. That whatever, it's said very simply, "What goes around, comes around." What you send out comes back to you. If you want what comes back to you to be loving, what you send out needs to be loving. And as you truly know that truth and begin to act not as if "I will be kind to her," but "I'm being kind to myself, everything is a reflection or expression of myself and of the Divine. That's all there is." So then you're ready to evolve into fourth density beings. And each density then takes it higher.

Q: Does that connect to what you were saying about the Essene Jews, that movement, had seen like how Jesus had learned to resurrect, that kind of self-generation, how does that intersect...

Aaron: Parts of the Essene community were fourth and fifth density beings here to teach and hold those ancient learnings so they would not be lost in the Earth, and also the Druids, as I mentioned, and there were some others in other parts of the world. Some in Asia and other parts of the world.

Q: So that's how they regenerated their bodies? You had said that Jesus' resurrection was...

Aaron: Is that how Jesus regenerated the body? Through these light principles, yes. How does a plant grow, sister? How does a plant grow from a tiny seed? Think of a redwood tree, a mammoth tree, yet it comes from a small seed. Imprinted in that seed is the memory of what it is. Can it grow without light? No. It's not consciously aware of the light, as the human is, and it takes the nourishment in through its roots. The seed knows its interconnection with everything, but the human is asked to take it one step further and do this in a conscious way. You are no different than a redwood tree except that you must now do it with consciousness.

Q: So does fourth and fifth density lose the importance of the body?

Aaron: Fourth and fifth density presently is non-material, but fourth density, the whole shift, this whole transition, or what you have entitled New Age, is simply about the shift of Earth into a fourth density material plane.

Fourth density beings are telepathic. I spoke before of having equanimity with emotion, not being reactive to emotion in yourself and others. Now, if suddenly you're telepathic, is that okay with you? What if everybody here could read your thoughts, are you comfortable with that? No. What if you could read everybody else's thoughts? Might that be a little alarming? But you're evolving to that because at a point where you feel complete equanimity with emotions and thoughts and understand they simply arise out of conditions, they're impermanent, they're not from a base of self but simply from conditions, there's compassion. When somebody has a negative thought, there's immediately compassion, not judgment for them. And you know that others will respond the same way to you, if the conditions are still present for a negative thought to arise.

At this point, because there's no contraction around what's arising, fourth density is the density of the learning of compassion. Fifth density is the density of wisdom. So you are learning these things, moving into the readiness for fourth density but for some of you perhaps, and your children and grandchildren, they will be fourth density beings but here upon the Earth and literally co-creating with the Earth rather than trying to force. Co-creating in terms of working together to plan and create with the Earth, to plan and create. You know that your plants grow better when you give them love.

Some years, many years ago, they were to build a subdivision on the land behind Barbara's house. There were some hundred or more small evergreens, many of which Barbara had planted out there as tiny seedlings, and now they were between 2 and 4 feet tall. They were simply coming in with bulldozers and mowing everything down. So she went out into the fields and started digging up the evergreens and moving them into her yard. Some of them flourished and some of them died.

She asked me, "What am I doing different?" I said, "You're not asking which ones want to come and live in your yard." So she began to go out and ask, "Who wants to come and live in the yard?" And I suggested she ask where they want to live. Then some of them said they wanted to live right in the middle of the open area. I pointed out to her that this is a co-creation. It's okay to say to them, "You are welcome to escape the bulldozer and come and live in my yard, and the places you can live are against that side of the yard or against that side of the yard, or in front. Where would you like to be? But the middle is not an option because I want an open sunny space." So you're co-creating. Now some of you have seen these trees, they are 40, 50 feet tall. They've grown with great joy.

Co-creating, working with living things. There is a book, Living as if the God in All Life Mattered, by <look up author>. She was plowing a garden, howing a garden, or perhaps using a rototiller, and she noticed she was breaking up and killing worms. She didn't want to kill worms so she paused at the end of the row. She said out loud, "I'm going to go in and get a cup of tea and then I'm going to come back out and plow this strip. Please move." She came back out, she plowed, and there was not a worm to be seen. And she was curious so she looked in the row she had just plowed–filled with worms. She looked over here where she had not plowed yet–filled with worms. But right where she was plowing, no worms.

You can communicate. You can co-create. This is non-dual consciousness. And when you co-create in this way with the intention for the highest good of all beings, ALL beings, not just human beings, not just your family but all families and the birds and the trees, this Earth can become that Garden of Eden. It has that potential. But it's up to you to bring that forth, to invite it, to co-create it.

You cannot co-create it from the small ego. You can co-create it from the divine center, from the aspect of you that knows you are connected to everything, that you are divine, that you are radiant, that you are beautiful, and everything else is also. And from that place, anything is possible.

Let us hear from some others.

Q: There is a great deal of suffering around the matter of economics in our world right now. Would you, Aaron, speak to this and perhaps give us your thoughts on how to be with this situation skillfully.

Aaron: You are material beings and fear around material possessions is very strong. There is always the fear, will my needs be met? Will there be enough? Money and sexuality are the two areas of the greatest confusion, for most of you.

Money is just a token of exchange of energy, however it's given. Sometimes you give somebody something and they give you the golden coin for it. Sometimes you give somebody something and they give you something else in return, another material object. Sometimes you give somebody something and they give you a hug. It's about exchange of energy. But as long as you think of it in terms of the individuated self and what I have and what I need to hold on to, there will be conflict about it because there is then the misunderstanding that there is lack of abundance when in truth there is abundance.

This Earth is fully able to support every sentient being, human and otherwise, that lives upon it, if you would work cooperatively and with the Earth. So you just keep creating this unwholesome karma for yourself, coming up short. "There's not enough for everybody, what will we do?" This whole situation with the carmakers is a perfect example.

The people who are doing the planning here are thinking, "How would this $25 billion be distributed? How would it be used? Who will gain and who will lose?" as if it was a finite amount and that what was returned had to be in kind, the same $25 billion coming back with interest.

You have the power to create all of these vehicles, as many vehicles as you need. You don't yet ask, how many do we need? Just, "Cars are being made. I need mine. Will I have the money to pay for it?" People with their jobs, "Will I have the job making the cars so somebody else can buy them, so I get can get my money?" But you're not thinking of it as exchange of energy, you're thinking of it as hoarding, measuring exactly what you give and what you get. It has a lot of fear in it.

I don't have an answer to the financial predicament with the carmakers. Actually I have several answers but they're rather radical. And they don't just concern the cars. For example, part of the car cost is so high because the people who are paid to make the cars have high expenses. The car companies have high expenses to pay the people, such as high medical insurance. Barbara read a figure, I don't remember what it was...I don't remember the figure but it was quite an alarming amount of the automakers' income which was paid by the car company. Let me phrase that differently. An alarming amount of money was paid by the car company to provide the free health insurance and other benefits, and the health insurance costs are so high because your medical costs are completely out of hand.

Now, what if there was completely free medicine? I don't know how this would be done but I know some countries do it. What if there was no need for this health insurance? Then the cost to make the cars would come down. They would not be in this much trouble if they weren't paying out all those millions of dollars to cover the costs of the insurance for the employees. The labor unions have negotiated that out of fear, "We're going to get ours!" Well yes, but the whole thing collapses.

As long as you are thinking of me, what am I going to get, or even us, what are we going to get--our union, our state, our country, instead of thinking globally, it's all going to keep collapsing. It's not until you finally get this that you're going to be ready to connect out there. Now, some of you are increasingly ready and you will be the ones who become the beacons of light, the ones who connect out into the universe and bring some of the wisdom of the universe in, but you're not going to be any more welcome as mature citizens of the universe than would a 10-year-old running around with his batman costume at a tea party. The bull in the china shop. Right now you're the bull in the china shop. The universe is nowhere near as fragile as a china shop, but you're still the bulls. You haven't learned this yet.

Q: In my experience, having spent my life in the military since I was just out of high school, my role in the military was helping people as a hospital < > and later on as a physician. I saw the horror of what happens when people fight, and I had to pick up the pieces. And as I grew older and older and saw the harsh realities of what our nation is doing in the world with Bush Jr. as our president for 8 years, elected by the American people, and he is probably the worst leader in the history of the world, who killed more innocent women and children all over the world than any other leader except Adolf Hitler in Nazi Germany...

Aaron: The thing is, he is correct that one has to say no. One has to say no to brutality, to terrorism and so forth, but one cannot say no through brutality and terrorism, and he and most of the world have not yet learned how to say no with kindness and compassion. And that can be done. Look at what Gandhi accomplished.

Q: That's why I chose my profession of medicine, to help people, not to hurt them.

Aaron: Very important work.

Q: And I'm hoping that Obama will bring a new light into our country and the world, because I am very impressed...

Aaron: Barbara was sent some emails today that are quite astounding. They were of the square in the Chicago, Grant Park, on the night when he made his acceptance speech. Some of you who have been to Brazil or seen pictures of the Casa in Brazil have seen the entities, some of them as streaks of light and some of them small orbs of light. Occasionally when they take pictures, you can see these entities. One here, one there. The pictures of the park showed thousands of these entities, orbs, thousands of orbs, little ones, big ones, streaks, round ones, thousands of these spirit beings. I would hope <this is <>> celebrating with the people! Very beautiful and moving picture. That the whole universe is rejoicing here, because somebody who is of a bit higher consciousness is moving into this role of power. Somebody who better understands co-creation. So it was an inspiring picture.

Other questions?

Q: Is human existence lower than your existence?

Aaron: Not lower, no. Not on a scale of better-worse, higher-lower. But as a young child and an elder, at different levels of maturity and understanding. So I'm more of an elder, you are a bit younger. You are all maturing and you have the same potential as I do, just as the child will mature into a wise and loving elder.

Q: Were you ever human?

Aaron: Oh yes, through many lifetimes, yes.

Q: Will you ever be human again?

Aaron: I will not be human again. I have no need to come back to human form and I can teach better in this way, speaking through Barbara.

Q: What would a need for human form look like?

Aaron: It's basically about karma and that there is, I don't know what you understand of karma, but karma is based in intention. (pushing with volunteer) If every time she pushes me, I push back, she's just going to push me again, I'm going to push back. Finally I get tired of pushing and I slug her, and takes a pipe and hits me over the head with it. We're just creating more and more unwholesome karma.

If she pushes me and I collapse and she says, "Oh, I can get away with pushing people," and she turns to find somebody else to push, it's also unwholesome karma. I'm inviting her moving into being the bully because I'm not saying no. I can't say no by pushing back, and I can't just run away from it. (Push! Push!) I am just feeding it back to her, the pushing-arms exercise, do you know that one? The pushing-arms tai chi exercise. I just let it go by me. I don't get caught up in it. She can push me as much as she wants. She's not going to push me over. Eventually she'll get tired of it. I don't get caught in it.

Aaron: We learn how to say no with compassion. You must participate in the world but you participate with love. Then you stop creating unwholesome karma. As long as there is unwholesome karma, it literally draws you back into the human form because there's something you have to learn from the human form. You keep coming back to learn how to live with love and not to push back.

Q: Where did karma start? Where did this whole thing, need to be human, start?

Aaron: Karma starts for humans really in the first lifetime. The first lifetime where there is self-awareness. So the algae doesn't have karma. But as you move into self-awareness and think in terms of a self, protecting itself against that, and separate, then you start this flow of karma and the whole learning process through so many lifetimes is to let go, to understand, "Yes, I am a unique being. I exist. But I'm interconnected with everything, and any harm I do will come back to me." And finally to understand, it's not even about me and that, it's not that I don't do harm to protect to myself, I don't do harm because everything else is a reflection of me. It's all part of God, it's all divine. I can't harm anything or I harm myself.

So the karma is quite specific. For example, a person who has, we talk about karma as related to habit energies. Some of you have the habitual tendency, if somebody is harassing you, to get up and scream at them, to lose your temper. Others might have the habitual tendency to want to run and get away. Some of you, when somebody is harassing you, might try to call forth power and look big, and others might feel very unworthy, intimidated and ashamed.

Each of these is a karmic thread, so to speak. Did you see the movie Groundhog Day? That's a movie about karma. He's following the same pattern over and over and asking, "How do I get it right?" He just keeps coming back to the same scene every morning and trying to figure out, how do I do this with more love and in a way where I will not do harm? How do I release these old habit energies and start to relate in a new and interconnected way instead of in a way of separation and control, and seeking of personal power against something else?

Through many lifetimes, you resolve and balance the karma. You resolve it and then you also need to balance it. Finally when it's completely resolved and balanced, there's nothing to pull you back into a human lifetime. You may still choose to come in. In Buddhist terms, the being is called a bodhisattva. That's a Buddhist term but different religions will have their own terms for it. This is a being that has no karmic need to come into the incarnation but chooses to do so simply in service to all beings. So it's not acting out from karma. Many of you probably know very clear beings who rarely become angry and never act out their anger, who are deeply kind and generous, deeply loving. These beings may truly have no personal karma that drew them to the earth, but they're here as servants to help and inspire and support others. Not many of them. Some beings have just a little bit of personal karma and they're still here largely to support others. And some beings seem to be the bull in the china shop. But eventually after they've destroyed all the china, they're going to have to repair it, to make amends, to bring balance.

In the 1500s, the being I was was a Buddhist monk in Thailand and I finally came to understand my deepest connection with all that is and was able to release and balance old karma. And at that point there was no need for me to come back into a human lifetime. I considered to come back anyhow simply to serve, as I described it, but it felt more useful to me to speak through this instrument. So we have done this numerous times in different lifetimes. She still has a need to be here, she's resolving that need. So she can be my voice and I can be her teacher. Does that answer it for you?

Q: Where did the first lifetime come from?

Aaron: First, many of you were gas and mineral, plant, animal, before you became human, evolving, and evolving life form, and as you evolved into higher intelligence and were ready for more, more responsibility, more intention to live your lives in a clear way, you became increasingly aware of your power in the world and learned how to use that power in skillful ways.

The first lifetime, if I could put it in this way, you are all sparks of God. There was no self-awareness but you were simply part of that energy and light that you might call God or Goddess, Divine, whatever you want to name it. In a way that I cannot describe to you, but if you think of the fire burning and a spark pops out, it's just as ready, the energy is ready and it pops out, there was a readiness for self-awareness. This also takes us back into the Garden of Eden metaphor. So you stepped out and looked around and said, "How did I get here?" There was never any idea of the separate self vs. the divine, and suddenly you looked around and said, "How did I get here, God is out there? How did I end up out of the Garden?"

And then came the seemingly endless round of births, trying to bring yourself back into that unity with the Divine. But you have never really been separate from the Divine, it's just been an illusion. How could you ever be separate from that which is the essence of what you are?

So you come into the illusion. You work with the illusion as a helpful learning tool. You seek to find your way home until you realize you've always been home. This is the process of your evolution. Again it's no different than a child who needs to separate itself from the parents in order to learn. This instrument's children used to sometimes pitch a tent in the back yard. They would say, "Mom, Dad, don't come out. We want to be alone." 4, 5, 6 years old, very brave, a tent in the back yard. And they had flashlights and their snacks and blankets and everything they thought they needed, teddy bear. And they thought, "I am separate now, I am on my own." But of course the parents watched through the window. The parents would not abandon the children, the parents were always there but the children had the illusion of being on their own. So you have this illusion you are separate, but how could you be separate from that which is the core of what you are?

I would like to give some others a chance for questions, those who have not yet spoken.

Q: Speaking of karma and habit energy, I find that I am caught again in what seems to be a habitual pattern in my life of being in a work situation where I feel unheard and not appreciated or understood. I feel separate and cut off from everybody, very isolated, etc. As usual I find that I get very caught in anger and depression, angry at myself a lot and then turning that out toward others. This is all old stuff for me.

Aaron: Yes, it is.

Q: And I understand that, but I don't understand why I keep needing to invite this.

Aaron: It's habit. I know you understand it because we've been through this and talked about it. You don't need to ask anymore, "Why am I doing it?", it's more the knee-jerk reaction. Have you worked consciously with the 7-Branch Prayer?

Q: Not recently, but I have.

Aaron: Come back to it because what's needed here is not so much insight, which is just more of the ego wanting to control, but coming back to a willingness to let go, not trying to figure out, "Why am I holding on to it?" so much as just readiness to say, "I am exhausted by this. I surrender it, I let it go." And then with the 7-Branch Prayer, asking for the help that you need, finding the support and then doing the specific practice. If you remember, we work with what balances, bringing in the energies of balance and support for letting go. Work through it step by step. Take not a huge amount but one specific area of pattern, whichever one feels predominant for you, and just work with that one for a month or so. See what shifts. As it starts to shift, take one other related area, one other karmic area, and work with it.

The 7-Branch Prayer is a practice found in many different religions, in spiritual traditions, articulated subtly differently in each, but you find it in the Buddhist and Christian and Jewish traditions, to name a few. I can't remember which of my books go into detail about it, Path of Natural Light, book 2? Awakened Heart. So I have it in several of my books. The books are online and you can read about it.

It's a beautiful practice in which we ask you to first recognize the habit energy that's causing the pain, to bring forth what I call compassionate regret, very different from shame or guilt. A regret saying, "This hurts me and it hurts others." To ask whatever beings can support you, and for some of you it might be turning to Mary or Jesus or turning to the Buddha, turning to your own spirit guides, whoever you might ask for support. Asking for help. And then, I want you to read it, I don't want to go into all the instructions here, but there's a specific way to work with this habit energy.

We're not working with a habit energy in which there's no insight but a habit energy that you understand conceptually and yet it still keeps coming up, like feelings of deep unworthiness or shame. Every time you try something and somebody questions you about it, shame or doubt comes up. Or when you walk into a social group and people are talking to each other, unworthiness comes up. And you've looked at this, you've looked at it emotionally, you've looked at it perhaps with a therapist. You've meditated about it, you have insight into it, but it still keeps coming up. So it doesn't have any roots anymore, it's just habit. This is the kind of place where the 7-Branch Prayer can be enormously helpful. It's a beautiful process.

It's 9:20 so we have time for one more question.

Q: My youngest daughter, 8 years old, has a hard time leaving me to go to her dad's house <>. How can I help this? Is there a past life with her that would help me understand?

Aaron: When she is at her father's house is she happy? Is it just the leaving?

Q: Mostly the leaving, sometimes she carries it over to his house and she is unhappy there. But she does enjoy being with her dad, but there's a fear of separation of some kind.

Aaron: They have basically a good relationship.

Q: She's a little afraid of <him>, she's not one to say I love you. Maybe she's a little afraid.

Aaron: So he needs to work on this. Is he willing to work on it?

Q: He's going to meet with her therapist soon.

Aaron: This is E you are speaking of? C. Was there this resistance in the beginning when you first separated, or has it just grown more recently?

Q: Since the beginning. It's slowly getting better. He wants her to move...<>

Aaron: There is a past life in which you and C were together and she lost you. So that fear may be bleeding through in part. I think what's important here is just to continue to talk about it with her, to make it clear that her dad loves her and wants to be with her. For him to do the work how to be softer with her, more nurturing, and that it's not at all harmful for her to call you during the day or evening when she's there, that you remain accessible to her, and she knows she can reach out to easily at any time. So she's reassured you are still there.

I wonder here if part of it is some wish, some feeling, if she refuses to go, that the two of you will then come together.

Q: She talks about us being together again a lot.

Aaron: Because you're on good times–it's good you're on good terms, it's helpful. But it also gives mixed cues because the children see that you're friends, so they wonder if you're friends, why can't you live together. So I think at some level she feels if she refuses to go, then the two of you are going to have to get together. And I would not take that route, in other words I would not tell her, "Well, since you're uncomfortable going to Dad's, I'll go with you." Or, "We'll all go together to get a meal," or something. But no. She needs to understand it's safe to go but keep it short. Let her know she can reach you, that you're accessible even when she's not with you.

She does not have a hard time going to school, does she?

Q: Once in awhile, yes.

Aaron: But not consistently?

Q: No.

Aaron: I know he is not abusive to her in any way so it's not that she is being hurt there, but he could be softer and more gentle and that would be a growing place for him as well.

And you can talk to her about the idea that she may be afraid she will lose you. At some level there is still some memory of having lost the birth mother or losing the mother figure, even though she was a baby. There's still some subconscious memory of that. And now of course you are the only mother she's known or remembers, but there's still that subconscious fear, that mother could disappear.

It's 9:30 so we will end here. Thank you for sharing yourselves with me tonight. I want to say 2 more things briefly, here.

I've taken delight in some of the places we've wandered tonight, in talking about the whole evolution of the Earth. Barbara, with a bit of urging on my part, has finally agreed to initiate a 2-year program that we will start next summer. We finally have a lot of vipassana teachers who are very capable here, so I want to personally get away from vipassana being a core focus of what I'll teach. We would ask that everybody who participates in the program have a grounding in vipassana and committed to a daily practice, but we want to look at this much bigger question of the evolution of consciousness-- where you have been, where you are going, as individuals and through the whole earth. Literally becoming beings who are capable of this light regeneration, first at more mundane levels and then at higher and higher levels. Learning how to heal the body and emotions, how to interconnect and know your non-duality with everything around you and live that non-duality.

In a sense I see it as a course in preparing people to be 4th density beings, which is not much different than what we've been doing here for 20 years, but a more focused 2-year course. So I just want to share with you that this is in the plan and we will start next summer. And it will be a small group, perhaps 12 or 15 people who want to commit to that 2-year program. So if it interests you, you might let Barbara know and just think about it. We don't know what the logistics would be. I've promised Barbara in the spring that I'll dictate a curriculum to her.

She was a bit leery of my idea at first and said, "I can't teach that," but of course she can. Twenty years ago she said to me, when I said it's time to start teaching vipassana, she said, "I can't teach that."

Q: What would the name of it be?

Aaron: Probably "Angels in Earthsuits", our old title "Angels in Earthsuits." Learning about the earthsuit and the angelness. But I don't want the focus to be around Buddhist teachings, although as I said, vipassana practice will be an essential part of the course. But what I envision is work in different areas like the chakras, learning to use your energy, watching what blocks power. Learning about laws of abundance and how to generate that in your life. But at a deeper level, learning how to be the non-dual beings that you are, ready to be leaders in this transition to a higher consciousness, to help others walk through this move to a higher consciousness, and to do it yourself. And to see what blocks that, which takes us right back to the vipassana practice, of course, watching what blocks, what happens when fear comes up or anger or confusion. What blockages there are and how to attend to them.

I think that part of my model is that lifetime as a human in the Essene tradition 2000 years ago, what was taught there, but of course there will be vast differences because we're 2000 years older now. Probably a meeting once or twice a month, maybe a group once a month and a private meeting once a month or phone call, and 4 or 5 weekend intensives. They will not be fully silent meditation retreats, but time for coming together for intensive training in different areas. Bringing various practices in that are useful, perhaps breathing, other things that seem helpful.

One suggestion was harmonics and singing bowls and other tools for harmonic healing and vibrational healing. Light generation and so forth. We'll put it together. I'm thinking about the curriculum. Barbara will get it in the spring. So you are the first people I've mentioned it to in this way.

I'm mentioning it partly because if you have any interest in it I would especially like to hear your feedback, what excites you about this, and in what ways do you feel such a course could be helpful to you. What would you wish to learn?

So that's it. I wish you a good night. Thank you for being with me tonight. Next month I will tell Christmas stories.

(recording ends)