Wednesday Evening with Aaron
March 26, 2008

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Keywords: Dependent origination/arising, habit energy, heart opening, learning through challenge, love, Physical Body/earthsuit, true nature?, Four bodies & densities, surrender

Aaron: My blessings and love to you all. I am Aaron. Thank you for being here with me tonight. So much light is filling the room! You are beautiful.

The reason I don't tell Barbara a planned topic ahead of time is I don't know what I'm going to talk about until I see who is here, so I find out what you need to hear.

There is so much pain in your world today–wars, poverty, the environmental destruction – and also you have a political election coming up with debates that are painful. We also look at other countries fighting about whom will rule them.

There's a very beautiful Buddhist teaching, it begins, "We are what we think. With our thoughts, we make the world." What kind of world are you thinking? What kind of beliefs do you hold? Do you truly believe that this earth has the potential to be that promised Eden, or do you hold that as a fairy tale? It does have that potential. Even more, it already is that Eden, it just has a layer of distortion across the surface.

These blinds are across the window so you can't really see out, but if the window were very, very dirty, would anybody here believe that you had to break the windows out and install new glass? You would wash the windows. The window is not impaired at all by the soil.

Your world is not impaired by the present distortions but you need to clean it up. And the clean-up starts here in your heads and in your hearts, in knowing the world that you wish to invite to express itself and supporting that expression. And yet, everyday each of you fail to support that expression because you are so set in the habit energies of a belief in limitation, fear, really the belief that that world cannot be manifest, is not manifest.

There is such a strong habit for most of you to think negatively. I'll give you an example. Barbara's telephone, the line to her telephone, has been broken for quite awhile. A friend rigged the house one single line from the box outside ,snaking through the house and into the living room. Her husband plugged his phone into the line and she plugged hers in;there was only one phone number for the two of them. And for neither of them was it in their office.

They lived with this for several weeks until they got through the waiting list on the phone company. A repairman was to come today to fix it. The telephone company said the repair man would come between 2 and 6. Well, Barbara wanted to go to the gym and get her exercise and was not able to go in the morning. So about 1:15 she said to her husband, "I will go right now and be back soon after 2, and if he comes earlier, you can deal with it." And her husband said, "No, I don't know what's needed. You must stay here." And fear came up. "I won't get to the gym because between 2 and 6 I'll have to wait and wait and wait and wait and wait. And what if he doesn't come until quarter to 6? I have to be here to teach tonight."

So she created all these problems in her mind. How am I going to get to the gym? Why won't the husband stay here and talk to the repairman? Well, he does not know where all the jacks and wiring are as Barbara does, that's true. But I said to her, "Why do you presume the worst? Why do you assume he won't come until 6?"

So she had just resigned herself, feeling annoyed, to wait and suddenly, it was 10 of 2, there was a knock on the door. Yes, here was the repairman. Then she thought, "It's going to take him 4 hours to find the problem." But sure enough, after an hour he had resolved the problem. She thought he was going to have to rewire the whole house because no jack worked anywhere in the house, but it was just a simple break in a wire near the entrance to the house.

Her high-speed internet connection is piggybacked in some way to the telephone line, and now was piggybacked on this emergency line. As soon as the repairman started working, the internet connection went down. Then she thought, "Once he gets the line working, I'm still not going to have internet connection! I don't know how to change it!" Disaster after disaster after disaster. She should know better.

When he said, "I'm done," she said, "My high speed connection is piggybacked on the line you took down," and he said, "Oh, that's easy." (sound effects) "There, is it working?"

The problem was... let me not use the word "problem," the issue was that all of this involved things that Barbara does not know about so she did not feel in control. She could not fix it herself. Total mystery to her how these phone lines work, how the computer was connected. So because she didn't feel in control, fear came up, tension came up. I will note that when I reminded her, "Let go of the fear. Watch the tension and let go," she was able to do so. But the habit energy is so strong that it still came up 3 times successively. "Will I get to the gym?" Then, "How long will it take him to fix it?" Then, "What about the internet connection?" And each time I asked her, "Just envision what it is you seek. See him coming on time. See the repair being easy. See the internet connection being easy. Why should it be a problem?" "We are what we think. With our minds we make the world." What kind of world is it you wish to make in this moment? Why would you make burden for yourself unless for some reason you feel you need that burden?

Clean to here

Now we're getting to the heart of the problem. So many of you are attached to your burdens and problems and you don't want them at the deepest level, but you feel naked without them because they call forth that which is in control. If you cannot control it and if there's nothing to fix in the first place, then you have to let go. And you don't really want to let go, you want to believe that you're controlling things. But you're not.

Everything is in flux and interacting with everything else. Does one wave in the ocean control the next wave or the undertow from the preceding wave? Do the shells on the ocean floor control the waves? Do the waves control the shells? Everything is interactive, as you are all interactive. But when enough of you are interacting from a position of fear, there are all these abrasive edges banging into each other and simply creating more fear. When enough of you relax and learn to trust--we are safe and this loving heart is the core of everything-- not my heart, not your heart–The Heart, the heart we all share, this is the core, and I am part of that heart, and I create the world from that heart--when enough of you are ready to do that, then the world WILL start to change in the positive ways that you wish for but do not yet know how to manifest.

The whole world is in the midst of a shift of consciousness, just as a child is born into a very primitive consciousness in which the child believes that it's the center of the universe, in an ego-based way. It doesn't see itself as interconnected with everything. It doesn't see that there IS anything else, but it's an immature emptiness of self, immature in that fear is still strong. The child progresses through magical consciousness in which it believes that it controls its world, believes in rituals and magic. Finally progresses to rational consciousness. And if the child is spiritually inclined and spiritually mature, it may grow into a state of non-dual consciousness, know its deepest connection with everything.

The world itself is in such a progression and you are all moving from rational consciousness, which has ruled the world for so long, into let us call it "divine consciousness," a consciousness that knows its connection with all that is and lives from that place of knowing interconnection.

Do you know the story of the 100th monkey? This is a simple story that talks about how one monkey picked up a piece of food from the beach and it was covered with sand, so it swished it in the water. It saw that swishing it washed the sand and debris off. Another monkey a distance away saw him do that, had never thought of swishing something in the water before. So the next monkey tried it. A few other monkeys saw. Suddenly all the monkeys in that community of monkeys were washing their food in that way. The behavior was picked up because it was seen, but the power of energy of that behavior somehow made a quantum leap across the world so that monkeys in a faraway place who had never seen the behavior somehow energetically were reminded of the possibility to wash their food in that way, and soon communities of monkeys all over the world were doing it. A 100th monkey, the 1000th monkey, whatever number it may be, it's the number where suddenly this is the predominant behavior and the human takes it for granted.

Those of you who are of this instrument's generation, do you remember recycling when you were 12 years old? Did people just throw litter on the ground? Yes. Unbelievable, isn't it? And yet, today it's the norm, most of you do not throw litter on the ground. Most of you take care of your trash and take care of the earth through recycling. It's the norm.

This change must come for that 100 or 1,000 or 10,000 or 10,000,000 of you, that pivotal number where suddenly it becomes the norm not to hold the belief system of a separate self in confrontation with everything else but to hold the understanding of your deepest interconnection with all that is, that you work harmoniously and lovingly, supporting everything else, everything in this beautiful balance together.

Everything in your life is practice, everything. So for Barbara today she understood it was practice. She understood that the fear energy still comes up. She's mindful of it when it comes up. She stops and meditates. She notes, "Here is fear." But it still comes up. Will I be safe? Will my needs be met?

There are practices you can do to help release this kind of habit energy. The most important starting place is simply to know, fear does come up because I am so habituated to it. And then you stop and ask yourself, "What is it I really want?" When Barbara asked herself that, no, she did not want to miss going to the gym. It was just a habit that said, "I'm afraid I won't get what I need." It's not a big deal not to go to the gym.

Something similar happened to her in January when she was going to fly to Brazil, and the day before her flight, she checked on her upcoming flight the next day, <not long, an hour flight,> and found that that particular day, the day before the flight, the flight had been delayed by 12 hours. Instead of leaving at 9 in the morning, it delayed until 9 at night. Instead of arriving in Brazil at 9 the next morning, it wasn't arriving in Brazil until 9 that night, whereby there would be no connecting flight and she would have to sit in the Brazilian airport overnight, a second night. "Oh no! Why is this happening to me!" And I said to her, "Barbara, nothing has happened. All that's happened is this flight was delayed. Why do you assume your flight will be delayed?" "Oh...okay."

And she could see how she was contracting because of fear of the unknown. So she was able to hold in her heart a safe, happy, comfortable trip, and of course, that's what came. But if her flight had been delayed in that way, because you are not running the show, other people are involved, her holding a safe and comfortable trip in her mind does not assure that it's going to be on time. But it does assure that if she has to sit in the airport for 12 hours, she will do so comfortably and without fear and stress, rather than with agitation and anger. If your flight is delayed, your flight is delayed. Why take it personally? If the telephone repairman comes late, he come late. If you want to go to the gym, walk around the house 20 times instead, that will do it. Find an option. Nothing is unworkable, it's only your fear that thinks it's unworkable.

"We are what we think. With our beliefs, we make the world." Do you believe that you are beings of divine consciousness, truly interconnected to everyone and everything? Do you trust that or is it still a myth to you? Is it just something you wish were true, or do you really believe it? How can you invite that belief to take hold? By seeing the deep truth of it in every moment.

It's not a hard thing to practice with. Is there anybody here who has not been angry this week? No one. Okay. A good illustration. That which is aware of angry is not angry. The anger is real yet there's still something beyond the anger, something that was aware and able to see the anger, and that's not angry. Which do you choose to practice, the anger or that which is not angry? When you know that the anger causes pain to you and other people, you can choose not to practice it. By that, I do not mean to suppress it or deny it. If anger has arisen, it's arisen.

If you step on a tack on the floor, there may be pain in your foot, maybe a drop of blood. We don't pretend it's not there, but the whole body doesn't hurt, the whole body isn't bleeding, just the little hole in the foot.

As humans, you have the tendency to focus in on this one strong experience such as anger or pain or fear and it becomes your whole world. So all I'm asking here is that you step back, a bigger perspective, and see the vast space and in that space, that which is not angry. Give it equal hearing, right there with the angry, that which is not angry. Know that which is not angry, that which is love, that which is spacious and kind, and let the anger float in this container of lovingkindness until it dissolves.

It's like an ice cube. If you put an ice cube into the hot sun, what happens to it? It melts. Does it melt instantly? A few minutes, at least. And could you possibly see yourselves pacing up and down saying, "Why doesn't it melt? Why doesn't it melt?" But that's what you do with the anger. "Why doesn't it go away? I'm being loving, here. I'm looking at it lovingly. Why isn't it going away?" That's not loving.

Be patient with your anger. Hold it in kindness. The ice cube will not melt if a big cloud comes in front of the sun and the wind blows cold. That's what you're doing to this heavy emotion. How can it melt? Everything arises out of conditions and when the conditions change, the thing changes. Anger arises out of conditions. The conditions are there and the experience of anger comes. Your work is not to fix that object, anger or fear, jealousy, pride, feelings of helplessness, impatience, whatever, your work is not to fix these things, it's to watch, to know, Ah, certain conditions are here. A hailstorm, lots of chunks of ice. Step back and let the sun come out.

Everything in your life gives you the opportunity to practice this. I would go so far as to say that as humans, this is one of the predominant reasons why you have incarnated and why you have emotions that are challenging. You did not incarnate for comfort or convenience. This earth is your schoolroom. You incarnated to learn. You are here to learn. To learn what? To learn love. To learn connection with all that is. To learn to create the beauty that is possible. To create this Eden that your Earth has the possibility to express. It depends on each of you, and each of you keeps coming back into incarnation again and again, just trying to get the hang of this a little bit better.

Can any of you remember learning to ride a bicycle? Did you swing your leg over that bike seat the first time and peddle off, perfect balance? How many tries does it take? A dozen? Two dozen? And riding a bicycle is a very simple skill compared to living one's life with love and higher consciousness. So don't despair, just keep working at it with love. But remember, this is not just about you and your own habit energies. This is about all of you getting together to change your minds, literally, from fear-based to love-based so as to invite this Eden to manifest.

All this wiring, I keep telling them that anything I say that they want, I can repeat. But they keep recording it. I know it does give people who are not here a chance to read it, to share it more widely.

So you are here in this incarnation at this time to help shepherd in this higher consciousness on Earth. None of you have come unknowning. Before the incarnation, each of you knew exactly what you were getting into and you knew it was going to be hard work. And it is hard work. Living on the earth at this time is not a picnic, it's hard work.

But there is so much beauty here, so many of you dear souls who are working so hard to learn these things. And this is not just about Earth. There are many, many planes of being. Earth, in a sense, is an experiment, if I might dare to put it that way. Can beings come into this heavy vibration, this heavy density life, wherein you forget your true roots as divine spirit, forget your interconnection, and can such beings can have enough love in their hearts to finally resolve the basic fear of the, if I might put it in this way, of the physical being that must eat, that eats flesh and eats carrots and tomatoes, that must devour other life? It's not about ceasing to eat, it's about the fact that you are these heavy vibrational beings and yet even as such, you can remember the deepest truth of your being and bring it forth. And the power of this is tremendous because there is no other plane of evolution in the whole universe where there is this heavy density being with its veil of forgetting of its true self, who simply from free will intention to love can bring forth that love.

Let me give you a simple example. If your spouse or close friend came into the house and had had a very bad day, somebody pulling out in the parking lot had crashed into her fender and made her late for work. She had a headache, or if it's a he, he had a headache. And the boss gave a lot of work that had to be done that night, and everything just seemed to be going wrong.

And then you spilled coffee on the newspaper that that spouse or friend was just about to read and the spouse blew up. You might feel some anger that they blew up, but would you also feel some compassion? This person had such a hard day, can you see that you would feel compassion? Such that your first response might be anger at her anger, and then almost immediately, "Ah, one more thing to this horrible day, I'm sorry. I'm sorry I spilled the coffee. I'll go get you another newspaper, if you like. I'm sorry." And your heart opens, because you have a choice. This is the power of free will, that you can choose to go with that first anger or you can remember with compassion.

Those of you who are here on earth, when you look around at each other, all of you are living through this heavy density life. All of you experience pain in the body, painful emotions, frustration, confusion, helplessness. And the wonder of it is that you can look around you, even around the world where people are killing each other, and instead of feeling hatred, you can feel compassion.

This compassion is an enormous teaching to the entire universe. You truly are teachers of compassion to the universe and all of you as you come out of these series of human lifetimes are going to find yourselves as leaders of compassion in the universe. So don't minimize what you are doing. It's not about you. It's not even about your country or your world. It's about love and the whole transformation of everything through love. And you are at the heart of this. No swelled egos, please, this goes beyond ego, but you are at the heart of it. And there are so many beings that appreciate the efforts that you make and support those efforts.

So don't despair, just keep working. When a negative thought comes up, watch it. If I might put it in this way, you don't have to climb on the back of that negative thought and ride it into the sunset. It's just a negative thought. Instead of climbing aboard, just watch it, hold space around it, let the sun of lovingkindness shine upon it and watch it dissolve. And as you do that repeatedly, the habit energy shifts and these negative thoughts do not come up so often.

I'm going to tell another story of Barbara's, here. She's been going to a non-traditional healing center in Brazil run by a man that they call John of God. I see some of you here tonight that went there with her on this trip. Barbara has lost the inner ear balance mechanism 35 years ago when she lost her hearing. The nerves are dead. Then 4 years ago in an accident, she lost much of the vision in this eye. So she had visual balance that she had developed over those 30 years but suddenly she had no binocular vision. She had no balance, she was falling a lot. She began to walk with walking sticks. She had the belief, "I do not have balance."

When she came to the Casa, the way this place works, there is a man named Joao who incorporates many different healing entities much the way I am incorporated now in Barbara's body. They incorporate in this body one at a time, of course, but each of them is a very clear, loving, and powerful being. So people wait in line to talk to the entity and ask for their support and guidance for whatever spiritual, emotional, physical healing they seek. They know Barbara well. This was her, I don't know, a number of trips there, 5 maybe.

So she walked up and she was holding the walking sticks. And the entity said to her, "Get rid of the walking sticks." The next day she was walking from her inn to the Casa, but she was walking as one would walk on ice, with tiny mincing steps which caused her back to cramp up. The sun was hot, her back hurt, and she felt like she was going to topple over without the support of her walking sticks. And she said in her meditation, she stopped and she said, "I cannot do this. If you want me to do get down to the Casa, you're going to have to help me." And immediately she heard them say, "Just walk. Take big steps. We will support you. You won't fall over." And she felt almost as one might feel with training wheels on the bicycle. She was being literally supported each time she started to list to one side or the other, energy pushing her back up, until she gained the confidence after a few minutes to take long steps.

So she practice all week taking these long steps and she began to see how much of her non-balance was simply the belief, "I do not have balance." But of course she has balance, everybody has balance. Some might have easier balance than others. But it's like, "That which is aware of anger is not angry. That which is aware of imbalance is balanced. Right there with non-balance is balance." Can you find underneath that non-balance, where is the balance? Underneath the anger, where is that which is not angry? And underneath the fear, where is fearlessness? Where is that which knows its strength? Right there with separation, where is that which knows its connection?

So by the end of the week she was walking easily. And they said to her, "Now ride a bicycle." And she spent 2 weeks cruising around town on a bicycle. The first time she tried to mount it, tried to swing her leg over, she fell onto the ground. She sat on the ground for a minute and began to say, "See, I can't do it." And I simply said to her, "Cannot do it or will not do it?" I suppose I pushed her but it may be a push she needed at that moment.

So she got herself up. She does get annoyed with me sometimes but I think she appreciates me anyhow. She climbed back on the back and took a few tentative pedals and off she went. Can balance. Right there with can't balance, can balance.

She began to see the metaphor, how this balancing connected with her hearing, because this is what drew her there 5 years ago, to ask for help to hear. And they had said to her, "You will hear. Be patient. You will hear." She started to see, "I am already hearing. Not something that's going to happen sometime in the future but how much am I attending to the real hearing that's already present?"

She asked you to tell this story...

Q: One evening a lady from England came to get Barbara's and Aaron's book, Presence, Kindness and Freedom, and there was a group of us sitting around the table. Barbara was sitting at the table. Her back was to me. The lady buying the book was in front of her. There was someone to the right of Barbara who was signing for Barbara when the lady spoke. And something happened, something was said, and I got tickled, I have this sense of humor that gets tickled, and laughed out loud. Now I was completely behind Barbara some distance and to the left. Barbara instantly looked over her left shoulder directly at me, nobody else, and got this big smile like you do when you hear somebody laughing at something and you're kind of enjoying it with them, and immediately went back to the lady who was buying the book and the person who was signing. So she heard me.

And what we said to her is that she hears from behind. She said the entities had told her that her whole body is becoming an ear, she can hear, and she does. It happens periodically.

Aaron: Thank you... We are what we think. With our minds we make the worlds. As long as she has the belief, "I cannot hear," of course she cannot hear. As soon as she begins to understand, and I think they used the balance to help her learn this, as soon as she begins to understand, "I CAN hear," it's not the way she used to hear but it will be useful hearing. They tell her it will be useful hearing and she trusts that. To know, "I already can hear." There's no grasping there, there's no fear, there's just opening to the possibilities.

You will be electing a president this year. Are you making your choice from a place of fear or a place of love? Are you holding in your heart, not even a belief but a knowing, of a feeling that it's possible, the wholeness and growth, the good for everybody that is possible in this country in the next for years, and choosing a candidate that also knows that is possible and is able to work from that place of love? What will happen in this country in the next four years is up to all the people who choose a president from a place of fear or a place of love.

I look at what the Dalai Lama has been doing with this anger, this political fearmongering in China, and how committed he is to loving. He is compassionate but compassion is strong. Compassion doesn't back down and allows itself to be stepped on. He says no in an appropriate way. But he understands with deep compassion that his "enemy" is his teacher of compassion, and that these beings are as they are because of their conditioning, and that more anger and hatred are only going to deepen that conditioning to anger and hatred. The only solution to anger is love.

Through these coming months, your whole country is going to get increasingly involved in angry debate. Don't be a part of it. Certainly speak your political views but not with hostility. Help those that you speak to to transcend their fear so that more and more of you can choose a leader from this place of love. Do not hang on to the fears of what may happen in this country, but rather, just as with the ice cube, hold that "what could happen" in the warm sun of your lovingkindness and envision the Eden that you want to see here. And ask repeatedly what will best invite this Eden. There is nothing to be fixed. The "problems" in your country are only there because so many people are caught up in maintaining them because it gives this artificial sense of safety and control. It gives you something to attack in your frustration. There are no problems. There are only solutions that need your loving attention.

I'm going to pause here and invite your questions. Let me say here that from year to year we have a different process here on Wednesday nights (regarding break and Barbara coming in and out of the body)...

I welcome your questions related to my talk, or your personal questions, anything is fine.

Q: You seem to say that people on Earth are shifting consciousness and the whole universe is learning from that? (Aaron: Yes.) Do you mean beings on other planets? (Aaron: Yes.) Could you say something more about that? (Aaron: No.)

Aaron: I don't want to talk a lot about this or that plane of being. Let's simply put it in this way. Let's say that you have an acquaintance with whom you have an ongoing difficulty, a difference of opinion. And you've spoken to friends about it, you're tearing your hair out, "What am I going to do? She doesn't see it my way." Maybe it's your neighbor. You want to plant a flower garden on the line between your properties and your neighbor wants to plant a row of evergreens. His evergreens will shade out your flower garden. He doesn't even want to space out his evergreens to leave you a little space for your flowers. And you're angry. You think, "He just doesn't hear me. He's so narrow-minded."

And then you talk to your neighbor on the other side, two houses down. And that neighbor says, "I had the same situation with my next door neighbor and I finally decided that the flower of harmony was more important to me than the flower garden and I could plant flowers elsewhere in my yard. So I let go and invited him to plant his evergreens along the whole property line. And when I did that and came out that day to help him plant his evergreens, came out with my spade, he looked at me and said, "I was thinking, why don't we leave a little space here between these evergreens for your flowers."

So suddenly you hear this and you see there's a different way. I'm attached to my view. And if I'm relaxed and note the importance of harmony and connect with my neighbor, try to be supportive of my neighbor, maybe he'll invite me to plant my flowers, maybe he won't. I'm not doing it to get him to help me plant my flowers, I'm doing it to help support harmony. But you see, you learn this from your neighbor. It is in this way that many beings throughout the universe are watching to see if heavy density beings who are so stuck within this veil of forgetting can do this, then the whole universe can do it. Wow!

Because there are not many places in the universe where there is the degree of consciousness and connection to the heart that you have here on Earth, and still this veil of forgetting. Beings on some planes, they cannot forget who they are because they're not in such a heavy vibrational body. But this heavy vibration and this clear memory of who you are don't come together so easily.

Q: Thank you.

Aaron: You are welcome.

Q: I have been thinking about the whole situation with the mayor of Detroit. And I find I can get very wrapped up in the whole drama of what he's done and where he's at and not resigning, and I feel a lot of disgust and anger and a lot of negative emotions about the whole situations. And I wonder how I can look at him with compassion and lovingkindness and not all the negative stuff.

Aaron: Beings are the products of their conditioning. You have animals that you love. Do you have a dog?

Q: Two cats.

Aaron: Some dogs instinctively chase small creatures. If your dog got off his leash and took off across the yard and caught a squirrel and (crunch) bit it so he killed it, you might be angry at the dog for running off, but you would not really blame the dog, you would know that this was the conditioning he had because this is a dog. This is how dogs are.

Q: That's instinct.

Aaron: It's not just instinct. You're right, it's not the perfect metaphor because there is more instinct to it, but there's also a certain conditioning. Some dogs ignore squirrels. Barbara's dog was oblivious to squirrels until her neighbor got a dog that chased squirrels. He watched the neighbor's dog chase squirrels and decided that was fun. Now he chases squirrels. So part of it is learned behavior.

My point is simply, when you look at this man, understand that he is the product of his conditioning. Do you know Thich Nhat Hanh's poem, Please Call Me By My True Names? (Q: No.) Can that be found easily? If not, please do not worry about it. I want to read this poem aloud to you because I think it will answer your question very clearly.

He was inspired to write the poem when he heard the story of the 12-year-old girl who had been raped by a sea pirate and who threw herself off the ship. I'm not sure how she ended up on this ship, perhaps he stole her away, but he raped her and then she threw herself off into the water and drowned.

He says it's very easy to condemn the pirate, but he notes that if he had grown up in the pirate's situation, he also might be a sea pirate. It's not so easy to condemn himself.

(To person looking for poem) My sister, it's not available, please do not worry about it...

So the poem goes on to talk about how this eats that, this attacks that, it's all conditioning... He concludes, "Please call me by my true names so my heart can stay open." I'm not sure if my wording is correct. "So the door of my heart may stay open, the door of compassion." This is what we're after. This man is your teacher. His act is a place to practice compassion.

Q: It's very difficult for me to see his essence, his true nature.

Aaron: It's a place to practice. The true nature of everything is love. This man, for whatever reasons, experienced things that led him into acts that were unskillful. And he will and is experiencing the karma of it. When you blame somebody, one thing to remember is there is nothing you can do that will hurt a person more than what they have already done to themselves. No matter what anybody does to you. This is something the Dalai Lama teaches so clearly. What good does it do to hate your enemies? That's only poisoning yourself. But what they have done will be their karma and they will have to deal with it. And there's nothing that can happen to them that will be more painful than that.


Q: I just want to say thank you. I came for inspiration and you gave it. Thank you very much.

Aaron: You're very welcome...


Q: What is your understanding of the distinction between the divine within and God, sort of the essence of the whole universe?

Aaron: What is the difference to you between one drop of water in the ocean, and the ocean?

Q: One's a lot bigger than the other!

Aaron: And is the drop of water any different in its nature from the ocean itself except for size?

Q: I don't know.

Aaron: This is not a perfect metaphor because conceivably the water could be more or less salty or contain more or less of this chemical or that, but basically the nature of water, water, the chemical composition of it is two parts hydrogen, one part oxygen, and in the ocean, some salt, regardless of whether it's one drop or a gallon or a thousand gallons or an ocean.

Q: What I'm wondering is, where does the individual's uniqueness of each soul, that is singular and never to be repeated...

(Signer repeats and adds, where is that with the drop of water?)

Aaron: You each have 4 bodies: physical, emotional, mental and spirit body. The physical is the heaviest, the spiritual the lightest and highest in vibration. So if we were to call the spirit body the soul, say that these terms are synonymous, the physical body is not you. Your body has changed in the last year, much less the past 30 years. The body keeps changing and when the body ceases to exist, you do not cease to exist. The consciousness is not you. It's not just about consciousness, it's about this essence of your being. The emotions come and go. The thoughts come and go. Yet once the physical and emotional body dissolve, there's still a mental body.

I am a spirit and a mental body. The mental body does not define me, it is merely a tool. Without the mental body I could not talk to you, but I do not self-identify as the mental body. Yet this mental body for now is what makes me unique and makes me Aaron, as opposed to another entity that might incorporate in Barbara, with different memories, a different mental body.

The mental body is the last to go. This gets into a complex explanation of cosmology. There are what I see as different what we call densities, 8 densities. The heavier, such as rock, mineral, gas, this is the most sluggish, heaviest density. Vegetable is 2nd density, human is 3rd density. When you no longer have need karmically to come back into human form, consciousness continues. You become 4th density beings. There's no physical body but there's still an emotional body, but the self-identification with the emotional body has fallen away.

By 5th density there is no longer an emotional body. The 5th density being, at the end of 5th density releases the emotional body. That doesn't mean there are no emotions of joy and sorrow, but no strong emotions, and no self-identity with it.

I am a 6th density being. I am simply a mental and spirit body. But eventually the mental body also is allowed to dissolve. I retain the mental body because I need it as a tool to communicate.

So what am I? Who am I? What makes the human unique? What makes any being unique? Eventually nothing is unique. Everything moves back into the One. There's nothing dual. And there's a great joy to that. When I eventually become a 7th density being when I choose to release the mental body, I am not giving less to the world.

Let me put it in this way. If you have water that is very, very pure, and you pour polluted water into it, it lowers the level of purity. Yes? If you put very clear, high vibration water in, it raises the level of purity and vibration. When a being releases the mental body and moves into 7th density, in essence becomes the drop of water coming into the sea, because it has so purified itself and raised its vibration, it adds to that which is.

We spoke to this question in a different way perhaps 15 years ago through many of these Wednesday nights with the question, can an infinite God expand?

Can it? If it's an infinite God, can anything limit it? Then how does it expand? By each unique and beautiful expression of divinity pouring itself into that which we call God, and thereby expanding it.

Q: Sounds like a question of mystery...unanswerable... (inaudible)

Aaron: I call these "furniture of heaven" questions. You don't need to know the furniture arrangement in heaven, that's not where you are. So I for the most part don't talk too much about these things. You're curious but right now, you're here in human incarnation and the question is simply, how do you do this with love?

Q: I guess the deeper question is, I feel a reluctance to give up my individual identity and surrender to God or divine energy.

Aaron: In the foreseeable future, in this and numerous more lifetimes, you will not have to fully surrender it. So instead of going all the way to that end of the path, why not just work it a little bit and surrender here?

Q: A little bit goes a long way!

Aaron: Absolutely!

Q: Okay, thank you.

Aaron: You are welcome. Perhaps one more question.

Q: Was Jesus Christ put to death by others?

Aaron: There are no others! (laughter) At some level of course we all create our own life and death, that of everybody, we're all one.

There's a, let me see if I can remember the words of this song, by Bob Dylan. I can't say it for you, you'll have to decide whether Judas Iscariot had God on his side... is that from Bob Dylan? It's a similar question. When there is an intention for something to happen and a willingness to participate in that happening, we can't say that somebody else has done it to use, we participate, we co-create. Were there specific human beings who nailed him to a cross? Yes. And yet he participated in the co-creation of that because he knew it had to be. He did not come to be a powerful political figure. He could so easily have avoided that death if he chose to, and it took enormous courage to allow himself to go through with what he knew from childhood, almost, that he was going to have to go through. A terribly painful thing. And he was afraid because he was human as well as divine, and he was living as all of you must, his humanness and his divinity.

How do we live both at the same time? The human cries out in fear and the essence of you trusts and rests in that place of love that knows itself to be free of limitation, that knows itself capable of miracles. But he cried out, "Why have you forsaken me?" And he asked the night before, "Take this cup from me." He was afraid.

I find this so inspiring because it's a reminder that you CAN do the impossible. It takes courage. It takes courage for the Dalai Lama to say no to the Chinese but to continue to hold them in love. It takes courage for all of those who have died for a principle, for love, to have died thusly. All of those who stood up to terrorism and hatred and thereby died. Not just Jesus but all of those beings. And we learn from that. All the people who died in the concentration camps. Certainly these people suffered and if you ask them individually as humans on the relative plane, have you chosen this end, they would say, "No, no way!" And yet all of the people who died in concentration camps at some level incarnated specifically knowing that this was a very probably future, and that they were coming to teach the world a specific lesson, that such strong hatred could not be permitted.

The important thing for all of you alive now to remember is that there was a lesson there and not to have them die in vain, not to have Jesus die in vain, not to have any who died as the result of hatred and tyranny, and in opposition to hatred and tyranny, to have died in vain. Let their lessons speak to your heart and oppose tyranny and hatred with all of the love you can.

I think that's a good ending for us for tonight. Love one another. Those were his primary words, love one another.

My blessings and love to you all. Thank you for being with me tonight...

(recording ends)