December 17, 2008
Christmas Stories

Keywords: Christmas stories, Christ/Jesus, awakening to Christ consciousness, evolution/densities, awareness, true nature, Unlimitedness, positive polarity, negative polarity, transition, fourth density, Unlimitedness.

Aaron: I am Aaron. Welcome! No children tonight? I enjoy the children at these Christmas stories. But in your hearts you are all children. So let us speak to the child within each of you.

I spoke with Barbara this week, reflecting on what His coming meant to the Earth, to each of you. He is spoken of as the Christ, but he never named himself as being the exclusive Christ, only that he came as expression of that Christ consciousness, and to remind you that the same consciousness is within each of you.

There are many stories written about his life, both Biblical accounts and other accounts handed down from one age to the next. Sometimes the accounts were seen to be contradictory, so some of the accounts led you to put him up on a pedestal and think of him as being the exclusive expression of Christ energy. But in my experience the strongest focus of his work was to remind each of you, you are also divine consciousness; you are awakened, radiant and beautiful spirit. Just as he could live his divinity, so could each of you live it.

It’s a very different way of thinking, not to hold him up on a pedestal and think, “Some day I will also have that higher level of consciousness and be capable of doing the good in the world that he did,” but rather, “Today I have that higher level of consciousness, and I have the choice in each moment to bring forth that consciousness or not to bring it forth.”

In my times with him, this freedom to choose is something he constantly taught, not in verbal articulation so much as by his actions. Once when a small group of us were passing through a dark, isolated place on the road, brigands leaped out upon us from the dark. Nobody asked who we were or cared who we were, just a small band of travelers, that’s all we were to them. They had sticks and clubs, and made as if to beat us. I was afraid and I was angry.

I looked at him beside me, just curious to see how he was reacting to this, and his face was sad but serene. There was no anger to be seen on his face. A man moved to hit him with a club. He simply looked into this man’s eyes with so much compassion and said, “Why do you wish to hit me?” The man paused, stepped back, then said, “Give me your robe.” He had already taken the beast of burden that was carrying some of our goods. We didn’t have much with us but the small burro was carrying a few extra blankets and a bit of food.

“Why do you wish to hit me?” Just a simple clear question, not asked as challenge, not stated in any way that said, “You are evil to wish to hit me.” Just, “Why do you wish to hit me?”

I immediately saw that he was awakening not one but many with that question, for the several of us who were with him were reminded by that small act of our own ability to respond with compassion and that we had the choice to respond with fear or anger, as fear was prompting or to come into this deeper place, a place of divinity, of clarity, and to respond with compassion.

But also the one who was about to hit him was reminded that he also had within himself the divine expression of love, and that he could choose to enact that divine expression, or not. The one Jeshua addressed, the one brandishing the club, was the leader of the group; he took one look at the power of compassion in Jeshua’s eyes and simply turned to his companions and said, “Let us leave them be.” They did take the burro but they left us alone and they simply departed.

It is very powerful, to remember, “Always, I have a choice between fear and love. I have a choice to enact the base human passions of fear, anger, and greed that do arise in the human. Or I may choose to be aware of them arising and not act them out, to be aware of that which is loving and clear and which is always present, aware of that higher awareness.”

In the meditation class Barbara is teaching they’ve been talking about the Thai word that Ajahn Chah often used, “poo roo”. Ajahn Chah used this term often. It means, “the one who is aware.” Right there with mundane consciousness is this deeper consciousness, poo roo. This in effect is what Jeshua was teaching, to live from this higher consciousness.

All of you, my dear ones, have come into the incarnation with the intention to live from this higher consciousness, to awaken to higher consciousness and remember, “This is who I am. Everything else has been a dream.” It is like awakening from a sleep in which there were volatile dreams. Coming into awakeness and seeing a beautiful morning out your window, feeling warm and comfortable in your bed, body free of pain, and the sun shining through the window, the fear in the dream is gone. There is a deep sense of peace, and all the chaos of the confusion of the dream departs. You recognize immediately, “This was just a dream.” You don’t have to go back into the dream and try to fix anything in it; it was just an illusion. Sometimes the body is still trembling from the energy of the dream. You ground yourself, coming back into this room with the sunlight, perhaps your beloved companion sleeping beside you or your cat curled up next to your face, finding yourself at peace. You awaken again and again into the higher consciousness, knowing without doubt, “This is who I am.” Mind may think of those times in the dream when you have either been the aggressor chasing after somebody or the victim being chased, but there is certainty, it’s just a dream.

The whole idea that you must carry fear and negative energy, that you must live through the ego self, is an illusion. You have come into the incarnation to let go of illusion. You enter openheartedly into the illusion, and then transcend it. This work is especially vital right now because the earth is in transition into a higher consciousness, and all of you in this room have come into your incarnation with the intention to support this transition to higher consciousness in the world and to open more deeply to it in the self.

Whenever I was with Him and experienced fear, anger, or greed, becoming temporarily lost in the ego and its stories, he never led me to feel judgment from him or judgment from myself for myself. His invitation was always to look at what was arising in me, and right there in that arising of contracted energy to find that which was uncontracted.

Walking one day, a storm came and we sought a small barn in which we might shelter ourselves. It was willingly given. It was a very simply building, I would not want to call it a barn, really, but there was an attached house and a shelter for the animals all under one roof. The man whose home it was had been injured and had not been able to do much work through that season. The roof had many holes in it that let water in both to the larger end where the animals were and to the house itself. Certainly Jeshua could have suggested to us that we just sit through the night as best we could and then go on. The roof was not his responsibility; it was not our responsibility; and yet here was a family and their creatures all living in conditions that were painful, wet and cold. He would not leave them thus.

So Jeshua asked the man, “Do you have any materials with which we can patch the roof?” “Yes.” There was some, we’re not talking here of roof tiles but different kinds of grasses that were woven together to create more of a solid surface for the roof, and broad leaves, and other kinds of materials that we used in those days. There is a kind of clay mixed with straw that can be spread over the surface. It was cold and the material was coarse, and the handling of it sometimes led one’s hands to bleed. Jeshua was beloved by all of us. We would have protected him and kept him warmly and comfortably in the shelter. But when we climbed up on the roof to repair it, he was right there with us and would not hear of the idea to remain below.

We worked for several hours, wet, shivering in the drizzle and cold, hands in pain from being cut and scratched. He worked beside us. I understand now that he had the capacity to literally heal our hands instantly, but his interest was not to fix us but to empower us, and thusly to remind us of our own power. So he simply worked beside us, giving many gentle and encouraging words; a hand on the shoulder, a smile. And thus we fixed the roof, much faster it seemed than we thought we would.

When we came inside, his hands were as sore as the rest of our hands. I remember that he took my hands, which were bleeding, in his and held them, his hands on the outside of mine, and looked into my eyes. He did not say, “Zap! I fix your hands!” He said, “Envision the hands whole. Feel the pain releasing.” He blew warm breath onto them and said, “Blow with me. Hold them near the fire. Envision healing energy coming into them.” He did that with each of us and we went to sleep. And these hands that should have been ragged for many days were healed in the morning.

I said to him, “Did you do this?” knowing that he could. And he said, “No, you did it. You can bring forth whatever you wish to bring forth. This is who you are.” Not, “This is who I am, me, Jeshua, the Christ.” “This is who you are.” You can bring forth whatever you wish to bring forth.”

We slept there warm and dry for several more days and helped the farmer with others of his chores. Through those days the farmer also became stronger and his injured back began to heal.

Jeshua would not let people put him on a pedestal. When the farmer came to him and said, “You are healing me. Thank you,” Jeshua said to him also, “I do not heal; God heals. Love heals. It is you who allow yourself to be healed, to take in that healing that is always offered. You are love. When you remember that you are love, you bring yourself fully into the vibration of love and allow it to resonate through the body, through the emotions, so they express the highest that they can.”

I never saw him try to fix anyone or anything, only to remind each person or animal, each creature, each living soul, “You are divine and you can live the full extent of that divinity if you so choose.”

There was a time that I’ve mentioned to you before, when I came to him just after my beloved wife had died in childbirth. I was grieving deeply, feeling enormous pain in my heart. On the way to where he was, I had an accident, fell over a ravine and broke my leg. My son Mark who was with me splinted the leg. We were traveling by foot but we found a burro that I could ride. So I came to him in great pain, of the body and of the heart.

I had intended a short visit, just a day or two. The newborn was at home with a trusted sibling, and I had left other children at home with various relatives. The family had encouraged me, “Jeshua is near. Go and see him. He will help you to move through your grief.” And then came the broken leg.

So I said to him, “Jeshua, I have 2 days only :I must return home and I cannot travel this way. The leg is swollen and painful. Fix it for me.” He just shook his head and said, “No, I cannot fix it. You can invite healing. Just let it be.” I was angry at him. “You have this ability; why will you not use it?” “Just rest,” he replied.

He came to see me several times a day, sometimes put his hand on the leg where it was broken. He talked with me, heard my grief and my anger. I was left with my oldest son Mark, who was perhaps 10, and several younger children down to this newborn infant, but my beloved life’s companion was gone. Why? It wasn’t fair.

So he talked to me. He helped me first to open my heart to my personal grief. Second, more deeply to remember that everything is impermanent, that we cannot hold onto anything in this mortal life. Third, to remember that nothing is ever lost, even while it is impermanent. She was no longer with me, not in the physical aspect, and yet I had her children. I had my memories. I had my love for her. Nothing is ever lost.

He helped me to find that within me which was strong, courageous and loving, and which could go forth without being bitter and without fear, knowing that I could raise these children with love; I could give them the memory of their mother, the stories about their mother, and help them to know her and remember her, a loving, beautiful woman.

It took a month for the leg to become strong, faster than it might take such a break to heal. So in some ways he was supporting the healing, but I understand that if I had clung to my bitterness and fear, the healing would not have been as fast or as thorough. Sitting with him and literally feeling my divinity, feeling the power in me of wholeness and love, I sent that energy to the leg. If the heart is whole, the leg is also whole. Right there with the broken leg is that which is whole. Right there with the broken heart is that which is whole. It became the perfect metaphor. As the leg healed, the heart healed.

And so in a month’s time, I was standing on the leg, ready to walk and ready to go home to my children, free of grief. I was able to support their lives with love, to support my own life with love. What I see looking back is he did not fix me, he empowered me. He helped me to recognize my own divinity, power, and love.

This, my brothers and sisters of light, is what all of you are here to learn and to do in the incarnation. You have all experienced some part of yourself as broken. Perhaps not the broken leg or even the broken heart, but the sense of inadequacy, unworthiness, confusion, lack of power, and helplessness. You’ve all experienced that. You are all here to remember who you are, and that these sensations are felt, but do not define you..

I returned home whole, able to raise my children and able to continue the work in my community that I had felt I could no longer do, for in that lifetime I was both the shepherd and the Essene teacher, and my congregation were those of the shepherds with whom I communed on the hillsides, passing to them this message of their divinity. But at that time when I was so deep in grief and fear, so lost in the illusion, how could I communicate divinity in anyone? So now I was ready to return home and to my work.

You are all at that same point, healing your figurative broken legs and broken hearts, becoming increasingly ready to go back out into the world and spread this message of love, of the divine Christ who is born how many thousand times a minute all over the world. This divine spirit that keeps coming into the world in countless bodies and locations, each bringing the power of love and the potential of love into the world.

The Earth is at a crucial place right now. I do not offer predictions, not ever, so this is not a prediction. There is simply a possibility of a path of enormous healing and growth in geometric progression, expanding enormously, or of movement into increasing negativity, fear, and contraction. You might say there is always this fork in the road, and yet it is perhaps more pronounced today, more pronounced because the time is coming for which so many of you have been preparing for, for lifetimes, to make that strong affirmation, “I am a divine, radiant being, and I choose love. I choose to co-create a world of love.” This is the Eden that has been promised. How blessed you are to be here to bring it forth. It is why you took birth.


We were tending the sheep one snowy night on a high-up pasture. When I brought the sheep back close to the fire, I realized that one lamb was missing. I was twelve, almost six years older than Jeshua, and responsible for him, so I felt I could not risk taking him with me to look for this missing lamb, nor could I leave a six year old alone by the fire.

My name was Nathaniel then. Jeshua said, “Let us go together, Nathaniel, and see if we can find him, just for a few minutes. And if we don’t find him quickly, I agree to come back with you.” So we went out into what really amounted to a blizzard, almost. Somehow, with an unerring inner directional sense, he seemed to feel where the sheep was and we did find him quickly. He had fallen down into a steep hole, perhaps 15 feet down.

I had a short length of rope with me but nothing that long. My rope reached only about 12 feet, just short of the sheep. It broke my heart, this poor baby was bleating and crying. It did not appear injured but it was clearly trapped and it was too steep to climb down, especially with the ice. I knew I could hold Jeshua on a rope and lower him and he could grab the small lamb. But the rope would not reach. What to do?

I was thinking in negative terms, “We have to give it up. I cannot risk Jeshua. I cannot try to climb down myself and certainly I cannot send him down. This lamb will be dead in the morning. There’s nothing I can do for him.” So I was in a state of despair and fear and I was not thinking clearly.

I said, “We have nothing to make a rope.” It was winter; there were no vines, there was nothing apparent with which we could make a rope. Jeshua, awake boy that he was, took one look at me and said, “Nathaniel, of course you have the material for a rope.” “What material? Where?” At the time I had long hair down beyond my waist, tied back in a ponytail. He simply walked up to me smiling and took hold of my thick, long ponytail.

So we literally chopped it off; we took the hair and braided a long rope, long enough to be able to attach it to the existing rope, needing only another 3 feet or so. I was able to tie it around Jeshua’s waist and lower him into this hole. I was able to support him; remember I was 12 and he was only 6 and I was a big 12-year-old. I lowered him down, he took hold of the lamb, and held onto it, I pulled them back up, and we carried the lamb home.

Even at age 6 he had great power, and I think that even at that age, if he had been alone, he would have found some way to save this creature. But I find it wonderful, looking back, that it was this human hair from the boy that I was, from me, that saved the lamb. He guided me to empowerment, using this mind and body. This is all we need in order to attend to that which needs attendance.

Everything is in your power if you just acknowledge, “Yes I can do this.” I love your new president’s words, “Yes, we can.” Yes you can. When you think, “I can’t,” then of course you can’t. When you remember, “I am a divine being and I can manifest whatever I choose to manifest. Yes I can, I can manifest peace in the world and in my old life. I can manifest love. I can manifest the resources to live my life with ease and not to be deprived within my life. And I can support others’ manifestation for themselves, to invite them and teach them how to do it.

We are entering the transition of Earth into a 4th density planet; those who are ready for 4th density will move through this transition along with the earth. The Earth will either become a 4th density negatively-polarized planet or a 4th density positively-polarized planet. Certainly there is a lot of negativity in the world and yes there is also a lot of positivity. It is important to note that your choices at this crossroad will determine which way the Earth is will go.

The heart of the choice of positive polarity comes from knowing your unlimitedness along with the intention of service to all beings. You have the ability to thusly serve, even when negative thought arises. For example, each of you may recognize that, right there with anger, with fear, with greed, is that which is capable of choosing love. Just because you feel anger doesn’t mean you have to act out the anger. This one who knows says, “Ah, here’s anger, I hold space for the anger and will be patient until that which is aware of the anger and is not angry, comes forth.” This is the movement of higher consciousness, of the Christ consciousness.

When we speak of the miracle of His birth, also you must remember the miracle of each of your births. This beautiful bit of energy that you are, has returned again and again and again, with so much courage and so much love. Certainly, before you take that leap into the new incarnation, you remember the pain and struggle of past incarnations, and you also remember the love and the strong impulse to enact that love on the earth. And it takes enormous courage, but you do it. You come back into human form again and again and again. And that willingness to return is part of your stabilizing into positive polarity.

Let us come back to the dream metaphor. Imagine yourself waking from a volatile dream in which there was a lot of fear, agitation and hostility. Imagine how it would be if you carried those dream images with you all day, and whenever you related to people in your waking world, you related to them from that place of agitation? Think how you would need to remind yourself, “This is just the overflow from the dream. I don’t need to bring this into this moment.” And so you constantly remind yourself through the day, “Wake up! Come back into this moment. I’m not in the dream anymore.”

In your lifetimes you are constantly carrying that dream with you, forgetting who you are. The miracle of his birth was not that this man, Jeshua, who became known as the Christ, was born, but that he willingly came into the incarnation to remind you, each of you (looking into people’s eyes) “I am also the Christ. This is my human potential and I have the possibility to enact love if I so choose. And by that enactment I change everything. I can do it.”

This is his true gift to you, to remember your human birthright. It’s just like the story of the Buddha. We talk about the Buddha’s awakening and remind each of you, you already are awake at some level; you just have to realize it. This Buddha nature is not something out there that you get some day but it’s inherent in you. Call it Buddha nature, call it Christ consciousness, it’s the same thing, this awakened consciousness.

No matter how many times you lapse back into the dream state, when you recognize the dreamlike quality of experience, just come back out of it again. Do it with loving persistence. Gradually you will remember who you are. It will stay with you longer and longer, and you will develop the ability to live it more fully.

I will hear some questions and then we’ll end to enjoy your cookies and social time…

Q: How are you feeling these days?

Aaron: I’m feeling much joy, my sister, thank you for asking. Much joy because I’m so inspired by so many of you who are willing to do this hard work of holding presence for negative energy, thought, and emotion without creating a self-identity with it, letting it go again and again and returning to deeper truth. So you inspire me and give me great hope that this world truly is opening into a 4th density positive polarity and there are enough of you so intended around the world to bring this forth.

Q: (paraphrased) I was struck by your instructing us to work on grief in the same way that you would work on pain.

Aaron: Grief in the same category as work on pain; it is the same thing. Grief is a contracting energy; pain is a contracting energy. Pain arises in the body or in the emotions. Grief is thought of more in the emotions but it also affects the body. In either case, that which is aware of pain is not in pain but is aware of pain. That which is aware of grief is not grieving but is aware of grief. There can be no denial of the actual human experience of pain or grief, yet when there is self-identity with it that says, “Now there is grief or pain and I must conquer it so I can be free of grief or pain,” then you begin to see it as linear and it is not linear, it is simultaneous. That which is aware of the grief or pain is not grieving or in pain.

This simultaneity is what’s so important, learning to find that which is not grieving without any denial of that which is grieving; learning to find that which is not affected by the pain; feeling the sensation of pain but not caught up in it or agitated with it. It is just pain, just grief. When you rest in that spacious awareness then you recognize your true divine nature and your capacity to hold space as a human for that which is uncomfortable, and not to create a self-identity around it. When there’s no self-identity, there’s no self. There is still awareness and there’s the power of that awareness. There is still this human individual with its energy but it becomes a power of love, a sword of light so to speak, that cuts through the darkness. (pause)

How are your rabbits doing, D?

Q: Very well.

Aaron: Is the organization growing to support more of these small creatures? (yes) Good, good. Others?

Q: Is there any connection between this time of the year for celebration and the difficult financial times of the world?

Aaron: Everything grows out of conditions. Everything is expression of conditions. I think the difficult financial times are part of a very large growing social awareness, with two aspects to it. One, there is growing awareness on the part of many people, of the intention to simplify. People say, “I want to simplify” but they need a little nudge to do so. So I think that many people have co-created what you see as difficult financial times because in some ways you really wanted to remind yourself, “It’s okay to simplify. It’s safe to simplify.”

Some people are affected in a more challenging way than others, learning how they can save their homes, how they will feed their families. This is the other part of it. There is plenty for everybody on the earth if you live in a space of love. But if you live in a place of fear, grasping, hoarding and self-centeredness, there will not be enough.

So I think that your culture, in essence, has co-created these difficult financial times not to remind you to grasp more and hoard more but to remind you literally to let go, to reach out and support others, to be more concerned with others. And I think that it is not accidental that a leader has been chosen who seems to have the capability to help you remember to reach out to others and not be caught in self-centeredness.

I see this as part of a conscious decision to choose a path of light, interconnection, co-responsibility for each other, caring. Many of you are being pushed to the point where you have a clear decision to make: do I turn my back on the world and just hoard what I want for myself, or do I begin to live my life with a greater sense of responsibility to all beings and to the earth? This is part of the choosing, whether you will enter a 4th density positive polarity or a negative polarity.

So it looks negative on the surface, perhaps, “Oh, woe is me, the financial structure is collapsing,” but I think it really is a gift and will prove to be a gift in the long run, if enough of you make it so.

It comes at this time of growing darkness, as you come to the winter solstice. Remember, light follows darkness. In a few weeks you have the turning point and then the days grow longer. At the end of the darkest night, the light comes; don’t forget that. So I think there is some symbolic importance that this financial issue is coming during the time of shortening days. And that as the solstice comes and the days grow longer, you are literally all going to also bring in more light and energy and love to meet this challenge. Nobody in your world needs to be hungry, nobody.

We got an email yesterday from an organization called Doctors Without Borders. They support medical personnel who go into underdeveloped countries where people do not have medical care. Talking about a cholera epidemic somewhere in Africa and how many doctors were needed there, how much medicine. And that people were giving and meeting the challenge, that these children were not being left to die.

What would happen if for each dollar that you spent on the lovely gifts you buy for your loved ones, you gave a dollar or an hour’s worth of your time to support those in the world who do not have what they need to survive?

My question touches some of you with a contracted, “Oh! If I did that I wouldn’t have enough.” Look at that, “I wouldn’t have enough.” Contracting. “My needs wouldn’t be met.” Nobody is asking you literally to go and live with the homeless, to give away your home, to give away all your food, to go out and live in a cardboard box in the snow. It’s important that you continue to take care of yourself. You are also divine, just as each being is divine. Treat yourself with the love that you want to treat others with, and treat others with the love with which you want to treat yourself.

But why create limits/ Why believe that there’s either enough for you or for them? There’s enough for everybody. Let go of the idea of limits. Instead, simply manifest what you need. If you spend $500 for gifts and you’re determined to give $500 to support such organizations as this Doctors Without Borders, don’t say, “Then I’ll only be able to spend $250 for gifts and $250 for the medical.” “$500? Okay, I need another $500. I invite it.” Manifest it. No limits. Stop believing in limits.

Is there another question?

Q: Can you talk a little more about how the shift to 4th density will manifest itself on the planet?

Aaron: Very gradually, almost unnoticeably. More and more of you will find deepening equanimity with emotion, and cease to be so reactive in your outer lives. More of you will become telepathically attuned each to the other, to others’ energy. I don’t mean specifically reading complex thought as much as deeply and compassionately aware of the energy of those around you, and responding with compassion. And your vibration, the Earth’s vibration, will all raise until finally one day you realize this is a 4th density planet.

It’s the way winter turns into spring, turns into summer. There’s not a switch that says, Winter/Summer. But the days grow longer, the weather warms, the plants begin to grow, and then one day you look out and say, “Ah, it’s summer.”

But it will happen through each individual’s attention to that which is negative that arises in the self and a willingness to release it and to find right there with the negative, that which is positive and loving. Each being’s commitment, that’s what will bring it forth.

Perhaps one more question.

Q: How long did you stay with Jeshua in that lifetime?

Aaron: At different periods of time, we were together for short periods. I saw him when he was an infant but then he was taken away for his own safety. Then he came back and lived for several years near where I was as a boy, and we were companions in the Essene school together. Although there was a 6 year age difference, which can be a lot–a 6-year-old and a 12-year-old–he was mature and our hearts called to each other; we were friends. Although I was older, I was not wiser.

Then he traveled again, traveled for a number of years, and I saw him again as a teenager, when I was a young man. And then again he was gone for some time, and then came back in the year before he began his ministry. And we were again called together. By that time I was married and had children, but we were friends. I did not travel with him constantly through his ministry but spent time with him whenever I could.

I would say there was an old karma that brought us together, a deep love, each for the other.

I was called into that lifetime from the lifetime as Aaron. The one I was as Aaron was over 500 years old. The one who would be my human father in the next lifetime spoke to me on the astral plane, asking me if I would consider to release the body as Aaron and come into a new birth to help prepare the way for the being of highest consciousness whom both of us knew in spirit and who was coming to the Earth, the one who we knew as “The Teacher of Righteousness.” That is, the Teacher of the Path of Awareness of the Divinity of each expression of the Father.

It had seemed to me for a while that it was time for Aaron to release his body, not to continue the, how shall we call them, energetic practices that revitalized the body, but simply to let it go. This was not committing a suicide, it was just the wholesome decision to release, to let the body age and die in a natural way instead of renewing it again and again through the Essene practices of body renewal that I had practiced for hundreds of years.

My father-to-be in that lifetime felt that the people who lived in the country, the shepherds and farmers, had strong ability to energetically hold a space for this coming of the Christ and to understand what his coming meant in the world, that it was the opening for all of us of the doorway to a higher consciousness. So he asked if I would come into the incarnation to work in the mountains with him as a shepherd in the hills, and to be part of the Essene school, to do the work to prepare the way for his coming. And I was very happy to be able to participate in that work. I knew that this coming of The Teacher was happening in a distant part of the world from where Aaron had lived, so I was happy to have the direct experience.

And of course on the inner planes, I knew the one who Jeshua was. Our hearts were connected. I was very happy to have the opportunity to perform this service in this way. So Aaron was permitted through the next 50 or 60 years to age in a more natural way and simply release the body. And then there was immediate incarnation as Nathaniel, timed to arrive so as to be there to welcome Jeshua.

Q: I could feel the love between you and Jeshua channeled by Judith Coates a few months ago. It was beautiful.

Aaron: I am glad you could feel that love. It is deep. There is much love. And I am humbled by him. He is a deeply powerful being, a being of enormous love.

Let us go and celebrate the birth of the Christ child in you and you and you… (repeats for each person present, looking into each one’s eyes) As you celebrate this season, think about how you can commit yourself in this year to give fuller birth to the Christ child within yourself. Enjoy your cookies and tea and whatever you might have. Celebrate with joy and laughter. My love is with you.

(recording ends)

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