December 17, 2003 - Christmas Stories

Barbara: It's good to see so many people here. Welcome on this snowy night! I see a number of people here who can remember sitting in my living room for Aaron's Christmas stories, with the tree glittering and a fire blazing. We've come a long way. We'll have to pretend there's a fireplace behind me though.

I'm also happy to welcome L (on speakerphone). L hasn't missed Aaron's Christmas Stories for a decade. He's calling from Florida!

Aaron: My blessings and love to you all. I am Aaron. It is a joy as always to gather with you this late December evening, to have the opportunity to speak the messages you call forth from your own love and from your intention to learn and grow.

I learn from you as well. I learn the depth of love possible in you. I share that discovery afresh with each one of you. What a joy I am given to experience your re-discovery of love's boundlessness with you.

Several years ago, someone asked me, "Will I ever run out of Christmas stories?" I said no. That answer still holds. Earlier stories may have seemed more adventurous or exciting. I see, as the years go by, they become simpler, and that is fitting, for in many ways this master you know as Jesus was a simple man.

He understood his power. He understood his divinity. And yet, he was humble because he understood that every being had that same power and divinity and simply had not yet realized it. He did not come to teach us of his power and divinity but of the divinity of all that is.

Thus, in his teaching, he did not set himself above others. He was not afraid of his power or his authority. He was not afraid to speak from that authority. But he did not command anyone to believe him; rather, he spoke his own truth and asked others to find the resonance of that truth in themselves.

His way was not to lecture or instruct through words, but to model that which he hoped others would emulate. He modeled love in human relationships. He modeled lovingkindness, respect, and reverence. And also, he modeled power. I would not want to say he worked miracles. Rather, he knew divine power. He knew the innate perfection of all that is and he knew how to invite that perfection to manifestation.

But it was important to him that people not think he did it so much as they understood that perfection was present, and that they also could manifest it. I heard him say several times that this was one of the ways he felt he had not fully succeeded in his mission, because so many misunderstood and invested him with special power. Beings looked up to him and prayed, "heal me, touch me, save me," rather than learning how to do this for themselves.

Many understood the whole message, but some did not. But he also understood that some people needed to see that divinity and power as separate from themselves before they could acknowledge it in themselves, so that this placing of him on a pedestal was a part of such people's process. But he never placed himself on the pedestal. He allowed others to do so, understanding it was part of their process, but even so, whenever possible his work was much more to empower others than to shine before others and ask them to glorify him.

Let me give you a few examples. While encamped outside a village, we heard tale of robbers in the village marketplace. That evening, as we sat around a fire, a man crept forward from the shadows. Literally on his hands and knees, he crawled up to Jesus. He confessed that he was a thief and said, "Save me, save me," for if they find that it was him the penalty for theft was to have his hands cut off. He said, "They will cut my hands off. And then my family will die". If he were thus cut and helpless, there would be no food for the little children.

Jesus asked him, "Why did you not think of this before you stole?" 
The man was very ashamed. He said, "I could not support myself in ay other way. My father was a thief. I do not know of any other way to support my family. I have been stealing all of my life. I know it's wrong but this is all I know how to do." 
Jesus asked him, "Have you any skill, any craft?" 
The man looked down and shook his head.
"You learned thievery from your father," Jesus said. "What did you learn from your mother?" 
"How to weave," the man said. "When I was a child, I would help her weave. As her hands became arthritic, I did much of her weaving for her. She was very talented." 
"And did people buy her woven material?" 

In many households there was a weaving loom. Remember, this is a place where there were sheep, and the yarn was spun and woven. We were encamped in the yard of a supporter's family, with too many of us to sleep in the house and no need for shelter on such a fair night. Jesus turned to the householder and asked, "Do you have a loom?" 
"Of course." 
He brought the man inside, and sat him before the loom. And the man wove a very fine and beautiful pattern of fabric, an unusual pattern with several stitches over and under and over, so the yarn itself, although only one color, created a lovely texture. 
"Do you know other textures, other patterns?" 

So he planted the idea, "You're not a failure. You are not devoid of ways of supporting yourself and providing for your family, and providing beauty for the world." 
"Go home," he told the man. "You will find a loom there. When I come through again, I want to see you weaving." 
The man began to weep.

He understood how to dye his yarn and create beautiful colors. When I passed that way again 6 months later, the man was weaving exquisite fabrics and they were much in demand. He sold enough to support his family and he gave many away, offered gifts to many different people but especially gifts to those he had robbed.

We were in that area for a week or two. The man was in the marketplace with his fabric, when a vendor pointed to him and said, "That's the one who stole from me last year." The man had a different appearance. He no longer looked desperate, discouraged, unkempt and afraid. Now he had a look of self-respect, of joyful presence. But when this vendor recognized him, others who had been robbed looked and said, "Oh yes! Yes, that's him! You're right!" 
They grabbed him and said, "Are you the one who robbed us?" 
"Yes," he admitted his crime. It took enormous courage to admit that crime, not to deny it and say, "You've confused me with another." And he knew the consequence he might suffer.

There was custom in those days that justice was delivered swiftly. There was a - I don't want to call him a judge - a figure who represented both the secular and religious law. The people who were victims would simply gather around him and the thief and decide, is he guilty or not? They all agreed he was guilty. What was the penalty? His hands will be cut off. And then one who was wearing a shawl this man had made for him, said, "But look what he has learned to do with his hands." As they looked around, they saw that many of them were wearing robes or other pieces of fabric that this man had woven. They realized the man who had robbed them was somebody else, in the same body but somebody else. They could not, would not, cut off his hands so long as he dedicated those hands to creating such beauty, and promised not to rob again.

I was very blessed to be present. That night after the market had closed, the man came to Jesus and took his hands and knelt before him. He was in tears. He said, "You have saved me. You have given me my self-worth." And Jesus said to him, "No, your self-worth was always there. You made the choice to leave off your negativity and fear and the stealing it engendered, and to bring forth your own divine beauty, your own creativity and love. It is you who developed this. I only reminded you that you could do it."

I don't think this man had considered this before. He looked at his hands, his hands that he had been so afraid would be cut off. And he said, "Just as God created the world, so these hands also can create beauty." He looked at his hands with wonder. And Jesus said to him, "Yes, and the beauty flows from your heart through your hands. It is the heart that holds the sacred blueprint of that beauty."

The man sat there, weeping, holding out his hands, and a radiance shone from him that I had not seen before. It was the recognition not only of his, but of every soul's, self-worth and divinity.

I have no doubt but that Jesus could have done something to save this man's hands, that first day. People respected him, and if he had asked them, "Give him another chance," they would have. But what the man needed was to wake up, to discover his own divinity. And this is the gift Jesus gave him. He empowered the man to earn the right to keep his hands.

Some of you have heard me tell how I came to him after my wife died in childbirth. The living infant was with a relative. I was in deep despair, for I loved my wife dearly. And also because I had many children. I did not know what would happen to my family. I was a shepherd and spent much of my time in the hills. The older children could come with me, but I could not easily bring babies with me. Certainly not in winter. Would my family be split up? What would happen to us?

I had heard that Jesus was nearby, and as was usual when he came near where I was, when I say near, within several days' journey from where I was, I went to seek him out, to spend as much time with him as I could. I had a large extended family, brothers who would watch my sheep, friends and neighbors, and they understood how much I loved this man and made it easy for me to go.

Let me elaborate a bit here. I have in the past presented myself as being a simple shepherd in that lifetime, and that's true. When I say "simple shepherd," I don't mean a simpleton, I mean simply a shepherd. I was not a scholar, I had no widespread renown. I was a shepherd.

But as a boy I had been raised in the Essene community. I had been taught many kinds of spiritual practices. Within those communities, all young people who took a special interest in spirit were sent for further training if they thusly desired it. So I spent many years as a young man in the special mystery schools where such training was given, and I learned many things. My father also had learned these practices and was quite a master of them. But he had lived his life out as a shepherd. I understood that my work in that lifetime was to go back where I had been raised, to be a shepherd as my father had been a shepherd.

Shepherding was my work in that lifetime, shepherding of sheep and of men. Many did regard me as - I don't want to use the word teacher. I like the Buddhist phrase, spiritual friend. I was one to whom they could come in their confusion and despair. Perhaps my role was not to be a disciple of Jesus but to be a supporter of him, to help hold the fabric of that time and space in which people were invited to discover their divinity, just as my training had taught me the divinity of all that is. So I saw my work as to hold this space for others, to bring it forth by teaching from my classroom of the pastures and the hillsides. I was not teaching crowds but just one to one, speaking with my friends.

These are the friends who were so loving and supportive when my wife died. My oldest son Mark came with me on that journey. We walked through the days and nights for we had quite a distance to go. Then we heard he was just a day's walk away. It was a stormy night, and I lost my footing, fell down a steep ravine and broke my leg.

Mark helped to splint my leg, found sticks I could use as crutches and supported me. In that way we walked. He half carried me. We found a man on the road with a small cart, which he allowed us to borrow, and Mark wheeled me until we arrived where Jesus was. I had seen him heal people and I said, "Heal me, heal me."

He tended me. His cool touch felt beautiful on that throbbing leg. But he said, "It will take time." My training had led me to understand that it need not take time. This is something interesting and something Barbara has been exploring much of late. When there is a belief in linear time, you expect things will happen as a progression. And yet, the Ever-Perfect is always there, and there is no reason for the Ever-Perfect not to manifest instantly, if that is our highest intention. The only thing that blocks it is the belief that it has to happen gradually.

I had seen instant healings of wounds, burns, broken bones. It was not just Jesus who could do this. Many masters understood how to do this within their own body. Most would not attempt such healing of others because others' karma was not ripe for that healing.

I don't want to go too deep in this direction right now. When he said it will happen gradually, I bristled. I saw no reason for it to happen gradually. I said, "I must get back to my sheep. I must get back to my infant son and my young children." 
"No," he said, "they're well-cared for. Your brother cares for you sheep, and Mark can go back to help with the sheep. You will stay here until it heals."

I had come to him in my grief and my loss. He knew and I knew that the leg could be healed instantly, that in some way I had actually participated in breaking this leg because I needed an excuse to spend a longer time with him, something I could not give myself without that excuse.

Each day he came to see me and we talked. When the group traveled, I was carried by cart. The leg healed much faster than might be expected, but it certainly was not instant.

But my grief healed. Instead of seeing only the limits, a broken family, no mother, I saw the possibilities. 
"How can I take my babies to the field?" 
"Why not," he said. "What better environment for them?" 
"And in the winter?" "Well, you'll have to stay home with them. Your older sons can take the sheep to the field." In the summer, we were higher in the mountains; in the winter, the sheep were down in the valley near our home. I understood that it was perfectly workable.

Most important to healing was to understand my rage at God for taking this loved one from me. "God doesn't take anything," Jesus said. "God did not take her. She had to go. It was her time. She left a very painful and terrible gift, but a gift offered to you with love, to find out your true strength, to find your wholeness. You used to see your wholeness, your completion, in this woman. Now you must know your completion in yourself."

In those few weeks I realized the ways I had thought of my capacity as limited, that without her I would never love again, rather than understanding that she had taught me how to love, and my love was infinite. Now, without this specific object for my love, it was free to radiate out more fully to all beings.

Of course there was sadness. Of course I would miss her. But every time I looked at my children, she was there. When I looked at the ornaments in our home, she was there. When I thought of her face, she was there. When I reflected on her ideas, she was there. How could I lose her? But the lesson that he taught me was to know the unlimitedness in myself, and to embrace that unlimitedness which, despite all my training, had remained a concept.

Yes, I could manifest many things. Yes, I had very deep mastery and training, could move into states emulating death, could cease breathing for quite awhile, could endure icy cold without any lowering of body temperature, or endure unbearable heat and sun without terrible discomfort. And yet I still did not fully believe the truth of my own divinity. This is what he taught me in those weeks, to know my unlimitedness, my wholeness, my perfection, and to let it radiate out into the world.

When I left 3 weeks later with only a slight limp, my heart was joyful and full. My beloved, her own divinity, and the divinity of everything, expressed through each face and each object that I met, and all sense of loss was gone.

He did not come to teach you of his glory, but of yours. "I am the way," he said. By that, he did not mean the personal man Jesus, only that in understanding his divinity, we must recognize our own. With that divinity and truly that perfection comes enormous responsibility. This is why so many in the earth plane are reluctant to recognize their divinity and their power.

I spoke of learning in the mystery schools, of mastery in myself and others, such as the ability literally to manifest a thing in an instant. Yet, most humans are not yet wise enough about the arising of negative thought to release it in an instant. If somebody says or does something that angers you, and an angry curse comes up into your heart, there may be shame, "I shouldn't think that." There may be control, "No, I won't think that." There's still fear of that thought. This holds and enhances the negative distortion. If you can manifest, but cannot release negative conditions toward manifestation, you will manifest that which the heart does not truly desire. There is not yet readiness for the responsibility of your true nature.

Because there is fear with the thought, there is still a relationship with the thought, which energy empowers the negative thought. Wisely you understand that if you had the ability to act out your immediate impulses, to bring them to immediate fruition, you could do great harm in the world.

The path is not through self-control, although certainly one must control one's impulses by making a space for them so they don't impact anything. Think about it. Even a tidal wave with no shore to wash itself up on will eventually die out. The way is not to chastise yourself, which simply adds more negativity. The way is simply to note what has arisen, that it is the result of conditions, and like everything else, it will pass.

When you know that and are 100% certain that you do not need to enact that negativity in the world, then you are ready to take on the responsibility to know and teach this innate perfection, to teach it through who you are.

On this 3rd density earth, you will not yet find the individual ability to instantly create simply through your thoughts. The vibrational frequency of the earth plane's third density is too low. Only a group energy can presently bring forth such instant manifestation. But the time is coming in 4th density when you will be able to do this. Now is the time of learning your divinity, understanding the responsibility in carrying that divinity, and also the enormous joy and wonder of it.

Long ago I gave a talk about the earth as Eden. Somebody asked me, "Will the Earth ever become Eden that was promised in Biblical times?" And I said, "It's already here. You just haven't recognized it."

This is what he came to teach. Some people have said to me that they thought he was before his time, too early. They have thought if he had come much later, perhaps he would have had a different experience on Earth, with people more open to his message. But he came at the perfect time. He came at the time when Earth was so deeply clouded with doubt and fear, where beings so deeply diminished their radiance, that they called forth his coming. He came to wake them up, to wake you up.

As you celebrate his birthday next week, celebrate your own birthday, the birthday of the 4th density being who you are, right here with the 3rd density being.

For those who are not familiar with these terms, there are 8 densities. This is not my teaching but a traditional metaphysical teaching. Gas and mineral is 1st density. Vegetable and animal is 2nd density. Human, this human plane on Earth is 3rd density. Presently 4th density is a non-material plane. What are the qualities of 4th density? One is full telepathic ability. If I were to ask you now, would it be okay if you were totally telepathic, and everybody in this room was telepathic, some of you would say no. There may have been thoughts, judging thoughts about others in the room, that you would not want known. And perhaps you don't want to hear others' thoughts that might be judgmental of you. With 4th density there is complete equanimity around emotion and thought; one understands it completely as the result of conditions and doesn't take it personally. One understands this is just the karmic energy flowing out, so that there's the ability to be fully telepathic.

And there is the ability to be all-powerful, to claim one's power, to know one's divinity. That power is tempered with reverence, responsibility, lovingkindness, all of these beautiful qualities. This is where you are headed.

So as you celebrate his birthday next week, why not celebrate your own as well? Are you ready to step forth from 3rd density? Are you ready to commit yourself to the spiritual practices that will ripen you for that birth, if not this week or next week, then in these coming years? First you need to know that it's possible, to truly believe in your unlimitedness, you beauty, your power, and your grace.

So celebrate your birthday right there with him, and ask, "How can I bring forth this being that is ripening for birth? What can I do to better bring forth this Christ within myself, this awakened one within this particular expression of the divine?"

Let me end with one more story...

This is the story of a man who thought he was evil. He had grown up with cruelty and scarcity, with poverty both of body and of spirit. That was not uncommon in those days.

We did not carry food when we traveled. There was trust that what was needed would appear, and as you have heard, Jesus had a way of helping it to appear.

We were welcomed at the household of a wealthy man, one whom knew and loved Jesus. Whoever traveled with him was welcomed. If it was a large group, many would just sleep on the ground or in a stable. If it was a small group, they were welcomed into the home.

On this particular night, we were a small group. A man had joined us that day, a man who was unkempt in his body appearance, and he kept his eyes cast on the ground. I saw Jesus attempt to speak to him a few times. The man just muttered a few words and looked away. So Jesus walked beside him quietly, not forcing his words upon the man.

When we came in the gate, we were welcomed by this beloved old friend of Jesus'. Because we were a small group, he welcomed us into his courtyard. It was a lovely evening and we were given bedding and a place to sleep. During the night, I saw the man get up and move to the open doorway of the house. Curious, I followed him, watching from a distance.

There was a box where silver was kept; not just eating utensils, but ornate spiritual objects, silver coins, gold coins. There was only the shadowy light of the fire. The man looked around to be certain nobody saw. Most were sleeping outdoors. There was no one in the room; I peered through an arched doorway from another room.

So he took handfuls of the box's contents and put them in his pockets, still looking around. The last thing he took from the box was an ornate jeweled knife, and a beautiful scabbard with a jeweled handle.

I wasn't sure what to do. I did not feel I could allow him to rob our friend. I did not hesitate out of fear for myself but because I really did not know what was best for this man's good, for this man's growth.

Finally he turned away from the box, and as he stepped toward me, I stepped forth. But at the same moment as I stepped forth, much to my surprise, Jesus stepped forth from another arched doorway.

The man looked at me. I looked at Jesus.

There was greed in the man's expression. There was also fear. I don't think he was a habitual thief so much that his greed got the better of him, for he had seen the contents of this box, so accessible. Jesus stepped forth and said, simply, "Do you really want to take those things?" 
The man looked down at the ground. He could not meet Jesus' eye. 
"I am an evil man," he said. 
"Have you stolen before?" Jesus asked. The man shook his head no. 
"What will you do with what you've taken?" 
"I don't know," the man said. He hadn't thought that far ahead. It was just there and his greed drove him to it. 
"Are you hungry? Is your family hungry? Are you in need?" 
"No family," the man muttered. "I am alone. I am not in need. I am just an evil man."

Jesus stood there for quite awhile simply looking into this man's eyes. The man said again, "I am just an evil man," and Jesus held his gaze. The man looked down. Jesus held his hand under the man's chin and raised his face, commanding his eyes.

"Is that all there is to you?" said Jesus. "Tell me when you have been kind to another." The man withdrew himself again, looked down at the ground. He repeated, "I am just an evil man." Again Jesus lifted the man's chin and looked into his eyes. "Tell me of a kind deed you have done in the recent past."

"I gave money to the beggar in town." 
"Yes," said Jesus, "tell me more." 
"I don't know," said the man. "I... I took care of my neighbors' children when the neighbors were sick. I brought them into my house to take care of them for a day, for two days, for several months," said the man. 
"Yes," said Jesus, "that sounds like the doings of an evil man. Tell me more."

For over an hour he invited the man to recount the loving, generous, kind things that he had done. And each time Jesus said, "Yes, is that the doing of an evil man? Well, that sounds like the doing of an evil man. Does it to you?" 
The man would say, "Well, maybe not." 
What he was doing was inviting this man to see that which he had not allowed himself to see, which was his own goodness. The man was so caught in the occasional movements of negativity that came through him that he had focused all his attention on those, and he could not see his own goodness.

At the end of about an hour of discussion, Jesus simply said to the man, "I'll go back to sleep now. I suggest you do the same." He didn't say to the man, "Please return the things." Just, "It's time to sleep." And he turned his back and went to sleep. Taking my cue from him, I also left and headed back to my blanket. But I saw the man watch us leave and turn, and I could hear him putting everything back into the box.

He walked out of the house and he was about to walk out of the gate when Jesus got up from where he was lying and came to him again, came quickly, and said, "Where are you going?" 
"I've shamed myself. I must leave." 
"No, you have shown me your goodness. You have showed the true side of your nature. Please stay and allow that true side of your nature to take fruit, to blossom." 
The man was a bit surprised. "You really invite me to stay?" 
"Of course."

The man said, "You don't even know if I returned everything." And Jesus said, "That will be up to you." He offered the man the space next to him by the fire, a blanket there, and then Jesus lay down. The man made a trip into the house and I heard one more object drop into that container, perhaps one coin he had withheld, and then he came and laid down by the fire too. He traveled with us for the next few days, until I had to leave.

He was so courteous. He went out of his way to be kind to others. He offered others the first and best food, and one could see he was not doing it as a way of purifying himself, he was not doing it because he felt that others must go first, he was doing it simply out of his own goodness.

In those few days, a light began to shine from him. He knew that I had heard the whole discussion, and before I left, I needed to ask him a question. "Do you still believe you are an evil man?" I asked. 
"No," he said, smiling. "No. That evil man, he never existed. My fear created him. But he is gone."

This is what this beloved master came to teach, to teach each being his or her own divinity and how to bring forth that divinity into expression in the world. This is his gift to you, and it is the gift that you may make to the world and to each other, as you celebrate his birth.

I will be happy to hear your questions for 10 minutes, and then we will end and have some time for your celebration and social time. I pause.

Barbara: Are there questions?

Q: Could you speak to the non-duality between good and evil?

Aaron: I am Aaron. What we call evil is, let us call it a state of contraction and relative absence of light. Just as with these dimmer switches (turns lights up and down) , the light is here and we can have relative absence of light until it becomes quite dark. But light is the natural state, not darkness. If they were dual, there would be a constant oppositionality between light and darkness, but light can never disappear.

In the relative plane, there is what we call evil, or perhaps better phrased, negative distortion. I do not deny that that's present. There's great cruelty in the world, bred of fear. One must rest in that container of light, the container of the Uncontracted and Unlimited, and see the arising of the distortions of fear, attend to that fear without losing hold of the light.

Long ago, I spoke to Barbara once when she was playing in a fast rushing stream and waterfall. Many of you have heard this story. She jumped into the pool from the rocks above the falls. The rapid movement of the water shot her downstream, tumbling head over heels. She knew that in a very short distance the stream widened and the water became shallow. She is a very good swimmer, but as she spun head over heels, propelled by the current, there was a moment of panic, unable to get her face above the water, and I said to her, "Just put your feet down."

Of course, as soon as she put her feet down, the water was only thigh-deep, and she could stand up. It was still rushing with a lot of force. She still had to balance herself and walk to shore. One tumbles in the stream until one remembers, "Put your feet down," and then one can stand up. One gets caught in negativity's stories until one remembers one's innate perfection, figuratively puts one's feet down, and stands up. One must still attend to fear, anger, greed, whatever kind of negativity has arisen. But one does not then get caught in a self-identification with it.

Please do not create a duality between light and darkness, good and evil, but understand that that which we call evil is a distortion of the light. It is a temporary dimming of the light. As you create a space for that darkness, the light will always return. I pause.

Q: Aaron spoke of the Essenes and his own experience with them in manifesting and other practices of power... He also said later that we cannot manifest instantaneously on this earth at this time. Could he clarify that?

Aaron: I am Aaron. First let me clarify the statement. Working with the self, some of you can manifest instantaneously in areas where the karma has been resolved. Working with another in whom the karma around that particular mental, emotional, or physical situation, has been resolved, some of you can help that person into an instantaneous resting in the Ever-Perfect. But unless the karma has truly been resolved, the distortion will recur. Thus, speaking hypothetically here, the broken bone might seem to heal and then fracture again. The cancer might seem to diminish and then re-express itself.

It's important to remember that you have incarnated into this 3rd density to live with the veil of 3rd density, to live with the whole structure of linear time, to live with all the limitations you place upon yourselves. You have chosen to live within the veil for the learnings of faith and love. The primary learning of 3rd density is faith and love, not wisdom, yet many of you are at the edge of 3rd density and ready to move deeper into the wisdom practices.

So I would like to re-state this, not that you cannot but few of you are ready to do it. More to the point, that instantaneous shift of healing is not so important in itself, but what is important is to recognize the potential for it so that the 4th density human to come can fully know and enact that potential. Does that answer your question?

There is one more point. Most individuals are not yet clear enough of the veil to carry the high vibration necessary for such instantaneous manifestation. However, groups of you are learning to hold that vibration and thusly to manifest.

Barbara: Let's have one more question.

Q: Say more about the 4th density human.

Aaron: I am Aaron. Many of you are moving into that 4th density field in this lifetime. Many of your children are born literally, I will not say without the veil but with a very thin veil, with a deep sense of their divinity and unlimitedness. The 4th density human must be ready to carry that 4th density power or terrible destruction will come. There must be a deep commitment to non-harm. There must be deep understanding of the conditioned nature of the human mind, and even of the conditioned nature of the cellular structure of the body.

There must be a willingness to live the unlimited, ultimate level for the self, and also to live the relative level for others. That is, we rest in this, some of you are familiar with the phrase "dharmakaya," the Ever-Perfect. We see that as the deepest truth of ourselves, AND we experience the human, let us say the heavier vibration of the other bodies that may still exist on the earth plane. We engage in that instantaneous shift into the Ever-Perfect for ourselves, but we do not ask that of others who are not ready for that. But instead we guide them in the relative progression of growth, support their relative progression of growth in whatever ways we can, while holding the doorway to the Ever-Perfect open for them.

Yours is a very broad question. You say, "speak more about it," -- I could speak for 10 hours. Is there something specific you wish to hear? I pause.

Q: Anyone want to jump on this?

Q: The nature of the physical vehicle in 4th density, how will that differ from the nature of the 3rd density vehicle?

Aaron: I am Aaron. Each of the bodies will be able to carry a higher vibrational frequency, that is the simplest distinction that I can make. I pause.

(The group jokes that is a very good non-answer...)

Aaron: I am Aaron. In metaphysics, you will read of talk about DNA changes and so forth. I don't find it useful to get into that. It's not something you need to know. You cannot consciously change the DNA structure of your body. If children are born with different DNA structure, it is because they are ready for that. You don't need to know about it. But you can feel the contracted state as related to body distortion, body discomfort, to emotion, to aversion, to greed, to restlessness or lethargy in the mind, and you can relate to that imbalanced contraction, either by furthering the contraction or by attending to and making space for the contraction. That which is aware of the contraction is not contracted.

As you learn this, you cease to contract around contraction. You see that these contractions of mind, body, and emotions are simply the results of conditions and you rest more and more in awareness. You rest in your divinity. The more you rest there, the more the vibrational frequency of each body raises harmoniously, each with the others. So the hallmark of the 4th density human is this much higher vibrational frequency in all the bodies.

In Tibetan teaching, they talk about beings who attain what they call the rainbow body. All the karma is resolved in that being. The vibrational frequency in each body is so high that when that person comes to his transition and leaves the body, the body simply dissolves itself. The body is left alone in a room for 7 days. Rainbow light shines out of the room. And at the end of 7 days, you don't come back to find a stinking corpse. There's nothing left but hair and nails. Everything else has dissolved. This is not myth. I have personally seen this, and if you ask a number of different Tibetan masters, they will affirm that they've also seen it.

It's not limited to the Tibetan tradition, only it is clearly spoken of in that tradition. This is what you're moving toward. And of course, that being may move into incarnation again if it wishes, not pulled by karma but simply as servant. But the new incarnation enters with that high vibrational frequency.

You have each known people who carry that high vibrational frequency. You feel their energy, their power, their light. It is their gift. I pause.

Barbara: Let us end here and give people a chance to celebrate.

A number of you have heard me speak of my upcoming trip to a healer, John of God, in Brazil. Some of you have not heard me talk about it. I would be happy to sit here and share some of this with you. It relates very much to what Aaron was talking about tonight, and to seeing the simultaneity of the distortion, the form body out there which is distorted, and the Ever-Perfect. And just coming back to that Ever-Perfect, seeing that we don't go from one to the other but we can bring them together and be in both places at the same time. I've been finding this a very powerful experience.

Very briefly, I'm going in January to see a healer in Brazil who is reputed to be very powerful and has had some success working with people with deafness, amongst many other kinds of maladies. I've spent the whole past year really preparing for this trip and learning - so much learning. I've been talking about this in classes the past couple of weeks, but if anybody has not heard and would like to hear, get yourself some cookies and come back in about 10 minutes and I'll talk about it...

Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Happy Kwanzaa! Whatever it is you're celebrating. Happy Solstice! Happy New Year!

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