October 3, 2001

Aaron: Good evening and my love to you all. I am Aaron. It has been many months since we have gathered to speak in this way. It is a delight to feel your energy and presence.

You in this group are attempting to walk through your lives with love. Do not be reactive to your fear. Notice I did not say not to fear, because as humans you will fear, but, not to be reactive to your fear. This is truly the path of your growing maturity, to learn how to let any emotion arise and pass away without getting overly caught in the story of it.

We've talked a good deal about emergence into 4th density and what that means, how the 4th density human will be, first, telepathic, able to communicate without use of words just by sharing thoughts, and, second, within that telepathic communication to have equanimity with emotions that are received and transmitted.

You are not developing telepathic abilities nor equanimity as ends in themselves. Telepathic ability is a catalyst for deeper wisdom and compassion, or the ability becomes an enormous burden. Wisdom and compassion are the conditions out of which equanimity may develop. With equanimity, judgment and fear are seen just as they are, the results of conditions. You cease to give them energy, cease to be reactive to them. When they are no longer fed, gradually judgment, hatred and fear diminish and fall away.

When judgment does arise there is clear seeing of how it arose triggered by old consciousness and so you don't buy into the story of it. Without judgment, without buying into the story of fear, hatred falls away. Then, as though a dark storm cloud dissipated, allowing the sun to shine through it, the light of your lovingkindness, your goodness and compassion, shine out into the world, into the universe.

Combined with this direct expression of your innate goodness is your free will. And with that free will, the ability to co-create, I would not say your world but your universe, because you are infinite. But in the beginning, at least to co-create your world.

Now, of course you co-create your world now, or believe that you do, and to some degree you do that. But the work is on a very different level when you attempt to co-create through the ego self. The Ground of Being from which Self expresses is a bit like the force that would create a tidal wave, and the ego self is on the very top scooping out teaspoons full of water.

You are unlimited. That which would co-create with the divine is not the ego self but is the Creator within you. It works for the good of all beings, grounded in deep wisdom and infinite compassion. When you co-create in that way, tuning in to the needs of beings, tuning in to all the available resources and with the ability truly to envision and manifest that vision, then you are expressing your true being. .

All of you inherently have this unlimited power. But with some wisdom, you chose not to use that power in its fullest extent because you are aware there is still distortion. As positively polarized beings, at some level you have made the decision not to enact your power fully until you are more capable of resting deeply in this space of love. As you deepen in your spiritual practice you find increasing ability to act without distortion and increasing trust of that ability. Then you begin to act more from that unlimited aspect of being.

You know that there are negatively polarized beings in the world, in the universe. Such beings thrive on fear; the fear vibration feeds them. They may be very much consumed by hatred and greed. They may delude themselves that their choices are made for the good of beings, but positive choices cannot be made for the good of some beings and still cause great harm to others. There is always a path free of such harm, if one is willing to seek it.. Beings of intense negative polarity usually do not make the statement that they are trying to avoid harm. But occasionally they have become blinded to their own inner activity and so they make the statement, "I must do this to protect people" and if this causes great harm to other people, that is their doing. . Thus, they justify such actions. They may deny that they get any nourishment from creating fear but my experience is that such beings always like the experience of power, and power and fear are always interwoven. .

So, you live in a world in which there are positively polarized beings, neutral beings, and negatively polarized beings. The negatively polarized beings are not evil. There is no such thing as absolute evil. Rather, they are suffering from an enormous distortion.

There is sometimes misunderstanding in thinking that beings are either positively or negatively polarized, to the extreme, that is, that they can only practice fear or love. Positively polarized beings have begun to learn an equanimity with fear and have made the deep free will decision not to enact that fear in the world. But there is still fear. Negatively polarized beings also have a core of goodness but their "sun" is hidden behind a dense cloud. Their light has become so screened by fear that it cannot break through the clouds. The actions of fear become predominant. But such beings are not evil, they are simply locked into old mind conditioning and the habitual ego desire for power for self, or those perceived as connected to the self. In this defending, they may truly believe in the righteousness of their cause. But they don't yet understand that the cause can only be advanced with non-harm to all. I'm not defending such beings only trying to explain them a bit to you.

There is and has been for many decades, centuries, a (certainly the word is not war, even struggle is not quite accurate-contest might do), an opposition, a very intense contest, sometimes with dire results, between positive and negative polarity in the universe. Those who wish to express the most positive polarity, these beings on all planes, support positive polarity on the Earth plane. Those who would support negative polarity on all planes support the negative polarity enacted on the Earth plane.

On the Earth plane, the being enacting negative polarity may try to justify it and truly in his heart think he is doing right. When he searches for justification, my experience is that he may become a pawn of some greater negative polarity, something there behind him whispering in his ear, "Yes, kill them! Kill them! Yes, you were right. You have to protect your people that way." Urging him on. Occasionally there is one of intense negative polarity in incarnation who does not use such justification for hate. But for the most part, those of negative polarity on the Earth plane truly believe in what they are doing and that it is for the good of at least certain beings.

Regarding this contest between positive and negative polarity, in the long run it is my firm conviction that positive polarity will win out because negative polarity can only go so far. Negative polarity can only go to 6th density. It can be a very powerful 6th density but it cannot move into 7th and 8th density. It holds itself at that level, reverts instantly, or must move all the way back and run through the densities again as positive. Of course, because of the pain involved in that process , it holds all the more firmly to its 5th or 6th density negative polarity. Such beings on a material or non-material plane can do great harm.

I don't think I need to explain why you are working to enhance positive polarity in yourselves and the world. The goal here is the end of suffering for beings, peace, happiness, deep lovingkindness, so that each being may fully express its full divine potential.

And so we come to September 11th. Many of you have asked me, "Aaron, what happened? How did this happen?"

Let us talk first about what I see about that question, how it happened and then about what it means, what you can do from here.

The more that positive polarity opposes negative polarity with negative reaction, the more it feeds negative polarity which wants to be empowered, wants to control, and does thrive on fear. The events of September 11th were created, designed, and enacted by humans. Yet, to my understanding, those humans were prodded on by non-material negative beings, by negative energy. I do want to avoid being esoteric here. Wherever the negative energy derives, the question is, how to respond skillfully. But you need to understand that this issue is larger than one of this or that political system, larger even than one of worldwide terrorism and putting a stop to it. It touches the essential issue, how does loving energy, grounded in wisdom and compassion, relate to fear? .

I think the attack fell where it did for very specific reasons. When I say, "where" I don't mean the precise location; it could have been a different building. But on this country, for specific reasons. In no particular order, there is a national karma. All of you here in this country were drawn to take birth in this country with a fair degree of well-being compared to people in very poor and unstable countries. Many of you are old souls. And yet there has been an isolationist policy in this country, even for those whose meditation has taught them the interdependence of all beings. There has been a withdrawal behind a curtain of sorts, the ostrich hiding its head in the sand.

How many of you received very disturbing e-mails about the conditions of women in Afghanistan a year or two ago? Women starving, not allowed to work, their children starving, women shot and even literally buried alive by a very oppressive government? Other than signing a petition in your e-mail, how many of you did anything about it? How many of you said, "These are my sisters. This may not continue." If your birth sister was in Afghanistan, would you have acted differently? Would you have become more involved?

So many of you, especially in this country, have tended to look away from the suffering in the rest of the world and for this reason you are hated in parts of the world. It's not a matter of "fault" and you did not create the situation single-handedly. . Please do not misunderstand me. A good part of this hatred comes from lies and propaganda and misunderstanding. But those lies and propaganda could not get a foothold if there was not some degree of truth in it.

It has been easier for you in America to separate yourselves because of the oceans that protect you and separate you from the world. You have created a basically loving and stable system of government. Your government was sorely tested last November by the indecisiveness of the election results . And yet, unlike what would have happened in many countries, there was no war. There was no violence. Discontent, took a form of letters to editors, friends speaking to friends. But nobody tried to kill anybody. Do you have any idea how wondrous this is?

And yet, even here, others in other nations look at you and they can't understand because in their countries there would have been death in that situation. Sometimes there is great jealousy of this stability. Often they misunderstand and see not stability but apathy, and I don't think there was apathy in the November election. But in countries where there is constant political foment they see this peacefulness as apathy.

I cannot begin to go into the variety of reasons why in some places there is hatred for this country, only to repeat that it entails a good deal of jealousy, misunderstanding, propaganda, and that you have helped to create that misunderstanding through your own withdrawal from the world beyond your boundaries.

So, here's one reason the terrorism was directed towards the United States. There's a second and equally important reason. We come back to the conflict between negative and positive. Negative energy is always seeking to create havoc in the world. Positive polarity counters that seeking to whatever degree it can without infringing on free will and without resorting to the hatred employed by the enemy.

What I am about to say some of you are going to find difficult, as you have found difficulty with my statements about the Holocaust. I have said about the Holocaust that those who died at some level offered the sacrifice, both related to their own personal karma and as a way of resolving and balancing that karma, but more importantly, as a way of teaching a certain lesson to the world, which is, that one must always say no to hatred and abuse. They died to wake you up, and indeed they did wake up the world, at least partially awakened it. If more of you were more fully awake this present event would not have happened.

Again, we came to that place where the world needs a wake-up call. There are those who would abuse, murder, and do such in the name of God to justify it. There have always been those in the world. From time to time they gather strength and the way the world responds to them is extremely important. If the world turns its head and chooses not to see acts of hatred they will gain more power.

What does it mean to say no to hatred, to say it with love, and to say it with an absolute authority, "No!" How do you learn to do that in your personal lives and as nations?

So I think those who died at some level agreed to participate, offering their life as part of this great lesson. And the response is quite extraordinary. Yes, we see letters to the editor talking about keeping touch with one's hatred. Well, of course, there's always going to be some negativity. But far more people than I would have dreamed have come forth with statements of clarity. The situation really is perfect because there's no nation that you can attack to seek revenge. There is no one religious group that you can attack. And people are seeing this. People are asking the important question, the urgent question, "How do we say no to terrorism, to murder, to violence, in any form anywhere in the world, and say it without getting caught up in hatred ourselves?" This is what these people died to teach.

Of course, there was not a conscious decision, somebody looking at his watch at 6 A.M. and thinking, "Well, in 2 hours there is that situation and I'm going to die." But at a deeper level there was some understanding and agreement. It's a big sacrifice and yet, , forgive me, I do not take human life lightly, but it is just a lifetime. So what? Ten years, 50 years, 100 years; just a snap of the fingers. They will be back. Hopefully they will come back to a world that is more awake to its interdependence and more awake to the need to deal with pain with presence and compassion, a need to deal with hatred with a dynamic compassion which says no to abuse, and yet listens and hears the pain in another's heart rather than confronting angry beings with hatred..

This is really the only hope for the world, that you learn this. And these beings gave of themselves that you might have the situation to learn it, all of you throughout the world. Do not let their deaths be in vain. I know I don't need to tell this group that, but go out and teach it to others. Teach lovingkindness. Model lovingkindness in your lives. Teach compassion. And teach that compassion is strong.

There was a very difficult letter on the final page of a special Time magazine issue about September 11th. He said, I do not quote him exactly but something to the gist of, "We must be strong. We must hold on to our hatred. Those who speak of forgiveness, they are the weaklings." I'm sure there are people who read this and agreed. But because his statement was so strong, I hope it also woke some people up, seeing how that voice could be in them and that this is the voice which must be attended to, the voice of fear. Because, of course, it is far easier to hold onto hatred and use that hatred as a lever for revenge than it is to find understanding and compassion and to say no to further abuse from that place of compassion. It's harder because it forces you to look deeply into your own anger and the way you may tend to hold onto that anger and use it for power and safety.

This act of hatred also came to the United States through another karmic stream, which is the deep intention for the good of beings. You are perhaps the one country, let me rephrase, there are other countries who could create a container for such violence and hatred but they are not big countries and do not speak with a loud voice. You are the only major country who had the ability to sustain those blows without immediately striking back in ways that would have created great harm.

Your whole country together, in some ways drew this energy here both to balance your national karma and also because you did have the strength and compassion, the wisdom, to handle it and to be models to the whole world of this strong compassion. There is some determination that you will not be used or misused by terrorists, nor will you hate terrorists. You will not hate nations. You will not hate religious groups. This is part of the ground of which this country grew, and while it is not perfected, there is a deep resonance to this direction. You attempt say no to violence while deeply understanding the pain of those beings who gave off such violence.

I see this event as a potential turning point. What your country does in response in the next 6 months will set the course of the world for centuries, I think; either pulling the world more deeply into negative polarity where beings will continue a cycle of killing and more killing or into a turn toward true sanity and maturity.

You have heard me speak about the idea that there are guardian angels around the Earth, that your free will may not be violated, and also that there is a non-intervention policy. Negative polarity does not obey that policy. Positive polarity cannot break it or we become what we guard against, and violate free will.. All we can do is teach love. It is up to you to use that love to change the way the whole world reacts and relates to negativity. You are ripe for this work.

You know that there are many places where material and non-material sentient beings exist. There are many planets that have life. Perhaps not life as you would recognize it, not humanoid-looking beings, but life and intelligence. There is a brotherhood of positively polarized beings who communicate throughout the galaxy, throughout the universe. Part of the reason there is a non-intervention policy around Earth is that you must do this for yourselves, and part of it is that you had not yet reached the maturity where the majority of this brotherhood, or council, felt that you could be trusted with the power that would come with communication with such beings from other planes.

If somebody makes you angry and you decide, "We're just going to have to wipe them off the planet," then how could you be trusted to have the power to knock out entire planetary systems? So in some ways your knowledge and power have been limited, limited by your own ignorance which was partially maintained because some of what would be available to learn from others was not offered to you, because you still needed to prove yourselves mature enough to enter into this inter-galactic council, if I may put it that way. So beings are watching to see what you will do. I don't usually speak of such things but I think it's important that you understand the whole situation here.

Beings, many of them very loving beings, are watching you carefully. You are indeed very beautiful beings. You have the unique ability to be with the physical, mental and emotional bodies together with the spirit body., and are gifted with this veil of forgetting so that you must relate skillfully to the heavier 3 bodies with faith and love. That situation is unique in the whole universe. Earth was originally created with the idea of bringing all 4 of these bodies together in a basically positively polarized environment; many have watched to see the extraordinary development of compassion in this plane. So you are being watched.

I could liken it to a child who comes to an age where he may get a license to drive a vehicle. The parents allow him to start to train for that driving but they watch him carefully to see, does he have the maturity to handle that much power? You already have awesome power in your nuclear weapons. What if you had the power to destroy without weapons, without biological, nuclear or chemical weapons? What if you could focus your hatred on something and destroy it with thought? Are you ready for that kind of power? Is your compassion developed enough to ground in compassion and create a container for that degree of power, because it is with that kind of power that you also become the co-creators you were intended to be.

The primary work for all humans as I see it, and especially for those of you who understand this situation, is the practice of compassion. Since you are not the ones making the political decisions, your arena of work is to nourish compassion for all the beings who died on September 11th, the passengers, building residents, pilots and the planners. An equal arena for the practice of compassion is in your everyday life. How did you relate today to the driver who cut you off while you were driving? How about the person who cut in front of you in the supermarket , the co-worker who played his radio too loud or who said unpleasant things to you during the work day, or the family member who took you for granted or hurt you in some way? How did you respond? How can you respond?

What do I mean by dynamic compassion? This is not a wimpy compassion that says, "Whatever you like, whatever you like." It takes extraordinary courage to say no from a place that is connected to the deep power of the soul rather than from a place of ego power, to say no from a place of love.

Gandhi was a master at this, perhaps more than any human in the past hundreds of years. It would be very helpful to humans today to study exactly what Gandhi did and said in difficult situations. In his teachings of satyagraha, soul-force, he truly understood harm and non-harm. He did not ask others to be where they were not ready to be and hold them accountable for not being ready, or judge them. But he did ask them to grow by presenting the choice, making it clear that their choosing negativity was a choice, and that they did have an option, even when fear told them there was no option.. He understood that voice of fear, did not judge them, really forgave them for their fear and the acts committed in fear's name, yet held them accountable for such acts.

If your toddler is sucking on a lollipop and you realize that she will spoil her dinner, you take it away. You expect that she's going to cry and be angry. You don't say, "Well all right, if you need it that badly you can have it." And you don't slap her on the face when she cries. You hold her and wait out her storm. You understand that you provoked that storm because she is only 2 years old and she doesn't understand why she needs to give up the lollipop.

True compassionate non-violent action is willing to absorb fear and hatred, to hold it in an embrace, to help to prevent it from doing more harm by creating a container for it and yet, to be persistent in lovingly saying no. I challenge each of you, how can you do this more fully in your lives? How can you teach others also to do this? Because if each of you teach 2 and they each teach 2, it will spread around the world.

I do want to acknowledge on the human level the enormous suffering caused by these events 3 weeks ago. It is important to offer your prayers and especially to offer your loving wishes to those who died whether victim or perpetrator because in a sense they're all victims. They all died a violent death, planned or unplanned. Your gratitude to these beings, your statement to them in prayer, "I've caught the lesson. I'm working on it. I promise to continue to work on it and I thank you. I open my heart to you with tremendous gratitude and I wish you well" will indeed be heard by them. Please offer this prayer daily to all of those who died.

Hold deeply in your hearts the intention of co-creating a universe and world where beings truly are happy and at peace with well-being, are heard and loved. Only you can do this with your world. No beings "out there" can do it for you. And you CAN do it.

I thank you for hearing me tonight. I will be happy to answer your questions. That is all.

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Copyright © 2001 by Barbara Brodsky