December 4, 1996 Wednesday Night Group

December 4, 1996   Wednesday Night Group

(This tape not yet corrected by Barbara and Aaron)

Barbara:  This came  in my email today There are a several people who send me frequent emails about extra-terrestrial issues.  For the most part, I don't read them; some of them are very strange! But there's one man, James who does a lot of transcribing for us and knows what we're about, who has been picking out good, interesting things, things that have inspired interesting discussion. I usually do read all of what he sends, but not always immediately. So I simply saved this onto my desktop thinking I'd glance at it later.  

Then Aaron said to me, “please read it, I want to talk about it.”  So I'm smiling in a funny way because it's a strange topic, very different from our usual work.   Apparently what Aaron wants to talk about is this slant of negativity that comes through here that's very subtle.  

He says not to bother giving his talk for him, he'll explain it himself!  He simply would like me to read the letter!

J:  To save your voice, would you like one of us to read it?  

Barbara:  Good idea.  Start here:  message to humanity.  Who wants to read it? Carl, do you want to read it....?

A Message To Humanity

From The Ground Crew Project

You have been specially chosen to be a part of a divine

experiment in creation. What is about to happen on this planet

has never happened before and will never happen again.

Our planet is moving from third dimensional awareness (physical-

material reality-what you can see, feel, hear, taste and touch),

to a fourth and a fifth-dimensional consciousness. In the these

dimensions you will be fully conscious, you will exist in a state

of love not fear. You will be telepathic and have much more light

in your body.

You will be able to create anything you want with your mind and

the new technology that will be provided for you. This technology

will be beyond your wildest imagination.

You will be able to live for hundreds or thousands of years. You

will be completely healed of any thing that is now wrong with

you. You could be 85 years old now and manifest a 20 year old


By December 17, 1996, we will have millions of space ships and

visitors from outer space on this planet. Our government knows

this is happening but they want you to be afraid so they can keep

life as it has been.

Our visitors will be joined with angels that you will see coming

down with the ships. They are benevolent and loving. They will

bring counselors, supplies, teachers and new technology.

This divine intervention is being brought about by the grace of

God. You might ask "why." "We have free will and have to do all

of this ourselves." The reason we are being helped in such a

great magnitude is that millions of years ago the Earth was part

of a divine experiment. The Prime Creator took billions of

laggard souls (souls there were not evolving spiritually with the

rest of creation) and just put them on Earth. It was hoped that

these souls would transform to higher consciousness.

These souls were from all of the planets under our Great Central

Sun. Our planet was fully conscious and in the fifth dimension.

We had heaven on Earth.

Alas, we gave birth to these laggard souls and began the fall

from grace that is described in the Bible with Adam and Eve. We

took on their Wheel of Karma.

Attempts were made during the time of Atlantis and Lemuria to

raise the consciousness of the planet back up to the fifth

dimension. Both of these attempts failed. Now, as of the Harmonic

Convergence in August of 1987, over 51% of the people on this

planet have enough light in them to make this shift possible. By

the grace of God all of Creation is looking upon planet Earth.

We are being assisted by all of Creation-the Spiritual Hierarchy,

Angelic Realms, the Galactic Federation of Light, Ascended

Masters, and our space brothers and sisters. You are very blessed

and very special to be on this planet at this time.

By the end of this year our planet will be receiving the Photon

Belt. This belt of light comes around every 25,000 years. This

time it will be ushering in the Golden Age.

The photon energy is an extremely loving energy that is comprised

of Photons, Gamma Rays, and Anti-matter Particles.

When the Photon Belt hits we will have three days of darkness and

one day of coldness. Then we will have 16 years of light, 24

hours a day.

You will become fully conscious within the first hour when the

light beam hits your pineal gland. It will activate all 12

strands of your DNA and you will be able to use all of the rest

(90%) of your brain that you currently have not been able to use.

You will be able to create with your thought, whatever you need,

light up a room, warm yourself, whatever you need.

There is nothing to fear. A paradise is being created on this

planet that is beyond your furthest imagination. We send much

blessings of love and light to you.

For more information read You are Becoming a Galactic Human

Q: Someone talking about a movie.

Barbara:  You keep remembering what happened in the movie The Forbidden Planet?  I never saw that.

Q:  These people created a machine that could manifest whatever they wanted, including "id imperatives"  <???>  So I'm not sure I want that!  I like my id right where it is!

Barbara:  When I sit down to meditate before a session, Aaron usually gives me some idea, very general idea of what he's going to talk about.  He said, “please print out that letter to read aloud”.  I said, “What?!  OK! “  With that background I give you Aaron.  I trust Aaron completely.  I am going to be very curious to read this transcript.   Aaron is joking, he says, What if I say this is all true and you've got 13 days to prepare yourselves?!

Aaron:  I am Aaron.  Good evening, and my love to you all.

You might think this a rather odd choice of topic, basing this conjecture on the opinions stated during the brief introduction of this letter.  And it's not even “Anything Goes” night!

There are a number of very important lessons within this letter.  It feels valuable to use this time to share my thoughts upon it.  Since these lessons are not all directly related, I will simply take them one at a time, moving through the message.

You have heard me say before that you are citizens of the universe.  You have been like people living in a small village that lacked any outside communication.  Those people would have no idea what was happening in their own country, much less in the world.  Suddenly, television, telephones and newspapers arrive, and along with them the ability and right to vote and have a say, not only in their country's politics but in the way their country relates to other countries.

Before that vote can be made wisely there is much that must be learned.   You must begin to take your place as mature citizens of the universe, and that means you must become more aware and informed.

You have lived in an extremely sheltered environment on Earth.  You have been protected by a force-field of positive polarity.  You are, in fact, moving into what we call 4th density Earth and as that move advances, the force-field will be removed.  

With this force-field in place, extremely negative energy does not choose to enter. Nothing attacks negativity. Free will is never denied.   Anything is free to come in that wishes to come in.  But the force-field is of a positive polarity, which makes it extremely uncomfortable for negative polarity to approach, so it does not choose to do so.  The negativity that you do receive from extra-terrestrial sources, then, is extremely subtle.  It is mostly a slightly negative polarity that has been influenced by extreme negativity, that is not too discomforted by the force-field.  I often term it “mischievous spirit,” that which is deluded or merely immature.  This subtle negativity carries its own danger though.  

Related to this idea-- if somebody came along and told you things that were clearly totally alien to your experience, you would laugh.  Even with this message, you tend to laugh at it.  Negativity does not come and tap you on the shoulder and say, "You're going to get a chance to grab everything you want, and to kill off anybody you don't like."  Negativity is far more subtle than that.  

While all of you indeed are special, I am always very cautious about any statement which says to you, "You are special" in a way that inspires ego, as does this message.  When you read this carefully, piece by piece, there are so many subtle negative slants within it.  

So much of what is spoken here is half-truths.  Half-truths that you'd like to hear, that you're special, that your bodies are going to be healed, that you're going to be free to manifest whatever you'd like.  My dear ones, as C wisely pointed out, are you ready to do that?  The inner work has not been finished.  What if you could manifest whatever you wanted?  What if what you wanted was sunshine, day after day after day?  What would your farmers do? How would food grow?  Eventually the desire for sunshine would kill you.

You are not ready to have the power to manifest whatever you desire until you have the wisdom that must accompany such power.  You note that the message does not tell you that that wisdom is going to be zapped into you.  In some ways it does.  It says this light will open up all the DNA channels.  Is that going to combat greed and illusion?  

There are 2 parts to this talk then.  One, I want to go through this message with you to help you understand how negativity works.  You must always make your own decisions.  Perhaps I, myself, am negative! How would you know?  When Barbara was a young woman, she was very active in the peace movement.  Her father used to show her newspaper clippings about how the peace movement was infiltrated by communists, that she was being led astray.  He would show her clippings from political figures such as McCarthy.  She laughed at them.  Each of them, Barbara and her father, was naive.  Of course there was negative infiltration; negativity will use whatever it can.  And of course there was also deep truth and love within this work.  

So I would like to review this material with you as a way of helping you to better learn to perceive when what you hear comes from negativity, and to understand what negativity's goal is in offering you such material.  

And second, I would like to refocus your attention back to why this message suggests the importance of the inner work that you must do.  I don't think there is anyone in this room who doesn't take some quiet delight in the notion of a band of saviors coming and saving you from yourselves, from your own greed, your own anger, your own delusion.  Nobody can do that for you.  We can only point the way. You must do this work for yourself.  And this is precisely what negativity hopes to accomplish.  By broadcasting such statements as this, it hopes to divert attention from the serious and real work of the moment, to lead people into a space where they truly believe, "Why should I do anything when the savior is going to come and do it all for me? When a certain light is going to come and change me physically, why should I work?"  But it is precisely that thinking that leads back into the perpetuation of suffering on this Earth.  

I am going to ask Barbara to read aloud an occasional stanza, paragraph, from this writing.  I pause.

Barbara:   "You have been especially chosen to be part of a divine experiment in creation.  What is about to happen on this planet has never happened before and will never happen again."  

Aaron:  I am Aaron.  Now, of course this is true.  Yet, everybody wants to hear that there is something special about them so it especially appeals to and enhances the ego.  And of course, no moment on any planet has ever happened before or will ever happen again.  So it leads you into a place of acceptance saying, "Yes, this is true.

I'm ready to hear more."

Barbara:  "Our planet is moving from a third dimensional awareness, physical-material reality, what you can see, feel, hear, taste, and touch, to a 4th and 5th dimensional consciousness.  In these dimensions you will be fully conscious.  You will exist in a state of love, not fear.  You will be telepathic and have much more light in your body."

Aaron:  I am Aaron.  And this also is absolutely true.  This movement is happening, and these beings who are ready for this opening into 4th density, and eventually to 5th density, will make this transition.  Those who are not will continue in a different 3rd density environment until they are ready for this transition.  And as always, there is no rush.  This is subtly weighted to perk expectation and an eagerness to be a part of this.  Who wouldn't be eager for such a wonderful transition.  I pause.

Barbara:  "You will be able to create anything you want with your mind and new technology that will be provided for you.  This technology will be beyond your wildest imagination."

Aaron:  I am Aaron.  Now, be honest with yourselves.  What comes to mind as you hear that, "You will be able to create anything you want..."?  Does your mind leap to a completely altruistic creation in which all beings' needs will be met and none will suffer, or does the mind first leap to "I", what "I" need in the moment?  "You will be given new technology..."  My dear ones would you give children machine guns?  If you had young children whom you were teaching to hunt for their food, whom you might teach to snare a rabbit, would you give them machine guns?  Is there anyone in this room who feels ready to be fully responsible for this suggested new technology if he or she would receive it today?  Have you tamed your sense of desire and ego need to that degree? Are there any volunteers who believe they can handle unlimited power at this moment in their evolution?  I am not suggesting that you have any “real” limits. You have none at all. But your perception of that truth must be accompanied by the readiness to enact that truth for the good of all beings. Can you see how this statement escalates that sense of ego suddenly, and inflates the self, which result merely points out your lack of readiness?  

And yet, there still is a truth to it.  Once you are ready to move into 4th density, that is, once you are no longer reactive to the emotional body, you will be fully telepathic.  The vibrational frequency of the body will be much higher.  You will be able to manifest what you want and you will be ready to do so.  So it leaves out, at least thus far, the major step:  your readiness for this.  I pause.

Barbara:  "You will be able to live for hundreds or thousands of years.  You will be completely healed of anything that is wrong with you.  You could be 85 years old now and manifest a 20 year old body."

Aaron:  I am Aaron.  Again, this feeds the ego:  eternal or at least thousands of years;  good health.  It is so subtle because it all is possible.  When you move into 4th density you will not take birth and die in the same way as does the incarnate being. Rather, you will move in the way that you do on the astral plane, coming into a focus of energy and then releasing that focus of energy. You are already eternal and perfect, not the small self but the divine essence. If you can manifest anything, you can maintain the physical body indefinitely.  Why would you want to do so unless there was a strong ego that wants to perpetuate the self for personal gain or power?  Those who come simply in service to all beings and free of the dictates of the small self would perpetuate the body only so long as it offers that service to all, and not for self's sake.  I pause.

Barbara:  "By December 17th, 1996, we will have millions of spaceships and visitors from outer space on this planet.  Our government knows this is happening, but they want you to be afraid so they can keep life as it has been."

Aaron:  I am Aaron.  Again, a subtle untruth.  We already have millions of visitors from outer space on the planet.  And yes, there is part of Earth's various governments which are very aware of extra-terrestrial activity, and for various, mostly fear-based reasons, do not wish to allow the general public information about this activity.  Part of this is their desire to protect.   I think that is as real a motive as the desire to maintain their power.  While I may disagree with the need to protect, I at least allow that their motivation is not wholly ego-based.  Nevertheless, the desire to protect is a fear-based distortion.

One more point here.  No positively polarized energy would predict the future with this specific a statement.  I have discussed this before.  It is a violation of free will.  Such prediction sets up a movement in your mind, which helps create that future which it predicts.  For example, if enough people were looking for this sudden, extreme invasion of extra-terrestrials within the next weeks, the energy put out in extending that invitation would help to create that event itself.  

Barbara:  "Our visitors will be joined with angels that you will see coming down with the ships.  They are benevolent and loving.  They will bring counselors, supplies, teachers and new technology."

Aaron:  I am Aaron.  Again we have a subtle half-truth.  I have talked to you before about the disagreement on the higher planes as to how much should be given on the Earth plane.  It is the old question:  when you teach a child, you demonstrate and then step back and allow the child to make mistakes.  But there are those who say the mistakes cause too much suffering and you must offer firmer guidance. So yes, there are and will be angels and various other forms of guidance.  You must decide:  do you claim the right to your mistakes, be responsible for your mistakes and therefore grow into maturity, or do you wish to remain children?

Clearly I am speaking from a bias.  You are free to disagree with my bias.  A great many beings do.  Part of your becoming responsible is to decide just where you stand on this issue.  You cannot invite in outside help without having that outside help to some degree take over control and disallow you the chance to make mistakes and become responsible.  

If all of the outside help that arrived came in the form of purely enlightened beings, it would be different.  Unfortunately that is not so.  There are beings who wish to help for deeply loving reasons but still do not yet trust you to make your own decisions. These are not all beings of 6th density and higher.

Put yourselves briefly in that position of an advanced physician, a surgeon who teaches surgery.  He has had an adept student who has moved through medical school and excellently understood his work.  That student has observed the surgeon perform many operations.  That student has done very simple surgery.  Now we're at a point where the student is ready, for the first time, to do a highly demanding and intricate operation.  Can you as the surgeon step back, hand him the scalpel, and let him work?

Of course if he's about to make a mistake that you feel would kill the patient, you have a responsibility to say, wait, let's talk about this for a moment. At what point do you turn the reins completely over to the other?  This is a very difficult question.  Do you permit another to make a mistake that will cause suffering for itself and others, and thereby to learn from that suffering or do you always step in and intervene before that suffering has happened?

I keep telling you that pain is not a necessary requisite to learning.  Paying attention allows learning.  If that being is paying very close attention, it will not have to create suffering for itself and others. Pain does catch your attention.  Are you as a whole, as humankind, paying attention?  If you are not, and a great horde of teachers arrive and say, Stop!  Stop everything and watch for awhile, are you going to learn more?

There are beings such as myself who can talk to those who are ready to pay attention, give you guidance, and then hand it over to you, but we do not do it for you.  This is the point of your whole evolution from lower and heavier to higher and lighter density.  

The entire process of the clearing of the emotional and mental bodies depends on this on-going inner work.  Others can give you tools and can be there to talk to you about the difficulties as they arise.  But only you yourself can master it.  

I pause.

Barbara:  “This divine intervention is being brought about by the grace of God. You might ask "why." "We have free will and have to do all of this ourselves." The reason we are being helped in such a great magnitude is that millions of years ago the Earth was part of a divine experiment. The Prime Creator took billions of laggard souls (souls that were not evolving spiritually with the rest of creation) and just put them on Earth. It was hoped that these souls would transform to higher consciousness.

These souls were from all of the planets under our Great Central Sun. Our planet was fully conscious and in the fifth dimension. We had heaven on Earth. Alas, we gave birth to these laggard souls and began the fall from grace that is described in the Bible with Adam and Eve.  We took on the wheel of their karma."

Aaron:  I am Aaron.  First of all, yes, you have occasionally heard me refer to you with a smile as "slow learners".  That doesn't mean there's anything wrong with you!  But those who came to incarnation on the Earth plane... one moment please...

I would go back several sentences.  We must differentiate between those who came to incarnation on the Earth plane as wanderers and those who first came into incarnation fully through the Earth plane.  Those who came as wanderers were stuck somehow and this opportunity to incarnate with all 4 bodies was a wonderful opportunity to evolve and also an opportunity to serve others through the wisdom and skill that they brought into the incarnation with them.  You must both teach and learn. They are nondual.

Those who took birth on Earth, coming through first, second and third density have evolved under the heavy, low vibration of the Earth plane.  And yet, as I have said to you, the core of the Earth is a deeply loving and positive energy, and it was this strong positivity, which was the essence of the Earth experiment. Ariel has spoken of this story in depth.  The transcript does not mention that.  

When I say you are "slow learners" in some ways this is a very wonderful facet of your humanity.  You want to understand everything.  You want to express your unlimitedness.  You are not content with mediocrity but truly aspire to express your divinity in its every aspect.  To encourage such expression of your innate perfection was the reason for the Earth experiment.  And your evolution is expressing itself in truly magnificent and unique ways.  You who come through the heavy experiences of the emotional and mental body are truly becoming teachers of compassion to the entire universe as you make the transition out of third density.  My friends, it is just this deep openheartedness and expression of divinity that the subtle negativity that inspired the accompanying transcript wishes to keep confined.  It does not wish you to express your divinity, but to stay lost in your fear,  your illusion of separation and ego-self.  

Please read further.  I pause.

Barbara:  "Attempts were made during the time of Atlantis and Lemuria to raise the consciousness of the planet back to the 5th dimension.  Both of these attempts failed.  Now as the harmonic conversions in August of 1987, over 51% of the people on this planet have enough light in them to make this shift possible.  By the grace of God, all creation is looking upon planet Earth. We're being assisted by many groups (he lists them) and space brothers and sisters.  You are very blessed and very special to be on the planet at this time."

Aaron:  I am Aaron.  Again, half-truths.  This Earth in the time of Atlantis and Lemuria was 5th density.  Because of the combination of the 4 bodies, you could not maintain 5th density.  The emotional body, which was essential to the catalyst as offered through earth, was too heavy to maintain 5th density at that time. You chose to release the full DNA to take time to mature. Certain shifts had to occur within, especially this coming to equanimity with emotion and with thoughts.  As this shift happens within you, you are able to fully embrace the human and to express the divinity.  

It could not happen back in the days of Atlantis or Lemuria precisely because you were not then evolved enough to allow it to happen.  You have been a long time in coming to that readiness and now it is here.  Many of you are increasingly ready for this transition to a higher density.  But you bring into that transition all of the human.  It is this learning of compassion, of love, of selflessness, despite the illusion of the self, which is the very power that you offer to the universe, and the very gift that negativity wishes to bury.  

Please read on.  I pause.

Barbara:  "By the end of this year our planet will be receiving the photon belt.  This belt of light comes around every 25,000 years.  This time it will be ushering in the golden age.  The photon energy is an extremely loving energy that is comprised of photons, gamma rays, and anti-matter particles. When the photon belt hits, we will have 3 days of darkness and one day of coldness.  Then we will have 16 years of light 24 hours a day."   

Aaron is simply chuckling!  He says, No comment!  

"You will become completely conscious within that hour when the lightbeam hits your pineal gland.  It will activate all 12 strands in your DNA and you will be able to use all of the rest 90% of your brain that you have not been able to use.  You will be able to create with your thought whatever you need: light up the room, warm yourself, whatever you need.  There is nothing to fear.  A paradise is being created on this planet that is beyond your furthest imagination.  We send much blessing of love and light to you."

Aaron:  I am Aaron.  Yes, again we have half-truth, such as this about the activation of the unused DNA strands.  There must be a certain height of vibrational frequency or the vibrational frequency coming in will not make this change in you.  For those who are ready, this is simply a forecast of 4th density Earth.  Of course it is true. Yet, again, it may awaken greed and personal desire in the way it is written here. That awakening is not “bad,” but is simply indication of where attention is still needed.

And what if this awakening occurs? I'm not suggesting that this inherent power that may be released may not be used for the good of all beings. We come here to the question that many of you have approached in your meditation practice. How do you integrate the profound lessons of your meditation into the relative experience. The inner work, the hard “character work,” as it is sometimes called, must also be done.

I simply repeat my earlier question:  Are you ready to carry that unlimitedness?  If not, it doesn't matter whether any of this is going to happen.  

You will have just one clear direction for your work.  Whether this is going to happen by December 17th or not for 10,000 years, you have one clear direction for your work.  That direction has no concern at all about what will be happening anywhere else in the universe.  That direction is simply, “how can I purify as best as possible this energy stream which I am?  How can I enact my greatest potential, raise the vibrational frequencies of the bodies, and offer all of this energy in loving service to all beings?  As I am faced with the potential to do that, how do I deal with the ego self, the fear, the delusion and confusion?”  That's all you need to know, that's all you need to do.

If you were athletes in training, would it be useful to you to spend hours every day hearing what pace your comrades had run a certain distance?  Would it be useful to hear what the weather forecast was for the month before the race? Where are you going to put your energy, in trying to draw some kind of special help so as to avoid doing it yourself, or in coming to know that you are totally unlimited, perfect and divine - but not special at all because each of you has that unlimited divinity and each of you has the ability to enact this perfection, and bring it into this universe of suffering for the good of all beings.  That's all you need to do, and all you need to know.  The rest is mere distraction.  

I repeat that I speak with a strong bias.  I am very ancient and a bit conservative by nature.  I do not suggest that it is unwise to ask for help, only be careful what kind of help you ask for.  Be certain that such help is really what your soul and the whole universe most needs, and that is not simply a way out of the pain and confusion that you presently experience. Remember that this pain and confusion are also gifts that inspire you to move to enact your true being in the world.  

So I do speak with bias.  I do not ask you to accept what I say.  But I feel it vital that I share these thoughts with you, that you may here a balance of ideas.  

This talk tonight is consistent with the chosen direction for all of my teaching.  You will need to decide for yourselves if it rings true for you.  Please accept what is of use and discard the rest.  My deepest love to you all as we walk this path together.  I should be glad to answer your questions.  I pause.

Barbara:  C, he is saying to you, for your own specific interest although others may be interested in this point too, that this is why the Buddha-there's the story of the Buddha with the hand full of leaves?  Do you know that story?  The people ask the Buddha, “Do you teach everything you know?”  The Buddha was in a forest; he picked up a small handful of leaves from the ground and said, “Which is more; the leaves in my hand or the leaves on the trees in the forest?”  They said, “the leaves on all the trees in the forest.”  He said, “What I know is as all the leaves on the trees in the forest; what I teach is just this handful of leaves and that's all you need to know.”

Aaron is saying there is so much that distracts us that we don't need to know.  That all we need to know is simply how do we do the work we came to do.  He says, but he thinks that it's very important that we understand what the temptations are that are laid in our path.  

(laughing)  He says that there are all kinds of temptations including the idea of a great horde of extra-terrestrials arriving en masse in the next 2 weeks!    Aaron asks, do you have questions?

L:  It sounds like this is a good metaphor for any type of helping relationship.  It's a very delicate dance, when helping people.

Barbara:  I'm not sure when you say, "it sounds like this is a good metaphor," what is a good metaphor for?  What was read?  

L:  What's been said is a good metaphor for the pitfalls that abound when trying to help people, letting people make mistakes but not destroying themselves; that sort of thing.

Barbara:  Aaron is saying this is a very valuable question to consider:  how far do you let people make mistakes before you intervene?  What kind of intervention do you then offer?  Is it based on fear which then takes over, or is it based on love which simply suggests, “take a second look here,” and then steps back and lets them see what's happening for themselves?  He says this can translate very directly into our daily lives in the workplace and the ways that we tend to move from a place of fear to give instruction to others, that wishes to control and create a certain outcome rather than stepping back and simply offering guidance and letting them be responsible for the outcome that they create.  He pauses.

Q:  Years ago I remember someone saying that helping is the sunny side of control.

Q:  I saw this in myself some years ago when G's youngest son was just learning to tie his shoes.  We were getting ready to go somewhere to get a movie to watch or something and M was struggling, trying to tie his shoes.  I was waiting and a little impatient.  So, I bent down to help him and saw very clearly that what I was really dealing with was my desire to get going.  I was using the excuse of helping him to take care of my own needs. So if there is not a big truck bearing down on someone, I generally am willing to let them struggle unless I am asked.

Barbara:  Precisely.  Aaron is raising the question, clearly you can't let somebody kill themselves.  At what point do you intervene.  I'm reminded here about the only times that Aaron has ever intruded himself on me without my opening to him and asking for him, twice it has happened.  Once I was driving my car and I had pulled out to pass a car and was next to them.  But they hadn't seen me even though I was right next to them, and they started to pull out.  And out of the blue, Aaron just said, "Pull left!" And as I pulled left I saw them pulling out.  That's the only time that Aaron has helped in that way.  And clearly we were going fast enough that I could have been seriously hurt.  They would have crashed right into me.

One other time, and I might need to ask Aaron about this, I was reading a book of Thich Nhat Hanh, Being Peace, sitting in the den.  One of my kids came in and said, do you mind if I watch a movie?  And I said no, because I was just sitting in the den reading. He put on a James Bond movie and so I was reading Being Peace and the movement on the screen was catching my eyes and I was looking up at the mayhem and slaughter of a typical James Bond movie.  Watching people killing each other and coming back to Being Peace. This went on for about 45 minutes.  And finally there was one particularly gory scene, again the only other time that Aaron has intruded himself in my thoughts without my asking for his advice. After a while he said, " Why are you choosing to watch?"  He didn't say don't watch, he just brought up the question, Why are you choosing to watch?  

I find it interesting that those are the only two times that he has intruded himself on my experience without my asking for his help.  They were both life and death issues in different ways.

Cel:  “As we walk this path together:” is there something more to this than just a reference that we are all spirit beings, whether incarnate or discarnate?

Barbara:  You mean when Aaron says that word, "As we walk this path together"? Is he referring to something beyond the fact that we're all spirit beings?

Aaron:  I am Aaron.  I phrase it in that way, Cel, in part as a reminder. One is never finished.  One is always a work in progress.  I am not some enlightened being sitting on the side and giving pointers as to how to get where I am so much as a companion on the way who has a bit more experience than you and different perspective.  Although I am 6th density,  I still must continue to do my own inner work.  And must constantly explore the thoughts and various energies that move through me with mindfulness in order to stay harmonious with my own deepest truth.  I pause.

Q:  I have another question about the origin of this email message.  Who is this person who wrote it and where did he get his information.

Barbara:  It seems to be channeled.  The “ground-crew project.  Concord, California.”  James , who sent it to me picked it up on email.  Maybe they have a web page or something.  

Q:  So Aaron thinks that some subtly negative being is channeling this information to this person?

Aaron:  I am Aaron.  V, if you turn on your radio you can pick up Beethoven or rap music.  You can pick up words of prayer or words that advocate hatred, prejudice and control.  What do you wish to listen to?  That will determine the station to which station you tune.  

In the same way there is a tremendous amount of energy that would wish to channel in to anyone that would wish to receive it.  Just as there is far more disharmonious music than harmonious, there is far more negatively biased channeling than positively biased.  I wish Barbara to rephrase that.  Just as there is far more discordant and unpleasant music than deeply pleasant and stirring music, there is far more discordant channeling which moves people deeper into ego patterns and fear than there is channeling which moves people into greater clarity.  I pause.

Aaron:  I am Aaron.  Please do not use that statement as material for self-righteousness!  I pause.

J:  A little of his own judgment regarding our taste on music!

Barbara:  I'm paraphrasing Aaron.  He says he has loved much discordant music in many lifetimes.  But he has learned to appreciate fine harmony. He says its rather like developing a taste for fine cognac or strong bleu cheese!  He pauses.

J:  Would Aaron care to expand on his observation, we as teachers for the entire universe about love and compassion?

Aaron:  I am Aaron.  Let us pretend that you have a part in a play.  You are given lines to read.  In the play you have just, in self-defense, killed a young man.   Let us pretend that your back is turned, and this young man, maybe he's a drug addict, he's about to stab you when you catch a glimpse of this movement and turn around and pull out a gun and shoot him. And then the father of that young man appears, distraught for the loss of his son.  And he is not blaming you because he saw that his son was violent and about to attack you.  The father was coming after the son, aware of his situation, and sees the whole thing.  So here you have lines to read in a play.  It was very clear to you that you were never in danger, that the son is not really dead, and that the one who thinks he lost a son is not really the father.  You offer an imitation of compassion based on your past experience of it.  You're creating an illusion and it's very clear that none of it is who you really are.  Yet if the play is to impart its message with honesty, you must truly empathize and move into the part.

Now transfer this situation to your everyday relative reality.  Are you any less an actor in a play?  If somebody dies, you or this young man, have they really gone anywhere or simply temporarily left the incarnate space?  This father thinks this is his son.  How many millions of sons has he had through how many incarnations?  Clearly it's still just a play but because of the incarnate process on the earth plane, you have accepted this veil of forgetting of the truth of your being.  You react fully, gripped by the relative illusion.  You experience, then, your own anguish, and the anguish of the father.  How much you did not want to kill another being.  What dreadful pain this man is experiencing holding his son's body.  Here is where true compassion arises.  

Once you have experienced that compassion, you can come back to being the actor in the play and express that not as an imitation of compassion but as a real opening of the heart.  

When you leave the incarnate experience and move into higher densities, you bring this ability for compassion with you.  You demonstrate for beings who have not had the opportunity to learn it.  

Fourth density is the density for the learning of compassion, and in the 4th density, human beings who find themselves in a 4th density energy group are most often the leaders of that group.  There is total telepathic shared experience.  Nothing is withheld, to one being from another.  There is no shame or fear that leads you to guard the telepathic sharing.  When another expresses its pain, this being that has evolved through the third density on the Earth plane offers its expression of compassion and everyone in the group learns from that expression.  In this way you are teachers of compassion to the whole universe.  

If there were only a limited degree of compassion, like a gauge that reads empty or full, it wouldn't matter so much, because eventually everyone would get to that point that says full.  But what we are finding is that there is certainly no gauge, no "full".  You will bring this opening of the heart in full loving connection to another, in deep empathy and desire to serve, from a space of love to a level which it has never before reached in this universe. And this is the gift of the Earth plane.  Does this answer your question?  I pause.

Barbara:  Does a human have to come to complete equanimity with emotion to enter 4th density?

Aaron:  I am Aaron.  In order to move into the next density, in order to graduate and find freedom from this cycle of birth and death, you must stop creating adhering karma.  There are a number of ways to do this.  One is the deep understanding that karma is an illusion, that the ultimate phase of your being is entirely outside the karmic field.  If you cut identification with or cease fixation upon the relative human, you still act out the role of the human. You increase the human, you do not deny the human, but there's no ownership of the human.  Resultant of this non-fixation is equanimity with emotion.  

Or, one can approach it from the other side.  One can work with meditation practice, observing what arises and increasing deepening equanimity with arising.  Through that route, one eventually comes to understand the ultimate side of one's nature and ceases to create adhering karma.  So it does not matter whether this equanimity with emotion is the path or the fruit.  You do come to it eventually.  

It does not have to be perfect, no.  If emotion arises and there is discomfort with that emotion, and aversion to it, if that aversion is noted promptly and there's no fixation on doing anything about the aversion, no secondary contraction, as I phrase it, then in aversion there's just aversion.  First, in arising of that thought or emotion there was just that thought or emotion. Then, in the discomfort there is just discomfort.  Finally, in the aversion there is just aversion.  So there may not have been perfect equanimity with the first emotion, but there's no fixation upon this chain of arising so there's nothing to plant a karmic seed.  Does this answer your question?  I pause.

Aaron:  I am Aaron.  And that work remains precisely the same.

Aaron:  ... That is all. (tape ends)

Barbara:  We're picking up here on Wednesday, December 4th, 1996, just a little bit of the end of the Wednesday session.  Aaron has just said that our work remains the same whether or not there are beings running around with angel wings or spaceships or whatever, or not.  And Aaron is saying he does not often talk about this, but he really thinks it's important to stay focused on the work we're doing.  It's sometimes important to remember why we're doing this work, and that there is nothing that's going to come along and save us from ourselves except ourselves.

Aaron:  I am Aaron.  This is not a statement that there is no God, nor that there is.  You know that I speak freely about this divine energy, but God doesn't save you. To do so would be to put what you call God in the same class with those who help for reasons of their own ego need.  Clearly this divine energy, in whatever form it takes, while it may be deeply loving, all-powerful and filled with light, it's purpose is not to maintain it's own safety and control, but to allow all of its expressions the freedom to grow fully and evolve in their own way.

You might wonder then is it useful to pray to God for help.  When you pray in this way, yes, it is useful if you pray skillfully.  If you pray in such a way as to ask for specific things, that's not very useful.  But if your prayer becomes an expression of your own deepest divinity, then that prayer can become a surrender of the small ego self, surrendering not to some being out there but a surrendering of the small ego self to the deepest truth of the self, to the true nature of your being.  And this true nature is nothing other than the divine.  Through this path of your own divinity, you connect with the divinity of the universe.  In so clearly expressing your intention to offer your energy purely and in love and service to all beings, you help to manifest that specific expression of the self.  

My love to each of you; I thank you, especially for the opportunity to share these thoughts with you tonight.  I feel that what has been shared tonight is of great importance, even though parts of it may have seemed frivolous.  I extend my love to each of you.  That is all.

Barbara:  This is Barbara.  Very briefly, when I first read this, I asked Aaron, said to him, if I could be all-powerful like that and could manifest anything that I wanted, and would therefore manifest for the good of all beings, what would be bad about that?  And he asked me, do you have the wisdom to know what is good for all beings?  That shut me up very quickly!

That's all, good night.


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