May 26, 1993 Earth History

Wednesday Night Group - May 26, 1993

Aaron: I am Aaron.  Good evening to you all.  I'm not going to spend time here on introductions..  Suffice it to say, I am spirit and you are spirit.  You are presently incarnate in a body.  I know longer have need of such incarnation, and so I am discarnate.  Yes I have deep wisdom.  But you also have deep wisdom.  I am not here to tell you anything you do not already know.  But to remind you of those truths that lay deep within you.  It doesn't matter who I am.  I don't present myself as authority, nor what I share as absolute truth.  I can only offer you my own perspective.  No matter how clear any of us get, we still have our own viewpoints.  I think that mine is a viewpoint that emphasizes loving kindness, compassion, wisdom.  I do not claim to be perfect or all knowing.  So you must run it through yourselves.  Listen with your heart, not your brain.  Let your heart hear whether these words echo your own inner wisdom.  If what I share is helpful to you, take it into yourself and use it.  If it is not helpful, discard it.  It really does not matter who I am.  Only what I share and how that can help you on your journey.  

I'm going to do something dramatically different, perhaps, tonight.  Those of you who know me well, know that I categorize the possible areas of discussion into two distinct areas.  One is what I call the furniture of heaven.  I do not spend much time talking about metaphysical questions, or the ideas we playfully consider, like simultaneous time, or beings from other spaces.  I call these the furniture of heaven because that is where they are and you are here on earth.  You do not need to know the furniture arrangement in heaven.  

Perhaps ninety percent of my teaching revolves around this life, this earth plane, and the catalysts this plane offers you.  What do you do with fear, anger, or greed?  What about negatively codependent relationships, or patterns of addiction?  How do you express yourself lovingly when you feel closed in by fear?  We talk here constantly about this choice: fear or love. The fact is that you cannot deny fear and bury it, for it still acts through you.  You can choose love only by allowing your fear and smiling at it. You can make friends with it and thereby begin to see the illusory aspect of that fear.  We have talked about so many of these subjects over and over and over.  I've perceived that it was of value to you to hear this repeated and repeated, because the catalysts keep returning.  Your boss yells at you.  Your partner is angry.  Your father is sick.  The bills mount up.  You break a leg.  All of this keeps coming through your lives.  It is not offered to you as a burden you must carry, nor as punishment, but as teaching.

Tonight I am going to depart from this usual path.  I'm going to give you a history lesson.  It is not going to sound new to you, at some level, because you have been here all along.    At some level this is going to remind you of ancient history.  But on the surface some of you may express surprise,   “Aaron is talking about beings from outer space and all kinds of weird things that he usually doesn't talk about!”  

My dear ones, each of you is becoming more mature, moving towards your final lifetimes on this plane.  We might liken you to young people who are finishing high school and moving out of the sheltered environment of the local school, out into a big university.  Out into a big universe.  It seems useful to have some understanding of what I call intergalactic politics as they relate to you.  It also seems useful to begin to understand in a deeper way the relationship between fear and love.  We've talked before about the fact that there is nothing in the universe, or in any universe (this is not the only universe), there is nothing in any universe that is absolutely evil.  Yet there is that which expresses negativity very well.  Which causes tremendous harm and pain.  I want you to understand that even that which seems to be absolute darkness has its core in the light and will return to that light.  This is one of the ways in which you may learn to embrace your own negativity and transcend it, to change your relationship to that darkness and shadow within yourselves. You begin to find compassion for your own fears and angers, and for the negativity in other beings and other places in the world.  

We're going to start with very ancient history.  We're going to weave several strands together.  Some of you may see bits of yourself in those strands.  I conjecture that tonight that is as far as we will get.  Up to more contemporary history of biblical times, let us say.  Then at our next meeting in two weeks I want to pick it up from there and talk about how it relates to your present life, your present learning and this choice of love or fear.  

Let us begin at the beginning, or at least at the beginning of the human experience.  There have always been many places for growth in the universe, many different ways in which beings may evolve.  Each of you whether you have evolved on material planes or on non-material planes, each of you begins as what I call a spark of God.  Goddess, if you will. You are a spark of this divine and infinite energy.  Within that energy is the will to more deeply know itself, and to expand its light and love.  

I believe we have whole transcripts on the question: “Can an infinite God expand?” so I'm not going to speak to that here, only to say yes, of course.  The infinite expands itself by reaching out in every direction and in so doing it brings light to those places where there has previously only been darkness.  Love to those places where there has only been fear.  So this spark of the eternal that you are, comes to its first moment of self awareness.  It looks over its shoulder, essentially, and says, hey, how did I get out here?  And it can't get back.  Because with that first self awareness there is the illusion of separation, the first sense of self and other.  The other seems vast and magnificent.  This self seems very small and feeble.  That is not the way it really is, but it is the way it appears to that first moment of awareness.  Each being then moves on to its own path to knowing that it also is divine and eternal, its own path to manifest that divinity and infinite power and unlimitedness in positive and loving ways.  It may choose a material plane.  It may choose an immaterial plane.

Let us then skip some many millions of years.  There were material planes, but none that combined a physical body and an emotional body with the mental and spirit bodies just in the way the earth plane does, and that were also founded with loving energy.  Both parts are essential, especially the presence of the emotional body and that the foundation of this physical plane is positive rather than neutral or negative.

 There were beings who considered that the creation of a highly positively grounded material plane would offer an excellent opportunity for growth.  These were very wise and ancient beings that had evolved on the non-material planes.  They were already highly evolved; high sixth density energy.  Basically they agreed to pool their energy together and allow it to be a foundation of energy for the earth plane. The experiment seemed to be working.  We will skip very ancient earth history and come here to the civilization of Lemuria { pronounced Le-moor-e-a}, which preceded Atlantis.  

At the time of this civilization humans were fully open to their spirit guides.  They did not live behind a veil of forgetting, as you do.  They knew who they were.  In physical structure they were different than today's human, with a crystalline base to the material body. They were telepathic. They understood the uses of energy and the balancing of their energies. They did not experience lengthy illness, but knew how to bring distortion back into balance. If there was an injury, they had the skill to hold the image of the ever-perfect and restore the injured part to that perfection almost instantly. They understood the truth of non-separation, and thus, lived in peace, for the right hand does now wage war with the left hand.

There came to that time some interference from those who were drawn to the learning possibilities of earth and the power of earth.  And wished to use it for their own good.  Earth is a very important piece of real estate.  It is certainly going to draw wide attention.  Those original founders, let us call them, of earth, had agreed to two basic rules.  One was a non-intervention policy.  No energy could come to or distort the earth plane unless it came through incarnation into this plane, or spoke through a being of this plane as I do.  In other words, according to this code of non-intervention, although I am perfectly capable of materializing and standing here in the middle of this room and giving a lecture, I may not do so.  It must be filtered through human energy.  The second law that they agreed to was that of free will.  This is part of your entire universe.  This is a universe of free will.  

Yes, there are other universes that work with different laws.  They soon saw that there was a contradiction because there were negative energies that wanted to use earth for their own reasons.  The law of free will said we must step aside - they have free will.  The law of non-intervention said we have to keep them out.  What they did was to form a force field of loving energy around the earth, of strong, positive energy.  Loving energy repels negative energy. Negative energy feeds off of fear and hatred.  Thus, the force field was sufficient to repel most strongly negative external energy.  

There were those whom I would call mischievous spirits, beings who were not very old or wise. They just wanted to get their hands in and tinker.  They believed, “ This could be made better and that could be made better.” Because they were not strongly negative, they moved easily through the force field.  They began to tinker and even to appear as the first extraterrestrials of that time period.  

The original founders of the earth, what are known in your mythology as the archangels, had some disagreement as to how to handle this energy.  Until that time there was no fear on earth.  These humans of Lemuria were totally open and loving.  Yes, there was some negative emotion, but it was not quite fear.  Its a bit hard to explain.  Let me put it this way.  There is joy and there is sadness.  On the human plane there is loss and sadness about loss. Such sadness does not grow out of fear, but out of love.  So there were the emotions of joy and sadness, but not the fear based emotions.  Until that time there was no fear on this plane.  

These original founders, these very loving and wise beings, loved that which they had a part in creating very much.  It brought them deep joy to see the learning that was happening on this plane.  They saw the potential for distortion through that which came in as extraterrestrial energy.  Fear arose in them as the first distortion of love.  It arose in wanting to protect that which was loved.  But seeing a need to protect can only come with division into self and other, a move into separation.  That was the first experience of separation on this plane at this time. We are discarding very, very ancient history for this talk.  

There was some disagreement among these archangels about how to handle this situation.  Some of those who strove hardest to protect moved deeper and deeper into fear.  The Lemurians mirrored their fear.  This was the opening of fear onto this plane.  It was not brought here by those mischievous spirits, but by those very loving spirits who sought to protect humans against those mischievous spirits. Their misunderstanding was that the humans were so fragile that they needed to be protected.  Those among those high beings who moved into this fear did not understand that humans could experience this external catalyst of mischievous distortion and not be moved to hatred or anger, that they could learn from that catalyst and deepen their compassion.  

We might liken it to the situation of a parent with a child who is a bit timid around dogs.  A large dog approaches, wagging its tail.  The child shrinks back.  If the parent feels the child needs to be protected and says “get away from here, dog” then the child learns fear.  It reflects the fear of the parent.  If the parent looks at the situation and knows, “This dog is not going to maul the child, I can allow the child to explore and trust the child's strength and wisdom,” the child will pick up the parent's openness.  It may still be a bit timid, but slowly it will begin to explore and learn that something large or different in appearance is safe.  

There is a bit of difference, the analogy is not perfect because what was being offered was not a wagging dog but a snarling dog.  You can understand better why that energy felt the need to defend the child from the snarling dog.  But it poorly assessed the situation; the snarling dog was just a snarling dog.  An even if it had bitten the child, it would not have destroyed the child, but would have deepened the child's compassion.  My emphasis here is to explain how fear came into this plane as a distortion of love.  

Let us then skip to a much later time period.  Because of the strength of the protection around earth, for the most part those aliens just left.  They weren't highly negative in the first place.  They saw that pain had been created and they understood and withdrew.  Much time passed and we come into a much more modern phase of earth history, the times of Mesopotamia and Babylonia and of ancient Peru. Then came what seemed to humans to be the appearance of gods from outer space. Negative energy found that it could penetrate this force field.  It was painful to it, but it was willing to suffer that pain.  It saw on this plane a place of increasing fear, increasing negativity where there were many chinks open to its energy.  In such places, negativity could easily enter.  So it was that negatively polarized extraterrestrials came directly to this plane.  They were very powerful.  The humans regarded them as gods.  They did not teach positivity, but negativity.  Their religion was fear.

We are weaving together a large picture here.  And I'm going to move aside now to a very different part of this picture. I see a few of you shaking your heads already in bewilderment, because I do not usually speak about extraterrestrials.  I have a reason for sharing this, so hear me out.  If nothing else, it is an interesting story.  

There are beings of many, many sorts, both material and immaterial.  There are an immense number of diverse ways in which intelligence evolves.  Some beings evolve fully on the immaterial plane.  Just as light.  One of the subtleties of that non-material evolution is a very ancient life form, which we call shape changers.  These beings are essentially non-material beings. Seeing the tremendous power of learning on the material planes, they evolved into the ability to fully move into not only the shape but also the emotions of that which they would mimic.  Through this mimicking they so fully empathized with that which they reflected, that they were able to learn the deep lessons of that life form without becoming involved in the material karma of the plane.  There was playfulness about this movement, a joy of expressing their energy in this way and that way, almost a dance.  Then they would return to the light form, the light body.  These beings were very highly positive. Within their tradition was a deep reverence for all the forces of all the different worlds that they had experienced, and a very ancient wisdom.  

Here we come into intergalactic politics.  They were alarmed by what was happening on the earth and felt that those original planners of earth were too conservative, sitting back and saying “hands off”.  Because of their shape changer ability they felt that they could move into the earth plane and materialize here.  Not incarnate; materialize.  There is a difference.  When you incarnate you are human.  There are many beings who have done that.  We call them wanderers - beings from other planes who choose to incarnate in human, or other earthly form.  A tree can be a wanderer, or an ant, but usually they are human.  Once you incarnate you are fully human.  

These were not humans.  These were beings that could move into the earth plane and mimic whatever they wished.  Then simply turn back into light energy and leave again.  They did not follow the cycles of birth and death.  Their plan was to come mimicking that negative extraterrestrial energy in most detail, but to teach love instead of fear and hatred.  They said humans are receiving this one message of fear and they wanted to counter it. They wished to protect humans.

The archangels, the original planners of the earth, tried to point out to the shape changers, “ you're getting caught up in the same trap as happened so long ago.”  The shape-changers did have a very deep wisdom.  They were so certain of their ability to love that they said: “no, you are getting caught in the trap of fear with your non-intervention policy.  You are too conservative.  We need to offer humans the alternative of fear or love, and to emphasize the lessons of love.  It is free will plane.”

So they came and did what they proposed to do. The Brother/Sisterhood of Light does not make such decisions, only serves as a sounding board, much like your Quaker practice of the Clearness Committee.  There is free will. So they came.

The only problem was that their positivity was not as solid as they had thought.  When they fully mimicked these negative beings, these negative extraterrestrials, down to their emotions, coming to whatever place was open for fear, that fear entered.  They moved into negative distortion and were caught in that very negativity which they were trying to counterbalance.  

They did not get caught to the point of becoming extraordinarily negative, just enough to be pulled from strong positivity and into this not-quite balanced place where most humans reside.  So humans of that time did hear the messages of fear and of love.  They worshipped these gods from outer space, but they moved deeper and deeper into the distortions of fear.  

Those shape changers that came were connected with those from the place called the Pleiades { pronounced Play-a-dees}.  Many of them found need to resolve that negativity into which they had moved by taking incarnation as human.  Now they were no longer shape changers.  That energy that they were found humans willing to parent them and took incarnation in human form.   

Many of them were very old and wise souls, each working out their own negative distortions, each having the opportunity through this work to deepen their own compassion. to grow, to learn.  In wasn't a punishment that brought them back here.  You must understand that.  Rather, they got caught in a place of misunderstanding and seeing that place of misunderstanding, knew that this was the perfect situation to correct that misunderstanding.  

They brought with them many of their ancient traditions.  Yes, they were incarnate as human and they didn't have perfect memory of those traditions, but there is a memory that is passed down within you.  There is a deep wisdom that continues and is not lost from lifetime to lifetime.  The issue is that many of those ancient traditions became tinted with the distortions of fear of these present humans.  These are some of your very old earth based traditions.  I was speaking to a friend this afternoon about such as wicka, the practice of witches.  Wicka is inherently a highly positive practice of these very ancient times.  But because it passed through humans with human fear, it became distorted.  Some Native American traditions found their roots in those times.  Those called wise woman traditions grow out of these times.  It must be emphasized that it is not an impurity in the basic tradition that has created any present day distortion, but a distortion of those who carry the tradition.  We see this just in the same way in the teachings, for example, of the one who was known as Jesus.  Those teachings have been distorted so that much murder has been done in His name, which is certainly not what He intended or taught.  

So here you are in your present day world.  There are various things that you may consider from the lessons of history.  First of all, what do you think of this non-intervention policy?  We have in intergalactic politics our conservatives and neutrals and radicals.  All of them may be loving and concerned with bringing the greatest good for all beings, with manifesting love.  But there is sincere disagreement as to how that is best achieved.  As you become increasingly ready to graduate from this plane and move off into a higher expression of your being, it would be useful to consider what you think about this policy.

Earth is in process of becoming fourth density planet. As fourth density humans you are going to be consulted.  Others are not going to make the decisions for you anymore.  Should you invite in extraterrestrials?  The force field will be removed as you become fourth density because it will not be thought that you need to be protected in any way.  In terms of your readiness to move into that experience you must move beyond the duality that sees good and evil as separate from each other and must understand that even that which appears as highly negative is something that can deepen your compassion and from which you can learn.  

You learn to say no to its destructiveness, without hating it.  This is part of your readiness to move on.  You begin to understand the very many beautiful traditions that have fed into the earth, and that each of them has suffered distortion.  Instead of focusing on the distortion you may begin to focus into the purity of the tradition and allow that to nurture you.  

You may begin to move from your duality of defining yourself as this or that or that religion.  It doesn't mean you don't have deep reverence for a specific path.  Nor that following a path becomes un-useful to you.  But you let go of the distortion that this path is better than that path, that this path only is true and all others are false.  You begin to discern the truth in all paths and from all of those paths of truth to take the one that speaks most strongly to your own heart.  Essentially this is a process of moving past duality, of understanding that this choice between love and fear is itself a bit of an illusion, because at the base there is nothing but love.

Fear is an illusion.  Fear is a distortion of love.  That is the emphasis of my message tonight.  Fear is a distortion of love!  When you cease treating it as solid and real, it becomes shadow and you move more fully into who you truly are - I call you angels in earthsuits - into your angel-ness, into knowing your divinity.  You begin to see that you have a choice. You can look at fear and choose love. You are ready to move into the reality of a universe that expresses love as the greatest and only truth.  Of course, it's not that easy. If fear is illusion, what do we do with that illusion? In two weeks we'll pick up some of these threads of history and bring them back into our present situation and begin to better understand this choice: fear or love.  

As always, after your break I will welcome your questions. I thank you for your attention.  That is all.

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