July 24, 2014 Thursday, Father John, private session on body energy and healing

Barbara: (speaking of waking shivering in the middle of the night, though not actually cold).My whole body energy felt contracted and Father John came in.... So this source that I have gotten to know began to talk about body contraction and energy. I spent a whole hour lying there in bed with Father John, Father Kindness and the Mother, working with me, working with energy and so forth. It was very powerful. And then I went back to sleep for another 4 hours.

I asked them would they tell you what they were telling me, because it relates to what you wrote about, impatience and contraction. I assume they'll say more than just about that. I'm just going to turn this over to them.

E (Entity; throughout this transcript, Father John is speaking; he is a Brother Of Light with much skill in support of the physical body. He often works with Barbara, and is known by people attending the Remembering Wholeness Sessions with the Mother ): My greetings to you both. So the medium lay in bed with what she has thought of as shivering, but she was not really shivering. It's a feeling of cold, but it's more contraction throughout the body. The first thing I had her do was turn the electric heating pad on low and place it over her body; she saw that she had the warmth from the heating pad but the body was still in spasm. She has worked in depth with the fascia and myofascial unwinding, so I guided her to a bit of that practice, bringing attention to those contractions all through the body.

The shoulder, the back pain, the neck are all results of her various trauma to the body. A key one is what she calls the wave incident, which was certainly both extremely damaging to the body and a near-death experience, so, was traumatic in many ways. As she meditated and looked at this with Aaron's and our help last night, she saw that the experience of briefly being cold - normally getting out of bed for 5 minutes to go to the bathroom should not chill one that much, although there was 50 degree air on her skin - wasn't about the coldness but that it triggered the body memories of trauma, the excruciating cold she felt within that near-death experience and lying on the beach afterward.

When the body is thusly triggered it reverts to the old patterns. It repeats the old patterns. Survival was of ultimate importance. All the other systems shut down except what was needed literally to survive and not to drown. Her habitual energy, and that of most mammals, has become to shut off everything when there's any (sound effect; loud noise), not just the cold but stress, light, any kind of shock; everything then shuts down, replicating the survival movement of that wave accident. The response was useful in that moment but is still carried ten years later. And you carry it (pointing), and you carry it, each with your own trauma. It happens often in people simply with birth trauma.

What helped was threefold. First, I began using my hands to bring energy to the base and spleen chakra; she could feel there was new energy coming up, or more correctly, access to that energy as the chakras opened. I had one hand at base and spleen, one at the ‘back' chakra just behind the crown chakra, and simultaneously between crown and third eye, helping the energy come up and over the crown and return to the base until it was circulating fully.

Now energy was circulating fully, but the fascia were still contracting and the whole body energy field was still quaking. With that quaking, the whole body and energy field repeatedly became re-contracted. This is different than the kinds of contraction you and Barbara spoke of earlier, based on impatience, anger and other emotion, where the patterns are based in very old karma. This pattern was more just reactive to the experience of the moment, like waves rolling in to shore and out, flowing from their own energy. .

Q: Within the quaking, as it's happening in the moment, is there the ability to shift and express the energy as opening kundalini rather than contraction?

E: There may be. The medium did not have the ability to do that last night. Given more time, in most circumstances she can. Many people do not have the training. She was working with Aaron's guidance with the akashic field and finding the simultaneity of stillness and contraction. She was able to rest in the openness, but it did not fully release the contractedness and quaking in the heavy body tissue. As Aaron reminds us, “That which is aware of shaking is not shaking.” One is not self-identified with the shaking but in the body or mind experience, it may continue. The tremors were caught in the body, and the physical body is the slowest to respond. It needed more help.

I began to say, this is not about contraction but imbalanced contraction, the kyo and jitsu energy, the pattern of contraction and release. You've heard Aaron talk about kyo and jitsu energy. Please extend your hand, palm up. I have an object to place in the palm. Can you feel that subtle tension of reaching to receive the object? And then with touching, the tension relaxes. Then tension again,  wanting to draw in the object; then the object is  brought to you and tension relaxes again. Feel that balanced energy.

Q: So this is taking the contraction but expressing it as kundalini. Is it physically the same? (question unclear)

E: We use the image of a logjam in a river. There's a flowing river. There's a dam. The dam gateway is closed. The logs are piling up and crashing into each other. If you take a few logs out, it just escalates the fiery energy because they're no longer jammed stuck and held immoveable. If you add logs, it escalates the pressure too. When you see that jam and gently open the gate and let some of the logs begin to flow through, the current resumes again. The logs go over the dam. The flow is resumed. So we can't add energy and we also can't take away energy without creating a vacuum that seeks more energy. We attend to the flow itself.

What Barbara was experiencing last night was jitsu energy, very jitsu. Using the akashic field practice, she was able to rest in the place of spaciousness and ease, emotionally and mentally, but the body was not able to follow. So what we began to do was as I described, helping the energy to circulate, to create that flow.

Next I briefly brought in a step that may sound unusual. Openhearted sexual energy has a very open flow. It supports the opening of all the body. We gave the hands and energy to the Mother, to give Barbara female-energy privacy. Father John (myself) and Father Kindness stepped back. We asked the Mother, through Barbara's hands, just briefly and gently to stimulate the genital area and create a soft sensation of sexual opening, not touching to strong arousal, just to create a lead to opening the body. That energy helped to support an openness and spaciousness. Barbara understood the plan intellectually and had already released the body to our care. Care was taken not to offer too much stimulation, which might lead to increased sexual arousal and desire with added contraction. Then I came back into the more open system and helped to support the move of this energy again. Then the Mother came back, again, helping to relax the body and invite deeper spaciousness and openness; this time just with her overall energetic embrace, Barbara feeling herself held in that love; then more energy movement. So we fed in energy only as she was able to utilize it, keeping it flowing but not creating the log jam. Flow and release! Eventually the patterns of tension and blockage shifted and relaxed. Then the heavy body tissue ceased quaking.

We were not only supporting ease and comfort in this moment, but also teaching the body how to release and open for itself, informing the heavy cellular matter on how to release unwholesome old patterns that have been held through many lifetimes.

The cranio-sacral work that you already have experience with is important here. Much of the memory of the trauma and the way the body responds to the trauma is in the cranio-sacral fluid. The cranio-sacral fluid then presents a very clear opening to help release the old patterns. You all know more about this than I do, in terms of the mundane details of the cranio-sacral work. I have not been thusly trained; I have just observed it from some of you. But it's a very powerful tool, and I'm very happy that you will be deepening in your use of it.

I was also working with the feet. So as we were working with the energy here, I was pulling off some of that energy from the feet.

When we finished, and for about a half hour before Barbara went back to sleep, Aaron and I spoke to her about seeing the ways the knee pain, shoulder pain, the back pain, are all, not caused by, there are many causes, but they are all further conditioned by these old traumas, so that when she experiences some kind of pain and contracts, that keeps the energy closed in and recreates this reverse winding of the fascia. The lumbar vertebrae related to the stenosis, the discs that are bulging and the damage in the lumbar spine -all wave-incident related - a lot of that damage is accessible through the cranio-sacral work. You cannot expand the discs or repair the damaged spine through the cranio-sacral fluid. There are other technologies that will help to open the discs. But better flow will relieve the energetic pressure on the discs.

We pointed out to Barbara last night the vital importance of, number one, seeking appropriate help, and number two, learning to open this flow for herself and be responsible for herself, in the same way she has learned the myofascial unwinding techniques and the akashic field skills. To learn these techniques to the degree that one can employ them for oneself and for others. It's important for you with each of your clients that you not only work on them but with them, to teach them how to do it for themselves, because this work is part of the whole raising of consciousness in the world. We are all interdependent. We're also all whole and complete in ourselves. Knowing that we are participants in that highest vibration and consciousness, and that the body is whole, takes us back to your Remembering Wholeness work. So I see this all as going together very well.

That is the summation of what I did with Barbara last night that I wanted to express to you, but I am very happy to answer questions. Do you have questions?

Q: Using sound with the cranio-sacral system (E: I love it! Yes!), tuning forks along the spine (E: Yes), because it seems like it gets out of tune.

E: Yes, but be careful, because the spine is one whole. You'll find, for example in Barbara's spine, there's a space where the impact from the wave incident left a noticeable bump. You've probably felt it. It's not in the lumbar spine, but higher up. That area gets out of tune very quickly; then the energy becomes blocked there. It's actually somewhat opposite the heart chakra. The more attention she pays to holding the heart chakra more open, the less pain there is in that area of the back and the less energy blockage. But when she is very busy, for example in this past month with her mother's death and leading the retreat, and she has not taken the time, for the most part, to do what she needed for herself, and the blockage in that spine area was part of what was blocking the energy flow, which was part of what was pushing her more and more into increased body pain, increased contraction, that escalating spasm of all the tissue.

So as I said, be careful. If you simply bring attention to that one area on Barbara's body, which is what you will find most out of tune,  attention must be given all along the spine. It's like tuning a stringed instrument. You can't tune one string on your violin or cello; you have to tune the whole cello. So it's important to move back and forth. This seems like it's in tune, but as soon as you tune that, this is then out of tune. Getting the whole thing tuned together is what's important, not any one piece of the spine.

The cranio-sacral fluid flows through there. The spine then, the vertebrae, the cord and so forth, are the container for the fluid. The fluid can only be as clear as the container, so it's vital not just to work with the fluid but to support the container.

Q: Can you say a little more about birth trauma?  (private about another person; edited out)

E: You need to ask. (deleted) Basically all humans experience birth trauma to some degree. Deeply conscious people have made attempts to minimize that trauma through natural childbirth and especially through, for example these systems of birthing the baby into a warm water bath and a dimly lit room and holding it immediately. These do not eliminate but ease the birth trauma. But during birth the fetus is being squeezed. It panics.

I cannot say it needs that trauma and panic in order to come into being as a human being. Mostly it's karmic. It's not individually karmic so much as karmic to the human experience. The whole human experience is the movement from—Aaron could really speak to you better about this than I can, not because of knowledge but because he has a better articulation.

The movement from the higher planes, from being in a plane of light and spaciousness, and then protected and swimming freely in the womb, to suddenly less and less space, confinement, tension, it calls up all of the old past life tensions of being constricted. When you're constricted, you push back, except for a fully enlightened being who rests there and has the awareness not to push back. It brings up this old karma. It is perhaps the first teaching of the lifetime. You have to fight back to some degree. The fetus has to push itself out of the womb or it will die, but it has to do so with love. When it's held in a loving environment, it's much easier, but if the Mother is in pain, screaming, with bright lights, doctors running around, then the newborn picks up that tension energetically and moves itself more into a place of fear.

Q: My feeling ... was that I would do well to work on the mom, too.

E: Yes, absolutely.... (omitted)

Q: Back to Barbara. How M and I best support her needs?

E: There is that point of the wholeness, the full openness, spaciousness, and there is that point of contraction. Don't be deceived by the openness, but keep going deeper and deeper to find the places of contraction. When I say contraction, of unbalanced contraction.

Omitted; private

Beyond that, unless you have specific questions, I leave it to you. I will happily step in and offer guidance during the session if it's helpful.

Q: We learned a lot.

Omitted; private

E: I am very enthused for you (speaking to M) about this cranio-sacral work, about what you received, which has changed your whole body and energy field dramatically, and about what you are going then to be able to give. It's a very powerful therapy. I will enjoy learning about it through the two of you, and I am delighted you will be able to continue your studies of it to certification and deepen it.

You spoke with Barbara on the raft the other day, that all of this is part of the bringing in of light to the world. On the surface level it is about personal healing and helping a human being feel better and live with more ease. But it's really about raising consciousness of the whole world.

Q: World peace.

Omitted; private

If we are to have peace in the world, we need to find peace in these bodies, which are the ground for our war or peace. We can do that through the energy work, through vipassana, through simply loving kindness.

Alright... (tape paused)

Omitted; private

I love you, and I love you...

(tape ends)