A Friend in Distress
August 18, 2008

A friend, J, has come to Aaron in some distress, fearing from what he has heard and read that a huge war or disruption is at hand, and wondering if he should move to the wilderness, perhaps arm himself, and distance himself from the world. This is Aaron’s reply. This was not a formal talk but a dialogue. Most of J’s words are omitted.

Aaron: I speak to you from my own highest perception of truth, and I speak to you as a beloved son, as a being I cherish. I would not have you be unsafe, no more so than all beings are unsafe because you are impermanent. But you are young; impermanence is a theme for 60 years of age, and not as much for 30 years of age.

My friend, what you ask here is very basic to the future of your planet. There is and has been for a long time a brother/sisterhood of light. And there are also beings that are deeply enmeshed in darkness. There is, as I know it, no absolute evil. But beings of darkness can be very dark, very negative indeed, and can do great harm. Those negatively polarized beings feed on fear and pain; that is their nourishment and their delight. Did you read the book the Lord of the Rings? Think of the very negative beings portrayed therein; you can remember how much delight they took in hurting others. This is real; there are beings that take delight in the pain of others. There are also beings capable of enormous love, generosity and kindness, and whose delight is the well-being of all beings.

I would hesitate to call this a fight between light and darkness, because as soon as you think of it as a fight, you see an opposition that you are against, and in thinking thus, you align with the opposition because you have adapted a stance of duality. When you perceive something against you, something that’s outside the circle of your love, you create the opposition. From the perspective of negative polarity there is a war or a fight. From the perspective of highly positive polarity, there isn’t and there has never been a war. Yet we may still think of these as the opposition, in much the same way that if you have somebody you love, and you have different views on something, your views are opposed. You’re not at war with each other; you try to hear and respect each other’s views, but the views do seem opposite.

The work of positive polarity is to hear the fear base of negative polarity, and to deepen in compassion for negative polarity, while still saying no to negative speech and action that comes from negative polarity. Compassion is strong my friend; it doesn’t let it self be bullied. It says no from a place of loving kindness, not a place of fear and hatred. Gandhi was a great teacher of compassionate action. He did not hate his enemy; he taught love. Jesus was a teacher of compassionate action. But in Gandhi we see the actual acting out, the non-violent movement, Satyagraha, or soul force. We see that force of love used to create good, and compassion for those who are caught up in the web of fear, not a blaming of them or hating of them.

Negatively polarized beings–I don’t want to lump it all together here, but I know of no other way to articulate this idea; beings who tend toward a negative polarity–tend to get caught up in these stories of fear and foist them on others. No, not all who get caught are of negative polarity. Some are simply young and uncertain, and the invitation to negativity can become a path that can strengthen their own positive polarity.

There are many beings channeled these days, who come from a very negative place. They say, “Go and hide out; find a safe place for yourself.” What they don’t point out is that to go and hide out in that way is to enhance the environment of fear in the world. It’s a statement, “I don’t trust you.” Imagine we’re driving in a car together, I’ve been driving for a while and I’m tired and you say, “I’ll drive”. “No, no, (yawning) I’ll drive”. What message are you going to get? “I don’t trust you.” My pocket has a hole in it, my money is falling out, and you say, “I have a good pocket; I’ll hold your money.” “No; no. I’ll find a way to hold it myself. I don’t trust you.”

Compassionate action is not afraid to speak out, take a stand, but it does not do so out of fear. It may say in a loving way, “No; you have three speeding tickets so I prefer to drive.” That is a clear statement. Compassionate action builds on the foundation of earned trust. It sees the highest in a being, and trusts the ability of that highest essence to stand forth.

Now let me shift gears here and talk about something else for a minute. In your world today, there are many prophecies being given. Prophecy is one tool of negative polarity. It denies free will. Let me explain why I say this. If two people were going to run a race, and I see them both training, look at them and I–a knowledgeable running coach–say to them both, “He’s definitely going to win; you don’t have a chance,” that statement will influence the outcome of the race. Well it could spur one to try even harder but it certainly would also affect his attitude. He might push too hard at the start of the race, because I had said he didn’t have a chance, and then wear himself out so he doesn’t win. Or he might just feel defeated from the start. Prophecy does not have respect for free will.

There are numerous negatively polarized beings, many of which are channeling through human entities, and who are promoting the kinds of fear-based stories that you have brought to me. I’m not saying these are not possibilities; of course they’re possibilities. There’s a possibility he will win the race, there’s a possibility that you will win the race. Everything is possible. The question is, what is it that you want for the future of the world? If you just accept the prophecies and get caught up in the stories of disaster, collect your, …how do you collect a year's worth of water? Collect your food; find a cave to live in, what then? Ten million other people do the same; you’re going to have people out there killing each other, fighting over the cave and the water! The war starts because everybody is trying to hoard a year’s worth of water.

For the human that says, “No, I will not get caught up in this,” what is your protection? Your protection is love, J. Your protection is to hear these prophecies, and to say to yourself and to others, “I will not live my life based on these prophecies of fear.” Then you work in whatever directions, feel most appropriate to you; in human rights, in social welfare, in support of the environment, in whatever areas call out to you. You work toward the welfare of all beings. You do your meditation practice, and work with your own emotions. You learn to relate to the world in as deeply loving and open hearted a way as you can, especially cultivating loving kindness toward those who are negative in the world. And you learn how to work with compassion that says no, when appropriate, and says no from a loving stance. This is your protection. If we have the ten million people doing that, instead of running off into the hills, armed, then we save the world! My friend I can only give you my perspective. I cannot ask you to agree with me. But I speak to you from my deepest truth.

I will add something here, J. From a basis of love, not of fear, it is not harmful to learn how to chop down a tree, to start a fire, and to identify plant life that is edible. You can do that from a place of love; it’s not based on an assumption, “the world may start to fall apart; there may be terrible disasters. I’m going to survive at all costs.” But rather, the choice to learn derives from this place of simplicity: learning to live off the land, to take care of oneself and to take care of others. No matter what happens, you trust in your skill to take care of yourself and others. Can you feel the attitudinal difference?

There is another distinction I would bring forth, that between prophecy and awareness. If you’re on a sled at the top of a hill with an open slope, but before the hill ends there’s a dense stand of large trees, it may be the voice of kind awareness that says to you, “If you flop onto that sled and slide all the way down the hill, you’re going to get hurt!” Such statement does not need to come from fear, and is not intended to control. When I speak thusly, I am just pointing out the logic that, “If this, then that.” Some of the prophecies you hear are not negative, but came forth at a time when much of human kind was not looking at the bottom of the hill but flopping down on a sled and picking up speed! Let us call that a caution rather than a prophecy. “If you keep doing this, it’s likely to be painful!” Then the fear voice came in and said, “Flatten the hills; cut down the trees; or everyone will be killed.” So distinguish between prophecy and awareness. Awareness is based on noting: this is the direction you’re going and you’re picking up speed; are you sure you want to be doing that? Awareness notes, “This is going to be the result of these conditions. If you don’t want this result now is the time to change the conditions.” Awareness does not incite; it reminds or reveals. Awareness does not spread fear!

This is where your world is now. You’ve left the top of the hill. You are picking up speed but you still can role off the sled. There’s still time to change things. As you get closer to the trees and you’re going 60 miles an hour, you can’t really roll off the sled anymore. But now you’re still in a clear space. But it’s important to pay attention. These are the conditions you’ve created in the world; these are the probable results if you don’t change these conditions. What are you going to do?

Running off into the hills to hide is not going to change the conditions. Find what calls out to you in the world, as service to a small or large group: to youth, to the environment, to people. In any area of life that calls out to you, let that be your voice. If you’re a musician, sing. If you’re a speaker, speak. If you’re a politician, run for office on a stand of attending to the conditions. Find out where people are really suffering. Pay attention to that suffering and help to alleviate it. As the saying goes, don’t simply give fish to the hungry, but teach them to fish.

In the long run, J, even the continuation of the world is a secondary concern. If you lose this planet, there will still be a place for continuing your third and eventual fourth density conscious experience. It may not be as pleasant a place. Having mucked up this Earth as you have, it’s not as pleasant as it was 300 years ago, when the forests and rivers were clean and beautiful. If you destroy the world as a result of karma, the next third density habitation may not be nearly as pleasant. But you will still have a place to continue your evolution. The question is, how far do you have to go down that hill, how many of the group have to crash into the trees, before you realize the need to turn around and try something different, to try a whole different way of living on the Earth with love rather than fear and hatred, and to teach that in whatever ways are appropriate, through whatever skills and outlets you have.

Do you have questions? (J speaks)

J has agreed if ten million people hoard water and food, such action would create the situation from which they were trying to escape. Not only that, but also those in poor countries and who lack the ability to run and to hoard food and water, would die. Thus, the chance for happiness would not extend equally to all. Right now there’s enough food and water for everyone, if only the people of the Earth would understand that and to make sure every human gets their share. Running and hoarding are sure ways to kill much of the population of the Earth, and to create more fear, more hatred, and more suffering.

(J speaks of his recent travels)

I would like to suggest that your next trip be to a country like India. Not necessarily India; there are many parts of the world that are deprived. Go to a place where you are safe and not a war zone; I am not suggesting you put yourself in danger. But simply that you see how it is that people, including small children, are living in little cardboard boxes in the street and scrounging for food in gutters, how they have dysentery because there is no hygiene.

Ask yourself what you, as one human being, can do about it? Don’t tell me there is nothing you can do about it. Be creative, and ask yourself how you can help, how you can get involved in a real way. If that ten million got involved in world hunger and poverty in a real way, hunger would stop in the world. War would stop. Each person must make that decision for themselves, to support rather than to further injure, and each one who makes that decision inspires others. You don’t have to join the Peace Corps or become a volunteer living in extreme poverty yourself. I’m not saying you can’t do that; only you don’t have to do that.

I’m thinking here as an example, of the Al Gore movie on global warming. It was an important piece of creative and clear work, which awakened many people to environment issues. There are many ways to promote peace and happiness. You have to be honest with yourself; you can’t say, “ I should join the Peace Corps and go and live in this poverty stricken country,” if that’s not something you feel you can do. What is it you are called to do? How can you help? People can work a full time job, and find time to go into an inner city soup kitchen, not even to serve soup, but just to sit and talk to people. Just hear people; be somebody people can talk to. Become a big brother and help one boy find a way to live more peacefully and with love.

Find out what people’s needs are, the little things. If somebody has lost his teeth, and there’s no social system available to get them back, and he can’t eat cause he lost his teeth, help take up a collection among your friends and help get him a set of teeth. There are so many little things that will help others and can be done with ease.

We’re told of a man who went to Sri Lanka right after the tsunami. He was a man with no special credentials, but a lot of money. He had a rich life-style, and he wanted to help people. He went to different camps where care was being provided, the basics, some water, rice, a little bit of shelter, a blanket, a place where people could come together, some sanitary facilities. It wasn’t much, just a bare minimum. He went to the leader of each camp, and asked what needs were not being met. The leader might have said, “we have plenty of rice; we don’t need more rice, but we’ve had nothing but rice to eat for two weeks. It would be a blessing to have just a little bit of fish or some seasoning for the rice. Or he might have said, this man’s lost his glasses; that woman needs her insulin.

This man found out the specific needs, and then he went out and he got the fish; he got the man a pair of spectacles; he got the woman the medication that she needed. He didn’t bring them to the people himself and make a show of himself; he just brought it all back to the leader of the camp, and said, “This is for this is for Mr. Smith; this is for Mrs. Jones; and here is some fish seasoning for all the people.” Then he went on to the next camp. “What are your needs?” Our informant was so inspired by this man, how he did this without any show or ego, with very deep respect for people. He was not trying to be somebody who comes into save people, not putting himself on a pedestal, but really looking into what are people’s needs and how he could help. Our friend said he felt that man did more good than many of the big service agencies. He really touched people. It’s just an example of what one person can do.

Do you have questions?

J says that he heard it channeled that some group of entities shut off Earth beings from being able to channel light or darkness, so they could watch and see who was a true channel, channeling a true light.

I’m smiling because the statement is conflicting. If it is true, how could the being channeling this, be channeling it? My friend, Earth has always been under what we call a non-interventional policy. Free will is respected; therefore the brother/sisterhood of light that placed the non-intervention policy cannot enforce that policy; they offer it only as a guideline. We cannot prevent beings from intervening; we can only say that it is the best for everybody if we do not intervene. This speaks to an agreement that multi-dimensional beings will not briefly appear on earth to control in one way or another. I am not intervening because I am speaking through an Earth instrument. But to intervene in ways that are not using an Earth instrument, to control the world from beyond the world, and “for their own good,” has been proven to be quite dangerous. A long time ago, slightly negatively polarized beings came to Earth in spaceships. There are tales of them in the Bible, talking about star beings and spaceships; you can find this in the Old Testament. Humans thought of them as gods from outer space. Because they were somewhat negatively polarized they projected an attitude of superiority, lived in pursuit of power and so forth.

People wanted to emulate their gods. Shape-changers from the Pleiades shared an idea with the brother/sisterhood of light, that they had the capacity to imitate these beings perfectly so that nobody would know they were not these negative beings, but they were positive polarity. So they would come in imitation, but they would teach something different. Some of the brother/sisterhood said, “non-intervention, trust the human to work this out.” Some of the brother sisterhood said, “oh, good idea.” But the brother/sisterhood is not an authority, only a guiding group, so the beings from the Pleiades came. I cannot say they did no good, but they also did some harm. I’m using this just as one example. Any group that says it has come with similar purpose, probably is at least of mixed polarity, to lack trust that the human can resolve his situation and learn from the process of resolution.

Picture a two year old trying to build a pile of blocks. The blocks are a little bit off center, so they topple over. The child cries; he’s getting frustrated; it won’t stay put! The adult comes along and says, “This is how you do it.” The child looks at the tower and he knocks it over; then he builds with the blocks off center again. The adult becomes insistent, “No this is how you do it.” But the toddler isn’t really trying to make a stack of blocks; he’s trying to learn about balance through trial and error.

The Earth is a learning plane, you’re not here to get everything perfect; you’re here to learn. You’re here to learn love and compassion, and to deepen wisdom. The blocks that fall over are a part of your teaching. I’m not suggesting there should be shortages of food or war, that these are necessary for learning compassion; absolutely not. But as long as these catalysts exist, they call forth either fear or love, so they help orient you more deeply into your polarity. If it’s a fear-based polarity, eventually, hopefully, the being will see the foolishness of that negative polarity as he keep getting deeper and deeper. There’s a song that says in part, “ How many seas must the white dove sail before she can rest safe on the sand? How many times must the cannon balls fly before they are forever banned? The answer is blowing in the wind.” How many times do you have to kill each other and be killed before you finally say, “ That’s enough.” There is much hope from the brother/sisterhood of light for the potential service of your generation. You have come with a very pure heart, a deep attention to service and to heal and to love.

Let us close. Thank you for your questions. My blessings to you, my friend.

Copyright © 2008 by Barbara Brodsky