Aaron and Jeshua, Charing Cross - October 25, 2004

Aaron: I am Aaron. My blessings and love to each of you. It gives me great joy to welcome Jeshua into this circle, as he has so many times welcomed me to his campfire.

You know yourselves and each other to be old souls, and all of you have walked with us many times. Please speak from the depth of your hearts, the questions you would ask and the heartfelt sharing you would offer. I pause.

Q: Jeshua spoke of becoming more transparent, all of us beginning to see each other's hearts and minds, our thoughts. I am wondering about the shift to 4th density and is there anything to do? My daughter is in touch with these sorts of things, and she talks with her yet-to-be-born son Alex. Alex is very agitated and wants to get here to help with the shift. He is very insistent. My daughter also knows many things about organization, I guess. I feel no movement in any direction to do anything.

Barbara: Has he as yet moved into the conception stage of his being?

Q: No. He is very pushy. I've talked with him too! But there is this sense of urgency for my daughter, but not for me at all.

Barbara: Aaron would like to speak briefly and then pass it to Jeshua.

Aaron: I am Aaron. D, you're touching on a core of one of the questions many of you will have, about being vs. doing. About manifestation. We, humans and spirit, have been talking about it amongst ourselves this weekend and this morning.

Earth already is 4th density, there is nothing to do, but you have yet to realize it and you persist in the belief that you are holding a lower density. Because of that belief, the fragments of lower density stick to you. And yet, we must honor the human process. The human cannot be somewhere where he is not. The human consciousness cannot express at a level at which it is not yet ready to express. As long as you persist to hold this consciousness that holds linear time as truth, then there is a progression and the idea that there's something to do. So much of the work is simply to release that old belief, or at least to come to understand that all that is holding you in place is the old belief.

I want to keep the conversation flowing, won't give any long talks here today. I would like to hear what Jeshua has to say about this. We pass the mic, quite literally.

Jeshua: Beloved and Holy and only Child of our Heavenly Father, Child of the One Source, Child of the Light, Divine, that is who you are. Take it deeply within the consciousness and contemplate what that means. I am the one known as Jeshua ben Joseph, Jesus you have called me, and it is in great joy that I have come to abide with you this afternoon in your timing, as you have chosen once again to call me forth.

Great joy, for indeed there is much energy in this room. There is much energy of the questions; there is much energy of the wanting to get on with it, whatever "it" is, and to move into the shift that has been prophesied. But truly you are in the midst of the shift already. You would not be here in this afternoon if you were not already allowing the evolution of the shift to become manifest. Different ones will have different ways of approaching what they see the shift to be. Some will feel urgency, to be getting on with doing. Others will say, "I can rest in the allowing of knowing that it is already here; that if there is something I need to be doing, I will be guided to do it, otherwise I will just abide in peace."

For indeed, all of you will be guided. Some of you have felt that you would sit and you would meditate, and you have done this. And all of a sudden there has come a message that you must get up and do something. And so you do; you get up and do something. Other times you will sit in peace for a longer meditative time, and that is also doing in its own way.

So different ones approach the energetic vibration of what is already in process by what they have known in past lifetimes. There is a feeling of preponderance, a feeling of knowing from other lifetimes of what "has to be done" -and the "has to be done" is in quotes there-and this is because of the experience of other lifetimes. So ones will feel an urgency to do; others, because of lifetimes of peace and allowing, will just allow. It depends on previous lifetimes and what you have brought into this lifetime as the treasure of previous lifetimes. All is in order; all serves the shift.

If that answers the question, then we would ask for further dialogue.

Aaron: I am Aaron. I would like to ask Jeshua a question… Jeshua, Barbara raised a question and Barbara and Tom discussed it this morning, which is the holding of the various planes of being simultaneously. Being here in the physicality, and then the astral, and causal or spirit planes. Holding it together, which is what the human is asked to do.

You, my beloved friend and teacher, were a master of this holding it together, and I think this is very relevant to the question here.

The physicality of the human plane bids one to do. If you thirst, you must get yourself water and drink it. Certainly the human will eventually reach a level where water is not necessary, where one only needs to think to draw moisture from the atmosphere. But for now, the human needs to drink. The human needs to eat and defecate.

As I know you in that lifetime, Jeshua, you were so gloriously human, full of joy, full of laughter, full of life energy. And yet you were able to hold the very highest energy and the lowest earth energy together. What thoughts might you have for us on how the human can best learn to do this? I pause.

Jeshua: Truly, beloved brother and all of you so gathered here in this room, and those within the sound of this most wonderful mechanical recording device, you abide in all of the levels at the same time. It is as you would see a continuum; there is no discreteness about it. In other words, there is no cutting off of one level and then another level and so forth; it is a continuum. And you move through them as there is certain awareness and intention to abide in certain levels. But at all time, and beyond time, you abide as one in this continuum.

Now, you have spoken that truly I was robust, I was full of laughter, and I was joyous, vital, very much in love with life, as sometimes you find yourself in that place when you will throw off all of the cares of the world and become again the innocent child which you are. The vitality is your true nature. You have felt this when you have allowed yourself to connect once again with that oneness that does not know all of the cares of the world, and you have gone free, at least for a moment.

I knew my oneness; I know my oneness. I know my oneness with you all. That has been from before time began and when the purpose of time has been completed, our oneness will still continue. Think upon that for a moment. For always we have been before time, and always into eternity we will be. And even yet, to speak "into eternity" holds it within the concept of time.

So I would ask of you, knowing as you do my true self, the happy self, the robust self, the self that you walked with and sat around the campfire with and shared the happy stories known as the jokes, why do you surround yourself with the most serious of portraits of me? Find yourself the most joyous ones, the laughing Jesus as it is called. The ones who are of the happiness, for truly that is where I live and did live, and you knew me as that person. And you shared in that joy and you knew that joy yourself.

So surround yourself with the happy pictures of me, not the ones that are long-faced. Now truly, there were times as in the Garden of Gethsemane, I prayed unto the Father, and it was of serious import because I knew some of what lay ahead of me. And I asked of the Father if it were possible to allow this cup to pass, let it pass. But if that were not possible, then, "Thy will be done." And so there were times when I was of the long face of being serious. But for the most part, I was happy, joyous. So surround yourself with the happy pictures of me, as truly in your heart you know me to be. And truly as I know you to be.

There are times when I see you struggle with certain issues of human life. That is natural for human life. But I also see you when you smile, and you laugh, and you come truly alive, and that is what I know is your true nature. The holding of the conscious awareness of all levels of being is one of choice, of discipline, of practice. It is not necessary that you do this all of the time consciously, as the continuum always exists, but it is joyous to know consciously.

Aaron: I am Aaron. I have a memory in my final human lifetime. Most of you have heard me tell this story. Of trembling there beneath a fallen tree's sharp thorns, trapped, while a tiger stalked me, smelling the blood from the scratches in my flesh. There was enormous fear. There was anger. And as the hours passed, there was complete surrender. The cessation of trying to do or be anything, not to be brave, not to be a fighter, not to be non-violent. Just complete surrender.

At that point I saw how the mind worked and how all of these different phases of consciousness arose and passed away. What was left, lying there in the rain, body scratched, cramped, not knowing if I would die in the jaws of a tiger in a moment, what was left was joy, enormous peace. In that moment, truly everything is perfect. And when I turned my head in a certain way and opened my mouth, the rain was sweet and felt soothing on the scratches on my back. The scent of the earth was sweet.

When we speak of holding both spaces at the same time, there was no denial for that monk that I was, of his predicament. There was no thought, just because the rain and the scent were sweet and cool that that meant I would live in the next hour. But in this moment there was happiness.

I want to come back briefly to D's question because I think some of these more aware 4th density entities are so eager to come into the earth plane to bring this higher vibration of joy. All of you know how to be joyful, and yet you are quite attached to your seriousness, sadness, and anger, and to your problem-solving techniques, which is part of the whole flow of the rational stage of man.

These young beings, your children, your grandchildren, they come with much more connection to this joy vibration, and many of them hold it as they mature. Just as a pot of water will raise in temperature if you pour just a small bit of oil into the pot, so the entire vibrational frequency of the Earth will raise with each new entity that enters carrying that higher vibration. The cooler water in the pot cannot escape raising its temperature when it is exposed to the hotter water. You don't end up with that little spot of hot water and the rest of it cold. The hot cools a bit, yes, and the cool heats. That which is furthest from the hot water where it is placed in the pot remains coolest, and in the same way, that which is of lowest vibration and holds itself most separate will raise the least in its vibration. That which moves toward the high vibration will raise the most. And as it raises, here we lose the metaphor of hot and cold water because there we have an average. But for you as humans there is no average. Rather, everything comes up to that higher vibration, bringing along whatever is beside it. Like water being sucked into a fast current and over a waterfall, everything is pulled through. And there is much eagerness among some of those coming into incarnation now to exert that pull.

I used the metaphor earlier with Barbara, in answer to one of her questions. The image of players playing in an intense football game, passing the ball back and forth, battering each other, tackling, grabbing, running. You get a bit battered and step out onto the sidelines. Then instead of seeing just your narrow slot in the game, you see the whole game. A joy fills you again and a readiness to jump back into the game. Once you're back on the field, you don't see the whole picture any more, as you do when you're sitting in the grandstands and looking down at it.

I would pause and unless Jeshua wishes to add something, we would invite further questions.

Jeshua: Further questions? Yes.

Q: This is D. I am finding myself in a very new and yet perhaps very old place. I feel very emptied of everything. And I'm grateful for this time and feel totally open to what each of you are saying, and yet, very much like a student on the first day of school, perhaps in January when half the school year is over. So this really isn't a question, I'm just trying to recognize the landscape and what I'm in the midst of. I thank each of you.

New Q: I would love to hear Jeshua speak about the power of energy and love in bringing health into people's lives. I understand the teaching that I have had and work with. As we attend to the flow of energy in a body, let's just say a client's body, I become aware of places where that energy is blocked. And just as in our meditation instruction, if we attend with love to being present with that blockage, it frequently resolves or shifts, without the client's knowledge or particular awareness. Frequently they just feel relaxed or feel tension leave their body, or things like that.

So I've been having a hard time framing the question, but I'd love to hear you speak of this: I say to people, "I see myself as supporting your journey into health." And we talk about places where bodies are blocked or holding tension or holding fear. So people do come along into deeper understanding of their patterns. But sometimes shifts just happen, whether we're aware of what's exactly happening or what was causing the blockage in the first place. They can dissolve. I'd just love to hear you speak to the way human bodies hold tension and disease, and the way energy moves through release, that pattern. The way mind of the person being present can affect that. The way a person can affect that with their own mind. I don't know if that's a clear question.

Jeshua: First of all I would like to speak to D and to say that you are most blessed. For where you stand at the middle of the first grade class you are walking into, as it feels, is a most exciting place to stand. Everything is there in front of you and it is as you would stand in front of the most wonderful smorgasbord. What will I take of first? And there is an excitement, and aliveness that comes where you feel yourself truly in joy, because there is so much to taste. It is a very wonderful place to be, and I congratulate you for having come to this place, for having shed what you see to be old baggage from previous lifetimes that kept the heaviness upon you. Now you are free to take of anything upon the table. In fact all, to test all of it. Congratulations! You are doing very well.

Now to your question. As we have spoken many times, and as we spoke in what you would see to be times long ago, there is no separation. All is one. Souls are joined even though bodies seem to speak of separation. Bodies often cry out for the healing, but the healing truly comes from the soul level and then is manifest in the body.

As you are sincere of heart, and you are as a facilitator, you reach out in your energy to another one to make that connection. And you say to the other one, "Allow me to give to you that which I know to be true. Join me in that place of oneness in awareness." Now, always you are joined in oneness, but there is not always the awareness. So, whether you speak with the words or the heart doesn't matter. The message is out there. Some will hear it and they will receive; others perhaps take a little bit longer before it comes to a place where they feel comfortable with it. Then the healing is done at the soul level. Many will carry with them, as you have seen, blockages from other lifetimes, old wounds, things that they believe to be true because they have suffered with them. They have been tortured. And they "know" that life has to be difficult. It has to be a struggle, that the human body has to suffer, has to have disease and eventually has to be released, has to die.

All of that is in a belief of a culture. Because you have known cultures. You have participated yourself in cultures where the body would live the 600, 800 years because you were in such joy of living that you knew how to allow every cell of the body to regenerate itself over and over and over in perfect health. And you were so joyous about it, you did not agree with, or you were in a culture that had a belief system that said it didn't have to be that way. So that you would allow the body to be in perfect health for centuries of time.

Sometimes, depending on the culture, it provided a bit of challenge if you would stay in the same location. For ones would see you and ones would say, "Why is she not aging?" So you would do a bit of the travel. You would change locations where ones knew you by another name, perhaps. And you would go to cultures and live a long time with cultures that did believe in the longevity of life. And then if you wanted to go somewhere else, you would take what is called the new passport and you would live amongst those people for awhile.

But the healing that you speak of; many nowadays carry with them old memories, and they store them in the body. In the back of the neck. In the back itself. The back often has had the wounding where ones have physically had the stab in the back, not only the emotional, that has happened many times on the emotional. Also, with the chest area, abdomen. Even with the limbs that are supposed to work perfectly but yet sometimes have been broken. And they carry old memory even within the cells.

The body is the servant of the heart, of the consciousness, and the body cells, as you know, will store whatever you ask it to store. But as you meet with another one, called a client, and you are abiding in perfect love, that allows them the space to expand into perfect love. And then the soul can expand. And then the cells of the body can do what they were designed to do in perfection. In other words, they can release the old and go forward in its prime. Thank you.

I would pass to Aaron.

Aaron: I am Aaron. I have watched you work so many times, C, and I see you doing just what Jeshua has just spoken of. There is awareness that on one level, the blockage doesn't exist, and awareness that on another level, the blockage does exist. Two things are needed: to speak at the soul level from that place where there never has been blockage, to invite the remembrance of that non-blockage. From that level, the blockage does not so much open as the remembrance comes that it's not there. And yet there is still the physical, including the body, emotions, and mental level, the whole physical plane.

On this level you are speaking clarity to the mind. You are teaching the body how to respond in a more skillful way to the blockage by holding the place of non-blockage in yourself, and offering the body the opportunity to replicate that. So you are working on both levels. And that is what seems most important to you, for the work to bear fruit. We cannot just address the spirit; we cannot just address the body.

You know that you cannot work from a place of fear, from the doer who tries to fix. It is the power of love in your heart, the power of faith in the trust of your own deepest truth, that allows you to hold both of these spaces, and this is the power of love. This is the power that I so often saw Jeshua employ, as he invited healing through holding that space of innate perfection and yet also being willing to come down to the body level and work energetically with the body, in respect to the human with whom he worked, because that's where the human was. And I do see this in your work, C, and I do think you understand it. Do you have further question, my sister?

Q: My personal work is simply to work with my own limited body or mind, and be able to hold presence and love as clearly as I know it's possible to do. I think that's all of our work at this plane, in whatever field we're working. Some days we're clearer channels than others. I don't think it's a question.

Jeshua: It is well put.

Q: I also have a question that has to do with my work. I work in an emergency room and work with people who have been traumatized who are in fear or pain all the time. And I feel like my work is to be a container for that, to be able to hold that in a way, to be present with it, and to allow people to be present with themselves.

Three or four weeks ago I took care of a woman who had been raped here in Ann Arbor not far from where I live. It was very difficult. She had been beaten up and robbed. There were a lot of things about it that were really difficult to be with. And I was as present as I could possibly be with her and I think I did a good job. But afterwards, when I came out of there, I felt like I was in shock, as though I had lost my feeling. I felt in shock. This is already almost a month away and still she's very with me, very present with me. I ran into her a week later in the emergency when she was not my patient, and she had been beaten up again, and this time had bleeding on her brain. This woman is in a very bad way.

It's not her that, well it IS her of course that holds me, but my reaction to it, my shutting down around it, that has me held. It IS her, and my concern for her, that has me hooked. But also my reaction to that, the way that I shut down. Ever since doing that exam I have this twitching in my eyes which I take to mean, what is it that I don't want to look at? I use that as my metaphor to figure out what's going on. I don't know how to shift that, how to be more present and let it go. I guess I'm inviting comment on that.

Jeshua: First of all, I will address this on several levels. All of you in this room, all of you who are in this evolutionary phase of supporting the shift that is happening, are sensitives. You are ones who, we spoke of transparency earlier, feel energy. And you have done this in other lifetimes. You have been the ones known as the mystics, the ones who could see into the future. You could look to the past and see what was going to be in the future. You could feel energies. You could feel energy patterns. This is why many of you have gone into healing fields, physical healing, emotional healing. You are the sensitives and you do feel energy.

Some of the time you are able to put up a bit of the armor around yourself so that yes, you register the energy that is happening but you do not allow it in. When it comes in so strongly, know that it has touched a core level within you that has to do with other lifetimes. Other lifetimes, you have been the one who has been beaten and raped, repeated lifetimes, not just one, but repeated lifetimes. You have been that woman that you see there on the table.

And it has touched a wounded place within you that wants to be looked at on a human level and also on a spiritual level, and to be healed. It wants to be looked at on a human level, not to deny what does happen on a human level, but then to look beyond it to the spiritual level to know that one lifetime and another lifetime, things change. In other words, there is sometimes a pattern but it is temporal, it is not forever. But it is not to deny what happens on the physical.

And when you see this one and what she has gone through, and as this one has a pattern, which she does have, you recognize within yourself a pattern. Not in this lifetime, you have moved past that pattern, you are complete with that pattern, but there is old memory that has come up and wants to be seen in wholeness, wants to be seen in holiness, wants to be healed. And you open your heart and you love that one that you see on the table, as you have done; you love that one as she comes to your mind. Your heart opens in compassion.

And then you take it one step further and you love that one you have been in the other lifetimes, who has suffered at the hands of others. And you know that it was not by victimhood but it was done as opportunity. In other words, you offered yourself in the other lifetimes as opportunity for ones to either offer love to you or to see their power, as they understood it, over you. You were the innocent one who stood there and said, "I give you opportunity to love me or to see me as object." And for several lifetimes, quite a few lifetimes, they saw you as object to be used and then thrown on the refuse heap.

Now you go back to that one and you say, "I understand what you did. It was not from a place of weakness, it was not from the place of victimhood, it was from the place of great courage to offer opportunity for others to make their choice." That is a place of great strength, for there are many who would run and hide and they would not do what you have done in other lifetimes and what this one has done in this lifetime. Others would say, "I pass. I'm not going to do that. I'm going to live the safe life."

But ones who are of great strength choose to offer to ones the opportunity, which this one that you have known in this lifetime has done, and which you have done in other lifetimes. The opportunity for ones to see them as self, and to love self, or to see them just as objects that can be used for pleasure, for power, and then tossed aside.

So what has happened here has been a most wonderful gift of healing. She has come to you, no accident, no coincidence, she has come to you and she has stayed with you so that you could look deep within yourself and say, "What is it I don't want to see?" You discerned that well. And yet you do want to see it, otherwise it would not haunt you. And I want you to understand it is not victimhood, not weakness, but the strength to stand there and offer others opportunity for choice. I pass now to Aaron.

Aaron: I am Aaron. I have just one brief thing to add, as Jeshua has been quite complete here. Knowing you well in this present lifetime, I often see in you, and we have discussed, the, might we call it stoicism, that thinks it should be brave and strong and capable, and does not always acknowledge the feelings it's having. Judging those feelings and preferences as unimportant. That which aspires to purity and goodness and love wants to nurture the loving expressions, and so there is a tendency to gently brush aside that which is frightened or angry.

She in her neediness reminds you of human neediness. Not your neediness, not hers, simply the need of the human to be embraced, to embrace itself. And that, my dear one, is sometimes hard for you.

One thought to all of you, related to what Jeshua has said. When there is an injury, you might cover it with a bandage and wish to ignore it. Then another comes with the same injury, asking you to address her injury. As you address hers, you find you must address your own. Her coming with her injury, her willingness to carry that injury and come to you, to awaken you also to the need for healing, is her gift to you. This gift is shown in your own reaction, the not wanting to see. That is what Jeshua has pointed out.

There is another situation though where she may repeat her injury and come to you, and you have nothing left hidden in the self. If she then continues to repeat her injury, it may be because she is caught, needing to repeat what has become a habit of victimization because there is something within herself not yet understood, something that holds her in that repeated pattern. That something may be in the cells of the body, in the mind, or often both. When you are free of the pattern yourself, you can mirror that freedom to her and thus teach her, teaching both the mind and the body of choice, that she may start to choose with more love for this expression of the One she calls "self." I pause.

Q: In such a case of rape and battering, there is the person that S worked with, and then there is the one who did it. In our past lives, there are the memories of both wounding and wounder, the aggressive piece of ourselves that we can recognize in impulses that still come up occasionally.

I'm just thinking of the man, I assume, who hurt that woman and raped her. I know that soul to be a confused soul on its way to eventual healing. But I would love to hear you speak of how we can relate more appropriately to the abuser.

Jeshua: You have spoken well about the eventual healing, for truly what this one has done has been to, I will use the word harm, but that is not truly all of it, himself more. For what he has done to the woman in this case has been on a physical level, and also some emotional. But there will be support, there will be immediate healing for her, emotional support and physical.

For him, there will be carried for awhile the energy of having power over another one. And true hate of oneself, that is the basis of where the power comes from. It is the non-understanding of oneness that what I do to another one, I do to myself. And it comes from a place of unself-worth, self there with a lowercase "s" and also with the capital "S". Not realizing, not putting it real in awareness, the oneness that what I do to another I do to myself. And he, if it be a he, carries this with him for this lifetime, other lifetimes perhaps, until there is a knowing that that which I seek is not to be found in the power of the world. And at that moment there will be a completion. Not a judgment by a Father entity outside himself, but a revelation of completion in its own time, as you have said, that eventually there will be healing.

All are actors upon the stage. All play their parts very well. All of you are drama queens and drama kings at various times. And in truth there are no victims, but different ones take different paths to the place of realizing oneness, so they act out various roles to see how they feel until finally there is such heavy density within themselves, they stop for a moment and they breathe. And we have spoken often of the power of the breath, the power to bring peace, the power to allow spaciousness. The power that allows the choice for something new. Eventually this one, either this lifetime or another lifetime, will reach this place where there is realization that that which I have been seeking does not serve me. And then there will be a shift that happens. So you have spoken well that eventually there will be healing. I will pass to Aaron.

Barbara: This is Barbara, not Aaron. Aaron is suggesting I speak briefly about a lifetime I think most of you have heard me speak of. It's really the first lifetime of awakening to my interconnection with others. Pirates came to my village. I was a poor young man and I wanted to be important. They said go and bring us something of value and then you can sail with us.

I went to the temple, home of the priest who had been my teacher since I was little, and who I've only very recently realized was Aaron. He was sitting in prayer or meditation. And I didn't say to him, "I need to take the statue," I just stabbed him in the back. He fell over into my arms. I had the presence and kindness to grab him, not just to let him crash to the floor and drag the valuable items from the altar.

So there he was, bleeding in my arms, dying. He looked at me and said, "I forgive you. May you learn to forgive yourself." Not having realized in the past that this was Aaron, nevertheless I've held this being as my spiritual father, as the person who really brought me to an awakeness where I as the murderer needed to learn forgiveness, and where the forgiveness of the "victim" was what prompted me to learn about forgiveness.

I was talking about this with Aaron this week. It's only in the past week that I've seen that this was Aaron. I asked him, "Did you know then that I was behind you?" He said, "Of course. I could have moved at any time." He said to me, "You needed to make the decision to kill me or not to kill me, not me to stop you, because you need to feel the consequences if you killed me, and to experience killing me, and if you chose not to, it needed to be a free will decision.."

I think at some level we all do this, certainly not consciously, but we act in ways that participate in joyous connection and happy results, or in difficult and hurtful results with others. There's not one learner, we're not, as Aaron and I were there, just Aaron being the priest who was so spiritually advanced that he could allow himself to be killed. But more often we're doing this dance together. I just wanted to share that.

Q: All these wonderful stories, and our individual lives are just one person to one person, or maybe a few. But the world is so vast and the negatively polarized people seem so many, I often wish I could live my life on some huge scale and make a tremendous difference. But it all seems just one by one. So, is this world designed to change somehow just one by one? It seems so very tedious and slow this way, but maybe it's what we have to do, lifetime after lifetime?

Barbara: Aaron asks, do you know the story of the hundredth monkey?

Q: Yes. You have taught a hundred monkeys!!

Aaron: I am Aaron. From your personality self, you see it as one by one. If I shout into a canyon and hear an echo of my hello coming back to me, does it bounce off just that rock, or this rock and those rocks? Who can say where that echo comes from? The entire world of the canyon returns the echo. What I express out comes back to me.

From your small human perception, you see it as one to one, but truly, D, it is not that way, but it spreads out and out and out. And each act of kindness, each act of love, each moment of presence, is felt around the world and beyond. How could it be otherwise?

The octopus with its 8 limbs cannot reach out with one limb with murderous intent and the other with loving intent. You are one arm of the octopus. When you express love, it makes it harder for negativity to be expressed through the other arms. I know many of you despair because you see the immense violence in the world. You do not stop to think of what the world might have been like 2000 years ago, when I assure you there was much more violence, fewer people who were deeply spiritually centered and concerned to live their lives with non-harm and with love. There were small pockets in which such teachings of love flourished. Like the vine that reaches for the sun, those pockets have grown and flowered so that there is far more light in the world today. Have faith. You have done this work through so many lifetimes and in each lifetime, love becomes a bit more widely broadcast through the universe. I would pass this to Jeshua.

Jeshua: I would add only one small thing to what has been said, for truly my brother Aaron has expressed it very well. You are adding lifetime by lifetime more light into this reality that yet believes in the possibility of darkness. But I would say to this one personally, every time you have allowed the laughter to come forth, the jokes, the play upon words, you have added to the vibrational upliftment of all of humanity. <Wow?> indeed!

You see, it is as simple as that. As you change the vibration of yourself, you uplift all of humanity, as you change your own vibration even with a smile. You can feel the difference in the room when there is the smile. When you bring forth a bit of the humor and you throw something out that is humorous, that is playful, and others smile and laugh, there is a leavening within the bread that happens. And this goes out as the ripples upon the pond. You do not see them, but they go out on what are called the ethers, and they touch other ones who want to feel an upliftment, who are ready and receptive. So what you do, seemingly as an individual, touches all because, there is no separation. Well done!

Q: Okay , so now I'm confused. I understand that everybody's connected and I understand that if D smiles then the energy level goes up and it vibrates at a different level. And I know that I tend to get stuck in logic, but it would seem to me then logically every time somebody does something negative, it's pulling down not only themselves but everybody in the whole world and vibrating out across the entire world. It seems like even if we keep it on a personal level, and I will grant that belief is one of my strong suits, I'm not sure it's ever been, but I know this lifetime it's not. But if one person is negative, and even if part of that octopus where the positive D tones down the negative M, there's still the negative. And even if everybody is part of the one, then it seems like to a greater or lesser degree, there's a constant war or conflict between the level and degree or awareness that exists in an entity and the non-awareness or the negativity or the, I don't know, it just seems like the, you know, it's like this dance of one step forward and two backwards, you end up in the next room. That's not where you were intending to get, it's not the right room you were intending to get to.

I don't know the question, but it just seems like the, I'm still not sure, especially if you don't have belief. And the other day Jeshua talked about healing and said, well the reason people healed was because they believed they were going to heal. And it sounded to me then like if you don't believe you're going to heal, you're probably here another 10 or 15 lifetimes because you're not going to heal. So it's like a Catch-22: if you don't believe it, it doesn't happen. But how do you believe it if it's not happening? And the positive feels like the same way. It's like, you know, the negative emotions are heavy, and they're real to some degree, and they feel like frequently they drown out any voice of the positive. And to the extent that the positive is there, it's losing the battle.

Jeshua: We will speak here of recent history, back what you would see to be 2000 years ago and forward. What you have spoken of is why you have had the Dark Ages. There was enough of the 100th monkey that believed in negativity, struggle, abandonment, poverty, inhumanity, so the human consciousness went through what you would call the Dark Ages. What you have spoken of from the place of logic does happen.

Then you came to what you would see as the Renaissance, and a bit of the shifting of the consciousness happened, where there was interest in the positive of life: music, art, science. Things came alive again because there was a shifting from ones who said, "We've had enough already of the darkness. Let's try something new." So you had the Renaissance that happened.

From that time, you have had an evolution that has moved into what you see the Industrial Age and its effects, into what you have now, the technological age and its effects, and you have had an evolution of more and more ones wanting to live in light, bringing that light in. You have spoken well that truly if there is a conglomerate of negativity, and if enough of the consciousness is going to clump itself into that, you are going to have the Dark Ages, you are going to have a dark time, and that existed for quite a few centuries until there was a shifting that happened, where ones, as we spoke of the eventual healing, where ones finally said, "This is too heavy. There must be another way of looking at things." And it happened gradually, one by one. And yet, all joined together as the soul, the one mind, decided that perhaps, "Let's try another experiment."

There are more ones now who are desiring to live in peace. Your world shows you yet the remnants of war, of heaviness, and you will say, "Yes, and those remnants are not just mere little things, they are big things. People are being bombed out of their homes. People are living in poverty. There are women who are living in slavery yet where they are not valued." And this is true.

What you have in this geopolitical grouping, this country, is a most wonderful experiment in evolution where ones are willing to draw upon the light of the heart, the light of consciousness. You have ones who have come to this country because they have wanted a better life. They wanted freedom, freedom to seek their own career, employment, creativity, to worship in their own way, to find the respect for themselves. They wanted to work hard and to be rewarded for it.

This geopolitical grouping, this country, is a shining jewel. Now yes, there are still places that could be polished. But it is a jewel. And it is spreading because of what you see to be the global travel that happens. You take with you your philosophy, your belief in the possibility of goodness. You may not see it in front of you, but you have that belief in the possibility. You even have a belief, now you cannot live without a belief, so you say you don't have a belief, but you do. You cannot live without some belief in something. And you take with you the possibility and even the probability that there can be something good.

When you travel to another country, you take with you your beliefs, your understanding of Who you are and of Who others are. And you, by example, and sometimes by words, share that with other ones. And there is a change that is happening, albeit when you look at it day by day, it seems to be very slow progress. But against the backdrop of 2000 years, having come through what you have said as logic, and it is true, the Dark Ages, you are at a place you, the collective conscious that lives upon this, our Holy Mother the Earth, in a place much more enlightened. And it will continue because there is an impetus and energy behind it.

Does it mean that it is always going to stay that way? No. There are cycles. As there has been with Atlantis and Lemuria, as it has been with civilizations unknown, even before that in what you would call pre-pre-history, there have been cycles. You are into a cycle now that you would call the upswing. Is it going to stay up? For some, it will. For others, they will want to know what is the downside of it, because this reality yet believes in duality. While there is time, and this reality goes on in its cycles, there is going to be the upswing and the downswing.

So your logic is true. But it is a good place now to be on the upswing, right?

Q: Assuming for the sake of argument that the, I'm not disputing that the cycle, collectively, may be on this upswing. But if each individual unit carries within it everything, and if the individual units are not in harmony or in balance such that the dark side overshadows the light side more frequently than not, not disputing that the light side is not there, but that in fact the individual is so hooked in past patterns or past karma or whatever that the negative or the dark overshadows, that I don't understand how it goes up.

Jeshua: I will come back to this in answer. But at this point, I will pass to my brother Aaron.

Aaron: I am Aaron. I thank you, Jeshua, and M, too, for your question. I would like to offer a different way of looking at this that may help to alleviate the confusion. Think of a large group of children. They're in a large room with boxes and pillows and long pieces of wood as props. They're invited to put on a play, to make it up as they go along. There are no assigned parts. When young person grabs a stick, stands up on a box and says, "I will be the warrior." And another grabs another stick and stands on another box and says, "I will be the opposing warrior." Different children grab sticks and pillows and say, "The pillow is my shield. This is my sword." And all the children get involved in this battle as the play that they improvise.

So the children are all caught in the improvisation, carried away with it so they are hitting with the sticks, not just pretending to hit, until some are bruised and some begin to bleed. And finally one says, "I don't like where this play is going. I step out of this improvisation and into a new improvisation. I am a loving being who will not become caught in violence. The stick is my plow. This pillow, the cushion that I can offer others as a place to rest their heads."

Some children will say, "This is a silly improvisation. Sissy. We want to be powerful." And others will say, "No, I have been hurt enough. I like this improvisation. I also choose it."

When enough choose it, there will no longer be warriors. You are all actors improvising as you go, and the most important thing is your free will choice. How long will you continue to be aggressive, to carry negativity and express it into the world? When will you choose not to express negativity into the world but to find a different way to work with and release that negativity that arises in you? When will you choose not to self-identify with that negativity? You experiment to see the results. What happens when I identify with it? What happens when I don't? What happens when I express it? What happens when I don't?

The real question is not about the presence of negativity but the free will choice of how one will relate to that negativity. As you begin to relate to it in a more loving way, you begin to know the power of love. Then there is no longer a blind faith, a belief that love is powerful, only as belief. There is the knowing of the power of love and the ability to rest in that power.

The small self cannot fully rest in the power of love. It can play at that but one must transcend the small self to fully rest in love, and that is another choice. It is part of the whole growth of consciousness, the raising of the vibrational frequency as you consciously choose love.

This earth plane is so much about free will choice. Each of you comes here to explore the possibility of choosing from the negativity within you or of choosing from the positivity within you, seeing the results and making increasingly loving and wholesome choice. And as you so choose, you invite others to join you. It is not about belief, it is about knowing, seeing the results. Yes, there are those who would rape the woman, there are those who would kill a village of hundreds or drive an airplane into a building. Eventually these souls too will come to the light. They cannot hold the negativity, just as the child cannot, who is standing there, the last remaining child saying, "No, we will play war!", if all the other children turn their backs. Yes, he can walk around the room batting them on the head. But eventually he's going to weary of that. Eventually he will shift into the light.

This is the power you have, my dear ones. It is the power of love that is within each of you. The power of the highest, the Christ Consciousness or Buddha Consciousness, the awakened consciousness of love. And your work is to understand what it means to choose love, no matter how difficult the situation. I pass the microphone to Jeshua.

Jeshua: Does that answer your question? It has probably given you more food for thought than you wanted.

Q: We're experiencing a time of strong polarization in this country right now, politically and spiritually. I think there are people on both sides of this polarization that have very good intents and believe that they are doing the right thing and that the other side is completely wrong-headed. It's kind of a painful situation for us in America. Is there a larger significance to this situation? Could you speak to that please?

Jeshua: Yes. It is very much as my brother Aaron has just spoken of the children playing, and some choosing for war and others coming to the place of choosing for the farming, for harmony. It is as you have discerned a painful place where you see the division, where separation seems to be the rule rather than the exception, where ones believe they can live in separation and judge others.

Now as you have spoken, there is sincerity of heart on both sides. The polarity that has come and the clarity of this polarity is to serve the healing, although it doesn't look like that at this point. It has come so that ones such as you will see in great detail how painful it is, and will choose to have dialogue with another one. You will come to that place, you have a saying in your world, where you will agree to disagree. Yes, and where you can have a bit of humor about it. Now, the humor for the most part in the dialogue is missing right now. There is humor on both sides but not shared.

What will come from this will be a clarity about a necessity to find a common ground. In other words, you as a geopolitical grouping have gone as far almost as you can go in the division, and it does not feel good. So that there are many who are working, such as you, to try to find some common ground where there can be dialogue.

You have factors that work against this that could work for it, such as your news media. Now your news media loves to play up controversy, loves to play up separation. Yet if ones, and there are ones in the news media arena, ones who would want to put forward the message of coming together to look at all areas of information, it would be healing. And as you, the so-called common person, which is uncommon, will put a bit of pressure upon your news media to present both sides fairly, because it is not fairly represented now, so that ones could be in a place of neutrality in choosing. In others words they would be informed rather than just having what are called your sound bites, could have more information. You have probably noticed with your media you get maybe, if you're lucky, one minute of information, a sound bite or two, and then it is on to the next thing. It is a bit of the consciousness that likes the fast food. So you get your fast news. And there is not too much information that is gleaned that way.

There is a segment of population that is willing to read, and the information is there for ones to read. But as you have discerned, there is a great percentage of the population that does not feel it has time or wants to read, better things to do, so they do not read. The information is there.

The question that you asked is the purpose of it: to bring it into clarity so that it can no longer be swept under the rug, and ones have to look at the healing that is necessary and the dialogue that needs to be and will be set up so that ones can discuss without the emotions getting so tangled into it. That will come either within what you see to be the next year of your timing or two, or within the next 4-5 years. But it will happen. For ones such as you are pained in the heart. So it has to change.

Thank you for bringing it up, it is a good subject. I pass now to my brother Aaron.

Aaron: I am Aaron. I want to speak to something, not perfectly to the point but related. There are younger souls and older souls on earth, but on the highest plane there is no such thing as a young soul. The highest aspect of the soul is always available. On the highest plane there is only simultaneity, but on the physical plane there is linearity. Physical beings have to learn to walk before they can run.

You do not expect two 2-year-olds to be able to play interactively with each other, sharing toys or sharing a box of crayons. You give each several crayons. You might even draw a line down the middle of the paper. You draw here, and you draw here. Then they can play peacefully side by side. But when they are 6, you expect them to be able to share the box of crayons and the paper. There is a linear learning process.

If you have two young children, one whose parent likes highly spicy food and serves it in the house and says, "Spicy food is best." and another whose parent serves very mild food and says, "Mild food is best. Spicy food is harmful.", these children will each have an idea, "This is right and this is wrong."

For many humans, there is the learning that there is not just one right viewpoint that comes as they mature into adulthood, but this is not true of all humans. Many humans remain stuck throughout their entire adult lifetime, with this polarization of right and wrong, black and white.

Such beings cannot conceive of a world of grays. They cannot conceive of the possibility of truth in any viewpoint but their own. We might call this a fundamentalist view, and we see this in all of the world's great religions, people who become stuck in that "Mine is the only right view." kind of position. This is the level of consciousness that holds to beliefs.

The difficulty in the political scene is that we have those in this country who hold that their view is the only right view. Whether it is right wing or left wing, there is the belief that it's the only correct view. And we have those who see the bigger picture, see the world of possibilities and know that there is no right or wrong view.

Most of you discern the political situation as being between right and left, but really the political situation is between those who are polarized, whether it be right or left, and those who have a greater perception that is able to see the bigger picture. Those who are polarized are often very adamant, strong spokespersons. Often in your world, those who see the big picture have stepped back from the political arena because it felt like they were dirtying their feet there. I think you're going to see in your world in the coming decade more and more people who see that bigger picture and are willing to step forth with that truth and hold that truth not as a polarized position but more able to see the situations all over the world, to reach out with compassion all over the world and search for political solutions that are universally compassionate. You know I do not predict the future. I only say that I see this as a very high possible future because there are so many beings who are able to perceive from that greater perspective, and who do not consider entering the political arena with their truth, getting their feet dirty, so much as take it as a responsibility, seeing that this is the only way to healing and to peace.

I pass this to Jeshua and if he has nothing to add, we will welcome further questions.

Jeshua: Are there any further questions? 

Q: I'd like to bring that down to a slightly more concrete level. We're in the middle of evolving of building a community here, and I'd be interested in any thoughts about issues that we ought to face or ways we ought to move as we build the Deep Spring community.

Jeshua: You are modeling on a micro scale the macro that is happening. You see some minor division as to issues, as to opinions, as to where to go, how to do it, what decisions to be made. And yet you have a great advantage because there is the intent to find harmony, to find love and communication with each other. That is a great foundation upon which to build that which you desire to build.

You have spoken well about community. It comes from the common union of One. Therefore as you and the ones who are building the community keep that in front of you, the knowing of the oneness and the desire to put that forward into the larger community, you will find the differences of opinion dissolving in the dialogue that happens.

You have begun something very special, very wonderful. It is modeled on what you have known in other lifetimes where you have built community by ones coming together with the purity of heart and the desire to bring forth heaven, truly, upon Earth, and to even in the incarnate life bring forth the love of the Christ and to live from that space, and to model it for others and to invite them in. Not to be exclusionary but to be including everyone as they will be drawn to it.

So what you are envisioning is going to spread, it is going to be bigger than what you do at this point. And yes, what you take as the fundamental principles right now are going to serve you well in the future. Now I pass to my brother Aaron.

Barbara: This is Barbara. I have a question for Jeshua. In the Essene community, I'm sure there were differences of opinion at times. How were they treated?

Jeshua: You have remembered well. There were differences of opinion. There were personalities and there were ones who knew themselves to be right because some of the ancient manuscripts said thus and so. And some of the ancient manuscripts would support others' opinions. How it was solved was by meeting around the campfire, around the table if you will, in the circle of one in dialogue, each one being equal, each one coming from the Christ perspective - eventually.

The human issues had to be gotten out of the way first. As you work with it even now in this day and time, of getting the human issues healed and seen in perspective, so that ones finally came to the place where the vision as a whole was held by all, rather than just holding a piece of the vision and saying, "But this piece is right; this is what we must do." There was dialogue, there was communion, and I do not mean the ritual of communion but the communion of allowing each one to speak his piece, his opinion, to back it up with whatever he would feel needed to be his support, and then to lay it on the table, as it would be, and to allow the Christ spirit to direct. But it was not without its evolutionary, what you would call growing period.

Q: This is a personal question. One of the major underlying aspects to this lifetime for me has to do with tension that's expressed in the body, especially in the neck, but also the mind. I'm aware that when there's any tension in the mind that it's very quickly expressed in the body. I can really see that connection. Could you give me some guidance on what the significance of this is and good ways to work with it?

Jeshua: Yes. Again, the answer is on many levels. First of all, you have been taught throughout many lifetimes that you had to be ready to respond to whatever would be asked of you. As the warrior, you had to know immediately what to do in battle. As the commander who was going to be commanding the other ones in battle, you were responsible and you felt the responsibility very heavy upon the shoulders and the back of the neck and the mind, to think what would be the best approach. As teacher, you have felt a responsibility to lead your disciples, your students, in the right path, and you did not want to lead them astray. So again, you felt responsibility which was then outpictured as tension to know what would be right or the right approach.

This lifetime you have had that reinforced through culture, to be ready with a response. All of you have been, I will say, taught to hold your place in any conversation. If you are asked a question, you are supposed to know the answer right away, and if you didn't know the answer right away, there is much of the "umm, ahh, err," until finally the answer did come to you.

So you have been programmed, not as a computer, but you have been trained to have to be ready with a response, and you have internalized it for yourself that it must be the right response because in places and times when you would make what would be seen in your own perception the wrong response, then you placed heavy guilt upon the shoulders. So you did not want to repeat that, and that built up more of the tension. It is a condition shared by many, especially in this day and time where you know the immediacy of events and you are expected to respond.

How you deal with this is to do something very simple. It is to take the deep breath. As you do that, you feel some of the tension slipping away. Then you will breathe again, and you will allow self to expand into that spaciousness of the deep breath. With another deep breath you will say to self, "I am always guided to the right decision," because you are. There are no mistakes. There are choices and there are results, but no mistakes.

And from that point you allow the inner self or the inner child to not have to carry heavy burden, as it has done for many lifetimes, and to release the tension that it has carried, for it has carried many heavy suitcases for you, of old judgments. And the suitcases then can be opened up and the contents spilled out and left behind as you go on your journey. And it all starts with the permission to take the deep breath, and to realize that you don't have to be perfect, because you already are perfect.

Recognize it as a normal, not natural, normal, response because of training, not only in this lifetime but others as well. It is deeply ingrained. Yes. You are welcome.

Barbara: Time for one more question, I think.

Jeshua: There is another wise one sitting in the back quietly there! He is a wise, what you call wisecracker…

Barbara: Is there one last question? No

Aaron: We leave you with our Love and Light, and thank your for the sharing of yours. That is all. 

(taping ends)

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