Aaron and Jeshua - December 4, 2003

Dialogue with Aaron (through Barbara Brodsky) and Jeshua (through Judith Coates) December 4, 2003, in Seattle

Aaron: I am Aaron. My blessings and love to you all. It is a joy to be here with you tonight, and with my beloved brother, friend, and teacher, a being who has had many roles for me through forever, my beloved friend Jeshua.

I asked to speak first because I would begin with something which, in his modesty and humility, Jeshua might not speak of. You come to the time in your annual calendar when you celebrate his birth in human form 2000 years ago. This is truly the divine energy made manifest, as indeed it is now manifest in each and every being. The difference is that you do not realize it yet, and he did.

He came to an Earth that was lost in the delusion of fear and separation. He came to remind you of the truth of your divinity and to guide you past the limits you embraced, to guide you onto a path of love. This was the path on which you began, but the way was dark and you lost the path and wandered in that darkness. And yet, the wandering served a purpose.

We also must remember that since linear time is an illusion, on one level it doesn't really matter how long you walk in circles, because linear time is not real. It will take as long as it takes and no time will have passed. And yet, on the relative plane, it feels real, and there is suffering. There must be a balance. On the ultimate level, time does not matter, and nobody was ever lost. And on the relative level, there is the experience of linear time. You do call up limits that bound you, and there is suffering.

The one you called Jesus, here in a present energetic expression as Jeshua, came into the earth plane to help you wake up. But this human that I knew 2000 years ago as my beloved teacher, he was fully human. For the most part he did not move himself apart from the human experience in order to avoid pain. When the sun was hot, he walked with the rest of us in the hot sun. He did not manifest clouds to block the sun. He bore the sun with others. When the day was cold and there was work to be done outdoors, he did not send others out and remain by the fire; he went himself.

I saw him sweat; I saw him shiver. He did not exclude himself from the human experience. One might ask, if this whole relative reality is an illusion and a dream, why did he participate in that human experience in the fullest sense when certainly he could have avoided it? That question is important to you because all of you at some level have chosen the human experience as your route to liberation, and as your route to the growth of wisdom and compassion. Why did you thus choose?

We were talking earlier, a few of us privately, about the limits that you embrace within your belief system, thinking, "I am these limits," thinking them into your reality. And you hold onto the limits until you are ready to drop them.

Fear is never a necessary part of your experience, and yet fear and the illusion of limitations are teachers. They are not something to be fixed or treated with disdain. They are to be treated with respect as teachers. But you cannot respect fear or the illusion of limitations so long as you are caught up in a self-identity with them.

I don't know if Jeshua was ever afraid in that lifetime. I suspect he was. I know for a fact that he was uncomfortable sometimes, hot, cold, tired, or with a blister on his foot. But he was not afraid of these human experiences. In being willing to be present with his humanity, he modeled the possibility of bringing love to fear.

In order to teach others, one must be willing to be where others are. Jesus did not set himself apart from others. Because of that, he was able to be a model for bringing light where there was darkness, for bringing love where there was fear. You begin to see that love and fear are not opposites. You don't have to get rid of fear to find love. Love is always there, just as the sun is always there, even when a cloud gets in the way. When clouds drift through and block the sun, you don't run inside and get lanterns, you just sit and wait patiently for the cloud to go. You remember the sun.

What this beloved teacher taught me in that lifetime that was most important was to remember my own divinity, to have faith in that divinity. No matter how much darkness, how much fear, how much negative emotion, he taught me never to lose track of that divinity, as he did not lose track of it. He taught me to live fully in my humanness without getting lost in that humanness and forgetting the divine. This is the same balance you are all here to learn.

Sometimes we think of the human situation as having one leg in the relative and one leg in the ultimate, and I've even expressed it that way. But I think a clearer expression of it is to remember that the ultimate and the relative are together, they are not dualistic with one another. The ultimate is always there, and the relative is an expression of the ultimate. It is more like resting inside a box of relative reality, which rests in the vast spaciousness of ultimate reality. While in the box, you see only the walls. When you peer out, you see your true situation. These relative expressions that you create - for it is only in your mind and your energy that all relative reality is created - these expressions are simply mirrors of where you are. When you feel fear, and you mirror fear, it mirrors itself back.

And so, with some fascination, you keep playing with these mirrors until you weary of them and say, "That's enough. I do not choose any longer to dwell in fear." Then there can be a truly instantaneous shift into love. It doesn't mean that fear will never again express itself, only it becomes less and less frequent that you get caught into that fear illusion, that the ego self-identifies with it.

I thought it would be good to talk about this tonight because Jeshua is here with us. I hope that he will share some of this from his own perspective. I pause here and turn this to him.

Jeshua: Beloved ones, I am the one known as Jeshua ben Joseph-Jesus, you have called me-and it is in great joy that I come to abide with you this evening in your timing, as you have chosen once again to call me forth. Great joy of new life, new birth, holy days! You approach a celebration of my birth, yes, but in truth you approach the birth of your own revelation, your own remembrance of the Holy Child which you are. You have in front of you the most wonderful example (a baby in the audience), new life, discovering how to play in this reality, how to play in this sandbox. "What is this sandbox? What is sand? What do I do with sand?" And how to express the divinity within what seems to be even the limitations of a sandbox.

And then most wonderful revelation comes to you that the sandbox itself, it is not with the limitations that reality has told you, but the sandbox itself is all of life. And you push out the sides of the sandbox and you become life itself. You become in your awareness that which you have always been, the Holy Child at play, discovering. I came as an infant, yes, into humanhood to know how to play in the reality of the sandbox known as third dimension. I came as the small one to mirror to you the discoveries, as small ones do, of what the body can do, of what new discoveries, new awarenesses, every day will bring. I came to live amongst you, for I AM you, as you are me; the divine Holy Child in expression in one point of focus; for that is what this is, one point of focus, this reality. And there are many points of focus. And you exist, you experience, you express, in many points of focus, all at what you would see to be at the same slice of time. And you do the most miraculous, because you take on the blinders, as it would be, and you say, "This is what I will focus on right now. I will focus upon being the most wonderful cookie, the Oreo. I will bring to life joy. I will bring to the parents the happiness of creation, the happiness of challenge, the happiness of life in all of its expressions."

So I came, not specifically with a birth at this time of year, but it is suitable that you celebrate it at this time of year, my birth. I came to be amongst you as the master, which I am and that you are, and to play with you. Ones of you, and all of you in this room and within the sound of my voice and the written word as well, were with me. You knew me. You walked with me. You experienced with me the revelations of life in that time. And I came to play with you within that reality and to come to the realization as you are now coming to, that life has many facets. It is a treasure, and there is much that you can focus upon to bring out into your own expression and experience all of the treasure of life.

Even a finger in the mouth. (young baby is sucking on a finger) Simple! Simple pleasure to have. All of you--I challenge you. This moment, take a finger; one of your own, preferably, but someone else's if you want. Put it in the mouth. How does it feel? How long has it been since you felt your own finger in the mouth, the simple sensation of running the finger across the lips. Mmm. Simplicity itself. Sensation of physicality. Sensation of the divinity in physicality.

I came to be amongst you for the sheer joy of life. I came to be amongst you to play. Did I know fear? Yes, I knew all of the human emotions, for that is what I had agreed to do before that incarnation. I said I would walk amongst you as human so that I could relate to what you were going through in that time, and to know what you are going through in this time; so that I would not be, as many have put me in what you see linear time to be a long time, up on a pedestal, far away from you. But I came to walk with you as friend and to talk with you as friend, to say, "What is life all about?" To question. Even the simple questions of sensation of food, sensation of breath.

Take in the deep breath. Feel you how it expands the belly, how it feels to be truly alive in the breath, to treasure the body and its feelings; to gaze upon one another and to see beauty, to behold beauty in everyone's eyes, the radiance, what you call the aura, around each one; and to feel truly alive in that radiance. And there were many times that we laughed together, many times that we questioned one thing and then we came around full circle back to where we had been at the beginning. And we laughed at ourselves because we had gone full circle in examining whatever that question would be.

Did I know fear? Yes, I knew fear. There was a time before I met my beloved friend, the one you know as Aaron, when I was a small boy in the woods. And I had been told there were certain of the slippery ones, the snakes, serpents you call them, in desert caves and sometimes in the wooded areas. And I came across one--one came across my path, I would put it more that way. And for a moment, I stepped back from this in fear, in startlement at first, and in fear because of collective belief that this is something I should fear, that it could be threatening to the body. And as I stood there, my father said to me, "Breathe. Take the deep breath and know your oneness with another life form. Do not be in a place of great fear, for this is in front you is an expression of life the same as you have taken upon a form of expression of life." And there was in that moment communication of love that dispelled fear.

There were times when I remembered that later with the Roman centurions; sometimes with the Pharisees and the ones of authority in the temple who would want to flaunt their power. And I remembered to take the deep breath and to look upon them in love as expression of life in form the same as I was, and to love them in a place of oneness which dispelled any trace of fear.

I knew fear as you know it from time to time with the questioning of the body; would the body do my bidding or would it be master of me? And I did what you know to be training with various masters through trials, I suppose you would call them, testings, where there was possibility of pain. And again I knew, with a deep breath, to claim in love the expression of pain as part of divine life in a form.

So yes, I knew fear. I knew love; great companionship with all of you; great joy of life in the sandbox, and remembering, as you do, life outside of the limitation of what is seemingly the sandbox, and how to play. I gazed at the stars with you, and we wondered at the brilliance and the energy of the stars and the order of the heavens, and wondered, how could it be that there would be such order that over a space of time you would see the same stars in the same constellations? And I remembered, as you are remembering now, incarnations, expressions of life, on other star bodies, other constellations. And I remembered, as you felt in your heart, the vastness of creation and the communion one with another, seen and unseen, and how life comes brilliantly alive in that remembrance of divinity.

So it is again in joy that I greet you. It is again in joy that I come to be amongst you even in this way, to share with you again the love and companionship of ones who play in the sandbox. I pass now to my brother Aaron.

Aaron: I am Aaron. I love Jeshua's description of the sandbox. There is a lake community where Barbara spends her summers. When her children were young the children's swimming area had a sandy beach to it about the size of this room. Every three years a new load of sand was brought in to freshen it up. Not surprisingly, the children's toys were all over the beach.

Then somebody got the idea, let's build a sandbox, a place to corral the toys. How do you build a sandbox on a sandy beach? They built a box. They poured a new load of sand into this 6-foot square box. For the first weeks, the children played in the sandbox. But of course, they kept pushing out. Who wants to stay in a sandbox when you have infinite beach around you?

And yet, the illusion of the sandbox, the gift of creating limits and playing within those limits, is something you chose to embrace as a teacher.

Often I'm asked the question, "If we chose to embrace this illusion, Aaron, then why are we trying to wake up from the illusion?"

It is skillful to put little O (the baby) in a crib. Twenty years from now, he will not want to sleep in a crib! As Jeshua said, all of you are old souls. To everything there is a season. The season for resting in the illusion has come and gone. The season for stepping beyond the illusion, yet with respect for the ways the illusion has served you, that is the present experience.

It is not a matter of breaking free of the illusion and destroying it. It is a matter of knowing the illusion as illusion, playing in the sandbox, so to speak, but not being limited by the sandbox.

A small group of us were talking this afternoon about the possibility of instant healing of a physical distortion. There are still some aborigine tribes that have the skill. If somebody trips and breaks his leg, the whole tribe immediately gathers around him. If the leg is bent with the break projecting through the skin, of course they must pull and straighten it. It won't snap back into place itself. But once it's straightened, healing truly is immediate. They have no conception that it should take longer than a moment. That person literally could get up and walk on it right there, right away. The fact that they do not, that they choose to rest overnight, is just the wisdom of knowing the body has been through a great trauma. But there's no perception of graduality here. Jeshua spoke of this earlier today, the belief in a gradual progression of learning rather than in the instantaneous shift into knowledge of your divinity and the divinity of all that is, knowledge of your interconnection, and the immediate living of it.

My dear ones, you are growing past the time when you may indulge in the concept of graduality. The time is coming for the shift of earth from the third to the fourth density. In 4th density, beings will be telepathic. You will have the ability of instant manifestation. In order to do that without destroying yourselves, you must resolve the heavy emotions. This is the work that most of you have been engaged in for a number of lifetimes. You note I phrase it "resolve the heavy emotions," not get rid of them or destroy them. Emotions, physical sensations, thoughts, these are all part of the human experience. To resolve them means to resolve the self-identity with them. When you rest in that spaciousness, in the clarity, of the true Self, the divine Self, then you are ready to be responsible to instant manifestation. The one who can manifest healing can manifest destruction. It is because of this that you have committed to resolve the emotional body before knowing your unlimitedness, so as not to act out fear and fear-based emotions.

You don't give a young child matches until that child understands the nature of flame and heat and is able to respect it. You don't give a being the power of instant manifestation until they have outgrown the childish need to self-identify with negativity.

But the time has come to make that shift, to claim your birthright as divine beings, to claim your unlimitedness and bring forth your radiance. The universe seeks this from you. Negativity is not dualistic with positivity. Negativity is simply the contracted state, and positivity the expanded state. But when you bring forth that contraction, everything shuts down. The energy meridians of the bodies, all of the bodies, shut down. And in that shut down, darkness comes. With expansion comes light. With expansion comes joy. With contraction comes fear. With expansion comes generosity. With contraction comes stinginess. With expansion comes lovingkindness. With contraction comes hatred.

The hatred, the fear, the stinginess, these are simply distortions. All of you have spent a lot of time investigating these distortions in yourselves and in the world. You came into this sandbox, as Jeshua phrased it, to investigate these expressions of the One. Now you are coming to a time where it is more appropriate, not so much to investigate them by playing in them, but to look and step past. If you are walking in the woods and you come to a patch of poison ivy, you might wonder, where did it come from? How did it spread here? You walk around in a circle and look at it. And then you note, if I go in there and try to pull it up, I'm going to get a rash. All I need to do is walk around it, I don't need to get caught in it.

This is where you are, all of you. It's good to investigate the heavy emotions, the low vibrations of all of the bodies, but after awhile, such investigation simply pulls you back again and again into relationship with those heavy bodies. You give energy to your anger by trying to investigate the anger so as to fix it. The same with greed. There comes a point where you simply say, "Ah; as force of habit, anger has arisen. And right there with the anger is that which is not angry. I step outside of the box of being the angry person. I take that within the self which is not angry. That is where I will rest." There's no denial of the anger or other negative emotion, there is simply no longer the need to muck around in it. You just let it go.

This is where all of you are now. Your readiness has called forth many teachers like myself and Jeshua, many high beings who are here to help you remember the truth of what you are. If you need to return to the sandbox for a short while, that's fine, but know that you are ready to walk on down this unlimited radiant beach, to be who you truly are. And that is your challenge.

I would pass this to Jeshua.

Jeshua: Beloved ones, it is as my brother has said, a most wondrous time. It is in your day-to-day life now a time of your holy days approaching, and there is much of activity that you do to be in readiness for the celebration. But more than that, it is a time now of awakening. It is a time now of remembrance. It is a time now when you are coming to that place of celebrating your own awakening, your own birth; a time of realizing the vastness of the I AM of Self, the I AM of All; coming to that place now that you know you are in communion, true communion, with all aspects of yourself. That is why you have messages from various masters coming to you in rapidity over what you see to be the last two decades of your timing; much of writings that have come, much of the teachings that have come through various voices of channels; various voices even of the friends who perhaps said to you a message that they didn't realize they were saying, but for you it was the answer, or the opening of a door; where they said something that you were ready to hear, and it turned the key in the lock and opened the door for you.

It is a time now when you are knowing communion with ones you have set on the shelf, so to speak, for awhile-the friends, companions, with whom you have traveled many other lifetimes, many other incarnations, many other times of expression of the divinity in form and out of form. It is a time now when you are beginning to know the communication of the vastness of the divinity, the vastness of the beach that my beloved friend has spoken of.

You are coming now to a time when the collective consciousness is, albeit rather tardy, but yet following in your footsteps, for you have been asking the questions about "Who am I? Why am I here? Why is everyone else here? What is the purpose of life? There must be more to life than just the career, the raising of the small ones"-although that in itself is quite a career. "There must be more to life than just fulfilling certain stages and what society expects of the certain stages. There must be something even more than what we call purpose of a lifetime."

And so you have been questing, asking, seeking and searching, and therefore that which you will ask for, it has to be given to you. Ask and you shall find. It does come to you through various methods and various channels, various means. You find yourself expanding in the awareness of self, and this will continue. You are at a place now where the door has opened. You have found a key, and the key has been to ask. And the door you have knocked upon is opening, and is opened a crack for some and farther for others.

And the collective consciousness is following in your footsteps, for you are the ones who are the adventurers, who have in many lifetimes gone ahead of the rest of the tribe, the rest of the community, the rest of society. You are the ones who say, "I will hop on the horse, the bird. I will go on the ship. I will sail. I will fly to various places and make them my own, because I know they are my own. I know that I am home wherever I go. I am the one who wants to know what is beyond the horizon." Many lifetimes you have done that, you have wanted to know, "What is beyond? There must be something beyond." And the rest of the family, the rest of the tribe, the community, has said, "Don't go out there. There is something fearful. I don't know what it is, but I've heard tales that ones who have gone have never come back. Don't go."

But there was a yearning within you to go where no man yet has ever gone, sort of a saying you have in your science fiction world in this day and time, to push out the frontiers and to remember. And I say unto you now that this is a most wondrous time, a lifetime you have chosen to be here to push out the frontiers of what can be, what has been, and what will be, and to come to that place of the remembrance of the Allness of You.

There is a knowing now that you can be in communion with ones you have mourned for, in a way, a subtle mourning, a subtle grieving, perhaps, for friendships that you have put aside for awhile. The other commanders of other spaceships that you have traveled with in other times, those remembrances are coming to you; lifetimes on other planets and star constellations; lifetimes with other form of life where it was free fluidity, and yet it was form, not as you know this dense form to be, solid, but a flowing form, as a liquid perhaps, liquid crystal we will say. And you have known intelligence of other flows of the liquid crystal. And it was the Intelligence and friendship that bound you together.

You are coming now to a most wondrous time of remembering a vastness which my good friend, the one you know as Aaron, and I, discussed in what you now call the ancient times, of what is beyond the heavens. What is beyond the stars? Is there, as you have asked in this lifetime, intelligence on other star forms? Is there life in other planets, constellations? And you have come to the conclusion that yes, there has to be. And it has not been just a reasoning that has brought you to that conclusion; it has been a remembrance deep within you that, "Yes, I, even as I know myself to be individual," you have said to yourself, "I know I have lived in other star constellations. I know that I have experienced life on other planets besides our holy Mother, the Earth. I know that I am bound to all life."

So you see, you are standing at a most exciting place now, a place where you have opened the door, and you are pushing it moment by moment further open, so that in each questioning you have, you get an answer that opens the door even further. And I say unto you now that the stargates, which have been closed for awhile-a great long while as you measure the linear time-are opening now so that you will know intelligence, friendship, companionship with ones whom you have temporarily put aside in order to focus upon this reality, and now you are coming back to claim that friendship, as Aaron and I have found each other in this reality, and in other realities as well, and we journey together in great friendship and great joy. It is a time now of great celebration.

And in that celebration, I pass again to my brother, Aaron.

Aaron: I am Aaron. Jeshua is talking about friendships on the deepest level and remembering who you are through the strength of these eternal connections. In that lifetime in which this one was born as Jesus, I was some years older, perhaps 7 years older, so I was a small boy at the time of his birth.

Our paths crossed a number of times when we were young. I remember a time, the details are not so important. Simply, we were together near a river. We were both watching a frog. A snake appeared and just then as we watched, it ate the frog. The boy, the child that Jeshua was, was heartbroken. I was a bit older and I had had some training by then. I was able to explain to him that the frog had not gone anywhere, he was just now inside the snake, and that everything was like that, part of each other.

So he stopped his crying, and as we looked around, we began to comprehend literally how everything was part of each other. Many years later, that shepherd who I was came to Jesus just after the death of my beloved wife. I was heartbroken. On my way to visit him I fell off a cliff and broke my leg. I knew that he could have fixed my leg, but that was not his way. It wasn't the leg that needed healing; it was the heart. At first I wasn't ready to listen to him, I was too absorbed in my heart-pain and my leg. But after a week had passed and I was more settled down, he came to see me. He asked me how was the leg feeling. I was angry. "It's healing slowly." I was trying to make the point, why don't you fix it? He said, "You're very sad." And then he said to me, "Remember the frog." That's it, that's what I needed to hear. "Remember the frog."

Such a simple teaching. Each of you brings with you the gift to jog each other's memories. Each of you is teacher and each of you is student. Each of you is wise beyond measure. We take turns in the sandbox. Some must play in the sandbox while others keep their eye on the distant horizon, so as not to lose track of the infinite space around us. After awhile, we switch places. It's important that nobody gets lost in the sandbox so there are always those to remind you, to tap you on the shoulder and say, "Look out, look beyond."

In that lifetime, although I had a fair degree of training in some of the mystery schools, the Essene practices, my work was to go back and be a shepherd, to live very simply. Because only when I lived thus simply as neighbor could I serve as one standing at the end of the sandbox. Someone a hundred miles down the beach doesn't do you much good. Each of you takes your turn at this, to be in the sandbox, to stand at the edge, and to be 100 miles down the beach. But now, in this time, you are being asked to do something you have never been asked before, and that is to be in all three places at once without losing track of any of them, without diminishing the experience of any of them. It is a challenge. It's one you are ready to meet or you wouldn't be doing it, because your intention is not to fail but to bring forth this knowledge of your true being. You are divine; you are human. Both are simultaneously true.

Within the sandbox you interrelate with those who are also in the sandbox, some of whom have not yet looked beyond it. Those at the outer edges can relate to those in the sandbox and see into the infinite distance. Those who have walked the infinite distance, I can only say it's circular. It may be infinite, but still, if you keep going you come back around where you started.

What is most important is to remember that you are not expected to do any of this perfectly. If you already had it down to perfection, you wouldn't be here in the earth plane practicing it. Why waste a perfectly good incarnation practicing discarnate skills? It would be like going into a swimming pool to practice your golf swing. If you're going to get into the swimming pool, practice swimming. When you get out onto the golf course, then practice your golf swing.

So you are here to practice these earth skills but not to limit yourself into thinking this is all that you are. You are temporarily this human practicing these skills, which lead you to deeper faith and unconditional love. And you are the divine being, the angel.

May we ask at this time if you have questions? I will be happy to answer your questions as would Jeshua, but I would pass the microphone now to Jeshua...

Q: I hear that we don't have to avoid fear and anger and resentment and hatred, and all that stuff. But when I meet with someone who, each time I meet with this person, resentment and anger comes up, is it our energy that doesn't connect or whatever; I have a hard time seeing this person as teacher. I have a really hard time with that. I don't want to see that person as a teacher. I want to run away from them. I want to go away or make them go away!

Jeshua: First of all, when you speak of someone being your teacher, it implies that they would somehow be above you, that they would know more than you. And in truth, they don't. No one knows you and your life experience and your past life experiences better than you do. You have always walked in your own sandals; they have not walked in your sandals. So they are not teacher in that aspect, that way.

They are teacher to you in that they are most wonderful readers of their script. And what you can do with these ones is to see how well they play their scripting, and to see how well you play your own scripting when you come into the stage. You walk upon the stage and meet each other, and there you are in front of the spotlights, and you are reading your scripts, and you push each other's buttons, perhaps. And you find which page you are on and you go through the scripting. Sometimes it is over and over you practice the same scripting.

How you change that a bit is to step back from it and to say-yes, it is all right to say this-"Damn, how well she plays her part!" And to say to yourself, "Damn, how well I play my part!" Each time we have put a lot of energy into it. Each time we have played our scripting and we push each other's buttons, not to be teachers one above the other, but to be friends in a certain drama, enactment, perhaps, you can call it.

So you would then take a different way of looking at it and you be the beholder of it and you say, "Well, this one really knows how to read her lines. She really knows how to play that role really well. And by the same token, I really play my role really well with this." And that puts you in a place of freedom then to behold it; not to have to feel that you have to learn from it or that you have to even interact with this one, because you don't. A great actress such as you who has played this part many times, you are free to walk off the stage. You can say, "OK, been there, done that. All done." And you walk off the stage. You can either do it literally or, more to the point, you can do it figuratively and say, "Hmmph.. Been there before with this. I know this feeling." And that's all, done, completed. And off you go, as I say, either physically if you want to, or definitely emotionally/energetically with this one. She is not your teacher in that she is not above you. Does that help?

Q: Yes, but I still have to be in relation with this person. Or it seems like. My modus operandum has been to walk away from stuff... I don't know where the kindness comes in, the compassion toward self and other, where I say, you know, energetically or whatever, "I have a hard time with this person. And boy, we sure push each other's buttons." And I'm not picking out one particular person; I'm saying there are a few people like that. But it's like, do I have to stand there and be in relationship with them and hang out with them, you know? I don't know, maybe it's individual each time. But it's that thinking, "OK, well here's my resentment coming up and soon it will pass; as soon as I leave this person it will pass!" And I just have to sit uncomfortably with that, make space for it?

Jeshua: You make space for yourself in it, where the other one doesn't seem to be quite as prickly or pushing the buttons. In other words you can move your buttons back so that she cannot reach them to push them. You can make space for yourself in it and behold with the holy vision, in other words, a broader vision of the whole of what is going on. And that gives you space and it gives the others, whoever it is, space also to be themselves, and to be your Self beholding what is going on. You don't have to feel that you are held, because you are not held in any relationship except by your own bonds that you have put there as to shoulds, as to "I should be able to overcome this. I should be able to love this one. I should.... etc." The list is as long as you can imagine.

Allow yourself to love yourself enough to love them, even if it has to be at a distance. For there are times, it is written in your holy scriptures, that I shook the dust off of my sandals and I walked from the village if they would not hear me. I did not stand there and have to make them love me; I could love them and walk from them. I will pass now to my brother Aaron for I know that he has more to add.

Aaron: I am Aaron. I appreciate Jeshua's reminder that we may walk away, and do so with love. I would add one thing here. Rather than thinking of the other as teacher, you might want to consider that the aspects of themselves that are repugnant to you serve as mirror. That is, they mirror something, not necessarily that has taken hold and expressed in the self, but if not that, something of which there is fear it could express.

For example, if you're a very generous person and know that about yourself, you trust it, every stingy person might bring up negative thought in you, but you let it go quickly. There's not a lot of trouble with it. You might not choose that stingy person for a close friend, but you don't fret over their stinginess; it's just how they are. You are able to smile and walk away. If, however, you see yourself, let's say, as an impatient person, when you meet someone who is impatient, it's going to connect for you, because their impatience reflects your own. Even if you are not truly impatient but do see yourself that way, somebody else's impatience is going to have a negative resonance for you. Then it holds you and you can not walk away. The other does not prevent that walking; you do, because the reflection draws you to address the presumed distortion in the self.

In this way, it is not that this negative person is your teacher, but that the negative person creates the trigger in the self. And it is that movement in the self that is the teacher. That contraction in the self when in the presence of this person is a road sign saying, "Ah, stuck here, stuck here, stuck here!" And then you may stop and look. What quality in this person am I afraid of, afraid of finding in myself, or what quality do I already see and find repugnant in myself? How can I bring more love in to the existent quality and release the self-identity with it?

At that point you'll find that the reflection is no longer necessary, and your relationship with that other difficult person falls away, not because you've done something with the idea of ending the relationship, but because you have learned what you sought to learn. But it's not the other who was the teacher; the other is simply a mirror. You are the teacher. Are there further questions? I pause.

Q: I was trying to understand the essence of what both of you spoke. The two thoughts that came to my mind, and I want to confirm it... one is, any limitation is only what you put in it. And the other is, life is always perfect if you would only look at it that way. Is that pretty much...?

Jeshua: Exactly, yes. You are one who has often wanted to distill all of the knowledge of everything down to something that could be simple enough to understand. You have done it well, and again this evening you have done it well-that the limitations of the sandbox, as my brother Aaron has said, are simply there in the reality that ones claim to be a reality when they can only focus this far. When they begin to focus a little farther, they see that the sandbox itself is but a container in a larger sandbox, the beach. So you have done well to discern this and to put it in these simple terms. It is simple, yes; easy, no. But well-discerned, beloved one. Did you have a comment earlier in answer to this one's?

Q: Yes, I had a very similar experience with my brother. A lot of resentment, a lot of anger. It seems like I can't spend 20 minutes with him without us going (punch). It hurts because he cares for me, I care for him, but it really hurts. It's come to the stage when I go to New York I don't stay with him any more. I stay in a hotel, much to my mother's sorrow, but she understands why. The thing that has been working for me is, I have given up the idea of having an active good relationship with my brother, but every morning I spend more time praying for him, really consciously wishing him to have a good day, even though it's very difficult sometimes. But every morning, the more time I spend. And I realized that at an impersonal level I could really love him. I don't have to be as close to him as I am, say, to my sister. That will never happen, probably won't happen, given that there's too much hurt, too much history of hurt between us. But, nevertheless, I only have to get a phone call or a message from my brother to make that dominate my life, and that's my problem, not his!

Jeshua: Well-discerned again!

Q: (person's name) has a saying, "May you heal far, far away!"

Jeshua: And it is very good, because sometimes you need to give the space, the physical space and the emotional space, to reach a level of the love, as you have done, the impersonal love; to care about this one, as you know you care very deeply about this one. This is one with whom you have journeyed many, many lifetimes, and you have been (Q: Closer than close!) yes, exactly. And many times you have been butting the heads against each other because you were both right, and you were both right in your own truth. (Lower case "r" and "t"). And still you could acknowledge, as you do in this lifetime, that you are both great masters; otherwise, you would not have chosen to be brothers and to bring up this energy. You are both great masters who care and admire and respect each other at a very deep level. This often happens in biological families where you question why; they say I chose my family; why did I choose this family? Why do I have someone in my family who is so unlike me? Why can't I mesh with them completely? And it seems like we're always coming together like this, or else we're miles apart.

You choose the biological families for the very reason of what they will bring up for you, the same with the friends and the same with the business co-workers that you have to work with, in order to be able to love them more deeply. Doesn't mean you have to stay in their presence. But it does mean that you will come to a place of loving them more deeply.

I pass now to Aaron.

Aaron: I am Aaron. There are many different kinds of catalysts that serve as learning tools. There is the catalyst of the physical senses, objects that arise to any of the physical senses that are pleasant or unpleasant, and the ways they lead you into grasping or aversion. There are the emotional objects that arise, which are also pleasant or unpleasant. There are mental objects.

Another kind of category for objects, there are the personal and the interpersonal. If you stub your toe on a rock and feel incensed that the rock was in the path and kick it, the rock doesn't get angry back. This is simply the arising of anger in the self. It's very simple. There was some kind of contact and then anger arose and then the anger was acted out.

In the interpersonal level, if you kick at another person who has tripped you in some way, the other person becomes angry back, and your anger catalyzes, each to each. You have come to the incarnation to learn many different lessons. An important part of your lesson plan is to understand the interrelationship of all that is. It is said that if you spill a bucket of water into this ocean, it will change something in the water's edge on the other side of the sea. Everything brings forth a reaction.

But you don't get immediate feedback in many places. It's like kicking the can. The can doesn't react. Your personal relations - family, friends, workplace - these offer you the feedback.

You have not come to the incarnation to be comfortable; you have come to learn, without considering the brother as teacher; the brother is simply interpersonal catalyst. Whatever you do, he mirrors it. It doesn't mean that if you act kind, he will act kind. Even if you shift in yourself and there is genuine kindness and compassion, he still may be angry, push you. But at that point, you can just step back and say, "OK, he is angry or pushy because of conditions. I can choose to interact with him with his anger and pushiness, or I can choose not to." This is the walking away with love, of which Jeshua spoke. Whatever his response, it's okay either way because you know you're not seeking pleasure and comfort. You're developing the ability to learn for yourself and to teach others.

So often you have difficult interpersonal relationships precisely because of your intention to learn. That intention draws forth the catalyst you need to stimulate the learning. It could be helpful when you're feeling disenchantment with your brother, frustration with him, to take a few minutes to meditate. Be aware of the qualities of the brother that upset you, but then also ask what wonderful qualities does he have. You're not sweeping the difficult ones under the rug; you are simply choosing not to overly focus on those difficult qualities, but to focus instead on the beautiful qualities. There is no denial. Eventually you may need to speak to the negative ones, but for now you just note them.

But you cannot get that kind of feedback in anything but your relationships. So when your relationships are difficult, it can be very helpful to remember, "My purpose here is not comfort and convenience; my purpose is to learn. And this difficult relationship right here is my opportunity to learn." Sometimes if you can call forth gratitude for the difficult experience, it helps you relax enough to see the bigger picture.

Are there further questions? I pause.

Q: Can you talk about the soul in relationship to the body?

Jeshua: Yes. First of all, the soul is the compilation of all the experiences you, as you see yourself to be individuated energy, have had; all of the experiences you have ever had anywhere; any of the life experiences. The body is the vehicle that you use in incarnation, such as this one. And the soul is the repository of all of the memories of all the other lifetimes.

And there will come forth in any lifetime memories from the soul that will be as catalyst for a specific lifetime that will sometimes have impact or will have the effect on the body to bring it to your conscious awareness what these memories are, what the experiences are in other lifetimes where you find yourself in this lifetime repeating a pattern, so that there can be soul memory that will have effect upon the body; so that sometimes ones will have a propensity to have certain parts of the body that will speak to them more than other parts of the body, perhaps.

And this comes from soul memory, and lifetimes where there has been experience with that part of the body. And it comes to remind you, truly, the bottom line truth of it: that you are not the body, that you are the soul which is of the spirit of All, and the body is the manifestation that has come forth from the divinity, even through the point of what you claim to be your individuated soul.

Now, in truth, there is what you call your individual body. You know very well what your individual body is. You can see the definition of it. There is even beyond the body the energy that activates the body. This can be measured even in this day and time as the aura, the physical energy field of it.

You have in this point of focus, this reality, what is known as the individual soul, the repository of all that you claim has been your individual experiences of all of the different lifetimes you have ever had, either on this planet or somewhere else.

Now, in Truth, the Soul is not limited just to one individual, because as you have soul, and you have memory of experiences, those memories of experiences and those experiences are shared with other souls as well. For, in truth, you never travel alone. Even as you see yourself in this room, you are having a shared experience. Every lifetime you have a shared journey. And when you add up all of those lifetimes that you can conceive of, and there are many more than what you can truly conceive of, you see how vast the experiences are that have been shared with many, so that the souls, even as you would understand concept of soul as being individual soul, how it truly is very much blended, spread out, expanded, shared with what this one, this one, this one, all of the other ones would say to be their individual souls as well. Because all of you have traveled together, journeyed many journeys together.

The Soul, then, in truth, is much, much vaster than one individual soul. But it serves a purpose in this point of focus, this reality, this sandbox, to focus upon individuality and to say there is individuated energy that activates an individual body, and that there is individual soul. But the more you begin to understand about it, the more you begin to question about it, you see how vast the Soul, even as you have thought this to be my soul-if you could conceptualize it-how vast it becomes, until you understand that I Am that which I Am. In other words, I am All.

So what you have asked, it is a most wondrous question, because it begins a journey of wondering, "What am I? How vast am I?" And you begin to see that you are much more, as you have already acknowledged in your own mind, much more than the body. Because you know bodies come and go. They are most wonderful to play with, but they come and they go.

And the Soul, it is within this point of focus, as a concept, the individual, the repository, and yet it is a repository of all the experiences of the divine One that you are. Most wonderful question. But it is as most questions: as you begin to ask one question, it will lead to more questions. Right?

But it is most exciting, because it pushes the door that we have spoken of earlier. It pushes the door further open.

Q: So it seems to me that there's more of a soul-body fusion, opportunity, in the frequency of the planet right now, than there has been in the past?

Jeshua: Yes, this is happening. It happens in a cyclical form. In other words, it is an evolutionary thing with the collective consciousness. And this is a time, as it was 2000 years ago and as it has been even since then, although in your linear time you measure things such as the Dark Ages and so forth, this is another time of the cycle coming around where there is more of the soul and body awareness, expansion if you will, that is happening, yes. Does that answer your question?

I will pass to Aaron because he will have more to say.

Aaron: I am Aaron. I would begin with a statement about the word, "soul." I tend to avoid this word because it has some confusing connotations. Some may think of the soul as a permanent entity with permanent identity. But as Jeshua has just spoken, this aspect of the self is still only an impermanent and conditioned expression. When we reach that which is permanent, there is no longer a self to it. I like the term Awareness, or Presence. This is not "my" awareness, but Awareness, the place where the Divine expresses. Each self-identification serves a brief purpose, but then must be released. Even the notion of self as soul must eventually be released or you can go no further.

I'd like to offer a metaphor that may be helpful. Imagine if you lived in the wilderness and found shelter under branches and leaves. One day, while traveling quite a distance from your original home, you see houses constructed of sawed lumber, gathered in a small village.

"What's that?" You look at it carefully and come to understand the advantage of living in such a finished, comfortable structure. So you decide, "I'm going to build a house."

You've made a friend in the village and you tell him, "I'm going to build a house."

"Oh, how are you going to start?"

"Well, I don't know."

So he says, "Clearing a foundation would be a place to start. Make space for a foundation." He teaches you how to use tools to clear the land.

"Now I'm ready to build my house."

"How are you going to put the pieces together?"

"I don't know." So you begin to study carpentry skills. You become quite a proficient carpenter.

"Now I'm ready to build my house."

"What are you going to do about the plumbing?"

"Ah, I hadn't thought of that." You study the plumbing skills. When your people ask you what you do, you begin to tell them, "I'm a plumber."

Years go by, self-identified with "I am a plumber." And then you bump into your friend one day. He says, "Have you finished your house?"

"But I'm a plumber! Oh..." And you wake up and you realize you had lost the true path and gotten caught up with being a plumber. It's okay. Now you have the carpentry skills and the plumber skills. Perhaps now you can start to build your house.

And then, somebody comes along and says, "And what kind of lights will you put in?"

Here we go again. You become an electrician. You become identified with being an electrician. When people ask you, you tell them, "I'm an electrician." And then you bump into your friend again. "How is your house going?"

Wake up! "I forgot, I am not here to be an electrician. I am here to build my house." Now you really have a lot of skills. You know how to clear the foundation and do the masonry work. You know the carpentry skills to put the wood together. You have the plumbing and wiring skills. "How are you going to heat your house?" says another friend. "Do you know how to build a brick chimney?"

And on it goes. It's so easy to lose track and think, "I'm a bricklayer. I'm a plumber. I'm an electrician. I'm a carpenter." You must perfect each of those skills, in metaphor. You must learn all of these things. But you are not learning these things in order to become that, you are learning them in order to have efficient skillful use of the tools.

Each time you learn the use of a tool, it must steer you back into the bigger picture. "I am learning these skills to become a center of powerful light and love in the universe. I am learning these skills to remember who and what I am, to break through the sense of limitation. To step past fear and re-center on love."

When you keep that bigger picture in mind, you still must learn the skills. But you learn them without self-identity. Then you can use them truly, rather than having them become another source for distortion. It is so easy to distort anything and turn it into a tool for fear. So you must stay alert and always ask yourself, "Is this bringing me closer to the expression of the innate radiance? Is this leading me to a place of more compassion, more insight? And if not, why am I holding on to it?"

I pause.

Barbara: Are there other questions?

Q: Jeshua mentioned that there are stargates opening now that were closed. Can he say more about that, and why did they close?

Q: What is a stargate, start there!

Jeshua: First of all, beloved one, the stargates are the flow of energy between what you see as this point of reality, our holy Mother, the Earth, this constellation/solar system, and the other constellations and the intelligence that abides in the other constellations as well.

It is what you have, I can say, as a parallel concept with your science fiction, where you have much that writes seemingly as fiction, and yet it is as remembrance of a truth.

The stargates have been closed as far as the remembrance-awareness maybe is a better word-of communication with intelligence on other planets of other solar systems, other constellations, is known in the present point of consciousness. There has been a narrowing of consciousness to a very specific point, where ones, if you take it to the most specific point, once said that the earth is flat, that this village is all there is, there's nothing beyond the horizon, etc. And from that very, very dense specific point there has been an expansion, a remembrance again of, "Let's look beyond the horizon; the earth is round; it is part of a solar system; it is part of the galaxy; it is part of the whole cosmos."

The question then came up, "Is there intelligence in the cosmos, or is there only intelligence here?" And the arrogance of humanhood has often said, up to this point, quite often it has said, "No, all the intelligence that is anywhere in the cosmos is located right here, right in this dwelling place, right within me. Everyone else out there who differs from me or who has a different opinion does not have my intelligence," etc, taken very specifically.

The stargates, the flow of the awareness of intelligence, closed down temporarily when ones (plural) of the gods came to a certain point of creativity where there was not only the construction of creation, but the destruction, the power of destruction, where one of the planets within the solar system, known as Maldek, was exploded. It was blown up into what you have remaining now as the pieces of the asteroid belt.

When this happened, the intelligence of the cosmos said, "We will temporarily close the stargates." In other words, "We will temporarily close off the communication with ones until they come to the place of understanding Oneness and divinity and how to use creative process again-not to use it in a destructive way." Because where the human consciousness was-I will call it human because it is part of the solar system-where it was at that point was in a place of arrogance, a place of destruction, a place of power, wanting to use power to control; not power to love, not power to empower other ones into the remembrance of divinity; and the power that was being used was seen to be potentially destructive to the order of the cosmos.

So there was what you would call a temporary closing down of the awareness of the channels of communication. The collective consciousness now, ones such as you-and there are many points of light, many awarenesses now coming to the place within the collective consciousness who are desiring to and intending to live in love, live in empowerment of all life-have demonstrated intention, so that the intelligence of the cosmos is at a place where there is willingness to open up the channels of communication once again.

Q: What will that look like?

Jeshua: It is not so much what it will look like, but what it feels like.

Q: What will it feel like?

Jeshua: What did it feel like when I was speaking of it to you?

Q: Familiar. Home. (Jeshua: Yes.) So it's both individually communicating as well as collectively; both.

Jeshua: Yes. It is individual first, because that then adds to and influences the collective.

Q: I suppose there's nothing to do about it, other than just open the heart wider.

Jeshua: Exactly. And to be open to that feeling of remembrance of old friends; to claim again the wider, broader intelligence; more expanded intelligence, let's put it that way.

Q: What did you call that planet?...

Jeshua: Maldek. If you have ever had the sense of doom, the sense of destruction, the sense that something precious to you could be destroyed, you have been part of the consciousness of Maldek.

Q: Was that in this solar system? (Jeshua: Yes.) How did it orbit?

Jeshua: It was between the certain planets that you have now that are still planets-Mars and Jupiter-but it is the asteroid belt now.

Q: Is it connected to the Pleiades?

Jeshua: No, that is another constellation farther over.

Q: Any of that consciousness there?

Jeshua: The stargates are opening, yes, to the Pleiades. Definitely. And many of you have felt a calling to other star constellations. And you have said that, "Mother Earth, no matter how wonderful she is"-and there is much beauty on Mother Earth-"is not my home." You have often said, "This is not home." This is good, as you look upon the beauty of it, and you treasure the beauty of it. But there is a feeling deep within you that says, "But this is not home." And truly this is not home, Home in the sense of being One with the whole creative Intelligence process; God, Father, whatever you want to call it. But you have known home in other constellations before you called Earth your home. So some of you have a longing, a resonance, if you will, with some of the other star constellations.

Q: It's a little confusing for me, because sometimes you see a star a million light years away and it actually means that it does not exist exactly at this point in time. It existed so long ago, and you're just now seeing it, but right now it is not there.

Jeshua: Yes. And that is most wonderful.... Because as you stand here now and you have the understanding that the light that is coming to you from this star began so many millions of years ago to get here, you were there, as you are here now, exactly, experiencing yourself coming together at this point!

It is all part of understanding, remembering. What I tell you this evening is to expand your consciousness, to get you excited about the vastness of you. Yes, what you have here is most wonderful. What you have in your family group, it is most miraculous, most to be treasured; the love that you have in your relationships is most to be treasured. Your individual life as you live this lifetime is most to be treasured. But I say to you in this evening new ideas; I throw them out, as we did in the day and time with Aaron; ideas to get you to thinking about, "What if...?"

I pass now to Aaron.

Aaron: I am Aaron. I would say one more thing about the closing of gates. Your incarnate experience is about the bringing forth of free will and intention. Let me use a very simple metaphor.

If you have the intention, if you are given a plot of land and you have the intention to learn how to grow food on that land, how to care for different kinds of vegetables and the soil itself, you are driven to that intention in part because of your hunger. But you recognize how important it is to become self-sufficient in that way.

You go out to till the land and you find out it's a much harder job than you had expected. Then somebody comes along and says, "Here's a basket of free groceries." If you take the free groceries, it's going to sidetrack you from learning how to do the hard work of planting your garden. And temporarily it will separate you from appreciation of the results of that work.

If you have a strong commitment to this plan to learn gardening, you will not call to you those kinds of sidetracks that will prevent you from bringing into manifestation that highest priority of learning farming.

There is a man down the road. People keep dropping boxes of MacDonald's sandwiches at his doorstep. You think, "What am I doing wrong? I'm doing such hard work, and people keep offering food to him." They're throwing food at him because he did not manifest the intention to learn farming. He's doing other work in this incarnation. You have offered the intention to learn farming, and because you hold true to that intention, you don't invite in the MacDonald's baskets dropped on your doorstep. That's why you're not getting them.

Collectively and individually, you close certain gates because you hold the highest priority foremost, right here at the third eye and the heart, to use this incarnation to learn faith and love. And you hold to it and you work toward it. If the gates are open so that there is clear seeing, how can you learn faith? We are full circle here with my earlier question: why waste a perfectly good incarnation practicing discarnate skills?

Yes, I realize we're getting back into the duality of the linear time of working for something rather than (clap), "here it is." But that "here it is" is always the fruit of work and intention. It is instant and it is linear. It's just that sometimes it's obvious where the fruit came from, the food drop, and sometimes it's not so obvious because all the work has been done within.

No matter what scale we consider this, what you manifest are the results of your intentions. And if those results bear some relative harmony, then in time you will probably bring forth that which you seek to bring forth. Each in its proper order.

The gates that were closed will open when you are ready for them to open, when their opening represents that which you most truly seek and invite into your resonance and experience. I pause.

Barbara: It's 9:30 p.m. Aaron says he would like to invite Jeshua to add whatever closing remarks he wishes to make. If there are any other pressing questions, we'd be glad to hear them, but Aaron is reminding us there will always be questions, and you have all the answers within yourself. He asks, can you bring to your priority list that high intention to bring forth the answers, not to keep them depressed. He says, we pass this to Jeshua.

Jeshua: Beloved friends, it has been my great joy to abide with you this evening in your timing, to play with all of the questions of the mind, to throw out some ideas, concepts for you to consider, to play with again to see where they will lead you. It has been my great joy to be with my beloved brother, the one you know as Aaron, to spend this time in this way together, once again, in great love and gratitude, in friendship and companionship that goes beyond any incarnation.

Go now in peace. Go now in joy. Go now in the excitement of life and look for the beauty, even in the times where it rubs you the wrong way. Allow yourself to be in joy and to laugh with great humor as the philosopher, the wise one who knows that all of life is but a stage and that you play upon it, as one of your playwrights wrote long ago. And yet it is so true even in this day. Go now in great love. Know always that I go with you because I know that which is you. So be it.

Aaron: I am Aaron. Barbara is quite literally falling asleep! She arose at 6 this morning, and on her Michigan time it is now midnight or past midnight. So we've been going through a process here where I send her a thought and kind of prod her and say, "Just say this thought," and she says it and just goes back to sleep. Then the next thought, then the next one. This is very interesting! She has a body need for sleep and she has a high priority commitment to be a channel for my thoughts.

Because of that commitment, she is able to "open the gate". She alternately sleeps, the relative body need being met, and awakes, offering the ultimate presence. All of you have the relative sleepiness and the commitment in this lifetime, literally to wake up. And you are also already awake. If Barbara were not awake in her sleep, she could not hear me! On the relative level you need to wake up, and on the ultimate level you are already awake. There is no paradox here. Please reflect on this.

Jeshua, the memory I brought forth tonight gives me very warm thoughts. I have never personally thanked you for the fact that through many lifetimes after that one 2000 years ago when there was a loss, I remembered the frog and the snake. I know this lesson originated with me, but it was the power of your handing it back to me that made it truly authentic, something that was applicable even to the deepest moments of being lost on this relative earth plane. It was something that woke me up.

Nothing ever disappears, nothing is ever lost; let's say it just changes its teaching place. Jeshua, my beloved friend, and no less you, Judi, for you and I have also been dear friends in many lifetimes, and Barbara and all these friends, I thank you for coming together here tonight for this opportunity for us to share our energy together. Others of you are feeling strong loving vibration in the room, and we could truly sit here all night just resting in this high vibration, resting in love. Please carry that love with you as you depart. Let it shine out of you and touch your world. This world needs all the light that it can get.

Let that need remind you to release the shadow and let the sun shine in. I thank you all and wish you a good night.

Copyright © 2003 by Barbara Brodsky