May 8, 2013 Wednesday, Open Heart Class

Akashic field exercises and guided meditation

Barbara: We've talked in depth about the elements. We've talked about the akashic field and given some examples of what it is. Tonight I really want to take you into some experiences with the akashic field to help you understand it through doing.

Aaron has given me innumerable images, like this schoolroom (very short guided meditation during the sitting was not recorded). Was that helpful to people? Could you feel how children were excited, and how when you sit down, you're really sitting yourself into that ground? Everything is arising out, but nothing has arisen yet. Out there, the children are running around. Here, there's the potential for that frantic movement, and there's also stillness, spaciousness and ease. We can sit there.

We're going to do a guided meditation and we're going to do a few very specific exercises. it's a warm night; let's do the exercises first. It makes more sense to do the guided meditation first in some ways, but it will be dark later. So let's go outside after I'm finished talking and I'll show you the exercises is, and we can try them. Then we'll come back in and do the guided meditation.

(Holding up the bell-bowl) We have this, I don't want to call it a container.  It's the container and also the substance in the container. We can't separate the bowl... what's in the bowl, is it empty? Space, air. It fills that space. The bowl gives the air form. Without the bowl, you just have all the air in the room, all the air in the world!. (Putting hand in the bowl) This specific air is not contained in the bowl, it's arising out. It's all over.

If you go into the bottom of the bowl, at some point you hit the place before the air is before it begins to pour out. Aaron is saying, if this bowl was filled with water and we moved into zero gravity, consider how the water would just float out of the bowl. But if we spin it, it stays there, held by gravity.

The akashic field in a sense puts on a spin that holds the ground, and yet the elements, everything, not just the elements of earth, air, fire, and water but all feelings, perceptions, thoughts, everything is arising out. And yet there's also a place before it has arisen.

This is a very hard thing to talk about. Can you remember how it feels to watch the impulse for a thought or for speaking just before it expresses out? Really feel the impulse. If there was no impulse to speak, we wouldn't speak. Thought has an impulse. There is a bit of energy  and then suddenly there's a thought. We also start to feel that very deep still energy before anything has expressed out.

What I'm learning for myself in my practice is that when I go into the akashic field, I find the realm of infinite possibilities. From that place, everything can start spinning off wildly, or everything can start to settle down, going out or going in. Everything can arise truly co-creating in a stable way with everything else, or totally chaotic. It's all there.

So the exercise we're going to do outside is this; Everybody's going to stand with one hand straight out and one hand elbow bent, hand up. We're just going to move slowly. (demonstrating) As she hits me, I move into a spin. I hit another hand, that moves that person into a spin. We're going to do this slow motion and watch how, if everything that hits us is spinning, one direction and then another direction—these are not going to be hard hits, just light touches, we're all floating in free fall-- so that as soon as there's a light touch, we start to spin that way, and we touch something else. And then we start to go back, and that starts to move in the opposite direction. That touches something. But with 20 of us, we're going to do it in a confined space and see how we just keep spinning.

Then at a certain point I'm going to sound the bell. I'm going to ask you to stop. Try to feel your way into the akashic field. Feel it through your feet. Ground yourself. Hold the intention to find the place before the spin, where when there's a tap it gives a little and then just comes back. It's not rigid. But it simply centers, down into the feet, down into the ground. So that there will still be tapping, and just the arm being moved lightly, but the whole body doesn't spin.

I don't want you to do this in a cerebral way. I want you to try to really feel it in your body. It's the push of everything that comes at us. The alarm goes off, the dog barks, the doorbell rings, the water is boiling on the stove, the telephone is ringing. You're late for this, you're late for that. You can't find your car keys. You know that spin! It's all pouring out, conditions expressing into the world. When the conditions are present, things will arise. It's all pouring out.

We don't have a lot of control over the conditions. If somebody's going to ring the doorbell, they're going to ring the doorbell. On the other hand, we have a lot, I don't want to call it control, but a lot of say in co-creating the conditions that come into our world. Simply by re-centering ourselves after every push, grounding, it will be interesting to see what happens. I envision we might move into a very lovely graceful dance together instead of chaotic movement. We'll see what happens. Maybe everybody will just be still. I don't know. We'll just see what we can co-create. You do this with eyes open so we're not just crashing into each other. We'll see what happens.

There will be one or two other exercises too. I'll explain them  after we do this first one. Are there any questions before we go outside?

(tape paused for exercise)

(now back inside and Aaron will incorporate)

Aaron will lead us in this guided meditation. Eyes closed.

Aaron: I am Aaron. My blessings and love to you. We open this circle, inviting in the four elements. The air, wind element. Fire energy, which is not so available indoors, but feel it in the body, in the solar plexus. The water element. Earth. Let yourself ground through the building, down into the earth. We give thanks for these brothers and sisters, earth, air, fire, and water. We open our circle to invite all loving angelic presence. Only that which is of the highest intention for service to all beings may participate in this circle. Others are welcome to listen.

Move down through the spine and anchor yourself into the earth. Feel power coming up through the earth, and stillness also, stability. Breathe in through the chakras and exhale. And again. Find the fire in your belly, the life force in the solar plexus. As you breathe in, let it grow, enhance. With each breath, bringing it up from the base to the crown. As you breathe out, grounding again through the feet, down into the earth. Wind and water, find them in the breath and in the fluids that compose the body. The elements balanced in this expression of the Divine that you are.

Open to your own highest intention to service to all beings, for an end to suffering for all beings. Based upon that intention, allow yourself to let go of any separateness and feel the presence of the others in the circle. Feel each person's energy flowing into you and out of you. There is no longer any point where you can say, “That is my energy and that is his or her energy.” Allow yourself to feel the chain of energy. As the song goes, “No coming, no going, no after, no before.” Just full presence.

Each of you feels innumerable loving guides behind you with hands on your shoulders, supporting this energy circle. There is so much love. Take a moment to thank them for their presence, and feel their energy coming through you and into the circle. Here we might offer the prayer also to the Buddha, to the Christ, to all awakened beings, to support our intention toward the release of suffering, the transmutation of distortion in the world.

One being, all together we are going to journey into the akashic field. Breathing in light and breathing out. And again. Breathing in light, and breathing out. Feel yourself moving through whatever doorways or channels open for you. You are connected, yet each of you is unique. The vital point here is to allow the ego to release enough that you can sink down into that vast sea of loving connection.

However you come into that sea, see a vast golden expanse of water, deep blue with gold lights and diamond light glittering on the tiny ripples. Let yourself sink through the surface, knowing that you will be able to breathe. Going down... and down... and down... If any fear arises, feel the presence of this circle that you are a part of, your guidance, the love, and know you are supported. Going down ever deeper.

Feel the intense radiance. All around you is light. Yet, here and there your attention is attracted by a distorted current, a small whirlpool or eddy. It is not other-than the Divine; it's an expression of the Divine. Yet, as you look at that small eddy, you see beings tossed, caught, sucked under and afraid because of the swirling movement of the water. There's nothing there but water, wind, and current, and yet there is a subtle distortion. Feel it within the compassionate heart.

Together, drawing energy from each other and holding on each other's intention, “May all beings be free of suffering.” Right here with this ripple of disturbance is the perfect calm, clear water. For whatever beings may make use of this stillness and space, we hold it open for you. Notice that you do not push beings into this stillness and space. You only hold the door open, inviting their free will choice.

See the ripple gradually settling, quieting. Some beings are breathing a sigh of relief as they are no longer tossed by the current; others strike out to find a different ripple of disturbance because that is what they presently seek. Your work is not to stop all the ripples of disturbance but to reflect the innate perfection that's right there within the ripple, so that all who have been caught in the illusion of distortion may swim free of it if they so choose.

Now we're going to go deeper. Feel the energy of this circle. If any one or many of you feel yourselves caught in your own specific ripple of distortion, silently but with inner intention, send out the message to the circle. “For the highest good of all beings, I choose to free myself of the hold of this illusion of unworthiness, of separation, of fear, fear of power, or the ripple of loneliness. I ask the circle to hold the space for me while I personally move into investigation of this illusion, and especially of the illusion that I am caught in it,” for no one has ever truly been caught.

Feel any requests for support, energetically, and offer it. Feel your own request for support, and that which comes to you, and accept it with gratitude and joy.

Caught, not caught. What does it mean to be free? Feel that freedom in this moment, right there with any distortions. Feel the power of your intention, and the support you receive to manifest your intention.

I'm going to be quiet for a short while. You may or may not feel the others of the circle directly. You may simply feel some energy. You may not know where it's coming from, or who. You may feel some need and not know from whom or where it comes. Simply respond with your hearts. Don't forget the vast circle of spirit behind you, hands on all your shoulders and backs, backing you up and supporting you. Invite that energy in and through your hands as well.

Don't be afraid to ask for help. There is  o need to believe,  “I am speaking out of turn and others may need the help more.” There is energy and healing here for all who seek it, for millions beyond this circle of you. I'll be quiet now for several minutes.

(long pause)

It's beautiful to watch the dance of your energy fields, one and another asking for help, silently but energetically. And all of you, humans and spirit, moving out to support this person, to support their choice to release distortion. And then the gift passes on to another, and yet another.


When we first did this guided meditation on a rooftop in Seattle, Barbara felt the pain of the world's orphaned and homeless children, saw it as a deep ripple of disturbance in the akashic field. Each of these children was experiencing the results of their own karma, and yet their karma also includes the possibility of release and balance of these old and painful results.

You cannot save these children, only open your hearts to them and reflect joy, love, welcoming, to help them to be ready to say no to the illusion of the necessity of their own isolation and bereavement. Be it children, animals, adults, the forests and seas, wherever you experience the ripple of distortion, open your heart to it and go to the place where it is not. Opening a portal so others may choose to follow if they wish. The ripples you see may be personal or within the group or within the wider world. Attend to whatever comes.

(longer pause)

Know that you sit within a vast circle of elders. The thought might occur to you, “I am not worthy to be part of this circle.” There is never a question of worthy or unworthy, only of readiness. When your heart tells you, “I must do this,” then you are ready. “I must be one who holds open the portal, fearlessly and with love, to alleviate suffering, to open the doors.” It is a circle of those who have taken the bodhisattva vow or its equivalent in other traditions, who are avowed to speak up for those with no voice; to help shelter those who are homeless; to see for those who are blind and to hear for those who are deaf; to hold love for those who feel bereft of love.

Each of you is welcomed and blessed into this circle. The power of this circle is your power, and the heart of this circle is your heart. It is only ego's voice that fears that power. Know yourself and your intentions, that you will never misuse the power, but only will use it for the highest good.

See one or several of the great Masters as part of the circle, and let him or her hold your attention, hold your inner eye and touch your heart. There may be some fear, “I am not worthy.” NO ONE is ever unworthy. Come forth and be blessed by this divine presence. Feel his or her love and blessing.

Open to the intention to walk by his or her side, to support and be supported. Then once more send that energy down into whatever distortions, whatever rips in the fabric you may find. Go deep here, and with courage, using this energy to transform negativity, fear, hatred, greed, and anger in whatever form it appears. Not to throw it away, but to transmute its energy to love, and for the highest good.


As we begin to close the circle, remember that you never withdraw from this circle, you only shift your weight from one foot to the other, so to speak, one leg always within the circle, grounded within the Dharmakaya, and one hand connected to the heart you all share. And yet with the eyes of compassion, looking out on this relative world, you are able to go and take care of your children and your business, to support your relationships, and so forth.

Keep connected to this circle, both this smaller circle here and the greater circle of which you are always a part. Do not be afraid of your power, which is grace. Feel the angelic presence behind you that will guide you and help you to keep you on a true course. The power will not be misused.



Reach in one more time to shine the light of love wherever there is a ripple of distortion, to show the possibility of the expression of clarity, spaciousness, and well-being.

You may take a deep breath and open your eyes. Looking around the circle, feeling your love for the others in this circle. You are them and they are you. Look in your neighbors' eyes.

Whatever good may have come out of this meditation, we offer it out to the highest benefit of all beings. Through our own heart's work, may all beings find freedom, happiness, and peace.

I will release the body to Barbara.

Barbara: Let's just take a minute to sit quietly.

(recording ends)