Intensive Two - Nov. 19-22, 2009

This is not yet outlined in detail but one core will be the ceremonial stating of a Bodhisattva intention for those who feel ready to do so. Others will continue to explore this path. The vow or intention will be formulated privately, each as his/her own heart speaks.

We will discuss stages and states of consciousness (with prior reading from Aaron's talks and also a large portion of the book, Putting on the mind of Christ, by Jim Marion, Hampton Roads Publishing Co. 2000). This is not a book directed to Christians in a religious sense, but is about consciousness, whether we call that highest level "Christ Consciousness" or "Buddha Consciousness". See the contents at this link: - reader-link

We'll explore our experiences of these stages of consciousness and how we may experience two stages seemingly simultaneously. This relates to Aaron's frequent statement, "That which is aware of fear is not afraid." We'll do more work with connection to our guides. We'll spend some time with vipassana, and understanding how our deepening practice can support our highest intentions.

We will work with breath work one day (or more) over this weekend, with guidance from Julie Wolcott, as a way of further exploring states and stages of consciousness, and of connecting more deeply with guides and Higher Self, and our deepest intentions. Julie is a part of our group and a certified transformational breathing facilitator.

Transformational Breathing (TB) is a complete self-healing system using conscious breathing to facilitate improved well-being, inner peace and greater joy in life. It is unique from other forms of Breathwork. It works by facilitating the natural healing process for all types of trauma, is beneficial in gaining greater physical, mental and spiritual health, and in maintenance of optimal health.

We'll also begin to work with chakras this weekend. We'll use some materials from my friend Carla Rueckert McCarty as supportive reading. I'll be sending a link for that material.