Intensive three - March 24-28, 2010

A deeper focus on dzogchen practice, or non-dual awareness. Our special focus this weekend will be those areas of dzogchen often called 'view' and 'meditation.' This will support our later work with the Light and Energy practices and also the 'action' phase. Reading: Flight of the Garuda, DSC edition. We will also read and work with the Vision is Mind; Mind is empty; Emptiness is clear light; Clear light is union; Union is great bliss teaching by Geshe Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, pasted below.

We'll also work with sound and harmonics and how they may support changing consciousness and energy. We may have a facilitator join us for a day to support our work with harmonics. And we will deepen work with elements.

Aaron is still formulating the entire curriculum for the two years. There will be frequent looping back and deepening, so the curriculum is more a spiral than a linear progression.