Schedule For Intensive 4 - Overall Day Plan

6AM: optional wake up

6:30: optional meditation sitting

6:45: second wake up bell for those not meditating. 

7:15: breakfast; verbal silence though the night, until mid-breakfast;

7:45 bell will sound to open the day to speech.

8:15: meditation – all: silent and "Tuning". 

9:00: morning session

12-2: lunch/ rest/ walk...

2:00 afternoon session

5:00 relaxed time

5:30: supper and clean up. 

6:30: meditation period while clean up is finished.

7-9: evening session (could go to 9:30).

9:00: silent meditation

9:30: rest; re-enter silence until mid breakfast.

Wednesday evening: go around, brief orientation from Aaron,

Then silent sitting

Thursday AM: If weather is bad, we will shift this to another day, maybe change Thursday morning and Saturday.

Optional early meditation/ breakfast

8:15AM meditation: all

9AM- 12 Weather permitting, elements practice by the lake. Short talks from Aaron interspersed with practice. We will be in and out of the water and playing with sand or clay; this is a fully experiential investigation of the elements.

12-2 rest

2PM – 5:00 Mini sound/ harmonics workshop with Norma Gentile (proposed; not yet finalized): from her website.

In Sound Shamanism the music (or the spoken voice) is the medium upon which healing flows. We will explore the power of sound to hold space for the healing of ourselves, other people or world situations. This is a nice blend of energy information for healers and experiential group toning that everyone can enjoy. All are welcome regardless of musical background. My aim is to give you practical ideas you can take with you to other healing groups, chant or drumming groups and out into your daily life


As a group we will use chanting, toning and quiet meditations to open our physical bodies and energy systems to conduct greater healing through us. Norma and her guides (most likely Archangel Michael and Mary) will share an idea, then put it into practice using sound, breath, and gentle movement. Along with her Hathor guide, Atamira, Norma will often offer a sound healing with her voice and her Tibetan Singing Bowls created specifically to work with workshop participants. 

5:00 relaxed time (swim time too)

5:30-6:30PM dinner

Thursday evening

6:30 meditation all –

7:00 back to the beach; more with elements, toning, work with the guides. Aaron or Norma and her guides may do more with us. A silent campfire to end the evening will focus us more on the fire element.

(silence from bedtime Thursday to Saturday morning)

Friday all day: in silence.

Practice, vipassana and dzogchen, chakras, intention, elements, toning, working with your guides. Aaron will give some guidance and instructions throughout the day. Barbara and Aaron will be available for questions.

Friday night: talk from Aaron; silence maintained but time for questions and discussion tonight.

Saturday: We will shift gears:

Morning: Rothberg's book, chapters 1 to 3, discussion and talk from Aaron. We will also work with some of the exercises such as the speech mindfulness exercise on page 48.

Afternoon: Satyagraha: talk from Aaron and Barbara and discussion of it.

Night: Aaron talks and group discussion, from mailing #23:

Working with the beginning of Donald Rothberg's The Engaged Spiritual Life. We will share thoughts about the question, what areas of service in the world call most to you? How do we interact with our world; with love and while resting in awareness, or from a contracted place? "Who" interacts?

Possibly a campfire.

Sunday morning:

Small groups meet to discuss the ongoing Mussar practice, each with your own special focuses.

Large Group discussion of plans for next Intensive.