October 23, 2004 - Part 4

Jeshua: Yes. Soul families are vast. What you see here is part of a soul family. Each one of you has come as the point of a soul group. You are the one who has said, "I will come. I will be incarnate. And the rest of you back there," because you are point man, "the rest of you back there, you better support me. I want to hear the cheers and the encouragement from behind." Because of great courage you have chosen to come into incarnation to be the point, point man, I'm using that as example, of the soul group.

As you can see, if there is a point, there is also much behind that point. There is a great vast grouping behind that point that supports you. Now, you don't always feel that. In fact, most of the time you feel like, It's just me; anybody else out there? Kind of thing. And there is much of support for you and much of honor and respect because you have said you will be the incarnate one who will live in this reality and you will deal with the physicality. Some of the ones in the soul group behind you are not really keen to be incarnate. They have tried it and they know that it's a bit difficult, so they have said, "You go." (laughter) "I will stand behind you and I will support you."

The soul groupings are not separate from each other, because your soul grouping very much blends with your soul grouping, blends with your soul grouping and yours as well. So as you can see, as you will let this expand into all of the soul groupings and soul families, it is vast. And it is one, because that is what we have been speaking about, the truth of oneness, today. It is, as you will take it further and further back from the point of the soul group, each one blending with each other until you have a vast, vast oneness. You have soul families that are vast.

And as our brother Aaron has spoken, many soul families are together because of resonance, because you have traveled together in many other journeys and you have built up a resonance with each other, a belief system and a resonance, you are in the same soul family although you may be a bit, again depending upon the edges, you may a bit different than one on one edge or the other edge. But generally speaking, there is a resonance in the soul family.

There's coming to be a time, and it is not far off, when there's going to be transparency because of the knowing of oneness, because of the knowing of soul families and soul groups, of the knowing that "I am not separate from you and you are not separate from me, and we can't really hide something from each other."

We have thought up to this point through eons of time that we could hide our feelings from each other, and our judgments from each other. But intuition is growing more and more strong, and you are developing it, you are evolving the intuition so that even if a person tries to play the poker face with you, you know what they are thinking. You can feel it. They may not say it in words, they may have a smile on their face and they may say, "You are the most wonderful son-of-a-bitch." (laughter) And you know truly what they are meaning. They may say it with a smile. They don't even have to be that out and out with it. You can feel the intuitive feelings as you sit one with another, as you walk into a room.

You have done this many times. You walk into a room and you feel the vibrations in that room. You can feel whether you want to be there or not. Same as whether you sit down next to someone. Sometimes you will walk into a gathering and you will sit next to someone because there happens to be an empty seat there, and you feel all wiggly. And after a bit you get up and you move and you change your seat somewhere, and you're not quite sure why you did that, but intuitively you knew that the energy vibrations were not where you wanted to be.

There's going to come much more of the transparency where ones are not going to be able to hide what they are thinking. You cannot do that now anyway, really. And it is going to become much more transparent, even with your leaders of the various geographical, political groupings. They are a very good example of what I am speaking of. They will say one thing and (laughter)—I don't need to take that any further! I can see you understand!

So there is coming a time of transparency, although some people, especially your political leaders, don't realize it yet. A time of transparency where you will know what another one is thinking. You will know if they are of your soul group. Already you know that, you can feel that with ones, as you are feeling that today in this grouping.

Now ones have asked me about biological families, and why is it that I am drawn to a certain belief, such as this, and I find it to be so true, and I'm so excited about it, and it's so expanding. I love it, I just come truly alive in this belief. I love what I'm reading and what I'm learning. And I want to share it with my family. And they don't want to hear it. They think that I've lost it, or that I'm going somewhere that's going to be very hot. (laughter) And they send up a lot of prayers to save me. By the way, I always hear those prayers. (laughter and some applause)

Many times you choose your biological families not on the basis of resonance of belief system but because you are there to serve. You choose your biological family because you are there to be example to them. Sometimes they will feel it as a thorn in the side, other times you open a door or a window for them that they didn't know was there, because of what you are courageous enough to be looking at and reading about and discussing. Even though they may not want to hear about it. You are opening a door or a window for them. So often you choose a biological family that may not be in harmony with what you now find yourself being excited about, but because of your excitement, you light a tiny little candle flame, perhaps, for them to see a bit of light, that they may or may not act on in this lifetime, but later on in another lifetime they may come back to it because you were courageous enough to be the trailblazer, to do that first.

This was true for many of the people who came to hear my message. There were the multitudes for the loaves and fishes, they came to see the miracles. And they went away and they said, "That was a good show. Really enjoyed that." The message that I had to give, some of them of course resonated with it right away and took it to heart. And in that lifetime it made a big difference for them. They changed, transformed in that lifetime. Others, as I said, came for the loaves and fishes and the seeds were planted, unconsciously, but they were planted. And in time, perhaps not that lifetime or the next lifetime, but in some lifetime they began to grow.

So whatever you do in this lifetime, count it as no mere thing, because even if a friend or a family member does not respond to you, you at least are planting seeds. You are opening some doors, some windows, where they did not know there would be a door or window that they could go through. It is not your responsibility to push them through the door or the window. But it is for you to allow them to know it is there.

I will tell you a story about myself in the beginning of what is called my ministry. I was so enraptured of truth and how wonderful life is, how expansive, unlimited life is. I had been studying with the masters in the Far East. I had come back and I was ready to share what I knew from not only the Essene community but the other masters in far lands whom I had studied. I was what you would call turned-on, really excited, and I wanted to share this with people in my hometown.

So I started talking about what I knew, what I had seen. And they didn't want to hear it. They just knew me as Joe and Mary's son, and so, so what? So what if I'd traveled? OK.

So you have the saying in your Holy Scriptures where I shook the dust off my sandals and I walked to the next village. And I kept walking. And I shared with whoever had the ears to hear and the heart that would open. I shared because I had the confidence of knowing what was true, what I believed. And I shared this with ones. But not all of them got it. Many of them, as I have said earlier, called me a fool, said that what I was believing in could not be true. It was too much of a fantasy story, that that kind of divinity and the miracles I was talking about couldn't be true.

I tried to tell them that life was good. They looked around and they saw the Roman soldiers, they saw crucifixions, they saw ones beating and robbing others, and they said to me, "What do you mean, life is good? Life is a struggle. It is very hard to put food on the table for the family."

So after awhile, I cried unto the Father, and I prayed and I said, "What is wrong with me, Father, that I can't get this vision that I know, this truth that I know, across to them? That you are a loving Father and that life is good and that there are gifts, bountiful gifts, in life? What is wrong with me that I don't have the right words to put it across to them? What am I lacking? I learned from my teachers; why can't I share this with others? What is wrong with me?"

And when I stopped long enough to take the deep breath, the Father answered me and He said, "There is nothing wrong with you. And there is nothing wrong with them. It is their choice as to timing, as to when they will hear it. Allow the message to be given. It is not your responsibility as to how they will accept or not accept the message. It is only your responsibility to offer it." So I offer it freely, as I did in that day and time. And I thank you for having the hearts and the ears to hear, to receive, and to love. Thank you.


Aaron: I am Aaron. I want to add just one very brief thought here, and then give you the opportunity to stretch the bodies, and then we'll return for the closing session.

You come into these families, offer them the messages of your heart, and they say, "No, no. We don't want that." Please remember that teaching and learning go together. As Jeshua has said, you are their teacher and your work is to open the door for them. But they also teach you humility and compassion. It is not that you are right and they are wrong, that you are good and they are bad. Each struggles to bring forth the deepest truth possible in each moment. When they are not ready to hear your truth, you struggle. They invite you to practice compassion simply because you see them suffering and they do not yet have the readiness to hear.

They may have come into the incarnation already having heard and having decided in this lifetime to be the foil to you, so that you could look at this question in the self, "Why am I failing? Why can't I teach them?" and to have humility, to have trust to hold the truth for yourself, and to have compassion for yourself and for the other. You learn not to judge one path as better than the other, but simply stand by your own truth, offering it patiently again and again, with as much love as is possible. Each time it is rejected, give thanks that this being has the courage to reject it and thereby give you the opportunity to practice with that catalyst of rejection.

Let us take 10 minutes to stretch and ease the bodies. That is all.


Aaron: We have had a lot of words here., While you have had your break, Jeshua and I have been discussing what's left to talk about. It seems we could talk for another 40 hours, or not too much at all. I think we will hear a few remaining questions and then Jeshua and I will each add our few last thoughts.

Q: I just feel like I'd be remiss if I didn't take advantage of asking these two great teachers before us. My wife and I are soon to have our first child. And I guess I feel somewhat concerned that I'm going to just be passing on too much of my own karmic schtick. So, we have ideas on how to be as open and gracious and embracing and loving as parents as we can be, but just if there are any other words of guidance, perhaps. Us young parents.

Aaron: I am Aaron. Embrace him as your teacher. You are his teacher, of course, but even more so he is your teacher, and if you will but remember that, you will not be concerned with passing on this karmic schtick because your teacher will not swallow it. I pause.

Jeshua: Beloved one. It is just to be in joy with this new life and to know that you are not responsible for his drama, his issues. He is, as our brother Aaron has said to you, your teacher. You will be his companion. He will be your companion. That is the most that you can be, one to another. It is not that parent is greater power. It is just that you are companions on the journey. He has chosen you because of your qualities. You know joy. You know how to be the little child, although sometimes there is seriousness that creeps in. But just to be the companion and to enjoy each other. He will find his way. He will be fine. You have known this one before.

Q: I have a similar question. I'm about to be a grandmother for the first time. When I first learned this, I had this overwhelming sense that the child was going to be a girl, because I felt this, I guess I interpreted it as feminine energy. Well, I was present for the second ultrasound and it was quite evident that it was not a little girl, if you know what I mean. So I was wondering why I felt that strong sense of feminine energy, and what I thought was that this little boy is going to be a very sensitive and compassionate and loving and kind man. And already feel so connected to him and so bonded to him, and I know we have been together before. I know we have many, many, many, many times. And I feel as though he already, I know he will be my teacher in this life. But I feel he was a teacher to me in another life. So I'm very excited about this, and very, I can hardly wait! I've waited for a long time for this.

Aaron: I am Aaron. I hear no question. I congratulate you, and I think your understanding is clear. Increasingly this new generation of children is not afraid to bring in the balance of masculine and feminine, but is more able to do so without shifting the sexuality. In other words, able to be vibrantly male in his actions and his sexuality and yet to hold deeply the feminine traits, and to hold all of this in balance. We find many girls who are able to be vibrantly feminine and not afraid of their masculine characteristics. Jeshua?

Jeshua: Yes, it is so. You have discerned well. This one has been your teacher in other lifetimes. You know this one very well. And it is as our brother Aaron has said, a balancing, that many of the small ones now are coming in to bring in manifest form the balance of the male and female. This one will be, already is, sensitive, intuitive, but also very strong. You will find this one with a bit of the tug-of-war as to wills, and yet very sensitive underneath. It is as you have discerned. It will be a congratulations to you, and congratulations to you.

Q: I've been studying the sacred sounds from India. And they have been stirring deep-seated memories and emotions. I've been able more and more to integrate hard-won lessons from past lives. I understand though why you love the sound "Abba". It's in all of the sounds. (Jeshua: Yes.) (pause) Thank you.

Jeshua: Again, you have discerned very well that the sounds are energy and vibration. And when I spoke of our Father, I used the word "Abba" as Father, Father of all, and the tone, the vibration of Abba, is very powerful, very healing, very whole. As you have been listening to the sacred sounds, it has been resonating within you, reminding you as powerful catalyst of many other lifetimes as Buddhist monk, as monk in many other countries as well. You have been a seeker many lifetimes. You have been a sensitive in many lifetimes, and you bring that with you into this lifetime, trying to bridge what you remember very strongly with what the world would speak. And it does not always harmonize well, the world voice, the voice of the world, and what you remember from the peace and the sacred sounds.

Dwell with the sacred sounds. That is truly where you abide. Dwell with the sacred sounds for that is healing, that is uplifting. And as you be lifted up, you will draw all other men and women to you. For as it is written in your scriptures, "I, if I be lifted up, will draw all men unto me." And by that I meant, if I as the Christ be lifted up in awareness, I will allow, give opportunity, to all other men, women, to be lifted up in awareness as well. Take that deeply within the consciousness.

So dwell within the sacred sounds, the vibration, and be lifted up, for that will allow the collective consciousness to be lifted up as well. Thank you.

Barbara: I have a question I would like to ask Jeshua. Being deaf, I cannot hear these sounds. I have assumed and I've gathered from Aaron that it's not necessary to literally hear them with the ears in order to feel the energy of it. But I feel it hard from the human standpoint to understand how that can happen, and I'm caught in this idea, the limitation of the deaf ears.

Jeshua: Yes. You have played with the tuning forks, and you have allowed the opening of the raiment, the clothing, to the breastbone, where you can feel the vibration of the various tones. One does not need to hear with the ear vibration, but you can feel it, especially with the breastbone. And it will radiate from that point up through the throat to the brain receptors.

Barbara: Is it necessary to bring it to different bones, like the base of the spine, and the head, and to different chakra centers?

Jeshua: You can do that, yes. Yes.

Q: Over this past year, I've gone through an injury that has pretty much made it necessary to stop doing what I used to do. So I have to think that this is sort of a whap upside the head, time for me to do something else? And what I have in mind to do works both with energy modalities and children's books. So any advice that either of you could give would be most appreciated.

Aaron: I am Aaron. I'm offering what may be heard as personal advice. I also want to bring the whole group back around to the theme of today, the realization of oneness.

There has been an expression of the One emerging through you for years as you've taught tai chi, worked with energy, and also through the body energy healing work that you do. Now you say that you think you're getting a message that it's time to do something different.

I once knew a fine chef who was disdainful to toast meat and vegetables over a fire when he was away from his kitchen. He said, "This is not cooking." You are not really invited to do something different, A, only to bring forth what you already do in a creative and innovative way. That is, to communicate the deepest expression of truth within you in joyful expression through books, through various forms of energy, through your music. But please don't think of this as something different, although the outer form of it appears different. But instead ask yourself, "What is it that has been coming through me for all of my life and now still wishes to come, and is seeking a new venue for its expression?" I pause. Jeshua, do you wish to add something.

Jeshua: As my brother Aaron has said, you have given yourself a gift to move in an expanded direction. You will have fun with the children's books for you are a big child at heart. Very true. And it will allow your innate creative abilities to come forth in a joyous way. This will not be what you see as the final chapter in what you do, for it will lead to other things as well. More of the networking that you know to do, more of the opportunities, the openings for your work, past, present and future, and you will look back in even a short bit of time with the 20/20 hindsight, and you will say, "What a blessing!" Very good.

Q: You received a bumper sticker, and the bumper sticker said, "God smiles through you. Now contemplate that for awhile." (laughter) Do you see the possibility of having that offered through the Oakbridge Press, to the people who, to me it would be a nice way to tell somebody that they are a child of God?

Q: First, I'd like to say thank you to both of you for all of the enlightening things we've heard this evening. This is my first experience with this organization and this group and with the channeling. I had read that previously you had spoken on how the physical or psychological conditions of individuals can have positive effect. I was told in meditation that I received my physical problems for spiritual growth. And I'm hopeful that that will affect others in a positive way.

You had spoken previously as to Alzheimer's patients and those types of things, that there is a giving that comes from the individual with the physical ailment. Wayne Dyer also spoke about a mother with a 16-year-old daughter who has been in a diabetic coma now for years and years. And that Mary came and spoke to this mother and said, "You do not understand the work that she is doing. That it's not important for you to understand that she is accomplishing something through her illness, which most of us in human terms would look at as a not positive thing. I understand that humans look at things in relative terms. Could you speak a little bit more to that issue?

Aaron: I am Aaron. I want to clarify one point here. There are many reasons for any physical condition. We cannot say it's psychological or spiritual; certainly those are factors. Our belief system is one factor in the growth of illness. Our highest intention is one factor. And also there is simply the physiology of the body, genetics, environmental factors, karmic factors.

I would ask you, my sister, to be very careful not to raise the kind of question, why did I choose to create this limitation? But rather, here is this self-perceived limitation, as expressed through this present body. With no denial of the pain of it, the discomfort of it, or of the wish that it were not so, I also can ask myself, what gift might there be in this experience? It does not mean that the situation isn't painful, only there with the pain we can see the gift.

As you open to the gift, you change the factors that influenced the body to move into the present distortion, and the body may or may not heal itself. That will depend on what the highest intention is and what is possible at this time for this body. When I say what is possible, I do not mean to suggest there is a limitation. Anything is possible. But it may not in the long run be beneficial. What is truly for the highest good? One always works toward the expression of wholeness, but one invites that expression without fear and without grasping, but holding that thought for the highest good.

And also for any of you with a physical distortion that is especially troublesome, it's okay to deal with it directly from the human level and say, "I do not choose to hold this for any reason." And if that is your stated intention, it's okay to state that. Some of you may feel, well this is not "spiritual. I should be willing to suffer with this if it is for the highest good." But as long as you are suffering with it, and I underscore the word suffering, then it is no longer for the highest good. Only when there is peace with it can it possibly be for the highest good.

Q: This has been a huge spiritual blessing in my life over these past 5 years. I have found it to be so. It continues to be so. I do not find it a burden, other than not being able to run with my child. That's probably the most burdensome aspect. And I'm not asking for this to go away. It doesn't matter to me whether it goes away or not. I'm looking for the highest spiritual good and I understand that this may be part of that. And I'm willing to accept how things unfold, as they do. I was interested in that concept of how, in some respects, people's suffering creates benefit. And you had spoken of that previously and I just wanted to hear a little bit about how, in some aspects, it's not necessarily MY case but in some situations, how people's suffering brings benefit, or what we look at as suffering brings benefit to others.

Jeshua: Yes. Well, as we are all one, that's what we have been speaking about today, what we have come to the realization of: everything is a two-way street, as you have discerned. There are many in your world who go through physical challenges and they have the courage to choose to do that so that others can serve them. Others can train to be medical facilitators, to be energy healers, to even be caretakers, so that their heart can open in service. Many will choose as you have seen to make their exit, to release the body through dementia, where they are no longer able to take care of the body and they have to turn this over to a caretaker. And sometimes caretakers open their hearts and will take good care of the person, and sometimes they will see the person as a worthless object.

But the opportunity is given for ones to change their perspective and to come into a place of compassion and a place of service. Everything is a two-way street because, there is no separation. Exactly. There is no separation. So everything works together for the realization of at-one-ment.

So as you have discerned, yes, what could be seen in the world's eyes as a tragedy, something of a challenge, is in truth a gift, an opportunity, for ones to serve other ones. There are ones who choose to come into an incarnation, perhaps as you call it the paralyzed one from birth. And they choose this so that others, including the parents, can open their hearts and love this one. They can see this one beyond the physical limitations and love the spirit of this one. Sometimes ones will come and carry through the whole 9 months and then be stillborn for the purpose of allowing the enlightenment of the parents to go through that experience. And then quite often what will happen after that is another 9 months goes by and the child comes to full term and is born, not stillborn, but is born alive. Many times this will happen. So that the parents have opportunity to look at various experiences.

Great masters that you are, you have great courage in choosing different forms of incarnation. You do this in order to experience for yourself what it feels like and also to offer to others the opportunity so that they can serve and they can experience.

So you have discerned well. I see before me someone who is radiant, who is whole, who is wholesome, and who is in love with love. Not suffering but willing to allow others to perhaps open a door for her. Thank you!

Barbara: We are running out of time. I'd like to invite Aaron and Jeshua to offer any summing up, if they wish. Any final words. Jeshua?

Jeshua: One final word. Namaste. (Group: Namaste.)

Aaron: I am Aaron. Jeshua has literally taken the word out of my mouth. Do you know the meaning of "namaste"? It means, the highest in me bows in respect and love to the highest essence of you. And when we bow from that place, we are in the same place, held together as one.

Remember this is who you are, this highest essence of your being, but you are no less the human here with body, emotions, thoughts. These are not lesser expressions but the divinity and radiance pours through the body, through the mind, through the emotions. Do not strive only to be the angel but cherish this incarnate opportunity. Love the human and transcend the human at the same time.

Remember that you also have walked with me and with Jeshua in so many distant times and places, and that we hold you in our hearts as you hold us in yours. No separation. My deepest love to each of you. That is all.

Barbara: We have been offered a Native American version of the song "Amazing Grace" so we will listen to that as our closing. I want to thank each of you who made this gathering possible. Those of you who came from near and far. Judy and Tom who came from so far away to bring Jeshua here to us. Lisa, who did so much organizational work. Martha and Frank and others who signed for me. And all of you who have participated to make the day happen. This has been a great joy today and I hope we will be able to have such shared occasions again in the not to distant future.

Aiji: I'd like to take just a minute to thank my sangha, whom I love dearly, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you for all your wonderful energy. And to all of the rest of you who are here, you are just my expanded sangha, thank you as well. All of your energy means so much. I have been so blessed.

What I would like to sing for you is the Native American "Amazing Grace." The first voice is in the tewa language. It's one of the Pueblo tribes down in the New Mexico area. And the man who gave me the name "Aiji" wrote these words, the first verse. The next 3 are the rewrite of the English to more of the Native American tradition. So this is the Native American "Amazing Grace".

(Beautiful singing)

Tom: We have one final exercise. Everybody stand up right where you are. Now your final assignment is to hug God.


(taping ends)

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