October 23, 2004 - Part 3

Barbara: Let us begin with a few minutes of silence.


Barbara: I think there are enough Deep Spring Center people here to carry this song and teach it to the others. It's a mixed English/Sufi song. It's just a simple chant, really. The words are:

"All I ask of you is forever to remember me as loving you. All I ask of you is forever to remember me as loving you."

And then in Arabic:

(isk allah ma bud lay la, isk allah ma bud lay la)

Which means, "God is lover and beloved."

"All I ask of you is forever to remember me as loving you. All I ask of you is forever to remember me as loving you."

(isk allah ma bud lay la, isk allah ma bud lay la) isk allah ma bud lay la, isk allah ma bud lay la)

And again, in English; it just repeats. A couple of the Deep Spring people with good voices, would you lead us?


Barbara: A few minutes of silence.


Aaron: I am Aaron. I hope you have had a nourishing meal, nourishing for both body and spirit. The energy here in the room is quite different than when you first arrived. There is a mellowness to it, like soft lines of charcoal gently blurred so that the form of each line is still visible but they no longer hold themselves apart.

Many of you were alive in the days when Jesus walked the earth. Many of you had training in the Essene communities at that time, or training in similar kinds of communities on other continents. Many of you were here in a much earlier expression bringing these teachings of light into this heavy physical plane. At that time there was a much more crystalline structure to your own being and to the world, in times of Lemuria, for example. These teachings are ancient. As Jeshua has pointed out, you who originated the teachings have learned to work with them in each different expression of the material plane. And you are now discovering that which you left for yourselves to discover.

In the Essene communities, the first teachings were very much what we teach in our meditation classes: presence, watching the arising of physical sensation and motion and thought without investing it in a self ownership. But rather, understanding how each sensation, emotion, and thought has arisen from conditions and is impermanent. Just because a thought arises, one does not need to believe that that thought is true in any ultimate sense. It is a thought, it is real, but real and true are two very different things.

As one masters this, one is able to be with whatever arises in the mind and body with spaciousness, joy, and peace. And to attend to it if it is appropriate to attend.

As one understands that one is not the body, emotions and thoughts, that one's being is not limited just to that, one may begin to ask, "Then what am I? If I am not just this body, just these thoughts, or stream of consciousness, even, what am I?"

Here while resting present in the direct human experience, we also transcend the human experience and find the deeper truth of our being.

Many exercises are given at this point in the trainings. To teach one how to let go of the limitations the mind has placed and what we think we are, and how to merge together with all things. There are specific practices for letting go of the boundaries of self. Some of you have practiced this with me and with Barbara quite a bit in the dzogchen meditation practices, the pure awareness practices.

Here is a simple exercise, not dzogchen, just an exercise, but one which you might well have experienced 2000 years ago.

First I would ask you to open your eyes and look at the candle flames. A relaxed, soft gaze, not staring, but open. Breathing in and breathing out, relaxed. You see how the candle dances a bit, the flame moves. There's no hard edge to it. Is it here? Is it here? Right there, we run our finger through it. It dances.

Become the flame. Breathe it in and breathe it out, watching the flame. This is not a concentration practice where you absorb into a one-focused connection with the flame. This is quite different. Just relax, open up, rest back in your chair, body relaxed. Be the flame. Watch it move a bit, raising and lowering itself, especially the small ones in the front that flicker.

Let your body move with it. Raise your arms. Be the flame, flicker moving. Come down and up, opening and closing. Let go of the small self and become the flames.

You may put your hands down if you wish, or keep them up, but continue to rest there, being the flame. Let the body move gently as the flame moves with the slightest breeze. Feel how a flame interrelates to its surroundings, dancing with the breeze. So easy. It has no problem with the breeze.

Now allow yourself as this candle flame to burn brighter, brighter. Bring the body more erect, the upper body. Feel the energy of the flame, literally, at the base of the spine. Feel the energy entering into the self, raising up the chakras, up into the crown. Again, raising the hands if you feel so inclined. This is optional. Allow the energy to move through you, to fill you.

Strong, bright, radiance. Hot fire at the base of the spine and moving through you. Feel your power. Feel yourself expanding, radiating. What is the difference between the candle and the sun? Not too much. You might think of the candle as limited. But this flame that you are, this spark, this seed that you are, is unlimited, radiant. Feel that power. Feel your unlimitedness.

Stand up as we do this, if you wish. You may choose to or not. Feel yourself opening. Allow the energy to come in through the feet, up into the base chakra and up the back, and then releasing it through the crown of the head.

Breathing in, expand outward, and exhaling, softening. And then breathing in, feeling the energy come up, opening out again. And relaxing with the exhale. And again. You are the sun. You are the great infinite radiance beyond the sun. Know your true self.

You are my dear sisters and brothers. I merely hold a mirror so you may hold your true reflection. I will pass this here to Jeshua.

Jeshua: Beloved friends, as our brother Aaron has just spoken, feel you the expansiveness even in the body? As you would lift up the arms and allow the energy from the feet up to the crown chakra, you could feel yourself taking in all of the divine energy from our holy mother the Earth and giving it to the heavens. Truly in what you saw the breath, the circular breath, it is given and it is then received and given and received. Always a cycle of being. Always divine. Expanding, raising the vibration. That is why you have come, not only to this evening but why you have come over and over to a lifetime upon our Holy Mother the Earth. You have come to know your power, divine power, and the power that resides within you as the extension of the one Creator. You ARE the light, the symbol of which you have the candle, the symbol of which you have the sun. You are that light and you are the radiance of 10,000 suns. And you bring it into the individuated energy of self. And you allow from that, then, the knowing for others to touch that place within themselves and to expand to the place where there is only oneness.

Feel you the peace? It is not I, nor Aaron, who has brought this peace, but it is you. You have brought it as the one which we are. I give now to Aaron.

Aaron: I am Aaron. One of the things you do within the incarnation is to experience in many directions so as to find out for the self what is wholesome and what is not wholesome, what brings peace and happiness, what brings suffering and pain. You discover that when you hold on to the concept of the limitation, you close yourself in with that concept. Then you determine, "I will not be limited." But as you determine that, it is as if there is still a reality of limitation to overcome. It is as saying, "I will jump 10 feet high," when you are tied to the earth with a chain. If you would truly jump high in the air, you must first cut the chain. The chain is the belief system, the belief in the human limits.

Certainly you do have some limits. For example, the physiological organism needs oxygen to breathe. And while you can go some length of time, a far greater length of time than you would expect, without oxygen, you cannot live forever without oxygen. You are taught by your science that oxygen is in the air and comes into you bodies through the mouth and nose and into the lungs. Yet one of the trainings that many of you experienced long ago was to learn to breathe underwater, to extract the oxygen from the water.

This is trivia. You do not need to stop breathing. What you do need is to stop believing that there is something you cannot do.

Jeshua, my brother, do you remember when we were boys, you came with me once to visit with my own earthly father, to go into the hills with me to spend some days with the sheep. I was a few years older than you and I was used to being alone in the hills with the sheep, and to taking care of myself. There was no concern to let the 2 of us go there alone, for you to be in the wilderness, and experience that solitude in a way you had not previously experienced.

We had unexpected rain, a downpour of rain, and it put out our campfire. It was a cool night. We huddled beneath the robes that we had, which were still drenched, though the rain had slackened. Finally you said to me, "Why don't you relight the fire?" I replied, "The wood is wet." And you said, "That doesn't matter. Dry it." I answered, "But I have no means to dry it. I must wait for the sun to come out to dry it." And you looked at me as if I were quite crazy. You said (my name was Nathaniel then), you said, "Nathaniel, simply light the fire."

And suddenly I knew that I could, something I had never imagined possible before. Only because you knew it was possible. So you awakened that remembrance in me. Do you remember this, Jeshua?

Jeshua: Yes, of course.

Aaron: I have wondered, when I said, "I cannot light the fire," were you as surprised by that statement as you seemed to be?

Jeshua: Yes! Yes, of course, dear friend. Because I knew you could do it.

Aaron: Because you knew I could do it! I knew you could do it, and I suddenly realized that if you could do it, I could do it.

Jeshua: Same difference. So you lit the fire!

Aaron: (turning back to the group) What is there that you believe you cannot do? Why do you hold the belief that you cannot do it? And yet, we must be careful here, for truly you can do anything but sometimes the prompting to do such is based more on fear than on love, more on grasping than wisdom. I can use an example.

Barbara's work with her deafness. Last year she went to Brazil to seek the help and support of John of God, Joao de Dios, and the entities that work through him, toward restoring her hearing. She felt she had fully resolved the karma around the deafness and there was simply no reason for her to continue to be deaf.

She said to me and to Jeshua also, "I see no reason why it can't be instant. I would bring this forth." And Jeshua said, "You can, if that's your highest desire." But she realized when she got there that what she needed to manifest and seek help to manifest was not simply to hear, but for whatever learning/ teaching still remained from this situation, and what was for the highest good of all beings.

It seems likely to me that eventually the hearing will return, but meanwhile there is learning coming from the carrying of the deafness, understanding the heavy density body and the way it transforms itself, the way cells regenerate themselves, and how to work with the vibrational frequency of what we think of as damaged tissue vs. healthy tissue, how to support that movement in vibration within the cellular body. The entities have been teaching her this directly, and more learning comes within her meditations, going inward to observe the body and responses.

So she offered of herself, "I am not here simply to hear again, although that is a wholesome and joyful choice. But I am here to serve in any way that I can serve. And that these deaf ears and the healing of the ears may thus serve." This is her highest choice. And so she works in this direction.

I use this as an example because when I say you are unlimited and my choose anything, you must of course be careful what you choose, where you move, that it truly is the highest expression of your being that you are choosing and not simply a different limit.

For example, to be deaf is a limit. To be hearing and think of oneself as hearing, that's also a limit. Can you understand that? It's saying, "I am this," or "I am that," rather than exploring the whole continuum of the various senses of the body and how the body takes in and gives out energy and information. One may observe the whole continuum of distortion vs. perfection in the body, that it is not one or the other but a flow, always moving toward the perfect expression but really never reaching that perfect expression because there is always further to go. As with the high jumper who conquers one height and then raises the bar, there is always further to go. No limits.

This is what no limits means. Not that you reach someplace and you say, "I've made it. I am whole. I am perfect. I am enlightened. I've made it." Only, "I am always moving toward a greater and greater expression of that light, and bringing that love out into the world." Then the work is to stay in the wise and loving heart and ask of the self, "What next supposed limit may I move beyond, always for the good of all beings."

I would ask each of you here to reflect for a moment. Choose an area where you believe yourself to be limited. Look at that belief. "I am skilled at this. I am not skilled at this. I am unworthy. I am worthy." These are all beliefs. If your belief is, "I am not a skilled musician, I cannot carry a tune," we do not ask you to substitute, "Yes, I AM a skilled musician," because that's just another kind of belief. In the same way, one does not say, "I am not unworthy, I am worthy." There's still contraction there, needing to be the one who can sing. Needing to be the one who is worthy.

What is asked is to expand beyond this sense of this or that into the fullest expression of divinity possible in that space-time. One may temporarily be experiencing the inability to carry a tune well, but nevertheless has the highest of heavenly harmonies within the potential, and will choose to express that potential in whatever ways are suitable, although perhaps not right now through the voice. With "I can't" there is no more possibility at all. With "I am doing it," remembering the true "I AM," every door is open. This is what it means to remember one's divinity, which expresses as unlimited potential in the heavy density world as well as on the heavenly planes.

Then we see that which is already fully in harmony. Not, "I will be that," but "I am that." If you have thought, "I am unworthy," as a limiting belief, find that which is truly whole and beautiful, perhaps in the kind thought you had over supper. the radiant smile you saw in the mirror as you washed your hands, the gloss of your hair that you saw in the mirror. Simply focus on one area of the self which feels strong and radiant, and hold that truth. And within that truth, come to know that which is inherently worthy, knowing, "I do not need to become worthy, I already am worthy. Thus I don't need to overcome unworthiness. There has never been anyone unworthy. It's all concept."

"I am weak." Well, perhaps you cannot lift as much weight as your neighbor, but find that within you that is strong, remember that already existent strength of the body or the moral fiber, or the strength of the emotion of love. Just focus and rest there.

Can you begin to see that limiting belief as simply a temporary thought superimposed on the actuality of your perfection?

It does not mean that blemish is nonexistent. On the relative plane, maybe there is a pimple on your face, or the body right now is weak, or the voice cannot carry a tune. But there is no need to regard these as wrongnesses in the self, they are just temporary biases of this self's expression. They are usually created just to explore. How does it feel to be without a melodic voice? How does it feel to be in a weak body? Just because it temporarily expresses, do not get caught in the idea that this is forever. Note it. Note any unpleasantness about it. And instead of focusing on, "How can I get a melodic voice? How can I strengthen the body? How can I strengthen the intelligence? How can I become worthy?" instead of focusing there, simply bring your focus to that which is radiant and good. What need is there to perpetuate the distortion once what has been sought as learning, has been learned? The more you know that radiant aspect of your being, the more easily you will choose to reflect that aspect rather than the limited aspect, out into the world.

Jeshua, will you take over, please? I pause.

Jeshua: Beloved ones. I would speak with you further about what our brother Aaron has been saying, and to take it into the energetic known as confidence. When you have a belief and you truly know that it is right, is positive, "I know this to be true," you are confident about it. And you come forth and you know what is going to happen with it. You have a gift, you're going to give it to someone, and you know, you truly know what it is. And there is the co-fidence, the together-faith, co-fidence, confidence. And that is power. It comes from the place of having the "co"-with-faith, in knowing your divinity with your creative power from the one mind.

You have seen your leaders, you have seen your public speakers, you have seen your friends, the ones who have what you sometimes call charisma. They have a confidence about themselves. They believe in themselves, and they come across as knowing what they are speaking about. And you know that they know what they are speaking about. Later on you may go home and may question it, even look it up in a book and you'll find, "No, that's not true."

(tape turns)

…time when they give you that information, you KNOW that they KNOW this is true. It is confidence. It is power. It is energy. It is energetic. That is where you come truly alive, is in that place of confidence, that place that cannot be shaken. You know it to be true.

Many times people have asked of me as to belief, what is true. Many times ones have asked of me, "Who have I been in another lifetime? When I walked with you," and they will say, "I know I walked with you. I know a resonance with you. I know that I walked with you. Who was I in that lifetime? What was my name?"

And 99 times out of 100 I will not give the name. 99.99 I will not give the name because what is given to you from the outer always can be questioned. In other words, I can say to you that you were Sarah in another lifetime, when you walked with me. And you go and you say to a friend, and you say, "Well I was Sarah." And they say, "Well, who told you?" "Well, the channeler told me." And they say, "Huh, that's just crazy. You weren't Sarah. I know you were Susannah." Or pick another name. And you begin to doubt it and you question it.

But if you are reading in a book somewhere and you come across the name of Matthew, and it resonates with you, and you know that it is true, nothing in the world, no other person can shake you from that. Anything you read that is revealed to you, where the neon sign goes on, then you know that to be true. It is true within you, and there is a confidence in that, a belief in that. Nothing in the world, then, can take that from you, no matter how many people come up to you and say, "Crazy fool," they've said this to me many times, "that can't be true." And yet I knew it, and you know it to be true. I and the Father are One. And they called me fool, blasphemer. They wanted to and did try to get rid of me. But I knew who I am.

That is confidence. That is what comes across to many who were in the multitude who came to hear me. And they caught that energetic feeling. It was not so much the head information, although they were interested in what I had to say and perspective, yes. But it was the feeling that came across that you are loved, truly loved, loved of the Father before time was ever thought of, before time began. Truly loved of the Father.

And this was caught and it was felt and it was known! And it was confidence. Belief in that confidence that took you then to that place that one asked about this afternoon, the healing, took you to that place where you truly knew, and the world could not shake it from you. That is what we are speaking of in this evening and have been speaking of in this day with the realization of oneness, that realization where the revelation comes that I am the beloved of the Father. I and the Father are One. Nothing outside of that can ever threaten me. Nothing outside of that can ever come to make me feel vulnerable. Nothing outside of that is true. I and the Father are One. I Am.

Full stop, period. I Am One. That is what we have been speaking of. That is the energy, the energetic, that has been shared in this day as you broke bread together, that has been shared in this day as you spoke to each other, "Who are you? Where did you come from? What experiences have you had? What led you to be here in this room" you have shared with each other. And you have shared of the persona, the person that you feel yourself to be, and then you have gone beyond that, as our brother Aaron has spoken, you have gone beyond that to opening the heart, to become mellow like the charcoal, to let the shading happen, where you said, "Well, it feels safe enough to say to this one, 'This is what I've been reading. This is what I've been having revealed to me. This is what I'm beginning to really feel is true. And you know, I don't think you'll laugh at me.'" Etc. And you are opening to another one because you felt this was a safe place where you could share.

It was confidence that you were building. Confidence within self, of knowing who you truly are, and living in that space, that space that can go out and can speak to anyone, anywhere, to sing the most beautiful song in another language and yet heart to heart it is known and it is felt. Not to be afraid to speak of another language, to say, "Well, maybe they will think me strange if I speak another language." But to speak from the heart, and to add to the treasure.

(To a participant with a beard) You know how much I adore beards. (laughter) Most wonderful beard. But I digress.

To not be afraid to speak your truth. To allow yourself the confidence and that energy of co-fidence, to know, "I am One with my Self, capital S. I am one with my Creator, the extension of the creative source. I am that I am. And I am worthy," as my brother Aaron has just spoken.

I am very drawn to that beard. I will pause.

Aaron: I am Aaron. We will again have time for your questions, directed in general or to either one of us. I pause.

Q: Jeshua, in some other gatherings, you have talked to us about your marriage to Mary Magdalene. I wonder, when we were talking about healing, how much the knowledge of that marriage and the children that resulted from that marriage, will go toward healing the psyches of people all over the world.

Jeshua Yes. As you have spoken, there is much of that thread of lineage that has been passed down through the DNA into many areas, peoples, even in this day and time. And it will go, has gone, to heal much that has been seen as broken for a long time because of the religious/philosophical belief that was given. That I was the very Son of God, which I am, and so are you, and I could not have a wife because that would be sinful to know woman. There's nothing sinful in knowing a woman. Woman is most beautiful, lovely creature, form, of divinity.

I did know woman. I was married. It was known in that day and time that if you were called rabbi, it was taken for granted that you were married. It was a term that carried with it the meaning of a married man, rabbi. And you have that recorded in your scriptures that I was called "rabbi".

But your religious/philosophical orders have set all that aside so that there could be male dominance, as they saw that to be temporal power. And it has served its purpose because there was a desire to know masculine power in that form for a period of time. Now there is coming to be a balance where the divine feminine is coming back into play. For the divine feminine has been, before the predominance of the divine masculine it was very much in power. It was then allowed to decline in power so that the divine masculine came into power for awhile. And now what you are seeing is the rising up within each person of the masculine and feminine, a balancing, if you will, an equality of divine feminine and divine masculine, to a place where there is balance.

I knew balance with Mary of Magdala. She was a great friend. From the time I first met her, we would discuss the ancient scriptures equally. Because in the Essene community, women were seen to be the equal of men. After all, they had a mind, they were taught to read, they were taught to question, they were taught and accepted as equals. And so there was much I discussed with Mary, not only my mother, Mary, she was a great influence, still is, and with Mary of Magdala. It was a great friendship, it was a very good, excellent, perfect, marriage of the two of us, the divine feminine with the divine masculine. And of that union there were children born, yes, who on the physical level have carried forth the DNA as spread throughout many lineage to all parts of our Holy Mother the Earth.

Now, I know this is not what you are being taught in most circles, but it is time now that you begin to think about it. You don't have to accept it. It is my truth. I am confident about it! (Group: Yay!) Yay.

But it is time now to think about the balance of the divine feminine coming back in. And with that acceptance, not as a threat to the masculine power, but as an adjunct to it in the balancing, it will heal the psyches that have been put down for so long, where the ones of female gender were thought to be less than the male gender for so many, and this is still true in some religious/philosophical circles, where ones when they are expecting the small one, they pray that it may be a boy. And if it is not a boy child, then it is not as worthy. But that is changing, because ones, as we spoke earlier in this day, there is coming to be a respect for all life, a respect for diversity and all different forms. And definitely a respect for that which is divine and comes in different forms.

So with the arising of this information, which has been hidden away for some time on purpose, not by mistake, but on purpose, because the experiment that we spoke of earlier wanted to see how it would feel to allow the balance to shift to the masculine energy. And much has come forth out of the masculine energy. Much of your technology and your industrial revolution, a lot of inventions have come forth out of that. And a lot of the resultant feeling of separation has also come out of that. But it was wanted, it was desired to know, how would it feel to have male predominance for awhile.

So you have tried that. So it was not a mistake for this information to go, as you would call, underground, much as we spoke earlier of the Essenes going underground for a time. This was information that the Essenes knew, and kept and guarded in their hearts. Now you have it coming more to the forefront for ones to look at, and to say, "How does this resonate to me? Is it someone else's truth? Or is it my truth? Is it a probable truth?" Etc. You have your books that are being written about it. And you can take the book as a nice story, or you can have it lead to more research to see what else does it unearth, literally unearth.

So what is happening now is most wonderful because you are coming to the place of saying, "I want to know all of me. Not only the masculine power, which is great, but also the divine feminine of me." That is one of the reasons, if you will receive it, that there are so many who live an independent life. You try the so-called committed life where you marry someone and then it seems that it doesn't quite work out, and you spend a time on your own having to be both male and female for youself. Not having a mate who is going to take out the garbage for you, but you have to do it yourself. And not having a mate who is going to do the laundry for you and the ironing, but you have to do it yourself. And not one who is going to look after replacing the fluid in the batter of the vehicle, but you have to do it for yourself, or the tires of the vehicle, etc.

So that you get, this is a small example, but you get to experience the masculine side of yourself and the feminine side of yourself, and know the whole of yourself. That is but as I said a small example of it, but it is part of what is happening on a larger scale. Does that answer your question? And more so, yes.

Q: Just one last adjunct, did Aaron dance at your wedding?

Jeshua: Indeed! We will ask of him.

Aaron: To dance is to bring the body fully into life, into joyful expression with the music, inviting the higher vibration of sound and the heavier vibration of the body to merge. How could I not thusly celebrate the wedding of my dear friend? Shall I dance for you now?

We often think of the feminine as being intuitive, compassionate, gentle, and of the masculine as being strong, logical. Of course, both aspects are within each of you. For a long period of history, the divine feminine flourished, and those of the masculine gender, rather than seeking the feminine in themselves and therefore seeking their own strength through the balance of masculine and feminine, looked at themselves and said, "I wear this male body, so I do not have those traits. Therefore we must bring the world around to honor the masculine traits, and I must belittle the feminine traits." So instead of enriching themselves through owning their fullness, they halved themselves and created a dichotomy of masculine and feminine.

The balance swung more and more toward the masculine based largely on fear, wanting to control, "I will be strong, logical, powerful." But in the long run it doesn't work because you cannot cut off half of yourself and find any but a play-acting of strength. So those of the masculine gender, and when I say those of the masculine gender, those of your present generation who came into a masculine body specifically to learn this, you are now finally opening to the feminine in yourselves, and as you do, you give those of the female gender permission to open to the masculine in themselves.

I do not think that you are headed toward a unisex experience. I think that humans will continue to incarnate in a masculine or a feminine body, but knowing the fullness of both within that body, so that there is free play to express your mind, your sexuality, your emotions, in both forms without relating to either form as limited. And this is very beautiful. Herein ends the war betweens masculine and feminine, and comes the true marriage.

Jeshua was speaking of the fact that people of the later church had come to believe that one who was of light conception should not be involved in the physical expressions of sexuality in the body. But please remember that in that earlier time, a number of beings were light-conceived. By this I mean that various practices such as harmonics and vibration helped to bring forth the new being without direct sexual expression, as you as human experience it. This does not mean there was not sexual expression, only that this was not the only means for bringing forth new life. There was understanding of how to tune into the genetic vibrations, the DNA coding and so forth, and bring forth almost like cooking a delicious stew: a little bit of the seasoning, a little bit of that vegetable, some gravy, and so forth. There was an understanding of how to take just what was needed and invite it into the being that was moving into conception. Many beings joined together with such harmonic vibration work, would support this light conception.

Light moved through both parents, but there was not necessarily a sexual generation of the new being. This light conception was one of the higher Essene practices, very much related to, how do I best phrase this? To the practices of leaving the body; coming into the body, leaving the body, and partially leaving the body, moving into a space that so closely resembled death that the body was held in this space for a period of time and then able to regenerate, all based on vibrational practices, on harmonics. We practiced cellular regeneration through harmonics. All of this is in your histories.

People cannot conceive of something, not truly get something, that is of a higher consciousness level than they have directly experienced. You can read about it conceptually, but, for one example, unless your meditation practice has taken you to a direct experience of the dissolution of the body and ego, and the deepest connection with everything, all you can do is talk about the concept "we are all one". After you have that experience there is little you can say except, "we are all one," and yet it has a fully different meaning because you have experienced it through the raising of consciousness into that non-dual awareness state.

Just as the earth today has many who aspire to directly experience highest consciousness, but not so many have directly experienced it, so in Jeshua's time, people could talk conceptually but they had not experienced it. We worked to raise the vibrational frequency to aid in the gaining of that experience. But there were still only a few who fully experienced it. The rest needed some kind of belief system consistent with their more mundane level of consciousness.

And so they put limits on what Jeshua was and what many beings were, such as Mary Magdalene. People could not see them as light-conceived because they could not go into the direct experience of that high vibration in themselves and thusly could not believe in the concept. This is still true today. The world consciousness level is raising, but still, very few are able to rest stably in causal consciousness. Jeshua, I wonder if you have thoughts about this? I pause.

Jeshua: Yes. I would reiterate what brother Aaron has said. In truth, every conception is a light conception, because being of the light, of course your conception is going to be of the light. But the collective consciousness, as my brother Aaron has said, is not always aware, and in the Essene tradition there was much more awareness of light conception and much more of the attention paid to it and importance placed upon it. Nowadays ones do not think of light conception. If you were to speak of that to ones, they would say, "What is that? Two candles coming together?" (laughter)

But in truth, every conception has to be a light conception because you ARE of the light. And to bring forth a new living being, has to be a light conception. But collective consciousness, even in this time, has much more to think about. Much more important things to think about. So therefore it is not thought about. A lot of times it's like, "Oh my goodness, I'm expecting a child? How did that happen?" Well, it happens!

In the day and time with the Essene tradition, there were several, in fact many, who were conceived through light conception without especially knowing the sexual union, because there was such a high vibratory rate. Nowadays, I would get quite practical here, I hope no one will mind. Nowadays, when male and female come together, there is a moment of very high vibrational frequency known as the orgasm that happens. It may be (fingersnap) that fast, or may be a little longer, if you're lucky. But it happens, and there is a high vibrational frequency that happens.

But in the time of the Essenes in that tradition, it was known that you did not have the physical joining for it, it could be done with the vibrational frequency. And there were methods, ways, techniques, to do this. And there was a desire to know and experience how to do this. So I was not the only one who was light-conceived. You were light-conceived, all of you, whether your parents knew it or not.

Aaron: I am Aaron. Jeshua was perhaps the best known of those light-conceived. But I want to take this one step further. As Jeshua says, you were all light-conceived. Yet there is not the highest level of consciousness from the parents in that conception, so there is not the ability to finally choose, to choose with pinpoint accuracy the particular genetic coding that is desired in the fetus. Whereas with the non-sexual light conception, one is simply working with the vibrational frequency, and almost as a scientist could separate different genes and take this one and that one and that one, there is the ability through raising the vibrational frequency, to bring forth with precision. The bringing forth is not just from the parents and not just from those who support the parents, but also from the being coming into incarnation. They all are co-creating this new being together. There is the intention level, holding the intention of what characteristics this being will have, and inviting those characteristics, through vibrational frequency, to enter into this shaping fetus. It's all supported vibrationally.

I think the whole process of harmonics and cellular regeneration, and of vibrational medicine are going to become very, very important in your more traditional medicine in the next 100 years, to the point that your current medicine looks archaic. Your current medicine does not, for the most part, observe this whole question of vibrational frequency and how to support high vibrational frequency, and so it creates an artificial distinction between the body and spirit. As long as the body is cut off from the spirit, it cannot maintain the high vibration needed for full health and longevity.

Let us return the microphone to you, my friends, to your further questions.

Q: Would you please speak to the beingness of soul families, and with the shared power of the masculine and feminine energies in more balance in individuals. Can we now be more open to knowing each other's expressions, even without, for example, the comfort of the physical hugs and the physical evidence for validation?

Aaron: I am Aaron. I want to speak to one aspect of your question, and perhaps Jeshua will speak to a different aspect. This earth is a heavy density planet. That means there is a material form anchored within the non-physical elements of being. Just as a helium balloon tied by a string to a rock cannot float off, so your heavy density bodies ground the higher density bodies, and this is planned. Yes, the earth's vibrational frequency is raising, and we are all participating of the raising of vibration. But there will still be a heavier vibration with the physical body.

With that in mind, imagine what might happen when 2 beings of light that have previously not had physicality, broke into a material plane existence. Think of them as fireworks, which are a physical expression made up of heavy element. One expressed as red and yellow and pink, exploding a million stars out into the sky. The other expressed as long streaks of blue and green, shooting up to infinite distance. Remembering that these beings have just expressed in a heavier density body, and the heavy density, if it is not understood, can lead to contraction and fear. Each may have looked with wonder at their own path in the sky and then at the other, and then there may have been a moment of, "Oh, I can't do that!" The million red stars looking at the shooting blue flame, "I can't do that!" The blue shooting flame looking at the million red stars, "Oh, I can't do that!"

Each seeing the other, and rather than seeing the wholeness of itself because the other completes it, seeing the conflict of lack. Then comes the moving back into the small self. And this move into the small self was the perfect catalyst to explore the whole area of limitation and belief system, and to transcend it, as we have discussed tonight.

There certainly are soul families. They tend to be caught in similar belief and limitation systems. They tend to be moving together, those within one family, some at a faster pace than others, but often exploring the same issues. Such as, "Why can't I express as exploding red light of a million stars?" Of course, that's figurative for the human. But, "Why can't I express as more powerful in the world?" Or, "Why can't I express as more artistic and more sensitive, or more intelligent?"

So within soul families, the beings therein are often exploring similar issues. They tend to come in and out of incarnation not exactly simultaneously, but drifting in until most within the family are in incarnation, and then drifting out until most are out, spending a time on the astral plane together, reviewing the incarnation, and then moving back in again.

That is just a small part of the answer. Much of the question remains. Jeshua, would you like to speak to it?

(taping ends) this dialogue is continued by Jeshua on tape 4.

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