October 23, 2004 - Part 2

Barbara: Is there anybody else who wants to speak?

Aaron: I am Aaron. Thank you for sharing of your experience. There are so many opportunities for choice each day, to come into harmony and oneness with yourself and with your surroundings, or to move off with the impulses of fear into separation.

I think the most important benefit of this exercise is that you use it as reflection: "When my arms are linked, figuratively, with the other drivers in this traffic jam, or with my workmates in this tense meeting, or with my child in this expression of our differences, can I relax the ego self, can I use this as an opportunity to more deeply experience my unity rather than separation?"

To experience unity does not necessarily mean that you will make the same decision. I said that Jeshua and I had been working with the weather to try to invite a break in the rain. Now certainly both of us have the power literally to stop the rain. But we do not have the right to stop the rain, not for a whimsical reason like this. Really, not for any reason. I can co-create that break, that shift in the weather, but it is an imposition of my will on other beings' free will to force the shift. So we, Jeshua and I, relax into this place of oneness with the material elements, the clouds, the wind. We join with the will of those who desire rain so their ground will not be parched, with the trees, with the flowers, and within this experience of unity, we offer the invitation that if it be for the good of all beings, there may be this pause in the rain.

When you live your life in this way there is true hearing. For example, at work where the boss is upset because somebody else is asking him for work, and he turns around and shifts his discomfort off on the employees, saying, "Where is this? Why isn't it done?", you can feel his anger. When there is anger, it's so easy to move into the separate self, which is the habit energy, and fight back.

When you become aware of that habitual tendency, instead you can ask, "How can I invite the unity of this group?" Then there is a balance, the human self and the highest self. So if the boss is angry, you might reply, "I hear how upset you are, how concerned you are that the work isn't done," Then, instead of trying to find who is to blame, you say, "Can we talk about how we can get it done as best as possible?" This invites people to come together instead of to pull back and push at each other. And it invites people, when they are feeling pushed, to dance with the push rather than fight against it.

I want to come back to something I said earlier, the fact that you are here on this earth plane not to just be the angels, which you are, not to just live in the earthsuit, within which you do live, but to bring the two together. Jeshua talked of this so much in his earthly teaching. The kingdom of heaven is right here, not somewhere out there, but here in this space and time. How can we more fully invite it in to the human experience? How do we do that with all the difficult catalyst of fear and negative emotion?

I offer the microphone at this point to Jeshua.

Jeshua: Beloved ones, when Aaron and I were young, we both were in the Essene community. I stayed there year round with my mother and father, Mary and Joseph. Aaron came as a young boy when it was possible for him to be there to study with the teachers, the masters. And he was a bit older than I but still we conversed with each other, we played, as you would call it, together, and we questioned together some of the teachings. We read the ancient manuscripts, and we wondered why certain truths were written about in the manuscripts and what they meant for us in that time.

Because you see, we knew ourselves to be divine energy expressing as the human, even in that incarnation, but we wanted to know why we were having the incarnation, what it was all about. And we read the ancient manuscripts that the wise ones had written years, centuries, before that. And there was an interesting truth that we discussed because of what we had read from some of the masters. And the story has relevance for this time and day as well, as we speak of the realization of oneness and we speak of the belief in separation.

You have heard the term "star seeds". And in truth all of you are the seeds from various star constellations. You have a lineage, a thread, if you will, a lineage from other constellations as well. This is not the only constellation you have lived in; you being the extension of the one creator. You want to, it is your nature, to create. Therefore we have created various star constellations, some of which are still extent and some have gone into what you know to be the dark hole and have been reborn again. You have some of the light from the constellations that is coming to you yet from constellations that in this slice of time no longer exist. But the light is still coming to you.

You are the seeds from various constellations in an agreement to work out what I will call an experiment. You are in the process of the most wonderful experiment to see how you can bring the wisdom and experience from other lineage of other constellations and put it into a most wonderful blender, mix it all up, and see what it is going to be. Some of you have known many lifetimes a dominance, if you will, pre-dominance, within the constellation known as Arcturus, some from the Pleiades, some from Orion, some from Andromeda, all the various ones. And the various constellations have, as you would understand, various personalities, dominant personalities. Now it does not mean that everyone living on that constellation and on the planets of that constellation have the same personality traits. It is as you see here, there is a bit of a diversity. But in general, there is predominant trait. And so you as seed from stars agreed that you would come and that you would bring that which you knew to this planet, this constellation, this solar system, to bring forth something new.

Now, Aaron and I as young lads read the ancient manuscripts where it talked about this, and we wondered, what does this all mean and how is it going to play out in what is called the future? Well you are now our future. You were in that past and a past even before that, and now you are in our future, as we saw it from that point of view. And as you will look now to your future, you will be visioning what you can and will bring forth as oneness.

We spoke earlier of what is going on now, where the belief in separation has been tried for eons of time, to a place where many are getting very complete with the effects of separation, with the effects in the outer of separation where you have war, conflict, and chaos going on, where there is inhumanity going on, and also the effects of separation within where you do battle with yourself within. And you are not happy with self, you are always attacking self, and you are feeling not quite good enough, not quite wise enough, or you don't like some part of yourself and you would push it behind and you would say, "I'm not going to acknowledge that part of me. I'm not judgmental. But I don't like…" etc. The same as you do with the body. You look at your body and you say, "Well, I'm not judgmental about my body, I accept my body as it is. But I don't like my nose." Or, "I don't like my chin." Or, "I wish my hair were different," etc. And you do battle with yourself from the place of separation, not feeling that sense of the divinity of you that is perfect, that is whole.

So what is going on in this reality is most exciting, even to masters such as Aaron and I who come from time to time and walk amongst you in this way, in what is now in this terminology called channeling. Or sometimes we will come and we will do a most wonderful thing, we will take upon ourselves the form of body and we will sit with one and we will say, "How is it going?" And you will speak with that one. You will say, "Well that one is a bit of a stranger, perhaps, to me. I don't know that one." But you may be in your shopping mall, and you may be thinking about something very deeply as to where you should go, what you should buy, or perhaps you are feeling a bit down in that day and you pause for a moment, and someone appears. And they look at you, and they smile. And that may be all they do is just the smile, and it opens up something within yourself. Sometimes I will come and I will do that. I will take upon myself a form which seems miraculous to you. But yet you do it in every moment, you re-manifest form. The form that you are in right now, the very cells of the body, are re-made in every moment. So you re-manifest in every moment the form.

So what I do, if I take upon myself the form, and I come and I walk amongst you, it is not quite the miracle it has been made out to be because you are doing the miracle even as we speak. You see, it is a different way of looking at it. You have a knowledge or scientists have told you that you make a new body, what is it, every 7 years, the body is re-made, every organ, every part of it, in 7 years, even from the time that we started this afternoon, you have had new molecules and old ones sloughed away and new ones made.

So there are times that I come and I sit next to you and I say, "How is it going?" (laughter) And it is going, yes. The reality is going. The question of course is, where? Where is it going?

It is going most wonderfully in evolution to the place where the experiment in separation is coming to a place of knowing oneness. That is what it is all about, where you come to the place where you are complete with trying to struggle one way or another, and you relax into that deep breath that all of you took when you were together when you were as the unit, seemingly separate, then you became a unit. And you relaxed and you allowed and then you moved as one. Most fluid, most easily, moving as one. No longer separate beings. Yes, individuated energy but from the one mind.

So the experiment, you did not know you were part of a vast experiment, did you? You are. You are the seeds from the stars. You have heard the term "star seeds". That is who and what you are, and you are doing a most wonderful evolution to bring from what seems to begin again separate lineage from different constellations to a place where there will be in time, there is guarantee of this, atonement, the realization of at-onement, the realization of oneness. As you just experienced in this afternoon.

So from the time that Aaron and I studied the ancient manuscripts, and we discussed them, and we got excited about, "What does this mean? Does it mean that there has been history" which we knew of course to be true "before we had incarnation?" Of course we knew that. And of course you know that. "But how far back does it go?" And we played with the ideas the same as you play with ideas. And you begin to see how vast you are. Not just one personality sitting on one chair, one afternoon, one incarnation, but the lineage of you, the consciousness of you, how vast it is, even beyond this reality, this planet, this solar system, this constellation.

Now, I give to you this bit of information to allow the mind to expand. It is a bit of what you call the teaser, and you can play with it. Don't wrestle with it; play with it. Now I hand back to my brother Aaron.

Aaron: I am Aaron. I want to return to the multi-dimensionality of your essential being. It's easy to become confused and think "I am this divine seed, this divine essence of being, and this material expression is just a fleeting expression of the truth." It's easy to shift from that thought into, "This expression is irrelevant." But that is not so. This expression is precious and cherished beyond measure.

How do you cherish the expression without building up a solid self that thinks that this expression is permanent? Think of the last fine meal you cooked and ate. Perhaps you labored a bit to buy the freshest food, to season it just right, to combine the ingredients with the deepest skill and intuitive concern for flavors and scents. And then you tasted it and it was delicious. But of course, you chewed it and you swallowed it and it's gone.

Did you limit the time of preparation because that moment of eating, of chewing and swallowing, was impermanent? Of course not. Did you appreciate the food less because it was impermanent? Of course not.

This expression of the divine, here in this moment, each of you as unique expressions, it's not even the expression of today or of this hour, but of now (clap). And then it's another expression now (clap), and another and another. And each expression is beautiful.

So I would ask you to hold together this radiant core of being in which you are not separate, and this moment's expression which comes forth as unique and individuated.

Jeshua has spoken to you of co-creating. You must co-create from the place of the highest inter-relatedness and from the free will aspirations of the present expression. This is not only in your creation of your daily lives but of your world, your politics, international relationships, nature and its smoothness or upheavals. You are always co-creating.

The difficulty for many people is that the co-creation comes so much from the place of fear that wants to create rather than co-create, to take control. When you are aware of that as impulse energy and understand that this is part of the human experience, to have the impulse toward control, then you do not have to follow the impulse.

An exercise that we've done often with our meditation classes and that I will not try here and now, but will invite you to try with your supper tonight, this exercise is to take a swallow of water in your mouth. And those of you who happen to have a water bottle or a teacup near you can try it now. When you take water into your mouth, normally you swallow it. Now I ask you to take a small mouthful of water, not too big, but a comfortable amount, and just hold it in the mouth. Do not swallow. Watch the impulse to swallow. That which has the impulse to swallow is the small human self, the separate self, the impulse that really comes from the body and from the habit energy that when there is something in the mouth, it is to be swallowed. That which is able to simply hold it in the mouth and watch the impulse, is awareness, the awareness that is the highest level of your being. Those of you who have anything to sip, please try this.


You will see that you can just hold it in the mouth. As tension comes up, it's just tension, and as fear comes up, it's just fear. Awareness holds the space, aware of the body caught up in its habit energies, caught up in its impulse.

In working in this way, you create a shift, literally, in the vibrational frequency of the body itself. Because the body is so deeply conditioned to hold fear and tension, when you bring love in to the impulse energy of the body, it helps the body to release fear and tension. With that release, you are able to hold the whole length of the pole, so to speak, to be aware on this highest level and connected to the body and its sensations, impulses and movements.

It is only in this way that the higher awareness can transform the lower density energies. It is why you are here in the incarnation because you need the lower density and its heaviness if you're going to practice transformation. Yes, on the ultimate level, nothing is transformed. You are already that high vibration. On the relative level, you transform the low vibration to the highest one.

It is this highest level of being that co-creates the raising of the density, the raising of the vibrational frequency of the whole earth plane and thereby converts fear to love.

I would invite Jeshua to speak further here if he wishes, and if not, let us open the room to your questions about that which we have spoken. Jeshua, I hand the microphone to you. I pause.

Jeshua: Beloved ones. You have witnessed in this afternoon exactly what did go on with Aaron and me in what you would call the ancient times, where we would have much of discussion with each other, coming from what you would see different perspectives and yet talking about the whole. We would question. We would be right up in the other one's face and we would say, quite literally sometimes, "What do you mean by that? How are you seeing things?" And we would discuss from each side to the balance of understanding the wholeness.

You have a most wonderful treasure in this afternoon presented to you because I have given to you what would be some of the intellectual ideas to play with. To play with. And Aaron has presented to you the subjective, inner, deepening way of looking at things. Most wonderful balancing. It was thus when we played together, for as I have said to you earlier, he was a bit older than I. He had read a few more of the manuscripts than I. And he was one who was always questioning, as I. So when we came together, it was, "What did Rabbi So-and-So tell you? And what did he mean by that? I thought he meant such and such." "Well no, I thought he meant such and such." And we would chew on it like a dog does with a bone until we got to the good part, the marrow of it, the good part, and we would come together realizing we were speaking of the same whole. Most wonderful friendship, as it still remains.

So you have witnessed in this afternoon again our coming together, our playing together, and the interchange that will be taking forth with all of you will only add to that richness. As Aaron says, I pause.

Aaron: I am Aaron. We invite your questions asked directed to one or the other of us or simply to directed outward and we will decide between us who responds. I pause.

Q: Can I just ask, us as a group here, what could we do in our prayers, in our meditations, that could work towards a unity of this upliftment? For this love, for this change, for this shift. Because we each have our individual ways of looking at things. Is there something that we all could kind of gear towards in our thoughts and meditations that would help with this upliftment, help with the change, help with releasing a lot of the fears of, because again a lot of these people throughout the world, whatever it is, personal or international, because there's so much anger with that fear, especially with our politics and the wars, is there something so we don't have a conflict with each other in our prayers, in our thoughts, that we could bring in our meditations and prayers a oneness, a unity that would really be of assistance?

Jeshua: Yes. It is to remember what you have experienced in this afternoon, the feeling of the oneness, the friendship with each other, and to envision that to know it in every cell of the body, when you are in your quiet time and when you are in the world, in the workplace, when ones will be right up in your face and they will be in their own conflict. Breathe. Realize that it is their own conflict that they are mirroring to you, and yet you are understanding it, therefore there must be a part of you that relates to it. Love that part and then allow it to be in harmony, allow it to be part of humanhood, the human experience. Do not sit and have to fight with it, because as you fight with something you give it energy, and it keeps on, continues. But as you will acknowledge it, and say, "Oh yes, I know that feeling. I know you very well," and then you say, "You can go now." And you breathe, the peace comes once again.

And if you keep doing that over and over, speaking your truth by example, and also by words, as the guidance comes to you, loving other ones and smiling at other ones, it is the simplest thing and yet it heals. You have felt that in this afternoon as I have approached each and every one of you and I have looked you in the eye and I have smiled at you and you have smiled at me and you have felt the change in the vibration that happens with the smile. Look every one of your friends, coworkers, acquaintances, even strangers, look them in the eye, for they want to be acknowledged, and smile. No matter what they are saying. They may be going on about all kinds of things that you don't really agree with, but that's okay. You look at them and you smile, and with that you raise up the vibration. And in your quiet times, feel that feeling, recapture it, live it. Truly feel it. And then go out again from that place. For you can stand on a busy street corner and all the traffic going by, and all the hustle and bustle of the world going by, and you can be in your peace. And you can smile. Costs you nothing and rewards everyone.

Does my brother Aaron have anything to add?

Aaron: I am Aaron. Remember that you are not separate, that whatever you see is simply yourself reflecting back to you. When you see the beauty in another, you are seeing the beauty and radiance in the self. When you see the shadow side of another, you are seeing the shadow in yourself. If you relate to it as separate, it's easy to move into a contracted place that wants to fix or blame. When you cease to see it as separate and simply remember, "The negativity I am experiencing here is simply the mirror of that negativity in myself that I have not fully attended to, in this moment can I smile and hold this fear and negativity within the self with love?"

A very simple practice: breathing in, I am aware of fear or contraction. Breathing out, I smile into it. Breathing in, I am aware of tension. Breathing out, I smile to the tension. You're not only smiling to the neighbor's tension but to your own tension. One tension. Breathing in, I am aware of sorrow; breathing out, I smile to sorrow.

In this way, just through breathing, you can connect. I want to make it clear that I did not originate this practice, I merely pass it on to you. Try to be aware at all times that there is a personal, transpersonal, and universal level of every experience. On the personal level, one asks, "Why am I caught in this?" This tension, this struggle, this chaos, what is it reflecting in the self? On the transpersonal level, be deeply aware of the pain of others and of your ability to offer your choice of kindness or attack to that pain. To reach out with a tension that says "fix this," is a way of attacking pain. It comes from fear. But to open out and say, "Love this and attend to it with love," this is the movement of presence and it brings transformation.

Finally, be aware of the universal level of your experience. If everything out there is a reflection of you, what you bring forth in this moment is reflected throughout the whole universe. In this moment, do you choose fear or love?

Return to this practice again and again. Ask, how can I bring more love into this difficult moment? Often just by breathing out and breathing in. Breathing in, I am aware of fear. Breathing out, I smile to fear. I pause for further questions.

Q: This question is for Jeshua. I was quite taken with the description of taking on a form, to smile at someone and perhaps help them buy the right pair of shoes or whatever. And I wanted to ask this question. Did the form that you projected into Glenda Green's studio have some historical reference and some accuracy to it, or was it a form that was to serve a current purpose?

Jeshua: It was both. It drew upon some historical accuracy. It also came through what you would see to be a human filter, what was acceptable to the human filter. The purpose of it, the portrait that came forth, the purpose of the most beautiful portrait was to awaken within ones their remembrance of me and what I have stood for, and of how you have walked with me. So yes, it has historical truth to it. Others would look at it and they would have feeling that perhaps part of it was not exactly how they remembered me.

Because as you will have remembrance of loved ones, loved ones perhaps who have passed on, you will have remembrance of how they looked when perhaps you were a small child and they were a bit older. And you have remembrance of how they looked. Someone who was on a peer level with them has another remembrance of how they looked, etc. So yes, to answer your question, historical accuracy, yes. There was some of the filtering that happened because of the artist and the artistry coming through where there was that understanding and that remembrance through her, and also for ones looking upon the portrait to have the heart connection, to say "I know that one." Does that answer your question? The tears that come to your eyes are tears of recognition, for truly you did and do know me.

Q: I want to ask, what's the reference to Linda Green's studio? I don't know what that's about.

Jeshua: Glenda Green is an artist. She has a studio. She does most wonderful paintings. She has a book also about how I appeared to her in the studio and asked her to paint my portrait of one Jesus. It is a most wonderful portrait of me and the clouds behind, there is one cloud behind that is in the form of a lion. And I have in the crook of my arm a lamb. It is called "The Lion and the Lamb," the portrait is called. It is within the hillsides of Galilee, I believe. It is most wonderful.

Q: Where do we find this portrait?

Jeshua: It is available from her, from Glenda Green. She has a book that will be found in any of your bookstores that tells of the painting of it, Love Without End. Would you add to that, brother Aaron? (no)

Q: This is directed to either one of you. I've been reading Dr Wayne Dyer's book, The Power of Intention. And this is so fascinating to me. A couple of days ago, I was driving home from work and was wondering how I was going to get the leaves picked up off my yard before I leave for Brazil next week. And when I drove up in my driveway there were 2 young boys raking up my leaves. I don't know who they were. Now I'm wondering, was it you and Aaron? (laughter) But it was like a little miracle to me. I think that I feel like I am tapping into that field of intention. And that was validation for me. Am I correct?

Aaron: I am Aaron. Aaron and Jeshua Lawn Service! Remember, C, that this is co-creation. You offer the intention and if you offer the intention from any place of contraction, it's met as that distortion of the pushing arms exercise. Pushing… but when you offer the intention from a place of release of contraction, inviting for the highest good, then of all the possible futures, the ones that move toward you are ones you are able to accept because you know they are for the highest good of all beings, ones you are able to set in place.

In simple answer to your question, I don't see this as just as moving toward validation of the power of intention, but more importantly toward learning how to bring forth that intention in the most skillful ways. Because as you said that there was some concern, how will this happen. But as I look back on this in your memory, there was not fear but more specifically a confidence, "I don't know how it will happen but I invite it to happen." I think that's the focal point. Had there been the fear, "I don't know how it will happen. Can I make it happen?" you could not make it happen. Or at least not smoothly. Perhaps you could have called a leaf service. They might have told you they couldn't come until a day after your departure. There would have been a lot of chaos. Choosing freedom from chaos; choosing love. "I invite this". And when there's no contraction then what you invite can come forth if it is for the highest good. I pause. Jeshua?

Jeshua: Most wonderful what you are doing this afternoon, for there has been intention to open the hearts, to open the minds, yes, but more than that to open the hearts to the vision of oneness and the realization of oneness. You have all come with what you would call conscious intent and a subconscious intent, where you have said, I want to know more realization of oneness. I want to know how it feels to be one with my brother, my sister, with a group, and know that I am one as a group.

Do this with me. Allow yourself to shift this way. (demonstrates) and then to shift this way (demonstrates). Let's get this together! (laughter) OK. Shift… And shift… There, much better. Very good, as one. That was energy in motion shifting as one. It was very easy to do. You came with intention to know that energy, and to know that oneness. You did not come with fear saying, I don't think this can be done, but you came with perhaps I would call it hope, and also the intention to know perhaps a small bit, perhaps a big bit, but you came with the intention. And for your experience, yes, it was most surprising, it was most, what is the word I want here, I would use your word "validation", yes, because what you had been intending, thinking, working upon, all of a sudden there it was in front of you. And it was "Aha! This really works!" Very good. I pause.

Aaron: I am Aaron. I would add something here specifically to C. As a part of your offering the intention to make this trip to John of God, you are inviting co-creation with the entities there. It seems to me that before you get to Brazil, it is necessary to have a clearer validation of the power of loving intention so that you and the entities together there can work for the growth and healing that you seek there. So this manifestation is part of the whole process. I pause.

Q: This is for you, Jeshua. I was relieved to hear some longstanding questions in my mind that I had been pondering for many years, that you had answered. My question is, where did the Essenes come from? Who were they? Where did they disappear to? And what language did you speak with Aaron in that time?

Jeshua: Very good questions. The Essenes have always been. The Essenes were the mystic ones, the ones who knew that there was something more than just what was right in front of them. They were the mystic ones in the time of Atlantis and Lemuria, they were even before that time. They were the ones who read the heavens. They were the ones who searched within their soul for the ancient knowledge. They were the ones who, as there was the upheaval upon the face of our Holy Mother the Earth, and the continents changed with Atlantis sinking, etc, they were the ones who remembered and saved, preserved, passed down to generations in the British Isles and also across all of Europe later into what you see the Middle East area, as time went on, and back and forth over time.

They are the ones who have always known that they have created our Holy Mother the Earth, and yet they are the ones who have agreed that they will walk in forgetfulness temporarily with the rest of the brothers and sisters so they could relate, so they could speak with the brothers and sisters in the language that is understood. But deep within their hearts, there is a yearning that many if not all of you have felt, of homesickness, of feeling like, "I don't quite belong here. I am homesick for somewhere, something, and I can't quite say what it is, but I feel a yearning within." The Essenes are the ones who have carried that seed within them, and they have taken it through all of the eons of time, carried it as you would see in a sacred vessel within.

Where did they disappear to? Right here. Exactly. You are the New Essenes, you are the Essenes come once again, reincarnated, to seek, to search, to find, and to then spread the word. You are the Essenes who want to know that which you do know deep within your heart, and you do want to share it with other ones. You are the Essenes who travel, make trek, to various places so you can be with ones of like mind. You are the ones who have a network of ones whom you call on your telephone, you write your emails to ones, because you keep in contact with, you have what is almost called network, it is called your web, where you keep in touch with ones of like mind. Doesn't matter if you are sitting here in what you call the state of Michigan, or if you are in a far country somewhere, and you have a friend, you can be in touch right away with that one. You are the Essenes come once again.

The Essenes have never died out. Sometimes they went a bit underground because there was a bit of the misunderstanding of other ones who seemed to be in power. So the Essenes said, "OK, we'll just zip the lip and keep a little quieter." But you have preserved the knowledge, the wisdom, and many of the manuscripts. Many of the manuscripts that will be coming to light, even in what you see to be your future. Some have already surfaced: your Dead Sea Scrolls have come up already, and there are others that have been secreted away that are going to be coming up into the light once again. And the most wonderful thing is going to be happening, as these ancient manuscripts as you're going to call them now, ancient, as they come to light you're going to look at them and you're going to have your scholars be able to decipher them. And you're going to say, "How wise that one who wrote all of this down. How wise that one was with the revelations, the understanding that was put into that writing. I revere that one. I worship that one and thank that one, because he/she took the time to write what now is coming to light." And the most wonderful secret of it all is that you were the one who wrote it. And you are now rediscovering it and finding the wisdom that you wrote ages ago.

So where did they go? They never get lost. They always come back.

So, here you are. Does that answer your question?

Q: And we are all actually ET's?

Jeshua: This is true, too. Yes, this is true.

Q: And the language you and Aaron communicated in?

Jeshua: Oh yes, I forgot that part. It was in Aramaic. It was also the language of the heart, the language of the eyes, the smile, the teasing. But it was Aramaic.

Q: Thank you.

Jeshua: Thank you for asking. If ever, brother Aaron, you want to add to that, just jump in.

Q: It feels to me, what's best for me is to simply surrender to the sacred divine energy of oneness and just follow that, that simple. Beyond thoughts, beyond question, beyond mind. Basically I'm looking to clear up some doubt.

Aaron: I am Aaron. You create a duality there, my friend, because you assume that the divine energy is beyond the thoughts and words, but it is right there with the thoughts and words. This is why I say you must hold both, the relative mundane space and the supramundane. Do you understand what I'm saying? I pause.

Q: I'm not sure because I always thought intention was intention of ego, possibly, and not God's will vs. my will. That which is divine within me, and that ego, to me there's a separateness. I'm not sure I understand.

I feel there's a difference between ego, which is a limited me, as I see it, and that which is divine within me. Separate messages.

Aaron: I am Aaron. The ego is one expression of the divinity. It's not either/or. With ego, we think of that contractedness of self that pulls itself back from the spaciousness of its truth. But the ego is just a distorted expression of the One.

Let me use a different example. If you have a pure underground spring, it bubbles up out of the ground, runs down the hillside, and in its movement it picks up some dust from the air, it picks up residue flowing off the grass, so the water is no longer 100% pure a half a mile downstream. It has things that have come into it and we think of it as distorted, polluted is your word. Can you see that the pure water is still there, and also the distorted runoff, the fertilizer, the air's dust, and so forth? In the ego there is the stream of pure awareness and love and there are the fear expressions. But if you think you have to go someplace where ego doesn't exist in order to find that clarity and love, then you're creating a duality. You go right there into the ego and you find both the expressions of fear and the pure stream of being, right there with the ego. Do you understand that or would you like further clarity of it? I pause.

Q: If I understand it, I would simply see divinity in everything, if that answers the question.

Aaron: I am Aaron. Yes, let me take it just one step further. Fear is a distortion, a contraction. When I use the term distortion, I do not necessarily mean something bad. If you shine a light into a clear pool of water, because there is a different density to the air and the water, the light beam seems to bend. We call that bend a distortion. Any energy can pick up a distortion. Fear is love with a certain distortion. Without love there cannot be fear. But if we focus on the fear with further distortion, afraid of the fear and thinking, "I must conquer the fear. I must fix the fear," it's just more contraction and takes one further from love.

If one sees the fear as fear, as contraction in the mind and the body, and brings forth the intention not to be reactive to fear but to hold it with the loving heart, one starts to see the love that is right there with the fear. It's always been there. When you practice in this way it transforms fear. It's like a snarling dog with no teeth. We see the snarl, but there are no teeth. It's just fear. One does not have to be afraid of fear. Ego is just ego. One does not have to be afraid of ego. Whatever comes, we can offer it love and see the truth of the divine through it. I pause.

Q: Thank you very much.

Q: I would like to hear Jeshua speak about healing. Two particular thoughts are in my mind. A story that's told in our Bible about a woman in a crowd who touched the hem of the gown of Jesus, and he turned in the crowd and said, "Who touched me?" The power had gone out of him. And many other stories about Jesus putting his hands on people and them finding wholeness. I'm also aware that the Essenes practiced healing. And someone asked a minute ago about intention. So I'd particularly like to hear Jeshua speak about intention vs. trying from the ego place.

Jeshua: First of all, I had no magic that you do not have. The woman who touched the hem of my garment had belief that if once she could touch me, she would be healed. And she finally got to the place where she could touch the hem of my garment. And she knew that that would be her healing.

I felt the connection of energy. That is why I knew someone had touched my garment. I felt a connection the same as when you put your electric into the socket, that you make a connection with your electric plug into the wall socket. I felt a connection that happened. It was not a draining of energy but it was a connection of energy coming together. And I knew that she had received because of her belief, her healing. I of myself did not heal. Others came to me knowing, believing, that they would be healed if they came into my presence. I had good press! (laughter)

The word of mouth got out that if you came and you were in my presence, there would be miracles that would happen. And because of the good press and the belief that it could happen, many were healed. There were also many who came with the just the hope that it would happen; not the belief, but the hope. And they went away not healed. But they are not written about in your scriptures so much. It is the miracles and the healing ones that are written about. But there were others who went away sorrowful because they did not receive that which they had hoped for but did not actually believe could happen.

Intention is very important with belief. They go hand in glove together. But there has to be more than just intention because intention can go with hope, and yet it will not happen. Intention has to go with a knowing, a belief, that it WILL happen. Not only that it can happen but it will happen. And this is why I say that I had good press, that I had good word of mouth from ones that HAD been healed, and they went back to their villages and their families and they said, "Look what happened." And others believed because they saw what had happened to the various friends. So they came with their intention, they came with their hope, and more than that, they came with a knowing that it was going to happen for them. And so they were healed.

In this day and time, you have most wonderful belief in healing outside of yourself, the same as it was in that day and time, that others can heal you. So you run off to your various medical facilitators and you say to them, "Heal me!" And they will give you what they know as their specialty. And perhaps it will work, perhaps it doesn't work. So you go to the next one, and you say, "Heal me!" And perhaps their specialty will work and perhaps it doesn't. And you go to another one and you say, "Heal me!"

As you get to a place where you have a belief that you know it's going to work, either because you have a friend that has gone to this medical facilitator and they have been healed, OK, or because of reputation, or because of the advertising that certain pharmaceuticals are magical and they will heal you, again it gets back to belief, then the healing comes forth not because of magic but because of belief.

Everything comes from belief. Everything that you create comes from belief. But getting back to your question with the intention, that has to come first. Then with it, yes the accompaniment of hope, you have that when you go to your medical facilitator, you hope he is going to have the right answer for you, and then as you have belief, it all comes together. Sometimes you will go to many medical facilitators with hope, even with intention, and after awhile you begin to know that it has to come from within. And you know that your belief is right here within. And you heal yourself.

That is powerful. Other times it is, I'm not downputting the times when you go to other ones, friends, medical facilitators, whatever, for help, I'm not downputting that at all, because there are many in your world, many of you in this room, who are sincere of heart wanting to help, and there may be, and often is, the connection that happens with the touching of the hem of the garment. In other words, the touching of the soul to soul that happens. But every healing comes forth from within.

Well, perhaps brother Aaron has something to add.

Aaron: I am Aaron. I would ask us to simply sit for a minute in silence and reflect on the meaning of Ever-Healed. What is this Ever-Healed within the self? Can you touch it, taste it, see it, feel it, or in any way come to know it by direct experience? It is related to what I spoke of just before: seeing the love right there with fear. Seeing clarity and oneness right there with ego, right here with the body with its deformities, its distortions. Can you experience the potential of the Ever-Healed and invite that potential to express? You do not do this by trying to get rid of the distortion but simply by focusing on the Ever-Healed rather than focusing on the distortion.

Let us sit for a few minutes in silence.

(pause/ silence)

Your clock announces to me that we must bring this session to a close. I want to share some thoughts with you about the next segment of our time together. We will share a meal, what you call a potluck, the luck of the pot. In those days when Jeshua traveled from village to village, and sometimes I was fortunate to travel with him, one of the ways people expressed their love and connection was to share food together. These were often very poor people, but there was not fear; instead, people put forth what they could in love. There was a wonderful sharing of energy along with the sharing of the food, fellowship which is such an important gift. The joy of energy shared, moving back and forth between you with love.

I would ask all of you as you share this meal to come and sit by the fire, figuratively, with me and Jeshua, to take on your plate that which will best nourish this body, to eat it with reverence, deeply aware of the interconnection with the food itself, and with all of the beings that came together to provide this food. Consider something as simple as your macaroni and cheese; there are the farmers that grew the wheat and other farmers that milked the cow. There are people who made the cheese, and people who processed it and sold it in the store. Tens of thousands of people are participating in this meal you will now share. And animals and the earth and the plants of the earth. Touch deeply on the interbeing, the oneness, expressed through the meal.

Another exercise you may wish to share, this is entirely optional, but for those for whom it has a resonance, you might wish to spend part of your meal literally feeding and being fed by another person. Do not feed them from your plate but switch plates: you have his plate and fork, he has yours. And then take turns offering each other a spoonful of food from the plate. How does it feel to literally feed another? How does it feel to receive? After awhile do giver and receiver disappear so there is simply people being fed, not separate people, just this whole expression of shared energy, through your love and through the food itself.

Take the time to feel gratitude for the food and see how that opens your heart and connects you to it. I wish you a delightful dinner. Jeshua, do you wish to add something? I pause.

Jeshua: Namaste.

(taping ends)

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