October 23, 2004 - Part 1

Barbara: Welcome to everyone. I want to begin with introductions and to tell you how today came about. At a gathering in British Columbia this summer for 5 days, Jeshua and Aaron talked about the Realization of Oneness. We humans and Aaron and Jeshua had such a good time, we decided we need to do it here. We don't have 5 days, we have one day, but it will be enough. We'll plan a longer gathering in the future.

For those who don't know me or Judi, and who have not met Aaron before, brief introductions from us all. I'm Barbara Brodsky. I'm the guiding teacher of Deep Spring Center. Our whole name is Deep Spring Center for Meditation and Spiritual Inquiry, and we do all of that. The meditation we teach is drawn from Buddhism, not to create Buddhists but simply to help people be more present in each moment, because we need to be here in the moment, for all that follows.

The spiritual inquiry mostly revolves around Aaron. I'll tell you a little about how I met him. I lost my hearing in 1972 suddenly after my first child was born, and I struggled a lot in those early years, a lot of anger, a lot of fear. Why did this happen to me? Not fair. I learned to cope with it very well, but when I saw 2 people together talking, I would shut down. There was so much grasping. I need to know what they're saying.

So the years passed. There was more space. I was able to handle the deafness adequately, Aaron's favorite word, adequately. I became a super mom in some ways, had 2 more kids. I was teaching sculpture at the University of Michigan. Had a very full and rich life. But I knew there was something under there I needed to understand, and that I was shutting myself out of experience, closing down.

Finally at one point I prayed for help. I don't know what kind of help I was expecting. I didn't know anything about channeling. I had been meditating for many years, had been meditating maybe since 1960, really had a daily meditation practice all those years. But I was sitting in my living room meditating and suddenly I saw this entity in front of me: radiant white light, a big full beard, very deep penetrating blue eyes. And I could feel his energy, the way you feel the energy when your back is to the door and you feel somebody enter a room.

I was very startled and said, "Who are you? What is this?" I got up, I walked out of the room. I didn't wait for an answer. I went out of the room, got a cup of tea. I thought, maybe it's a delusion. Maybe I'm hallucinating; but at some level I really knew I wasn't hallucinating. And I almost wished I was, because it would have been easier than the alternative that this was real.

So I came back and he was still there. I just sat and meditated and sat there with his energy. The next day he was still there. I asked him, "Who are you?" He said, "You asked for help. I'm here to help."

I needed a few days with this, but his energy was so calm and loving and present, there was no push for me to do anything. He was just there. So I finally said, "okay, what are you here to teach me?" And he said, "You are suffering. Let's start there. Let's look at the nature of the suffering." Indeed I was suffering. And he took me on an amazing journey to understand that the deafness was not the cause of the suffering but the anger about the deafness, the grasping, "I shouldn't be deaf, it's not fair."

So as I made more peace with the deafness, it was just the experience of deafness, ears that don't hear. That's all it is. I started to be able to see how the anger was related to fear that I wouldn't be safe, old habit energy, grasping. And just to relax and to simply be deaf.

About 3 months into this I went to a workshop. Some of you may have read books from Stephen Levine. It was out of state, down to North Carolina. I wrote to Stephen ahead of time and I said, "I'm deaf and I'm not coming to hear your workshop, I'm coming to not hear your workshop." And he understood exactly what I meant by that. That I meant that I was just coming to be there and watch all the grasping that came up. "I've got to hear this!" because I knew, I truly knew at a certain level, there was nothing he was saying that I needed to hear. That at some level I already knew this. Not only knew that I didn't need to hear, but knew what he was saying.

So I went down there and I watched him and of course, the first day the grasping came up. "I'm going to miss something! I've got to get it! Something's going by and it's just what I needed. I'm going to miss it!" By the third day, the miracle was not that I could hear, the miracle was that there was just somebody deaf sitting there, just somebody on the platform talking. There was no grasping any more; I was just able to sit there, feel sad sometimes that I couldn't hear, but not with a lot of fear, no grasping.

When I came home, people started to ask me could they talk to Aaron. I said, "I suppose so." At first there were just "yes" and "no" answers, and then a longer answer. I said, "I don't know how to do this." He said, "Just be quiet. Hear what I'm saying and say it out." So, I did. Somebody said, "Oh, you're channeling." What's channeling? I still didn't know what channeling was.

So it's grown from there. This was a long time ago. We started with a half dozen people in my living room teaching the meditation that Aaron was teaching me and with me channeling Aaron. And now we've got a big organization. There are 15 dharma teachers. We have a wonderful board of directors, rotating every few years so many people have a chance to do this work. Many, many classes. It's been wonderful to watch this process of growth and learning for all.

Now you have some sense of who I am. I want to pass this to Judi.

Judi: Barbara and I met on email some years ago by mistake. (Laughter) I know now that Jeshua and Aaron had this all planned, but we didn't know it consciously at that point. A friend of ours had an email list that she sent out a daily Jeshua message to. She had a separate email message list for other people, and one day she got the email lists mixed up so that Barbara received the daily Jeshua message by mistake. But it wasn't a mistake. And when Barbara read it, she said that usually she didn't read other people's spiritual writings because she didn't need to, but she was drawn to read this one. After that then, she wrote to me, and we began a correspondence that I think goes back now about 4 or 5 years, quite awhile back. We shared a lot of similarities of growing up outside of Philadelphia, I grew up outside of Philadelphia, and a lot of other similarities in just this lifetime, which was interesting.

My introduction to Jeshua was entirely different from Barbara's. Tom, whom probably a lot of you have met, is a Unity minister. In the 1980s we were very interested in channeled material. We published a newspaper with channeled material in it. After awhile, Unity itself, the movement, became a bit uncomfortable with our channeled material because they didn't support this. So we formed Oakbridge University as the educational branch of our Unity church.

That was formed in 1989. In 1990, Unity was still a bit upset with us and we had to make a choice. We believed in the channeled material. We didn't want to just keep it limited to what had been, we really felt there was a lot of information in the future coming through channeled entities, channeled material. So Tom chose to resign from the Unity church and go with Oakbridge University.

When we did this, we had chapel service on Sunday mornings, of course. And Tom asked me if I would announce the classes we were going to be having in the upcoming week. And I said sure, I would be part of the service and that I would announce the classes. And then I would sort of add in at the end of the announcements a thought for the day, something that was kind of inspirational, whatever.

One Sunday morning in the shower, I heard the words, "Go and be amongst the people and share from your heart." I wondered, what does this mean? Now, I know a lot of us have mind chatter that goes on, and I have mind chatter. But I don't usually say, "amongst the people." (laughter) And "Go and share from your heart?" Well, okay. So I did the announcements and then I walked down to the first row of chairs, and I would share whatever I had read that week that seemed to be inspirational, whatever I was led to say.

And during that time when I was talking, I felt an energy coming through me, but I didn't know what it was. And at a certain point in the talking, there would be like the energy would withdraw. And I knew, okay, it's finished. It's time to sit down. And this went on for about a year and a half. And I said to Tom, "This feels different." I had taught at the University level. I had done workshops. I knew what it felt like to prepare a lesson, to be up in front of people, to know what I was going to be saying. But this wasn't that kind of thing. It was, and it wasn't. And it felt very strange.

We did this for a year and a half, and at Easter time, 1993, Jeshua, in front of a whole congregation of people on a Sunday morning, announced who He was, and that he wanted to tell the Easter story in His own words, and that He had been speaking through me for some time, but that I thought I was doing it...

So I heard these words. And it felt very strange to be talked about in the third person like I wasn't there. And yet it felt so loving that it felt very natural to allow it to happen. In the beginning the messages were very short. We continued like that on the Sundays just doing the short messages. And then he asked me to do a Friday evening session. And I thought, "No way! I am going to run out the back door. I am not going to do that." But again, as you've all maybe had the experience, you dig in your heels into gravel, and it doesn't stop the movement.

That was in 1993. Since then we have published 4 of His books, the 4th one just came out in August of this year. We put out a newsletter each month; if you're interested in receiving that, I'm sure there's a signup sheet for it back there somewhere. We do monthly meetings at our home now; once a month we get together and He has a message in the first hour; in the second half of the evening He takes questions and answers.

And then we do advances in different places. Our summer advance is usually up in British Columbia, Whistler. It's usually 5 days long, as Barbara said, where He speaks every evening. And also Joseph and Mother Mary come through and they have a chance to speak as well.

Barbara: I am not channeling Aaron now, just paraphrasing him, and he's asking me to share with you a very little bit about who he is. He says you all know who Jeshua is. Aaron is a bit more obscure.

This is just from me. In his final human lifetime in the 1500s, he tells us he was a Buddhist meditation master in Thailand. But he has no self-identity as that Buddhist meditation master. Yet he says he did find freedom from this whole cycle of birth and death in that lifetime, and through these practices. So he teaches from these practices.

They're really universal meditation practices to lead us into an experience of Oneness. That's all they are. Every year at Christmas, he tells his "Christmas stories" about the lifetime in which Jeshua lived 2000 years ago. More about that lifetime came out at the advance last summer. In the past he said he was just a simple shepherd. But it turns out he was also an Essene master/teacher/practitioner. He was both a shepherd and had deep Essene training. He was dedicating that lifetime to teaching in the fields, teaching the more simple, uneducated people. He came into the incarnation to do that, to join with the human father of that lifetime to do this work.

His human father in this incarnation felt that the people in the cities had so much hostility, fear and anger as to be hard to approach, not yet ready to hear these teachings of love, but the people who worked as shepherds and farmers and so forth, that they could be reached more with these teachings. He asked Aaron, then literally in incarnation as a very elderly man named Aaron,. if he would come next as his son, to help with this work, and Aaron agreed. So Aaron came into that next incarnation as a child given the name Nathaniel, specifically to learn and teach these things. As a child and as young man, he spent half his year in the hills with the sheep and shepherds, and half the year at the Essene school.

Aaron and Jeshua were friends in that lifetime, although Aaron was somewhat older than Jeshua. Aaron came into the incarnation to help prepare the way for Jeshua, to help people develop their higher consciousness and bring forth the loving, non-dual heart. It was fun to see the playfulness between them at Whistler and also Aaron's great love for Mary and Joseph, and theirs for him. We felt like we were watching a loving reunion of friends.

At this point, let us be quiet for a few minutes and then Aaron says Jeshua plans to start. So we will be quiet for a few minutes, and when Jeshua is ready we will begin.


Jeshua: Beloved and Holy and Only Child of our Heavenly Father, Child of the One Source, Child of Light, Divine: that is who you are. Take it deeply within the consciousness and contemplate what that means. I am the one known as Jeshua ben Joseph, Jesus you have called me, and it is in great joy that I come to abide with you this afternoon in your timing, as you have chosen once again to call me forth. Great joy of reunion, great joy to look into the eyes, physical eyes, eye to eye, and yet to behold the radiance, you call it the aura, around each one. To behold the spirit that activates the body. To behold in truth the Christ.

So beautiful. Look what happens. One smiles and the whole room lights up. It is beautiful to see! It is great joy, always, to be in your presence, whether to be in this form this way to speak with you, or to be with you as the companion unseen, for always I walk with you. There is no place that you can be that I am not, and in truth no place I can be that you are not, for there is but one mind, one Christ. Many expressions of the one, yes, but truly only One, the Christ.

I will come back to you later. I cannot resist. There is the most wonderful blessing of physicality, being able to reach out and to touch. That is why you give the hugs to each other. You want to reach out and know the oneness, even with the physicality, reach out and you exchange energy. And what happens when you exchange energy in the hug? What happens? You go heart to heart in the hug. That is why you do the reaching out and the hugs. You put the heart chakra next to the heart chakra, and there is at that knowing, a certain level of knowing, the realization of oneness, even on the physical level. You allow yourself the radiance of each aura as it seems to be individualized, then to be blended with another one's into a greater orb of light.

You are all great rays of light. You have chosen to come into this incarnation to allow your light and your love to be brought into this reality one more time. For truly you have done this before, this is not your first incarnation. You have come many times to be incarnate. You have said to the father, "I am willing, send me one more time. I will go. I will bring my light and my love to a reality that does not believe yet in oneness. A reality that yet believes in duality, that there could be good and not so good, everything in between from the perfection to the non-perfection, all the different levels in between. I will come one more time. I will bring my enlightenment and I will allow that to be shared with others.

"And on the journey, I will enjoy the beauty of this planet, our Holy Mother the Earth. I will allow myself to know the beauty of each brother, sister. I will look around and see a brother, a sister, even in the beauty of the flower, for every living thing is of the essence of Christ, the essence of spirit, the essence of oneness." There is no thing created or uncreated that is outside of the mind of God. So as you will look upon the most beautiful of flowers that someone has had the generosity to provide, you see yourself in the center as the light of the flower. You see yourself in the process of the flower as it opens from the bud into the most wonderful expression of life itself. As you will watch your seasons, most wonderful season right now where you see the leaves that are turning the wonderful colors, and they put on the show for you. They say, "Look, I am here. I am doing my thing. If you have the eyes to see me," and you do, "allow yourself to drink in the vibration of beauty, of oneness." And then when they have done their thing, they allow most gracefully the leaves to fall. The same as you will soon see the snow, the flakes, falling most gracefully. The beauty of the seasons that you behold here, that you bring forth from the one mind. Great creators that you are, you are the extension of the one creator come into this reality, seemingly as an individual, individuated energy, and yet all one from one source, an extension.

Some of you have heard that you are a child of God, and that is most wonderful to understand even that concept, that you are a child of God, because that is true of you. Child of God, and yet you are even more than Child of God. You are the extension of God, of the one mind, come into this reality. You are not separate from the Creator. You have heard it said in your scriptures where I have been quoted as saying, "I and the Father are One." And what I meant by that, and it is true for you as well, for we are not separate, "I and the Father are One. You and the Father are One. You are an extension of Light come into this reality to bring your light and your love and your laughter to this plane that so much cries out for healing, for love, for laughter.

In the realization of oneness, as you will understand, it has been said several times by your wise ones that as you take a breath, truly you are breathing the breath of the Buddha. You are breathing the breath of all the great masters who have incarnated. That breath is still here. And you are breathing it, the same molecules. You are breathing of the oneness of all of the masters, which in truth you are.

Feel how connected that is? How connected you are to the Buddha, to the masters, by any name you want to call them. How connected you are to your Self, with a capital S? For truly the oneness that you seek to realize is you. It is as simple as that. It is as simple as the deep breath, that which you have been practicing because you wanted to reach a certain place—already you are at that place. As you take the deep breath, what happens? You come to a place, for a moment at least, a place of opportunity of peace.

Breathe with me. One deep breath. How does that feel? Peaceful. And if you want to abide there, it is your opportunity to abide in peace. If the world calls to you in the next moment and there is something you have to attend to, that is okay. Do what you need to do, but remember to return quickly to the place of the breath and the place of peace. Taking that deep breath, allowing the whole body to expand, allowing the aura to expand, knowing yourself to be perfection itself.

No matter what the body will say to you, and I know the body speaks to you of various aches and pains, of various parts of the body that do not want to work quite right, the breath will allow you peace in the midst of all pain, whether it be physical or emotional. The breath will allow you peace. It allows you the connection with your oneness.

I pause now for my brother Aaron.

Aaron: My blessings and love to you all. I am Aaron. It is a joy to share this space with you today and my beloved friend and brother Jeshua. (Aaron lifting off Barbara's glasses, which he always does as he begins to talk.) I never liked to wear these glasses in any lifetime. These are an improvement over the heavy glass they used to have 2000 years ago, however.

I've been enjoying listening to Jeshua speak and watching your energy, the movement of energy in the room, the connection of energy in the room. Each of you came in separate. You talked to each other and there was a mingling of energy and pulling back, mingling and pulling back. Each person holding their own space and self-identity. But as Jeshua began to speak, you each opened into his energy field, and in so doing you released the barricades that kept you so separate. So the energy in the whole room now is much higher and lighter and more connected.

We come here to speak about oneness. Please note that we have entitled this day, "The Realization of Oneness." Not the creation of oneness, the realization of oneness. So many of you cry out at your aloneness, your sense of alienation and separateness. We would ask why humans hold on to that sense of separateness.

You are here in incarnation to learn love, other learning too, of course, but primarily to learn love. Resting in that unindividuated spaciousness and connection, there is only love. There is nothing to fear in that space and connection. Fear is difficult, but you are not in incarnation to avoid the experience of fear, but rather, to transcend the experience of fear through the power of love. If there was no fear, ever, no catalyst to challenge you to more consciously connect to the love that is innate to your being, certainly you might be loving. And yet, it doesn't have the same power if there is no challenge or catalyst because so much of this growth depends on your free will choice. It is not just to be loved but to choose love when that choosing is difficult.

When you thusly choose, you commit to know that highest essence of not just your being but of all beings. You commit to express that highest essence out into the world. It is this power of intention that makes the love energy even greater, makes the vibrational frequency higher.

The human plane is a difficult experience. These bodies age. I know I'm not telling you anything new there. They deteriorate. They have aches and pains. Loved ones get sick and die. Things don't go the way you planned. The roof leaks. The firewood is wet so the fire hisses, smokes and burns out. The car doesn't start. The job you wanted is not offered. Things don't go as planned.

Into this heavy density earth you have come to see how you can offer love even in these difficult and painful situations. Each time you choose not to broadcast fear, and fear's companions such as greed and hatred, each time you choose not to broadcast that but to watch the move into contraction, and the sense of limitation, of separateness, you reinforce the movement of love. In a loving way you say no to fear's movement; you see how the habit energy pulls you back, and how, when you note it is just habit energy, you don't have to follow it.

If there was suddenly a loud crack of thunder, everybody in the room's energy field would contract. Perhaps not Barbara's, she doesn't hear. But the rest of you. It's just habit energy. When you contract and move into the sense of a separate self, that separate self believes, "I must protect this self from all of that". With awareness of the whole process of arising thought, you begin to see that this also is just habit energy.

Just because there is an impulse to contract and the body does so doesn't mean that it has to go on with it, story after story after story. Mind thinks, "Something dangerous out there", then, "Someone bad in here, to be separating like this." You learn that these are just fictions that you tell and retell, until you have come to believe they are truth.

This is where your meditation practice becomes valuable, to find a still place where you can watch the whole flow of mind and body experience so that you can see that habituated reaction to fear, and how it pulls you off into the delusion of separation. Then out of your free will arises the deep loving response, "I do not need to follow these stories of fear. I choose love". You do not choose love by taking a stick and chasing fear, you choose love by extending love to this human who is afraid.

It is easy to be loving in heaven. When I say heaven, I use that term loosely, not as a physical location but within the heaven of the awareness and loving kindness. It is easy to be loving on the non-material planes when there is a clarity about the true nature of your being. It is much harder to be loving in this heavy density experience where the nature of your being is not so clearly understood.

Some of you wonder why you cannot hold both grounds at once, the human experience and the highest consciousness. You are learning to do that. It is a very difficult thing to do because in the human plane, the vibrational frequency is lower. When you tune into relationships, to body/physical experience, to experience around you in the world, you're working with the heavier density physical body. It simply is heavier density just because it is material.

When you move into meditation - and some of you have experienced in deep meditation an ease, an opening where the body seems to dissolve, the ego seems to dissolve - you move into this highest awareness, knowing your oneness, but it is difficult to take the body with you there. But as you do this kind of practice, simply reminding yourself that even in this difficult situation it is possible to love, you gain certainty that when fear or hatred arise it is possible to love this self in whom it has arisen and not despise the self because a negative thought has arisen.

As you practice in this way, the vibrational frequency of the heavier bodies, physical body, emotional body, is raised. You become increasingly able to hold the space. I like to talk about it as quite literally having the feet planted on the ground, upper body, upper chakras in heaven, and the heart connecting the two. You are a bridge. Spirit alone cannot be the bridge because we don't have the materiality to hold the heavier density. The human who is blind to his true nature, who is not open in the upper chakras, cannot be such a bridge because it's caught into the heavy density. You, you who come into this kind of gathering with your hearts so open, you who are seeking, you are the bridge.

As you do this work in yourselves, attempting to stay deeply open and connected on the mundane level and to hold the highest vibration that you can, you literally shift the heavy density vibration of the whole material plane, the whole earth plane. This is part of the transition of earth into the next higher density, into a 4th density planet, and eventually into an even higher density planet. So we are bringing the material world along. This is why many of you have come. You have come certainly to resolve your own karma. You have come to learn and to teach. As Jeshua put it, you have courageously said, "Yes, I'll come again, and even again and again, to do this work with as much love as possible, to bring forth this light and love on this material plane so that that light and love can literally broadcast out into the universe."

Cherish yourselves. We know it is not easy, this work that you do. Our hope today is to make it a little easier, to bring you a bit deeper understanding. I offer the figurative passing of the microphone to Jeshua. I thank you.

Jeshua: As my brother Aaron has spoken, the vibrations upon the Earth at this time are in process of being raised. They are not the lowest that they have ever been, there has been greater density. And there is a vibrational quality that is arising.

My earthly father, Joseph, in his incarnation as St. Germain, has spoken recently about the, I will say urgency, but it is not a word he would use, about your intention to raise the vibration of the world at this time. For your world is very heavy, as you know. There is much of chaos and conflict that is going on, much of separation. That is why Aaron and I decreed desire to have this afternoon in a realization of oneness, because there is so much of the brothers and sisters who speak of separation, who speak that I can make decision here in this geopolitical grouping that will affect another country somewhere. I can make decision, as you leaders have done, that will affect other groupings, whether they want it or not. And there is seen much decision-making from the place of separation.

You are moving toward a place of wanting to know oneness. The brothers and sisters who are in what you would see as a far location, who are not understanding, "Why this is happening. Why are the bombs raining down upon us? We thought that it would be different." They are wanting to know oneness. And truly what this whole exercise is about, I'm not speaking this afternoon about this afternoon, but the whole exercise of what has been going on for the past few years, is to bring ones to the place of realization that separation does not work.

You have had a lineage over thousands of years where there have been decisions made from the place of separation, from the place of, "I have more power, therefore I will say what you have to do." And the place of the belief in separation has been tried over and over and over to the place where you do not want to live in separation. You do not want to have other people making decisions for you. You want to be in love. You want to be in harmony, in a place of equality where you can make your own decisions and you can respect other people's decisions for themselves. You may not agree with their decisions or their belief system, but you want to be in a place where you can respect and honor and allow their belief systems.

You are coming to that in this geopolitical grouping known as your country, where there is an emphasis, I will say, put upon the respecting of diversity. It is a beginning. It is a great step. And as this geopolitical grouping is a melting pot, as it is an example for the rest of your world, you are making great strides in moving past separation to the place where at least you allow and respect diversity. That then will move out into what you see to be the general community of the whole world. It is slowly, albeit slowly, moving to that place.

When first we came to this plane to create this planet, Aaron and I, many other masters, you included, came as a great committee, a council if you will, to decide how to create a most beautiful star constellation with the sun being the center of the constellation, with the planets revolving around. And how to bring forth this planet, most beautiful planet, how to create it and what to bring forth upon it.

For in the beginning this planet was just energy, spirit energy. And then there was thought to make it a bit more dense into form, to bring that energy into form. It was still amorphous, it was still misty, cloudlike, but it was energy that was beginning to take form.

And as the creators of this most wonderful planet, and all of the other planets as well but we will use this one as example, we brought forth different forms within and upon the planet: this sphere itself, the oceans, the mountains, the clouds that then became greater oceans, as they would condense and they would cover up some of the mountains and the valleys, so that you have now what you see to be the continents. It was not always thus, it changed, it has changed over time.

And as we brought forth this form, we knew ourselves to be creators, the extension of the one creator. We knew ourselves to be a council of oneness bringing forth form. And you have a saying in your scriptures that the light danced upon the firmament. And we did. As the light, we danced upon the firmament and we called it good. We liked what we created and we knew that we were the creators. And we lived upon and within as energy, as spirit energy.

And then there was thought to bring forth what would grow upon the terra firma, the trees, the plants, all kinds, from the tiny alpine flower that blooms for just one day to the giant tree that you cannot put your arms around, it is so, so wide, so big, and to grow many hundreds of years. And we brought forth all kinds of form of animal, now you call them, to race through the forest and to live in the oceans, to live in the air and to walk on land. And we tried all different forms from what you would see to be the great whale that you still have, the dinosaurs that came and went, the tiny, what you call gnat, fruit fly, all different forms. And we knew ourselves to be the creators, the spirit energy that brought all this forth. And we delighted in our creations.

And as time went on, for there is a belief in time in this reality, a belief in process, that says you begin somewhere, you have a long middle, and perhaps you will reach your goal at the end of it. It is a process that happens. As the time went on, the remembrance of who created all of this wondrous form was forgotten, and we began to feel more identified with the creation, with the physical creation that we had made for ourselves, the same as we had done with the trees and the animal, we took human form. You have legend, most wonderful legend, of the half-man, half-animal, and now man in his arrogance says, "Well that couldn't be. I couldn't be half animal, animal is beneath me." No form is beneath you; if it is alive and living, it is spirit.

And so that which has been seen as legendary was true, it was an experiment to see what it would be. But as time went on and evolution, it was decided that this form would be the human form. And there become identification, very close identification with this form to the place where, "I have to defend this form. This is me. And if anything happens to this form, where am I going to be? Where am I going to be?"

And with that false realization came the belief in separation, where, "I am separate from you and I better watch out for what you're going to do because you're bigger than I am. And if you take it into your mind that you want to pick me up and take me off somewhere, um, I don't know about that." Where I have to look after, and I have to protect, because I am separate from the rest of you. If the rest of you decide you're going to be against me, because I see separation, then fear is born.

You are in process now of changing that, of reversing that, of coming to the place of realization that spirit is spirit, that Christ energy is Christ energy, and every living created form, even whether it is created or uncreated, is of the Father.

(To participant) I hope that does not bother you (stroking the hair). Very good, I enjoy doing that. (laughter)

You are reversing what has been held for eons of time a truth, lowercase t, to say that there is separation and I have to defend that which is mine. I have to defend this body, I have to defend my dwelling place, I have to defend my family, I have to defend my religious belief, etc, etc, etc.

Now you are coming to a place where you are opening to respecting the treasure of diversity. Getting back to the place where you are seeing that what is important is creation itself and energy itself, and knowing your connection, your divine connection, with the energy that then brings forth form.

I pause now for my brother Aaron.

Aaron: I am Aaron. She puts them on, I take them off. (removing glasses) There is respect for all levels of your being, for that which does not need the spectacles and for that which depends on the spectacles. For that which sees with clear vision, and for that which is caught in a temporary blindness.

The diversity of which Jeshua speaks is here within yourself. You don't have to go into the wide world to see it. You see in yourself every nuance of being. When that which arises is based in fear and negativity, you do not have to be reactive to that movement. You carry the intention not to act/ speak that negativity into the world. But you must learn not to despise the negativity, which would be just the expressing it, but in a more subtle way.

Every negative person that you see in the world, if they're spouting hate, that is an aspect of yourself. And every saint you have admired, that is also within the self. You are the animals, the trees, the humans, the angels. It's all right there within you.

Sometimes you may feel the angel in the self locked up, that you cannot access the clarity and love within you. Just taking a pause, as Jeshua said earlier, the pause to breathe, can begin to re-open the space wherein you can find the divine radiance within the self, the peace and light within the self.

We do an exercise sometimes where we ask somebody to push; F, will you join us? Push. (man pushing)

As he pushes, the habit energy may want to push back. Ah. But as I feel him pushing, I can relax and just let his energy flow beyond me. That which closes into the separate self is afraid to experience the aggression in the other because it mirrors the aggression in the self. That which knows the aggression in the self as non-dual with the love, fears it not, and is not afraid of its reflection.

If there is strong criticism of that habit energy to contract, and the belief that we should not have fear, we may go to the opposite extreme. The pushing comes and we may collapse completely thinking, "I shouldn't do anything." That's not compassionate. Then that person will just keep stomping on you.

What is the balance between collapsing and fighting back? Again, one more time. (pushing arms again)

I just divert his push, can you see how I'm doing that? He pushes towards me. If he pushes directly toward me, I divert it. Where can he push? I just allow the energy tom pass me, then give it back. We might phrase it as, I attend to it. I don't tense up with the small ego in control. I allow myself to take that breath and stay centered. I allow the barriers of the separate self to come down, so that that which relates to the difficult pushes of the world is love rather than fear. And if fear comes up, I simply know fear as one of the pushes and relate to fear with love.

We're going to give you an opportunity to experience this, not just to talk about it. I will pause here to find out if it is raining. (drizzling, but not pouring) Some of you will choose to go outside with this exercise, some of you will try it in the hallways here or in the center of the room.

What we wish you to do is to form into groups of any size, minimum of 3 people. Perhaps a maximum of 7 or 8 or it will become unwieldy. We would ask you to face outward within the group and link elbows. Before you link up, make a plan such as to move from here to here. Maybe just a distance of 5 feet. If one person tries to dominate the group, everybody feels pushed and off balance. Now you link elbows; no talking; you've decided which direction you're going; no talking; allow yourself to connect with the others in your group. Allow yourself to connect energetically and mentally too, until the group as a whole begins to feel the readiness to move. There will be no stumbling then. Everybody will be a part of it. If one person feels like they're stumbling, or if the group feels like there's pushing and pulling, stop. Breathing in, allow yourself again to connect. Invite that connection. Readiness to respond to the whole group. Become one entity, no longer 3 or 8 separate people.

So those of you with jackets who are willing to go out and do this for 10 minutes, please take it outside where there's more space to play with it. But you can also do it in small groups in the hallway here and in this room. When we come back we will discuss your experiences. I pause.

Groups go to do the exercise.

Aaron: I am Aaron. We would ask you to share of your experience. Especially we would like to know if the group became quite literally one entity, and how it felt when you were separate entities, arms linked, pushing and pulling. I pause.

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Q: We kept going in a clockwise motion. It was really smooth and easy, and for quite awhile. And then, I don't know if it was me, but I thought we're moving forward as clockwise. I thought, what would it be like is reverse? And suddenly we stopped and we reversed. So we were one.

Q: I thought it was very interesting. Here I was with 3 perfect strangers so to speak, and we decided to go all the way across the street, clear over to the meadow, to the tree and turn around and come back. My experience was, is that when we first started out, I felt like I was in the world and people were pulling me every which-way. And that was my experience in relating it to lowercase r reality.

Then we got over to the tree and by the time we got to the tree we were moving quite well. I had stopped stepping on people's feet. And I was proud of that. And as we were under the tree, L said, "Let's just stand here for awhile and be one." And that was a nice experience because we were able to look up at the trees and be one with the trees, the color in the various trees, and for some reason or other it came to me that here I am, one with 4 people, or 3 people and myself, and how nice it would be to understand and really believe that I really am one with everyone else. And have the peace that we had. We had a lot of peace, standing under that tree. So it was a very nice experience and I thank you for it.

Q: We were in a fairly good-sized group. I walk with a walker most of the time. I can take a few steps without. And for me, in our group we decided we would make a decision to make one motion. And once we had completed a motion and ran into an obstacle, then we'd make a decision to go elsewhere. I was a little concerned because I thought, in view of the fact of my walking abilities, I might have some problems. And what I did was I closed my eyes and every time I felt fear coming up, I said, "I can let the fear go and trust the others in the group to be one with me and help me move along." And I thought that that was an excellent experience.

Q: I was in a group with 3 other people. We started out with an intention to move towards the picnic table. I could feel continuity and harmony in doing that. We had to spin or move in a counterclockwise direction until we reached the table. It was very peaceful and there was a lot of contentment. And then as we began to break up, one of the members suggested we do it again and we move with intention toward the pine trees. So we practiced that the second time. This time we began to rotate away from the picnic table and we were definitely directional as we went towards the pine trees. But when we got to the pine trees, we stopped and there was no verbal communication, but it felt like, it was very peaceful, it felt like almost a state of bliss. I began to feel a warmth starting to rotate from the right side of me. Even though the water from the trees were dripping on me, I didn't want to leave that state. I didn't care whether I stood out there and got wet, and I could have continued to stay out there for as long as anyone. Just whatever, I just felt like a peaceful statue. It was very nice.

Q: A few of us stayed inside so we didn't have a long distance to go. But the more clearly we articulated our goal in the first place, the better the group understood what we were trying to do. And as we moved then, I felt a lot like a leaf on a current of the ocean, so that as I relaxed into that sort of leafness, I could actually feel the current of energy from everyone else and myself. Then as I felt that movement, then I would just move. And then the rest of the group would just move along with that. So that we were all then going toward the goal. As we reached the goal and set a new goal, it was a lot easier to make the new goal because we'd had success with the first one. So we knew it was possible, we knew we could do it, and it felt good. So going to the second one felt more joyful.

Q: I purposely found a group of men. I didn't really purposely, there were 3 men there and I thought, "Hmm, let's try this." And it was interesting because there was this story going on about who it was I was in group with. And we started to move, and it felt to me like there was this energy that was moving me, and why were they moving me, and why were all these men moving me?

Then I realized that it wasn't them moving me, it was me not moving the way everyone else was moving. And just opening up and letting my arms dangle, or pushing my feet in whatever direction I needed to, and working with whoever it was. Seeing that we could all move together and be together as men or as women or as just beings. It was a very helpful exercise.

Q: My group was all familiar to me. It was very, very easy to connect with them. In fact we did sort of rudimentary movement in one direction and then the other direction, and then we just sort of became this wonderful amorphous sea creature, that kind of bobbed and weaved in the currents of the room, but we didn't really try to move anywhere. We just were one with each other. It was like being on the reef, you know, you look at it and see the coral but it's actually a bunch of separate creatures, it just looks like it's one thing. And that's how it felt being in the group. It was wonderful. And there was just no resistance, just this wonderful feeling of flow, everything back and forth. Very enjoyable.

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