January 17, 1996 Project Expand, Intention, Manifestation, Rebirth Consciousness

96.01.17 private, Corrected.

January 17, 1996 Project Expand

Aaron: I am Aaron. My love to you both and to our four-legged friend as well. We are still laying a foundation for the understanding of both rebirth consciousness and manifestation for, of course, these go hand-in-hand. When we attempt to isolate those elements which create rebirth consciousness, we must look at the activities of the mental body and especially at intention. On the astral plane, intention is very clear. There is an overall perspective which notes all the necessary substeps to manifesting the final intention. By simple example, if I wish to build a structure, I must first check the soil to be certain that it is of a composition which will support my structure. Therefore, before I can build up I must dig down. The casual observer might ask, “I thought you wanted to build. Why are you digging?” It only seems to be the opposite direction when you lack a larger perspective.

While in incarnation you often become dislodged from this larger perspective. Then you think you want to build a structure and begin frantically building. The more the construction topples over, the more feverish becomes the activity. When you finally observe the need for a foundation, you may become so obsessed with creating the perfect foundation that you forget about the structure.

I offer a more day-to-day example. There is more complexity because you are not building just one structure, but a realm comprised of many structures. The ultimate goal, the composition of the realm itself, is to purify the energy, to learn deeper love and wisdom.

The incarnation gives you myriad ways of learning, myriad building materials. Perhaps one of these materials would be human relationship. There is intention to build loving, supportive, intimate relationship. Just as the building will collapse without a foundation, relationship will not be self-supportive without care to the foundation. When you dig down you find much debris, much encumbrance which must be resolved for the building to be sturdy.

There may be desire for this loving relationship and intention to create it. One may recognize that the ability to sustain such relationship is a valued structure in the realm of increasing purification of the energy stream. Like the being who tries frantically, repeatedly to make his structure stand, the first attempts may not concern themselves with the condition of the foundation. Instead they may grasp, keep trying to hammer one more nail in place, slap on one more board for support, but it won't stand. Then intention begins to look at the need to resolve the difficulties in the foundation: What stops this structure from standing? What blocks me from entering into the intimate, nurturing relationship?

Here one begins to look at fear. The more awareness, more clarity there is, the less painful will be the investigation. Perhaps there has been a fear of being abandoned or hurt in some way which has led one into controlling behavior. Now the ultimate movement is toward learning love. There is not masochistic desire to create pain. At some level there is recognition: I must learn about these fears which manifest in controlling behavior. The higher self's wisdom agrees to enter into what may be increasingly painful situations until it finally understands the nature of need-to-control. This work is part of the creation of the foundation.

In a future week we shall look at the precise karmic streams which lead into the manifestation of such painful situations. I shall ask you to follow these streams very specifically in your own lives. This week we are laying our own foundation for the work ahead.

So, there is not intention to create pain. There is intention to learn. Wisdom understands that it may need to manifest discomfort as part of the learning.

If there were clarity, you would practice with the distortion - such as fear, need-to-control - until need-to-control resolved itself. This resolution would be like a giant support beam planted in the ground. Once resolved, once the soft spot in the earth was taken care of, you would get back to your construction above the ground.

One attribute of karma is its habitual aspect. Without awareness, one forgets that one was building a temple, building loving relationship. Even after the pile has been driven and the foundation is firm, one continues to ‘muck around' in the wet soil. One's energy stream becomes karmically caught, almost obsessed with the question of control and safety. The issue is resolved but, because there is not clarity, one cannot leave it alone. Thus, one continues negative patterns and pulls oneself into increasingly negative distortion. (bold is from Barbara)

My dear ones, one will always find mud. Always. It is simply another distortion to think that all the mud must be resolved before one returns to the graceful arches and spires. There must be a balance of both, willingness to get down into the mud and investigate its nature and willingness to come out of the mud, to let go and reenter the realm of light. This is the marriage of compassion and wisdom.

In future weeks I wish to explore with you in great depth the precise movements of the energy stream when there is fixation on the mud or movement to escape from the mud. I hope to help you clarify for yourselves the precise nature of those energy contractions which shape karma and manifestation. I pause here. I will be happy to answer your questions. That is all.