December 20, 1995 Project Expand

Barbara and Q are attempting to find words for an ongoing question they both have about how/why the movement into karma initially occurs. Aaron senses that we have confusion about the different bodies and templates and he will speak to this. In the course of discussion, Aaron offered an example (not transcribed) of sledding down the hill—once we get into the sled and push off—intention to use mental body as tool—we must take the whole ride down the hill. If we are not mindful as we move down the hill, we move into identification with the “self” in the sled and movement into adhering karma ensues. As you read this session please realize that it was not intended to be widely shared but just to speak to B and Q's questions. Aaron uses references familiar to B and Q which may not be familiar to the reader. Nevertheless, we have felt this transcript was important and chosen to include it.

Aaron: I am Aaron. This will not be a formal talk. I wish to address various areas of confusion. There is spirit body, undifferentiated from that which we may call the Eternal. At some level, everything already exists. You do not create the previously non-existent so much as bring that which was not yet expressed into expression.

Within this pure spirit body not only lies the potential for the other bodies, but actually lies the other bodies. Potential is linear. The pure spirit body is non- linear. Let us use a metaphor for clarity. We will call That- Which-Is the sea, crystal clear water, absolutely pure. The light body template of mental body is a crystal body, an absolutely pure container which may be used to scoop spirit body from the sea. This unit is the higher self in its purest form. The mental body (we have spoken of this in a previous transcript) expresses various levels of emotional and physical bodies.

Thus, spirit body expresses mental body. Mental body expresses emotional and physical. It expresses each of these in their utmost perfection, the light body template level. We might metaphorically call them a “tea bag” and “honey” in this cup of crystal clear water. The water is still water. It is always crystal clear. The tea and honey do not precisely change the nature of the water but add to it. If you set up a distilling process, boil this sweet tea into steam, collect the steam as it reforms into water, you again have your crystal clear water.

This perfect cup of tea represents the light body template level of each body. Mental body expresses the ever-perfect emotional and physical bodies, free of distortion. On another day we may wish to consider precisely what is the nature of a non-distorted emotional or physical body.

We return to the mental body. In our previous metaphor we called it the container. For clarity's sake I have need now to switch now to a different metaphor. I hope I shall not confuse you but I have need of liquid rather than solid to further express this metaphor. You, as human, cannot easily see a crystal cup become more dense.

Within this second metaphor, let us consider mental body as a jug of cider with many small bits of the apple still present. Shake it well. Set it down and observe. The particles begin to settle. A small bit at the top is perfectly clear. Then there are minute particles, denser particles, and still denser as you go down until the bottom is thick, seeming almost opaque. There are no cut-off points. One might point to the top and say, “Clear,” to the middle and say, “Cloudy,” to the bottom and say “Thick,” but clearly any cut-off point is arbitrary. The only distinction that can be made is of that small area of perfect clarity above the first particle. Thus, there is the ever-clear and, from that first particle, the distorted. Both are in one jug of cider. The particles are not “other-than,” but are part of the cider.

This is my model of mental body. As soon as the light body template exists, the whole jug of cider exists. If it will express it, it already is expressed. There are only two situations where the contents of the whole jug are perfectly clear. The first is for that, what we have called, spark of God in the moments before self-awareness. The second is for that fully-realized being just about to fully release mental body and move into seventh density. Matter is energy. Energy is prone to distortion. When we consider karma, we are considering the journeys of these small distortion particles in the cider.

It will be useful to speak at more depth about the expression of emotional and physical bodies. First I pause here for your questions.

Barbara: Aaron, you talk about the light body template, the ever-perfect, and offering that as reflection to the distorted. It seems to me from what you've just said that the particles in the cider are part of the ever-perfect, so why are they distortions?

Q: The distortions are not real. They seem real to us only because we believe they are real.

Aaron: Precisely. They are distortions only because your energy contracts around them and thinks we have to do something with them.

Aaron: I am Aaron. I have just asked Barbara to observe her cup of tea. We noted that the tea and water can be separated if the beverage is distilled. The ever-perfect water has not gone anywhere. With tea, you expect the water to be discolored. Your energy does not contract, trying to get rid of the brown color. Many, many years ago, when it was still safe to drink water from natural sources, Barbara and others were hiking and came to a spring where they had previously been told the water was pure. When Barbara went to scoop some out it was a greenish-brown color. They were thirsty and depended on this water source. Elders who had been there before said, “Yes, it's pure, it's good. Drink it.” At first this group drank with great caution and aversion. There was an image in their minds of the perfect water. This did not match the image. The energy was contracted.

I am not suggesting that particles in water are always harmless. If they are harmful or if there's doubt, you filter the water. The ever-perfect is always there. There is no need to contract around the particles, to hate the particles or even, in the case of our honeyed tea, to be attached to this sweetened further expression of the water. Shifting the metaphor back to mental body, the pure awareness state is always there. The heavy particles in the bottom of the cider jug are not other-than. Spinning mind, turmoil, confusion, the myriad mind-states which may express—they are not other-than. When there is no fixation, you rest in the ever-perfect.

These heavy confused mind-states will eventually settle to the bottom of the jug. The entire jug will appear clear beside this settled bottom material. If we shake the jug and the material is stirred up, we know it will settle again. There is no need to get rid of it.

The emotional and physical bodies are expressions of the mental body. Essentially, they reflect the relationship with the particles that move through the mental body. When particles are moving and there is tension about their presence, the intention resolves to investigate the tension about those particles. Intention then expresses the emotional and physical framework needed as grounds for such investigation. It really is as simple as that. Here I pause. I welcome your questions.

(Q mentions the difference between questions that appear to be sincere but are really coming from the ego's desire to stay in the intellect and questions that come from a sincere aspiration to grow in wisdom.)

Aaron: I am Aaron. I request that you note mind's desire to know as one strand of particle which is shaken up and drifts loose through the clarity of pure awareness. I believe that if you observe carefully you will experience how this particle expresses into emotional body. In mindful meditation it is all present: the pure awareness, the particles floating through. Pure awareness is higher self's intention to provide a space in which to investigate the relationship to those particles and the actual expression into emotional or physical body. You will need to watch it very closely but extended sitting is less important to see this than is constant bare attention. I pause.

Aaron is discussing the fact that this mental body, the “jug of cider,” is expression of spirit body and cannot be separated.

Aaron: That which defines the spirit body is the mental body. A more accurate description of the interrelationship of spirit and mental body than the cup lifting the water is this. The water lifts itself in an intactness. There is an outer edge which defines the spirit body. This outer edge of the spirit body is mental body.