December 6, 1995 Project Expand

Q: I am confused. (Aaron had said that this light had desire to express itself ever more perfectly.) It would seem to me that there would first have to be some infinitesimal sense of being somehow different or separate from God in order for there to be any desire or need for growth or change or learning. How can there be any sense of being able to express more of anything if there is not first a concept or experience of difference or lack?

Aaron: My love to you. I am Aaron. I hear your question. I believe a crux of the confusion lies on a specific point. There is a difference between a giving born of deep love and aspiration to offer that love into every corner of the universe which has not yet realized the experience of love, and the seemingly same movement born of fear or any tension. This is subtle. There is tension also in love and in loving aspiration to serve. Remember that love is a distortion and, therefore, carries tension. Purest love has a very different energy pattern than ego-centered love. At the purest level in which love may be offered there is no self, there is no need. That energy simply offers itself as instrument through which love and light may flow.

Explanation here becomes tricky. I am not able to tell you what God is. I can tell you some of what It is not. I can describe to you certain expressions of God with which I have experienced, but I cannot tell you what God is. When we say that God is infinite, unlimited, then there can be no place and nothing which lacks the presence of that energy, that love and light. My conjecture is that the infinite compassion of this energy saw that which did not yet realize itself to be expression of this energy, and it saw the suffering that that lack of realization brought. God cannot expand by offering infinite expression of Itself—it is already everywhere—but different expressions may touch that which had set itself apart from God. While one expression passed by unnoted, another may touch the heart of that which had previously not realized its true nature.

In seeking to allow a constantly increasing range of expression of Itself, my conjecture is that God is seeking ever-increasing ways to allow the experience of Itself into that which has previously held itself into darkness. Several times I have said that you all are incarnate to bring love where there has previously been fear, light where there has been darkness. I have talked about places which seem to be very, very dark. Of course, on the Ultimate level, God is there. The sun is always shining, but window shades are closed. By moving into ever-broadened experience, into constantly expanding expressions of Itself, this Light offers ways in which that which has excluded light may begin to open to it. It does this not out of grasping, not out of need to expand, for It knows It is everywhere, but out of infinite loving compassion which sees the sorrow of that which holds itself into darkness and which again and again and again offers light. I pause here, Karen, Does this response clarify your questions?

Q is raising a question about the truth that that which we call God is Ultimate.

Aaron: Compassion is a relative expression of God. We cannot know God but only the expressions of God. When I say, “God thought,' or “God saw that, or wished to,” to think, to see, to wish are all relative expressions. God is the still point in the middle, but these expressions are nothing other than God.

Imagine you are lying in a desert, dying of thirst; here is an old water trough twenty miles long. You crawl to it hoping to find water, but it's empty. At the other end, there is a being with a hose, spraying itself and drinking. It realizes, “There is always all the water we need and I have access to that water. But there may be something suffering at the other end of this trough because it experiences lack of water.” Then it places its hose in the trough and some minutes later you, dying of thirst in the desert, receive water.

I want to focus here on that moment of intention to offer water. The intention is a relative expression. The action is a relative expression. The thought of suffering and the aspiration to relieve suffering out of which the intention arose is a relative expression. Can you focus in to that heart of pure love from which these expressions arose? Can you focus even deeper, because love itself is a distortion, to that place of pure beingness which in its pure awareness is the very radiant heart energy, the radiant core of all that is? Because this all-that-is exists, everything else must follow, the arising of love, the aspiration, the intention, the action. One can follow it back like a river. At its head there is simply that which we call God, the pure Ultimate surrounded by Its expressions. I pause here.

Q: Aaron seems to switch back and forth between using the term “God” in the Ultimate sense and using “God in the sense of relative expressions of God. I find this confusing.

Aaron: I am Aaron. The reason it seems to you that I shift back and forth is because you still perceive a relative separate from an Ultimate. I do not shift back and forth. There is no back and forth. It's all God. I am aware that some of it is what you would call “relative expression,” but, my dear one, do you differentiate between the sun in the sky and your experience of the heat and light of that object? When the sun is behind a cloud and you see sunbeam shining out, is this not the sun? The sun is a burning gas. All you experience of it is its light and energy expressed as heat. Is there anything you can grasp and say, “This is the sun?” If you approached the sun clad so its heat could not penetrate, could you grasp anything there and say, “This is the sun?”

In stating it the way I experience it from sixth density perspective, I hope to help you to invite yourself beyond the dual experience of relative and ultimate.