November 29, 1995 Project Expand

Aaron: I am Aaron. My love to you both. When we began these sessions last year, one of the planned directions was to work more deeply with the understanding of dependent origination and the creation of karma. Much of what has gone past in these sessions has been a mixture of laying the foundation and simply of answering your questions. Through the fall you have been feeling your way, finding your questions. I feel that the time is right to begin to look at karma, energy of the various bodies, the energy field around intention and the subtleties of rebirth consciousness in a deeper way. When I say “subtleties of rebirth consciousness,” by this I do not mean only that which takes you into new incarnation, but rebirth consciousness on the level that you just spoke of in relationship to Dr. Chopra's book. You mentioned that he spoke of the regeneration of body parts on the cellular level, that the body replaced them..? ... .

What is happening at that cellular level is rebirth consciousness. It is not memory in the traditional sense, but the karmic continuance of certain energy movement. Last night's question about how a so-called psychic/ clairvoyant can see relates to the same issues. What are we tuning into? What is this energy stream of which we are all manifestations?

Yesterday in Project Light we began also to move in this direction. The work we do here will serve as foundation for that, let us call it, karmic bodywork and that work will serve as physical example of the concepts we discuss. I pause here.

I ask you to envision swirling energy, totally undifferentiated energy, by which I do not mean that it is all the same. Some areas move faster, some slower. Some are more forceful or very diminished. But the energy is constantly mixing with itself. A visual example: If you took a clear fish tank with a water pump and a filter so that the water had current in it, if into that tank you placed several drops of red dye, blue dye and yellow dye, at first there would seem to be separate colors. Slowly they would swirl together until there was just one color of the water.

This infinite energy, then, expressed itself in a multitude of ways, but each expression was impermanent. The multitude of expressions tended to blur together without individuation, no hard edge to any of them. We cannot even say they were directed by a will. Rather, like our drops of colored dye, they were expressed and allowed to follow their own will, to find their own movement, as conditioned expressions. The way that the red dye expresses itself in contrast to the blue dye is dependent upon the movement of the current. If there is no current they will remain for some time as red and blue, each intense and seemingly separate. If there is any current, the separation will blur. What was expressed here was not material, of course, but simply energy and light. With water we have separate elements: the dye, the water, the force of energy which creates the current, which may be wind or electrical energy or the movement from fullness to empty that matter flows in to fill a void thereby creating movement. With pure energy we cannot differentiate the matter from that which acts upon the matter. It is just energy moving upon itself. This was the universe of very long ago.

At this time I do not choose to address the question of how that energy came into existence in the first place: “big bang,” God pointing and saying. “Let it be,” or simply an unknown (miracle?). I do not choose to address that question for several reasons. First and foremost, you do not presently need to know. And second, humans do seem to enjoy their mysteries. I would not deprive you of all of them and, especially, not such a wondrous one as this.

So we begin at that place where the universe is expressed in undifferentiated energy, moving upon itself and in itself creating the conditions for its constant change. This energy may be considered the purest conditioned expression of the Unconditioned. Infinite intelligence, which is its own kind of energy, observed undifferentiated infinite energy and recognized that for there to be an evolution of that energy, a growth, a learning, the energy would need to move into the illusion of separation. We might say it had as its prime desire to experience an infinite diversity so that wisdom and compassion could grow in infinite diversity. It understood that intelligence is not wisdom but is a foundation upon which wisdom may grow when conditions are present for that growth. So it sought to express the ideal conditions for growth.

You might think of a child creating a world out of sand and blocks. It builds a bit, pauses and looks, and asks, “What is needed next for balance?” It adds it and then looks again. Another suitable analogy would be that of a painter who paints, steps back and looks, then paints again. However, the child and the painter have human limitations. That which offered infinite diversity was not bound by any limitation. It also fully honored the law of free will so that it did not try to control in any way that which is expressed.

The desire of That Which Is for infinite experience as foundation for deepening wisdom and compassion might be thought of as the first intention, that which began the rolling of this ball of karma.

Your Judeo-Christian Bible offers an image of God saying, “Let there be light, let there be darkness, earth and sea, creatures, man.” My own understanding of it, of course, is that this is a symbolic statement. This Energy said more accurately, “Let there be ... “ and left it hanging. It gave of Its own energy from Its own intention and desire to allow the arising of infinite experience, the impetus through that desire “Let there be.”

It did not think in dual terms. Light and darkness are part of one another. Where there is light, there must be darkness. Where there is matter there must also be void. We can see then that everything expressed from this energy, but also that this energy did not create everything in the sense of “creator God.” Because of its full observance of free will, it created merely by saying, “Let there be” and then observed what grew out of that “Let there be.”

Since no one has ever interviewed this Unconditioned, and since none of us had awareness and ability to observe, my suggestion cannot be proven and, of course, it is subject to debate. Perhaps That Which Is did envision specifically light and darkness, for example, or form and emptiness. The reason I do not suppose this to be so is that it would seem to run counter to the laws of free will upon which this universe is based. Of course, there are other universes, some of which do not follow the law of free will. One might suppose that the Energy that gave rise to such universes did more directly create. This, of course, brings us to the question, if there are different universes, did each grow out of a different energy? And, if so, what about non-duality? This is a hard concept for the human mind, understandable perhaps only by one who fully understands relativity. The simplest way I can say it is that these different universes are more accurately infinite expressions of one universe. This in turn brings us to another metaphysical question: In the process of its evolution does each spirit experience more that one universe?

Essentially, one might say that if you live in full denial of free will, you put yourself into a different universe. Two people walk side by side down the same street. They pass a child who has fallen and is bleeding and crying and a mother tending to that child. They pass an emaciated beggar and someone who hands the beggar a bowl of food. They pass a farm with crops growing in rocky soil. At the end of their walk one says, “I have seen so much love, been so deeply moved by the mother tending her son and the human feeding his hungry comrade and by the love and courage of the farmer whose plow must break frequently when it strikes those rocks but, nevertheless, perseveres in his task to provide food.” The other says, “That is not what I saw at all. I saw pain and the frailty of the human body. I saw hunger and exhaustion.” Have they walked through the same universe? You decide.

Here I wish to put metaphysical questions aside and simply come back to this universe and your experience of it. That Which Is, that which we may call Unconditioned, contracted Its energy with intention to allow Its energy to express into infinitely diverse experience.

A brief digression. In a transcript of last year, I said that the Divine began as neutral and not as positive and slowly moved into increasingly positive polarity. Now I am stating this Divine's intention and desire to foster those characteristics of positivity which are wisdom and compassion and that It wished to allow infinitely diverse experience as foundation for wisdom and compassion. This is not contradiction. Simply, before this Unconditioned moved into the desire to express, Its own experience had already led it from neutral into positive. This expression of Itself was the next step. We will pause here.