May 5, 1992, Tuesday Study Group

May 5, 1992. Tuesday study group.

Aaron: My greetings and love to you all. I am Aaron. Let's spend just a few minutes with this candle. Remember, you don't need to extinguish it, you are only learning the process. Bring awareness to the candle, of the flame itself as a small energy, to ask its cooperation. Explain to it what you want to do. Tell it that you are learning to use your energy more skillfully, and that if it would help you by being a signal of sorts, letting you know how you are doing, that you would much appreciate its assistance. Emphasize that you do not wish to make it go away out of aversion, but that if you are able to create a slight field between it and its supply of oxygen, which does cause it to become extinguished, that will help you know that you've been able to use your energy to do that, and will teach you. Inherent in the process is thanking the flame, and making the statement, at whatever level you wish to make it, that as you are able to learn this process of manifestation, of more subtle use of the energy field, you will use that process only for the good of all beings.

Having moved through the entering process with the candle, draw your attention to the kudalini energy dormant at the base chakra. Bringing awareness to this energy that is the essence of what you are, allow it to rise. I have said to each of you that only a small part of the energy that you are moves into incarnation. When you allow the arising of kundalini energy, what you are doing, in essence, is cementing the connection between the incarnated self, and the higher self. The incarnation, separate from the higher self, cannot manifest that powerful energy. This is not YOUR personal energy, but is universal energy, filtered through your higher self and then on into the incarnation.

I would ask you to picture here, a strong energy source. You plug one heavy extension cord into it, enough to carry several thousand watts of light. That is your higher self. Then you plug a thin extension cord in, and a light bulb. The thinnest wire is the human energy field, the bulb the body, and yet, it taps all the way back to that source. If you let it move through you, allowing energy to move out into the universe rather than trying to hold it in and confine it, you find that the cord can carry far more than its 100 watts.

There is a bit of confusion still. Most of you have seen Barbara's Christmas tree lit up out in the back yard each winter. Each strand of lights says “Do not plug more than 2 strands together. The fuse can't hold more.” There is a heavy duty extension cord with two outlets. If Barbara plugs those strands into this extension cord, and plugs the extension cord into the house, she can only run four strands of lights. She has two adapters that each have three plugs. She inserts them into the two outlets, then plugs two strands each into those six openings. Twelve strands! Light!

You might want to think of yourself as one of those three-space adapters. When you're moving through your normal day, and there's not awareness of the energy in you, there's just one bulb in your head, one blue, red, green or yellow light. If we add more bulbs, we blow the fuse. You feel yourself being asked to give pout more energy than you feel coming in. Allowing yourself to be a channel for universal energy is allowing yourself to be that three outlet adapter. Then three strands of bulbs may be plugged in, and this mass of color, this kundalini energy moves through you, and radiates on to the world.

Be aware of your connection to an infinite power source. You are unlimited. Figuratively, plug yourself into the source in whatever way seems appropriate to you. Use whatever visualization, imagination, prayer or other experience of connection best suits your own temperament, but feel that surge of energy through you, allow it to rise up your spine, and to move out through the third eye. Energy, strong energy. YOU are not DOING anything, except allowing yourself to be a channel for the universe. But at first you have stated your intention: for the good of all beings, that this energy may be in service to all.

Now, begin to focus your energy. You may open your eyes and look at the candle, or keep your eyes closed and visualize or imagine the candle, as best suits you. Allow the energy to move out from the third eye, to move in close to the candle flame, so that it forms a very gentle barrier, just a small globe covering the flame, as you would use a candle snuffer, separating out molecules of oxygen. Very gently. That is sufficient. It is irrelevant that it's not going out. You're beginning to understand how to allow this energy to move through you.

Release the energy, allowing it to move its way wherever it can best be used for the good of all beings. Draw back the rest of the energy, as a mercury drops on a thermometer when the weather cools. Allow it to sink back. Thank the flame for its cooperation, and relax.

Some discussion not transcribed. Then Aaron tells us that Ariel would like to speak, asks us all to meditate.

Ariel: I greet you, my beloved brothers and sisters, and celebrate the light with which you fill this room. You know that the energy that I am was in existence before this planet that you now inhabit. (This instrument is wavering in and out of trance state. It would be helpful to turn off the lamp beside her.)

I'm going to tell you a story today, a myth, as it were, a myth based on the reality of the creation of your earth as I experienced that. Please remember that this is my experience, and not ultimate truth. I can only share with you what I know to be true from my own experience. It is the way that I saw it happen. (We continue to move from trance channeling to deep conscious channeling, moving back and forth as this instrument's energy fluctuates. It will do.)

Before there was earth, there was indeed first, second and third density, as you have come to call them. Such energy had manifested in many places and often, through its own ignorance, had created some distortion of its classroom. I am reminded here of a human child, who is given a clean room with toys on the shelves, and soon has everything tossed around on the floor to such a great degree that its learning becomes difficult. Such classrooms were not abandoned. When I speak of such classrooms, yes, I am speaking of other planets, other places of physical manifestation, not in the human form, but yes, in form. I wish to hold myself to the history of earth now, so we will not speak here of the history of the other places of manifestation. We will hold that for another time.

The one known to you as Aaron, has spoken to you of group entities and of the movement from upper sixth density across a threshold into seventh density. He has shared with you the thought that there is sometimes energy at that level which chooses not to move forward of its own free will, but wishes to serve, and is willing to remain in sixth density to do so.

There was a very brilliant and strong entity, a combination of the energies of many individuals, as you call them, which nature had evolved to be the deepest of love-nurturing-giving, very extraordinary in its radiance. It was an energy that particularly manifested itself in generosity, and sensitivity. It agreed within itself that it did not wish to cross the threshold into seventh density because it was so deeply aware of the depth of suffering in the universe. Instead, it wished to allow the service of its energy to manifest in whatever way would be for the good of most beings.

It was a time when there was clearly a need for a new environment upon which life could manifest itself, an environment where energy could manifest physical and emotional bodies. There were many spirits seeking such a hospitable environment, spirits who had not yet found the ideal place for their own evolution.

You must realize, my brothers and sisters, that each being is unique, and all beings needs were not being served as best they could be. This energy was aware of this need, but there was that (I have no word for this that will fit your understanding), while it is inaccurate, there was at that space-time, no physical environment suitable for the new energy, those new sparks of God, as your friend Aaron has called them, that sought to evolve. Essentially, this energy volunteered. It said “Rather than move ahead into seventh density, let us move ahead in a different way, to increase our own compassion and wisdom by manifesting this bit of energy that we are into form.

You have been talking about planting a garden and being co-creators, asking the devas of plants and so on, what they needed, and expressing your own need so that jointly, you may create. You know that you are on a journey to become co-creators with God. Truly. Once you move through seventh and eighth density and become aware of your fundamental connection with that energy you call God, you return as a measure and magnifier of that energy. For the sake of explanation, let's simply use a very brilliant light bulb. Take a mirror, so that the light reflects into the bulb and then out again. A second mirror and a third and a tenth and a thousandth. If the mirror is dirty, the reflection will be dim. When each mirror is totally free of its illusion of self or ego, the surface is perfectly polished and clear. The reflection of that light shines almost as brilliantly as the original source, and cannot be differentiated from the Source.

This is the path of each of you. Toward the end of that path, you will find that your practice here as co-creators has helped you to understand what it truly means to be a co-creator. You speak of co-creator in terms of working with your garden, joining your energy with that of the plant devas to allow the ultimate growth experience for each form. You seek to allow each energy to manifest itself as purely as possible, and extend that radiance out to the world.

Here we are speaking of co-creator in terms of man working with God, of that infinite and eternal energy becoming a co-creator with this very brilliant sixth density entity. This God energy did not say it shall be this way or that way and give orders, but asked this energy “What do you wish to manifest?” A place where beings may manifest and evolve; a garden, a home, the perfect garden for each perfect source of light to move through from small spark back to deepest connection.

It was this thought that God heard, and saw that it was good, as your bible states it. It was this thought to which God lent its energy.

That energy ignited itself, you might say, became a fiery mass, and drew to itself small bits of matter, each a bit of a spark in its own way, manifesting first as first density and so on. This is the energy that has evolved into the earth.

It is important that you clarify for yourself the distinction here between that which inhabits the earth and the earth itself. You have trees and grass and flowers; you have minerals in rock form and crystal in the liquid form of water. You have insects, animals, humans. You have soil. The soil itself is still not the earth. None of this is the earth! Beyond all that rests on the earth, that grows through the earth, there is that energy that we refer to as earth, still in its advanced sixth density form.

Yes, that energy could easily move on. The years, by your measurement, that it has allowed itself to be a home for so much energy, has increased its radiance beyond telling. It weeps for the cruelty that one life form that dwells within it does to another. It rejoices in the growth of each individual spirit of any density that touches it.

This instrument spoke earlier about pulsating in answer to the one known as Cassie, saying that she felt it to be an energy of the universe. It is, more precisely, an energy of the earth. Universal energy has its own distinct pulsation, sometimes called the audible life stream, but it is not that energy this one felt, nor what the other one had experienced and questioned in her words about pulsation. It is earth's heartbeat. No more, no less. This is your mother earth.

Many of you rejoice in the love you have felt from that being who entered into incarnation with the name of Jesus. You have become aware through the one you call Aaron that this being was highly evolved, and offered to return to the earth out of love. You have found that a great gift, and yet, you are aware that the span of your measured years for that entity was as a fraction of a second in the overall scheme of his time, and then that one was back home and free to move on its path again, having given a very generous and wonderful gift.

Think, then what it means for this earth energy. It is not just an eye blink. Even within eternity, it is a great span of years that this energy has been willing to give itself, for the growth of all beings, to allow itself to be the rich source and nurturer for so many millions of spirits.

In what way can you return its love? I said to you that it rejoices in the learning of each being, and that it weeps for the misunderstanding that it sees. If you would thank it for what it has given you, for all your many thousands of lifetimes, in one form or another, thank it by continuing to move deeper into the reality of light and love, by having

the courage to move past your misunderstandings and your fears. Thank it by treating each being on this earth, however microscopic or grand, with deep reverence. Thank it by being aware that you do not simply share an empty globe with a multitude of other life forms, but that the essence of that globe itself is energy, light and love. Without the support of that energy—the nurturing from the earth itself—the struggles and suffering of most of you as you move from one incarnation to another, would have been far greater. Thank it by seeking to reflect its spirit of love in even your smallest act.

You are given a home that is warm, alive and radiant of love. Can you imagine what it would be like to try to evolve on a plane where darkness and negativity prevailed? If your efforts at love were not reinforced by the energy around you, for how long could you continue those efforts.

(Tape turned here. All within [ ] suggested by Aaron as his recollection of what was missed. Okayed by Ariel). [Negatively polarized beings must move through sixth density negativity until they reach a place where their despair is thick, where no light seems to gleam. It is only then, in that pervasive darkness, that a small ray of light will finally touch them and turn them around, a sharp realization of the depth of suffering they have reached and that it is NOT the only way. Would you choose to learn in such a climate of negativity? You are offered a far gentler path. You always have free will. You may still choose negativity. The gift of the earth plane is that it offers you the choice of positivity and constant reinforcement of that path.

In return for its gift, this earth energy] does not wish to be put on a pedestal or worshiped. It wishes only your understanding of its existence, that you not take it for granted, and that as you recognize the gift that it gives, you be inspired in work to manifest your own energy as purely and lovingly as you can.

This instrument is becoming stiff and its energy is dropping. There is a good deal of pain in its limbs of which it is not presently aware, but of which it will be aware when it opens its eyes. Please give it the care that it needs.

I thank you for the opportunity to speak with you today. I believe that when this instrument has had a chance to rest, the one known as Aaron will answer some of your questions.

(This is all of side one and the very beginning of side two. There is 1/3 to 1/2 of side two with things recorded.)