June 6, 2011, Monday Individual Session, Guided Meditation

June 6, 2011, Monday   Individual Session, Guided Meditation

(this is an excerpt transcribed from a private session)

Aaron: My love to you. I am Aaron. We are working within the akashic field, some exercises, some ways to understand the experience of it.

(Aaron speaks of a guided meditation from Venture Fourth, and one directed more to the questioner)

Guided Meditation

You live in a village beside a river in a far away land. There has recently been some drought. Water levels are low, not the river so much as the small streams and ponds that supply you with water. Your countrymen are very competitive. There's not a lot of mutual support, but each person is striving for his own interests and benefit. Thus somebody may come to the small watering hole and pull buckets out very early in the morning, hoping to get in ahead of his neighbor. There's an atmosphere of competition, grasping, and fear.

You sometimes look at the village right across the river. The river is infested with piranha, you cannot easily swim. And your people have never created boats, being afraid of the water and swimming or being tossed into the water, which would be a death sentence. But you have binoculars, and you watch the people across the river. People seem happy there.

You see people watering their fields in the distance. There seems to be a mutual cooperation; you often see a farmer working in his field and a neighbor comes over and helps him for a bit. Then they may talk and sit down under a tree and have a cool beverage together. You don't understand it. Your whole conditioning has been one of grasping to manifest, pushing, fighting, from a place of fear.

You spend a lot of time looking through your binoculars and asking yourself, what makes them different from us? There is not greed that wants to go to war with them and take what they have, but instead a desire to see new possibilities. You've lived all your life in your own culture. You see that the culture right across the river is different.

If the mind closes to the way they do things over there, there cannot be change. But when you come into the infinite field of possibilities, you're able to see clearly. You have powerful binoculars. Early in the morning you see a large group of men come together, and with shovels and other tools, begin to widen the irrigation ditches that water the fields. Each man does not widen the ditches just to his own fields, but they work together, something you've never imagined before. They widen the big channels and then altogether they widen the small channels that lead to each man's fields.

Later in the week, you see people all in one field, harvesting, and later in the day they move to different fields. You see them come together to build a barn. You see them come together for a feast, each bringing some food. At first it's totally incomprehensible, but gradually your heart opens to this possibility.

You begin to speak of it among your neighbors, give them the binoculars, and they start to have a look. Gradually you are opening to a new realm of possibilities. You can't understand how this could happen, but the sharing of the possibility has whetted the appetite of you and your neighbors.

So one day something completely new happens. Having observed the people across the river creating irrigation ditches drawn from the river, and knowing that one man could not possibly do that, several of you get together and begin to do it. Water is drawn to the nearest fields. The people with distant fields hang back, saying, “That won't help me.” But within the week, you have lengthened the ditches so that water is coming further and further in.

Unless we open to possibilities, we cannot manifest. When mind is stuck in its old patterns, such as, “This ear does not hear well,” it never opens to the possibility, “This ear does hear, and I invite fullness of hearing,” or whatever it is you choose to manifest.

Working with the improved hearing is a good place to start; it's easier to manifest that then to suddenly create flame where there has not been flame.

Change the vision. You are in a whole village of people who cannot hear, and across the river, it looks like everybody hears each other well. Nobody is shouting. Nobody needs to gesture to be understood. You see the ease of conversation, the ease of receiving others' thoughts and words.

In the second meditation, you are your neighbors, expressing all the different aspects of the self: the desirous aspect, the separated aspect, the one who loves and one who fears, and more. Enter into the akashic field seeing the enormity of possibilities. Envision, with brevity, the various scenarios. Envision music playing, a radio, and the sound of it filling your ears and your body, and your enjoyment of it. Imagine Q2 talking to you during a thunderstorm, and her words are clear.

So you are imagining the ears being fully functional. Visualizing how that is. Now come back to your side of the river, so to speak. Envision the frustration, Q2 trying to speak to you and you can't hear her because there's background noise. The radio playing your favorite music, straining to hear it, catching only glimpses.

Without fear or aversion, let loving choice say no to that reality. “I no longer enter into that reality.” And choose the other reality, the reality in which the ears pick up clear sounds with ease, and how that clear hearing leads to deep connection.

Work with this as a simply meditation. The river metaphor is just a background. But allow there, in your meditation, to be seemingly two sides of the river: the one in which you presently dwell, and the one that seems out of reach, and yet which you see enacted all around you. Ease, connection, clear hearing and communication. Let yourself feel the experience, enjoy the experience. Choose the experience. Then go back in time to before the hearing impairment and remember and know the fullest experience of hearing.

This will not happen instantly, but I hope this will give you some sense of direction. Working with the legs that feel heavy after walking is also a suitable place for practice. Right there with the heavy legs are the legs that are not heavy and were never heavy. Choose the reality that is for the highest good and mirror it to the legs at a cellular level.  

I pause.